Hey, Bieber, are you OK? No he is NOT! What’s next for Justin Bieber?


Hey, Bieber, are you OK? NO  and he is far from being OK!

Once you belong to the reptilius infected entertainment matrix the only way out is DEATH! Like all celebrities before him, Bieber is on its way to total spiritual degeneration and the symptoms are obvious.  Is it too late for him to avoid an untimely death? I hope not…This also depend on many of you.

I gave the real reasons why young adults like him are “loosing it” in an article titled Is there a child mental health crisis? The reptilius Agenda! But I do not expect much from the scientific mental health community and the public at large because my claims are simply impossible to comprehend or even to accept.

Bieber was born in March and as a Pisces he is currently undergoing some of the deepest psychological changes he ever experienced in his life. He is very confused, he is lost and desperately wondering if he will make it another day! Imploding in oneself is the fist sign of a serious cry for help not a single physician will ever be able to offer Justin.

You should take me very seriously because, as a Pisces myself, in my 66 years of existence on earth, I went through those mental changes a few times and believe me, there are no words in the English dictionary to describe the  malignant psychical pain I had to suffer and conquer.

Imagine running like a chicken who lost his head, wondering if the “devil” will release your mind. Imagine being in one place but not there. Or feeling like drowsing into a bottomless pit!

Sad enough the man made false god he seek to help him survive the deep destructive mental  curse, will serve no purpose. Tattooing his body with Christian Psalm quotes or a cross enunciate a form of protection he seek from a man made God against the depth of the valley of shadows, guilt and horrific fears he struggle with.

“Justin came in last night and decided on a small cross near the corner of his eye,” tattoo artist Jonboy told Us Weekly. “It represents his journey in finding purpose with God.”

He sports a Bible verse, Psalm 119:105, that reads: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path" on his other shoulder blade.

Do you recall my warning published February 3rd, 2013 in 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions? 

Justin is a PISCES and he is in serious troubles. He can not help himself but to implode.


For Justin and so many lost souls seeking answers,  “Satan’s children” and their evil work, will not allow those like Justin who need it desperately.  To those who heard of my cosmic work, reading all about this Dragon and how it will curse or bless you in 2016, the answers are at a click of a button, but for Justin Bieber it may be too late! 


HOW WILL THE STARS AFFECT YOU IN 2016 Click on the picture to order.

MEMO: Posted Oct 30, 2015 

Justin Bieber Runs Off Stage After Shouting at Fan in Oslo Norway – Young, rich, famous and cosmic unconscious… Justin and his management are peons of the stars unable to make safe and productive public appearances! Indeed there is such a thing of being at the wrong time at the wrong place.  

This is a serious omen for the mental health of the over emotional young artist being consumed alive by the entertainment sharks! Note also, as a Pisces, the tail of the dragon 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions  is right on himself and gradually degenerating his psyche…

Furthermore, intelligent curious human beings should ask “How will this dragon affect me or my children?”  But curiosity and intelligence is rare everywhere… 



And if Justin’s life and mental health means a lot to you, you may try to  help him reaching me ASAP or contact his friends with this article, and maybe he will read it and act upon it.

Unless he start regenerating his spirit very soon the dragon will take him away and like Prince and so many others before him, Justin will suffer an untimely death! Like Justin, I am also a Pisces and more than any signs of the Zodiac Pisces need peace and nature to regenerate…

Doctors can only suggest him medications or to take a break but neither will ever suffice and the signals for him to trash his fame and fortune away in order to survive are undeniable. Those terrible cosmic wind work against his sanity and will be at their most strength in March and September 2016.

“After collapsing on stage and being admitted to a hospital on Mar. 7, Justin is out and has no plans to take a break. It started in late March when Bieber announced he would cancel meet and greets — a decision which didn’t sit well with those who had paid a premium to schmooze with Bieber before his concerts. Requesting a refund for the meet and greet meant also surrendering concert tickets.”
Pisces star sign

Neptune Governs the Soft, Dreamy, Intuitive, And Artistic Constellation Of Pisces

Mystical and magical
Nebulous and changeable
I work my way up life”s rivers and seas
To my place at God”s own feet
I am PISCES, child of Neptune.

“On May 9 Bieber wandered around shoeless in Boston, where he is touring. The Internet was quickly flooded with photos of a barefoot Bieber.”

In the medical aspect of Divine Astrology, Pisces rules the feet and Justin, “subconsciously” try to regenerate his depleted body, mind and soul by walking bare foot on the grass. But this act will never be enough to ground him and avoid the cursing depressive thoughts he is battling daily with.

&lt;a href=&quot;<a href=This is for u Grampa when he unveiled this tattoo of a Native American in head dress in January 2013. It is believed to be the logo of a Canadian junior ice hockey team whose games the #39;s grandfather would take him to.

Pisces is a karmic sign and represent the strengths and weaknesses of  all the signs of the Zodiac. This mean souls born in March are “terminal.” This their last life on this dense physical world. Pisces souls are ready to move on to a higher cosmic level and they have not much of an imposed fate.

Their future and mental health is based upon the reincarnation of their positive thoughts and makes a good use of all the natural healing mastered during much of their Indians past lives.

Justin is totally unconscious of the metaphysical rules involving his celestial identity and he is desperately looking for a cosmic God and the answers he will never reach through anything else other than a soul doctors work as mine, not a traditional doctor.


Swimming downstream mean following conventional religious mainstream, ingesting drugs and failing returning to God’s Immaculate cosmic divinity above in the stars…

Sad enough Pisces is also one of the most vulnerable sign as far as religion is concerned and many will fall into the quick sands of deceptive, addictive Neptune! Many will follow gurus i.e. Rev Jones, David Koresh, Joel Osteen, Osam Bin Laden.

All Pisces were born Neptunian and like the incredibly difficult journey imposed upon a salmon swimming g back to his birthplace, the soul must swim upstream (towards the stars) back to God’s feet outside of all conventional religious archaic deceitful disciplines.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and this planet rules imagination, the art, music, the feet, dancing drugs, alcohol,  religions, deception,  illusion, hospitals, asylums, jail, prisons, and all places of confinement.  This mean also churches, synagogues, temples, convents and the soul’s private personal place or Justin’s confused subconscious.


And like all Pisces, Justin experienced it all, including priesthood… 

Justin Bieber, I’m Not Losing It I’m Reconnecting with God and Nature

Check your sign from www.drturi.com (top of the page) 

Anyone born with a strong Neptune in his UCI will be very creative mentally and this god given gift can turn into a double edged razor blade, being used against oneself. And this is exactly what’s going on with Justin and so many unconscious human beings suffering their “inner” dragons.

The worse Justin can do is to commit suicide to avoid the mental pain or pack it all, and dedicate his life to serve a “false man made god.” He will get suggestions to join various religious groups and he may not be able to avoid the trap set by the religious matrix aiming for his fame and fortune ONLY! This is none other than the Neptunian style of Aquarius but not the true, universal Aquarius.

This mean he failed to reach God Cosmic Divinity and swam downstream towards more chaos,  more confusion and gave in to the reptilius religious infected matrix…

If in any way, shape or form you suffer from depressions, panic attacks or feel like you are possessed, you can be sure you ARE reptilius infected!  But do not think you are alone, 99.9% of human beings are today infested and unaware and unable to fight back! But one taught them how to do and religion warn to stay away from what their erroneously perceive as evil or the “occult!”

Justin is a perfect example of the tremulousness crucifying relentless mental pain many suicidal teens are experiencing. The worse he can do for himself is; to seek any of the famous suggested traditionally educated psychiatrists which can only prescribe nefarious medications accelerating Justin’s mental degeneration.

Doing so will lead him to uncontrollable suicidal thoughts he will not be able to control.

Pisces is a dreaming, “out of this world” sign who need to be left alone in his own “convent” and while they can handle fame, without vital regular spiritual regeneration the soul will not survive the incredible demands of being a celebrity.

This crazy lifestyle is unnatural and unhealthy and while many “young souls” seek the celebrity status, fame and fortune, the reptilius infected entertainment matrix own their lives. Unlike their young and innocent gifted victims, the sharks legally in control do not have to burn the candle from both ends and make most of the money…

This young Pisces man would do better to follow the wise words of a much older Pisces, who managed successfully to avoid all the traps and the deadly quick sands of Neptune.  If you are into the big stage and the big lights like Justin or aim for fame, make sure the limelight  do not blind you into submission. They own you!

Those Neptunius lights will lead you straight to where Justin is. Into scary valley of dark shadows where no souls could ever return… Please read The outrageous cost of being an ABUSED model

Lastly, do not wait, if you experience depressions and “possessions” do not wait to ask for my help when its too late, first  learn all about the Supra-conscious in time and space  then order this life saving book.

Beyond the Secret” 

While those suggestions will help you control “your inner dragon” they will also buy you some time to ask for a Skype Live Consultation if the desperate symptoms persist!

Lastly, maybe Justin Bieber will see this article or and after reading this article, maybe God lead your  heart to him with this newsletter. Maybe then and only then, there will be a future for Justin.

   Semi-Exclusive... Grumpy Justin Bieber Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed!!  Semi-Exclusive... 51032801 Good morning, Mr. Grumpypants! An angry Justin Bieber has to be "restrained" by his body guard to keep him from attacking the photographers waiting outside his hotel this morning in London, England on March 8, 2013. Justin must not have gotten enough sleep, having spent some time last night at the hospital after feeling woozy during his concert at the O2. Good thing his bodyguard was there to protect the photographers... one can only imagine how much destruction Justin The Biebarian would have done! 

The Stars and Fate of Justin Bieber

I am also offering the following quatrain and “obvious” keywords below as to prepare my readers world wide, to what the future will bring. I will also offer more dates and more of my vision in my upcoming radio show with Jimmy Church.

May 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows

May  20 

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / human / nature wake up Call.



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