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If we only commercialize modern Astrology products, no matter how inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Divine Astrology from pseudoscience?  Dr. Turi

Kansas shooting: Suspect opened up to bartender – Bill Paxton actor in ‘Twister’ and ‘Aliens,’ dies at 61 – Dozens injured after truck rams Mardi Gras crowd. These are the few predicted news all the victims and perpetrators could never acknowledge because they do not read nor know anything about my cosmic work!

Dear reader;

Even with the facts in hand, many of my readers are undecided and, in the name of religion or skepticism are unable to grasp my teachings. Its just a matter of time before many will end up paying the price of their own cosmic ignorance.

Some smarter people already joined the cosmic code and read my predictions which are well documented, dated and published!

The following is another sample and another attempt to prove my claims to you! And after acknowledging this small forecast, your choice to join and heed God’s Cosmic Divinity depend only on a wise decision you alone must make. Do not wait, time is the essence, you may become a victim and seriously regret doubting my warning and predictive gift! 


 Remember our horoscopes are real and not generated by Facebook well designed astrological websites run by  cosmic unconscious young people! At 67, I consider them all contemptibly inept translating the signs in the heavens above.

 Those greedy, deceptive corporations are not concerned about your welfare or wanting to teach you the secrets of the cosmos, they are luring millions of gullible, misinformed souls, and making money through countless advertisements only! Only when practiced professionally and with good intentions, divine astrology values are priceless.

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a Universal God does not speak to fools.Dr. Turi.

Our predictive work is not only legit but also very rare so you may chose to ridicule or ignore the cosmic code rules!  Here is a little sample of one of our many forecasts published monthly! 

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — February 25, 26, 27, 28:

RULERS — Uranus (sudden events/surprises) Neptune (deception/Alcohol):

Work, Career and Business: We are on the waning time (negative) and faith could be quite low for many. Hold on a little longer for the upcoming New Moon and life will improve for us all. Use patience with everyone around, and wait before launching important business or signing documents. Don’t trust any business propositions now and don’t take any chances with your finances. The worse is now over, just be patient.

Partnerships: Don’t let Saturn’s gloomy nature affect your psyche and try smiling if you can. Moon Power mentioned a concentration of negative influences with this last Pluto impact and some of us had to experience a rebirth in partnerships. Again do not to fall prey to depression or self-destruction. Use all your abilities to deal with your new life and help the ones you care about. Enjoy a good movie and a good bottle of wine at home in the evening hours.

Family and Friends: You may not like it but a friend or a family member’s surprising visit has you scrambling to make your home presentable in advance of the arrival. This person may bring a lot of excitement but also some unhealthy news. If you decide to socialize, keep an eye on your possessions and lock your car. During a waning Moon and under Uranus’ grip expect bad surprises, as crooks become active.

Get rid of unwanted things: have a garage sale or give it away to the Salvation Army to the unfortunate. Now is a good time to clean, take care of your gardens or even your houseplants. Don’t fall for guilt; avoid depressing thoughts of your past. Look for happy people and try to enjoy what life has to offer for now. Keep an eye on the kids especially if there is water around, as Neptune may play tricks on them. An introduction to harmful drugs is always a possibility with them now.

Love Affairs: Stay clear of strangers, especially if alcohol is offered. Not a good time get involved sexually; take precautions. Bad aspects to Neptune in your horoscope will promote even induce sexually transmitted diseases and narcotic abuse. Secret love affairs may start now, but if you are in one, make sure you are not taken for a ride, as all those promises may be too good to be true! Be practical and review any promises with common sense. If you were born in October, an Aries or an Aquarius will find you quite attractive and may bring more trouble than love into your life.

Travel and Communication: Traveling now may be too risky for comfort; be sure you’re prepared for any road emergency or difficult weather. If you must take a long journey, be very careful on the road and if possible avoid flying. With the waning Moon your energy level won’t be that high and if you must drive, take plenty of rest before hitting the road. Keep to the speed limit, the police will be out there ready to penalize you. Avoid drinking at all costs during the evening hours and keep a positive attitude in all you say. Your imagination will be high and must be kept in control.

Environment: Uranus (surprising disruptions) Neptune and Saturn (karma) are not a good combination under a waning Moon and will upset the poor unaware human on earth below. Many eruptions have taken place under this energy and the weather won’t cooperate. Posted April 20th, 1997 on the Internet — Expect SRE “Sudden Release of Energy” for April 30th, 1997. On this window expect explosions/volcano eruptions/blackouts/drama/police/death etc.

And the results: April 29, 1997 Mexico City — The Popocatepetl volcano erupts near Mexico City. Scientists were keeping a close eye on the Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico Tuesday, after red-hot rocks from small overnight eruptions ignited huge fires on grazing lands and frightened farmers on the mountainside. And — April 30, 1997 — Explosion at Albanian weapons depot kills 20 — TIRANA, Albania — At least 20 people were killed Wednesday when a weapons depot exploded in a central Albanian town. Police said the cause of the explosion at Burell, about 20 miles (35 km) northeast of Tirana, was unknown. Be aware don’t take chances.

Famous Personalities: Sad news will be coming from famous people and their involvements with deceiving activities. Some will be hospitalized or incarcerated or receive emergency care.

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 09: Actor Bill Paxton of the television show 'Training Day' speaks onstage during the CBS portion of the 2017 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour at the Langham Hotel on January 9, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Events: On a large scale disturbing news is to be expected and will curse the population. The government may be forced to make very important decisions that could affect us. Some people will fall for Neptune’s depressive mode, feel sleepy, depressed  and drink too much! This could bring troubles in home, bars or on the road with accident! Do not drink and drive or expect a DUI!


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The victim was born March 9th, and the reptilius used this Pisces lunation to infect the killer with racism, alcohol and drugs and his victim suffered a premature death! He was also under one of his 2017 negative cosmic biorhythms!  But who is listening to my cosmic wisdom? You could be next because ignorance is evil, and knowledge is power!

“Police Chief Michael Harrison said the suspect, who was driving a pickup truck that hit two cars before running into the crowd, appeared to be “highly intoxicated”.

Be smart and Join the cosmic code as I am CNN before CNN and your life is worth knowing, learning, respecting and using the cosmic code for your safety! Let the idiots, the skeptics, the religious fanatics the atheists waste their lives, after reading this article you should know better and trust my cosmic work!


All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…
First, they are Ridiculed,
Next, they are Violently Opposed, and
Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!

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Horoscope SOS to the world predictions July 7th /10th 2017 – Make note! I will be there to refresh your memory thousands will perish in a natural disaster! Read more once you become a VIP, and join 8558 wise souls, get my bulletins for FREE directly in your mail box! 


Dr. Turi and Terania


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