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 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Looks like DT “economy prediction” was right again…  Home sales hit highest rate in 3 years 

Dear readers;

Note this is a follow up of “How to Pray When You’re Pissed at God.” First let me clarify a few things again to some of my readers who are offended by my selection of people’s work to teach them the basics of Astropsychology.  This is an email Terania received and forwarded to me so read it first and let’s try again to improve your cosmic consciousness!

Hi My Love… In reference to “Ian Punnett” see this from one of our VIP and then my reply. There are some nasty things being said in this book…

DT – even with humor. I would not endorse this book to anyone. Have you read this? Seriously:
An Angry Prayer for Those Who are Cut Off in Traffic

O God, whom I praise, do not remain silent.
Wicked and deceitful people have screwed me and used me, your servant;
they have humiliated me for the last time.
With big, fast SUVs and aggressive attitudes
they surround me like eels;
they attack me without cause.
In return for my selflessness they cut me off in traffic.
Don’t they see my bumper sticker!
I am a person of prayer.
I abide by the law.
I stay in my lane and in my peace.
I just want to be left alone.
The evil drivers repay my good with evil,
my courtesy with ugliness.
They act like you, O Lord, made the roads just for them;
they treat me like a slave.
They make evil faces and hand gestures and yell hurtful words
even when they pass me at my expense!
Plague them, O God;
put a bigger abuser in their path.
When they try to pass, let them be run off the road.
May their remaining days be few;
may their children be orphans and their spouses die alone without health care.
May their families be driven from their homes, ruined by black mold that cannot be eradicated.
May a creditor seize all they have;
may strangers lay hands on all their good stuff.
May no one extend kindness to them or take pity on their children.
May their descendants be cut off,their names blotted out from the next generation.
May the iniquity of a father be remembered before the Lord;
may the sin of a mother never be blotted out.
As they have cut me off, may their memory be wiped out from the earth.
For those who hound the timid never think of doing a kindness;
they only torment to death the weak and those with shattered nerves,
racing their powerful engines and sounding their sharp horns.
The last guy who refused to let me merge pronounced a curse on me with his lips and his finger:
may his meanness come back on him;
may your blessing be far from him in his time of need.
May the curse of his finger enter into his own body in the most painful place.
May the evil sink into his bones like oil.
May his arrogant selfishness be like a scarf wrapped around his neck;
like the twisted metal of a wreck, may it envelop him forever.
May this be the Lord’s payment to my abusers,
to those who do evil to me.
But you, O Sovereign Lord, be fair to me.
For I am sick and tired, and my heart is wounded.
I am fading away like an evening shadow;
I am shaken off like a locust.
I am an object of scorn to other drivers;
when they see me, they shake their heads.
Help me, O Lord my God;
save me in accordance with your love.
Let them know that it is your hand,
that you, O Lord, have done it.
They may curse me as they will,
but when they attack they will be put to shame. And I, your servant, will rejoice.
For God will snap me from the jaws of death, even as they will only find my abuser’s body with the Jaws of Life. 


Hi M/////this is Terania…

Are you referring to the book “How To Pray When You are Pissed At God” by Ian Punnett?  If so, it is obvious why many don’t like him nor did on the show. Check this –

Rainy Day
User ID: 348319
Re: Ian Punnett — Your Coast to Coast show SUCKS
Punnit is crap. Starting to sound like his neocon friend Glenn Beck.
Are they dumbing down C2C on purpose? Noory doesn’t ask the hard questions. Punnit gives his opinion, and overrides guests and callers.Art Bell where are yoooouu??
User ID: 419676
 United States
Re: Ian Punnett — Your Coast to Coast show SUCKS
Ian is not up to the advanced requirements of Coast-To-Coast’s listeners. However did this bigoted, closed-minded, and unadventurous intellectual WIMP ever got that job; he is paradoxical to the established intent of the show?! Ian Punnett’s limited and rigid intellect is a COP OUT to any hardcore Coast-To-Coast mind. I abhor his overbearing personality and roughshod running-over of interesting guests he has not the capacity to appreciate nor the inquisitiveness to explore for his audience’s benefit. A small-minded man in a universe of possibilities, Ian is a waste of Coast-To-Coast airtime, a Class B bush-leaguer playing in Yankee Stadium.

Let me know what you think?Peace, Luv and Light,

*Mrs. T*

Again my work is solely designed to expose “Friends and Foes” UCI and explain through my work their karmic stars. Ian is a Pisces Dragon Tail and my newsletter fully explain his OVER SENSITIVE Pisces nature and religious mental poisoning shortcomings produced by his Pisces stellium and a strong Neptune affliction.   It is obvious that Ian IS a cosmic unconscious Neptunian! but this does not make him a bad human being, he is like the majority of human misinformed and scared!

In this case my VIP showed MORE of her misplaced sensitivity and failed to grasp my cosmic message through my teachings. Again this is not an attack on her or Ian’s intelligence,  just a notification for the readers to realize how strongly domineering a UCI is and how people often are unable to auto analyze their words and actions. In fact my wonderful wife and myself can not always control our actions and words because deep emotions will always over run logic.

The message here was NOT to promote Ian’s religious junk, his book, beliefs and sarcasm produced by his cold, calculated cynical Virgo Dragon’s Head. And now you wonder why my cosmic unconscious Internet enemies are tearing me apart? THEY ARE ALL UNCONSCIOUS ROBOTS OF THEIR OWN STARS! 

Ian’s Virgo intellectual Dragon’s Head is very DRY, very sarcastic but Ian is part of the 99.09% of human unaware of their karmic UCI, that’s all! The book he wrote is the result of many years of bottled up emotional frustrations unleashed/published to the world. He was taught modesty and to “offer the other chick” but he is waking up to reality through his rational Virgo Dragon’s Head and he is both pissed off at God and the world around him for not following such simple laws that in his mind would make the world a much better place. He is indeed very far from realizing he is not going to hell because he lives on it and this rigid cruel world was purposely designed as a learning ground by the creator himself.  I would have lived this cosmic code newsletter about his book as is, but I have to give more information about Ian Punnet’s writings to those who need more as to grasp the cosmic code power upon the human mind!

His book is a way out to show how a good Christian he is and at the same time showing up support for other religious poisoned young souls who feel the same way than he does.  But he is not willing to wait for God to send all the sinners he encountered in his life to HELL!  But the chances for Ian to accept my findings on the working and shortcomings of his psyche and perceive my cosmic message is minim knowing some of my own VIP’s failed to grasp my “cosmic” message.

Ian is like all God fearing Christians LOST with the creator and it is not with the sugar colored deceptive teachings of tele-evangelist Joel Osteen or his new book,  that they will learn anything of God’s cosmic divinity for sure!  So to make my point today I decided to use metaphors to make it easy for the readers to understand me better!


The offered link below and the picture above are the perfect representations for all my cosmic unconscious Internet enemies who are at war against me trying very hard to hurt me because they are incapable of assimilating or make a good use of my rare wisdom!  Thus I am showing you how one can pass wisdom in a funny way without Ian’ Punnett’ sarcastic, vulgar printed, published pissed off at the world, expressions that will offend many in the process.


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