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Moon Power 2014

Posted to the world on Friday Jul 11 2014 21:19 

Japan 6.8-magnitude quake was fully predicted. Watch for the next BIG one!

Posted to the world – Japan 6.8-magnitude quake was fully predicted. Watch for the next BIG one!

Should the religious authorities or the representatives of a false God on earth such as Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama or even any famous psychics, astrologers or mediums you know able to do better than me?  Men, no God put them in such a high position but none of them can hear nor see the signs.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand” the voice of heaven.”

– Matthew 13.13


My Cosmic God would never send any of his children to burn in hell for ever, any negative God is in reality the evil!  Reclaim your spirit, you are GODS in training on this dense physical world!

NYPD Cop Believes Demon-Possession Is On The Rise – End of the World Silly Predictions

~ Paracelsus


FRI., SAT., SUN. – July 11, 12, 13:

RULERS — Saturn (Government Order/Creditability) and Uranus (Extraordinary News)

Work, Career and Business: Expect this trend to promote surprising changes pertaining to your career. The lucky ones will benefit all the way with this ending New Moon. Make the most of the last day of the waxing Moon while you can and go after your wishes. Saturn may force you to realize what needs to be done to further your career.

Partnerships: Time to socialize this weekend as Saturn’s children (CEOs) will be out in public places and many of them can further your career wishes. This trend will induce serious changes and interesting surprises in your partnerships. A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts that could prove to be rewarding in the long run. You must take the time to play and enjoy yourself with unusual people.

Family and Friends: A friend may request some money from you or another one who owes you money sincerely wants to repay, but may be in a difficult set of circumstances. Be patient; they may repay you in a better way. A friend may surprise you and may decide to get closer. Providing help is great, but let some of your friends understand their limits. Keep in mind that Uranus rules friends and wishes; do not turn down an invitation during a new Moon. With Uranus, anything great can happen and you have until the Full Moon to do so. After the full moon the surprises will be negative.  Update – Feds sent $106 billion to wrong people

Love Affairs: As usual with Uranus be ready for nice surprises brought by friends bringing new people into your life. The Moon is still up for a short while, so those surprises should be of a positive nature. Many lucky souls will find love, and this new relationship may lead you to a rewarding future. Remember that serious Saturn is also part of the festivities and you must not overindulge. If you were born under the sign of Pisces, a Virgo, a Cancer, even a Scorpio will find you irresistible.

Travel and Communication: Your telephone and your mail will bring you all sorts of news and invitations. The lucky ones will enjoy or plan faraway trips close to those they love. Expect news from many people around and get in touch with some of your friends for a good chat. However, do not fall for gossip about other friends, as sooner or later you will have some explaining to do. Use what’s left of the positive Moon to promote your life and excel in your mental capacity.

Environment: As always when Uranus is with us, a volcano could erupt soon, be ready for surprising news about the weather. Stay clear of lightning. Update – Lightning in park kills 2 in 2 days –  If you’re into UFOs, anything extraordinary from the heavens could happen now. Update – See rare NYC sunset phenomenon  See rare NYC sunset phenomenon 

Famous Personalities: Famous people will behave in a weird way while others will offer the best of their performance and the money will be presented to organizations supporting the very old or the very young.

Events: Saturn (structure) could induce some worries about your finances. Don’t let him get the best of your spirit, have faith. Financial affairs will be a concern for many, as the government will make very important decisions about other countries and wars in the world. With this very last day of the New Moon trend be careful in all you do. Uranus rules the incredible. Paranormal investigators, now is the time to carry your camera and look for UFOs in secluded places. Blackouts, explosions or bad weather could plague some parts of the U.S. Expect news about nuclear endeavors and electronic devices soon. Update – Kerry arrives for Iran nuke talks

Shopping: Purchase electronic equipment or plan a long voyage in foreign lands before the Full Moon. As always, Uranus rules the future, and his psychic powers can be used. Don’t waste these days; do something original as your wishes depend on your interaction with others. Visit your favorite astrologer or psychic now. Share my valuable forecast from with accurate guidance for someone’s birthday, or offer a comparison chart for a newlywed couple.

Blessings to all my readers

Stay safe

Dr. Turi

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