In 2018, we will see a black hole for the first time ever! Warning, the reptilius are getting much closer!


“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation and to be used as signs so we may lead a safer and more productive life.”  Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

Well this is it, my last  2017 cosmic code newsletter free  public sample! As of 01/01/2018 all you will get from me is short bulletins! That is if you join the cosmic code (FREE) and read them in your mailbox directly from mine! 

I will try all the way to the last day of this year to bring forth your cosmic awareness and  warn you to learn and  respect God’s cosmic divinity speaking his cosmic will through the signs we translate for you in all our forecasts!  

Because the majority of  people were indoctrinated  to religious dogmas and trust an infantile science  does not give  them the right to ignore the cosmic code rules!  There are no excuses for ignorance and the penalty is very real! 

Fountains of hot gas erupting from a beastly black hole in the heart of a large galaxy known to radio astronomers as Hercules A. While astronomers have long seen the fallout of the presence of black holes on the stars and gas clouds around them, none have ever actually stared directly into its abyss.

Fountains of hot gas erupting from a beastly black hole in the heart of a large galaxy known to radio astronomers as Hercules A. While astronomers have long seen the fallout of the presence of black holes on the stars and gas clouds around them, none have ever actually stared directly into its abyss.  (

Once more readers, the scientific community can only approach  and explain any cosmic events LOGICALLY  using their five  traditionally “educated”human senses! But believe me, there is much more the human eyes can not see  coming from those black holes abysses… 

While Facebook does not allow me manage and post  information pertaining to UFO’s and ET’s on “I am Alien UFO reality” anymore, all I can do is expose the  technological conspiracy  against my cosmic work!

Educating  a religious/scientifically/atheist indoctrinated public about the reality of UFO’s and what and where the reptilius are coming from (black holes) is simply not allowed! I am Alien The Final Revelation.

I can lead the horse to the water but this does not mean he will drink at the source of all wisdom ! Listen to this radio show with an open mind and realize how the reptilius are getting closer to humanity.

If you think 2017 was a weird and dramatic year  in terms of natural (CA fires) and man made disasters (Vegas shootings), be prepared for more people getting “psychically” infected committing horrific crimes never experienced before! 

Indeed my SOS to the world  deadly windows do not lie! Memo from First supermoon of 2018 on New Year’s Day – World Predictions 

I am asking the skeptical reader to notice the date of November 2nd, 2017, indeed I am CNN before CNN if you pay attention to all my past, present and future SOS to the world deadly windows… 

January 1st –//-// / 19 (48 hrs centering the dates)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions/ Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.

While I will refrain from posting future warnings, I will offer my readers the results of my visions  as to prove my claims and hopefully get you to become a cosmic coder and start  respecting the cosmic code jurisdictions or God’s cosmic divinity speaking his will to us through the signs… My SOS to the world deadly windows are very real!

Now try to associate my quatrain and obvious keywords to the current news (and in your life) because I can only translate those various cosmic winds  like Nostradamus used to do! With the only difference that mine are extraordinary easy to assimilate! 

Update: 1/1/18 –  North Korea’s surprise call on Monday for direct talks with South Korea  – new beginning?

California official killed during dream trip to Mexico — 1 day before birthday

Indeed this cop was doing what he could to protect and enforce  human laws  while totally oblivious of another set of laws he was taught to ridicule, and this cost him his life!  This brave public servant  is part of  statistics because the police and the FBI  keep ignoring and denying  the truth we represents! 

 This California policeman certainly was at the wrong place at the wrong time but being cosmic unconscious, he could not apply his will against those deadly winds  and paid the ultimate price!  Many more people won’t see the New Year until they learn more about the cosmic code and the reptilius…

What is inadmissible to me is that: people will immediately ridicule my work and assume anything instead of being curious about it! Really, is $100 worth your life?  Given a chance would this unlucky cop might could have invested in a reading and celebrate the New Year with his family? 

Protesters call for overthrow of Ayatollah Khamenei

Does Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last”  dictate a new beginning or an ending for the  regime of  Ayatollah Khamenei?  Honestly readers, only an idiot will not be able to associate my quatrain  (posted November 2nd, 2017)  and the current news CONFIRMING my vision! 

Furthermore does END of life correlate with both those horrific accidents?  36 dead in central Kenya bus crash and Six dead in Australia seaplane crash?

The question remain, will you be able to realize how “a new beginning or ending”  has or will affect you personally soon? 



LIVE aerials over Highland Ranch, CO in Douglas County where police are responding to calls of an officer down

Police requiem

Image result for US ‘closer to nuclear war’ with N. Korea than ever

Update: 12/31/2017 – US ‘closer to nuclear war’ with N. Korea than ever


Continued: As mentioned so many times before, I can stand on my head to get your attention with such a rare and trustworthy cosmic work but if you are not willingly ready for it, nothing will work period! And this is what I have learned since offering so much to the public for free since 1991, yet out of the billions of religious and educated idiots living on this planet, only 9000 curious people joined the cosmic code to master its secrets and learn all about God cosmic Divinity! 

One thing is sure, it is definitely for me, the end of wasting my time and for sure, a new blessing beginning…  Over the years, even our  VIP’s realize I could not keep my New Year resolution and they always forgave me because I could not help being so concerned for your welfare and safety!

But as of today, Terania and I daily guidance, teachings, forecasts  and efforts will only go to all our VIP’s or those who realized how rare  our cosmic work is!  And to them all we say thank you so very much for being part of an extremely rare kind of super-humans who vibrate at our own faster and refined intellectual cosmic speed… 

With the dragon’s tail in the sign of Aquarius since May 2017 anything to do with this sign is cursed… I was born in February with a stellium (4 planets) in this sign, thus the hell we went through was fully predicted and anticipated…  From the high spirit down to earth and harsh reality! 

In fact, our friend Manfred who broke his femur on Xmas Eve helping me building a patio to protect our boat against the elements  is also an Aquarius, thus there are no accidents in life, just cosmic circumstances Terania and I are trying to make you aware of! 

The cosmic code is designed not only to serve you every months with accurate daily guidance and various forecasts  but also to share all our trips, good and bad experiences! You will always learn something new with us and this is our last sample… Thus if you like what you read, join us and get much more than what you bargained for!

This is the sad story to what happened to our friend Manfred, the first picture is the old patio located in the back of the house.

I removed the roof because the vines brought from one of our trips, from  the south of France are now grown enough to protect us from the sun during the hot summer days… 

I built this one on my own using ladders and ropes, some years back when Terania’s help was not available…

Those vines produce delicious grapes we enjoy every spring…

Real friends bring wishes and will never turn you down if you need help. Thus, while building a gate was too much of a challenge on my own, Manfred’s talents as a  wood worker did the trick. But I needed his guidance to build the basic wood structure of the patio and I did  the framing work by myself again! 

The boat trailer is quite large, thus I could not use a post at the front of the structure, the only way to get a solid support  for the roof was to use an inclined 4X4! I must respect city jurisdictions and stay at least three feet from the brick wall. 

So, I hope the inspector will give me a break! 

Meantime  the 8X4 plywood sheets are quite heavy to lift on top of the structure on my own. I used  some  water and sun resistant  special roof paint and waited for them to dry, then planned for Xmas Eve day and  for Manfred’s help…

He arrived at 10:00 am and we started immediately to take some measurements on the top right side of the house. 

Manfred is quite tall and I saw him extending his arms with the tape measure, this is where I told him “Manfred, you should use the ladder!” 

He laughed at me and replied, “I do this all day long, I don’t need it…”

The next thing I see is; Manfred lost his balance and falling on his right side on the concrete.

Luckily for him, there was no wood or tools left on the floor. 

I saw a bad grim on his face and knew that was a bad fall, he tried to get up right away but he could not. When I told him if I could help him standing up he refused and said ” Give me some time I’ll be just fine!”

I replied, “No way bro, you are really hurt I think you broke your leg!”

Manfred did not want to hear my comments and suggestion to call 911 right away! After 15 minutes suffering hell  I again told him to let me call the emergency services, but he refused again! 

He still did not want me to help him stand up and this is where I suggested him to wait and I went looking for any of  my neighbors’ help! But no one was was at home.

After  1 hour or so suffering hell,  I realized Manfred would not go to the hospital, something drastic had to be done!

I could not go against his wish, thus I nailed a  small piece of 4X4 on a post and told him  to use it as  crutch then I would back up his truck under the patio we were planning to finish and gave him a ride home. 

He took 20 mn or so for him to haul his body on the bed of the truck and I drove him home…  When we arrived there I had two guys helping me carrying Manfred inside his house…

I called a taxi back home and strongly recommended him to call 911…  He finally did so suffering crucifying pain for about two more hours or so… 

I was so upset and wondering why God would punish  a good friend for helping us when we needed him the most! I felt terribly guilty for what happened to him and I knew  I would have to deal with the patio roof on my own…

Indeed Manfred was under one of his negative  2017 personal cosmic biorhythms but he is also a rational, skeptical  person and was never really interested in my cosmic work!  The nasty tail of the Dragon in Aquarius (on his Sun sign) did not help at all… 

Thus warning him about using a ladder instead of extending his body to reach the top of the house was a waste of my time, he did not heed my  suggestion!  

I really thought we would be done with the roof in a few hours that day,  but with the “accident” I will have to do it all on my own again! I am not afraid of hard work and in no way will I ask Terania’s help! She has absolutely not enough strengths to lift those heavy sheets… 

I will take my time and be very careful using the power tools cutting and walking on those sheets but  in no way can I wait for Manfred’s help to finish the job… He will be out six months or more.

I also suffered a fall last week while hammering on the ground, luckily for me I was fine and that was a serious omen I should have  insisted to reach my friend Manfred!

Was, at a subconscious level, Manfred  unwilling to help me that day?  Was it too much for me to ask for his help on Xmas Eve? Knowing there are no accidents, I can not consider how his subconscious made him lose his balance so he could be at home having fun instead of working that day! Or did the Dragon tail in Aquarius and the negative cosmic winds combined with the reptilius effect created the “accident?” 

After all, if you read my book “Beyond the secret” and assimilate my own subconscious experiences, this is  a very real and strong possibility! Combined with some negative cosmic winds, (and the ever present reptilius using those winds negatively)  even in a waxing moon S/// can and will happen VIP’s!  

Had Manfred heed my warnings and use the ladder as I suggested, I am convinced he would have been just fine! 



That was pretty hard work to do alone but I was able to start building the roof of the new patio to protect my boat from the elements… I wonder how many people aged 68 like me could do so lol

Lastly, be aware VIP’s New Year fall on a SOS to the world deadly window  and many cosmic unconscious people will be  “taken” by the reptilius… 

Be safe, be aware our cosmic work must be heed seriously for your safety!


DT and Terania

There is always something to learn in our work and as usual more adventures, experiences pictures and videos will be posted on the cosmic code website!

You may join us, its free and when a bulletin, a prediction or a feeling I have following a future tragedy occur, I will get right in your mailbox to let you know… But be warned, you will never get another FULL  sample like this one Do or Die – A trip from hell and back! or the one above again unless you become a VIP of course!

Blessings to all our readers world wide!

Terania and Dr. Turi

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