India’s spacecraft reaches Mars orbit … SHAME OR HISTORY?


 The gravitational forces that move all galaxies is a scientific fact;   But the greatness of the spiritual cosmic manifesto is yet a mystery to humanity. God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it,  a life filled with health, love, respect, peace and harmony for all.

— Dr. Turi

India’s spacecraft reaches Mars orbit … and history

Dear readers;

Do you know India own the largest concentration of poor people in the world, particularly in the villages, where almost three out of four Indians and 77 percent of the Indian poor live?

Indeed the extraordinary wealthy scientific (and religious matrixes), like NASA scientists and “Mars One masquerades” in the US, they do not care much about the common people and their children welfare!   

Those scientists are imbedded with many powerful governmental and independent corporations sucking both your taxes and your donations.  Don’t you think the Indian (and US) authorities should make a priority to help those living in poverty on earth before spending exorbitant fortunes to reach Mars?  But logic disappear with science when its fat wallet is questioned! 

The legendary “educated” ego combined with the humongous spiritual pride of the scientific community seems to care more about their kind, than those who are struggling to support their privileged selected life building technology! 

While I am 100% for scientific researches and its marvelous developments, EARTH and HUMAN must become a priority!  

Greed, wealth and power rules all matrixes and the uneducated mass of religious people are the one asking to be screwed because of their induced fears and false hopes.

Are you ready for the truth readers?

All human beings living on Mother Earth’s back are already enjoying borrowed time!  Climate change is an unavoidable aspect of being a part of an ever changing, ever expanding modern world.

While I do agree that human behavior can hasten or retard its progress, it is happening. It happened in ancient times,  and it is happening now in modern times. Modern humans tend to think that their technology and science can arrest the inevitable? Hello time to wake up to reality! 

Science is clear: Human activity is causing our climate to change and the OCD born scientific community is working overtime to escape a doomed earth.

Furthermore, those schooled young fools truly believe science has all the answers they need and one day they will be able to live on Mars!

But hypothetically speaking, let’s say they manage to succeed in building a dome on the red planet, who do you think will be residing there? You, your kids or their kids and “educated” kind scientists alike?  Once the last ship is ready to live a burning hell, your kids name will never be called! Unless you are part of their matrix of course! 

Google “ANYTHING you think about then add dr.turi” to read more articles.

Could robots build a base on Mars and who benefit until then?

Maintaining a national spiritual pride by building unmanned spacecrafts is all they need to convince the taxpayers and the flow of private donations while endorsing their work! And this is the trap the moronic mass falls for and can not escape because they monopolize all information!  Do you think this type of crude and real article will ever end on CNN? Do you think my eye opening work would bypass the moderators working for those matrixes? 

What financial good do I have to offer any leading matrix,  when I am warning and educating an abused God fearing and science trusting gullible public?  The undiluted truth is gone readers, only in my Cosmic Cyber University will you get the facts of life!

Sad enough 99.09% of the population is not ready for the truth and would rather be abused and duped instead of facing reality,  isn’t it sad?


Those billions are cleverly and secretly exchanging the same hands, the same bank accounts and are ultimately wasted because NO HUMAN BEING EVER, will set foot or live on Mars!

Those suckers MUST keep their propaganda alive on CNN to enjoy an easy life wearing gloves and white coats in the extravagant buildings we all paid for! Their children are “educated”  and molded to use your donations and taxes and will follow their  advantaged parents and enjoy the same lifestyle.

While you must struggle 2 or 3 jobs (if you have one) and pay tons of taxes to those people and the expenses of the sweat of your children’s children who, they think, will be left behind suffocating on an run-down, scorching earth…

All matrixes, would it be the scientific, religious, political, sport, medical or Hollywood itself, are designed to ABUSE you, to entertain you, to deceive you, to make you believe in a false God or the impossible is reachable and SUCK you dry with taxes  and your donations.

Those greedy wealthy corporations  are imbedded with all news-media matrixes, endlessly advertising their deceptive aims, far reached goals and deadly products.  And only true information or a revolution can stop the abuses!

I am indeed for progress, for any and all scientific discoveries, for NASA, including Mars One projects, but those enterprises must put humanity and the children FIRST!

India, the US and many other developing countries should be ashamed for those corporations self centered, self serving propagandes and for the waste of such vast fortunes that should be used for education, battling climate changes and eliminate poverty. 

Sharing email;

Hi Terania,

   How are you?  I hope Dr.  Turi is feeling better.  Please tell him that he is quite wrong about the Indian mission to Mars.  It is actually there to monitor war!  Our world is in such a high warring state that it is necessary for that extremely spiritual country to monitor everything on that planet. With Love,


DT rebuttal; “There is only a very thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination, where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only subtle cosmic consequences at work the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Thank you Miriam… Your UCI is set to deal with a more logical / philosophical/religious world, if you were a student of mine you would understand the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness…



The fact is the system and their famous “respected” doctors are endorsing and allowing kids and Neptunian born adults alike to smoke weed freely. 

Gupta ‘I am doubling down DECEPTION’ on medical marijuana!

The real reasons why Dr.Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on weed


Reporter: ‘F*** it, I quit’  

Only a pothead – Neptunian born, ABUSING WEED would behave this way on national television! In fact, this morning Terania and I went fishing in our local park, and a few kids were there sitting at a table smoking weed!

This park has become  a weed selling/meeting place where all those born Neptunians are left to engage in wasteful, harmful behaviors instead of studying or working! I gather, the parents themselves must be pot users too!

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

Please vote for me, help me make my cosmic mission a reality!

Thank you!


Reply by Mrs. Turi: I’ll tell you why marijuana is on the same level as beer considering the long term health risks associated with both Charlo Greene…

While I do agree that the mind-body decoding system is down – grading systematically, from fluoride and other things of such in the water supplies all the way up to radiation pollution and various concentrates in foods…

These energies affect our reactions as well as both ones psychological / physiological behaviors in society along with blocking universal energies!

There are various anti-oxidants and other supplements that are aimed to help extend the useful life of body parts, such as ligaments, eyesight, skin, hair and so forth; that one can lose in their bodies normal ability to work, as one ages…

Therefore they need to be replaced by that daily nutrient supplementation; onward with a healthy diet and some exercise. And the scientific matrix “FDA” wants to negate natural means which virtually cause no damage nor deaths.

Talk about making the doctors richer, the sick sicker, and the mentally strange stranger and the Church inc. making so much money off of the drug heads…

All together with the odds and ends. There is just so much abuse of legal drugs being used illegally. That’s why Terania Turi,  for one, am all for “Naturopathy” more so; which accommodates the holistic avenue with non-invasive medical care by fortifying the littlest use of medical procedure and medication.

But as for some of the things people put in their bodies or just as far as letting oneself go, you can see the exterior results…All the same as far as the long term effects of marijuana and such, some of those are irreversible and will mess up your head as seen with the reporter above blowing a good career to serve evil! 

Marijuana, is classified by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule 1 substance — the same category as heroin, LSD and Ecstasy — and is illegal in almost all states even for recreational use.

As such, comprehensive data on the drug’s use and misuse in the United States is limited. And it hooks 20% of people who use it. I for one have seen personality changes, mood swings and such before meeting and marrying my genius healthy husband.

It stops people from being able to see clearly and act totally irrational messing up friendships and relationships. High doses of marijuana can also cause temporary psychotic reactions, such as hallucinations, paranoia and suicidal thoughts in some people born with a strong badly aspected Neptune, and worst, affects your reflexes, hindering your motor skills. So marijuana-related car fatalities are common and  not unheard of. 

Drinking reduces your inhibitions and can certainly make you feel more “nirvanic” relaxed in social situations. But those lower inhibitions can also lead you to engage in risky sexual behavior (STD / Unplanned Pregnancy) or lead you to connect with the criminal element! 

The body needs a certain level of hydration and blood flow and this can actually cause arousal issues. Over time, drinking can lead to liver disease, neurological problems, certain psychiatric issues and may increase your risk of several types of cancer and is more dangerous if not just as dangerous when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Stopping becomes a nightmare and rare are those who succeed.

About 88,000 Americans die each year because of excessive alcohol use, according to the CDC. Nearly half of those deaths are from chronic alcohol use — liver failure, for example — while the other half are attributable to acute situations, such as alcohol poisoning or a drunken driving accident.

So, while one study may have found it was safe for animals to consume about 30% of their body weight in cannabis without overdosing; that’s the equivalent of a 160-pound person eating 48 pounds of weed at one time…

Better watch out for that 4.8-fold increase in risk of a heart attack during the first hour after smoking because of the drug’s effect on your heart rate.

But asking a pothead to think or see clearly is impossible because all Neptunians are born to learn about addictions and the majority will end up paying a heavy price with mental and physical health including suicide.

Weed should be used for the sick, the half dead looking for pain relief outside of the use of conventional medications. Pot should never be used by the healthy, young generation for recreational purposes. 

Dr. Turi and I never ever smoked pot and our minds, bodies and spirits fly at the speed of light with creativity, clarity of thoughts, vitality and general health. I can’t help to imagine, god forbid, if my husband was a pothead?

Do you think you would get his remarkable cosmic wisdom regularly or correctly and precisely take care of his endless clientele? In order for a real spiritual master to heal, guide and teach the cosmic secrets that makes his work so unique, Dr. Turi has to be as clean as a whistle in body, mind and soul.

How can anyone pretend to heal or help anyone when the core of the soul is impure and poisoned with cannabis or medications?  Of course the Indians, and famous gurus smoke pot or opium all day long to achieve the sought Neptunian “nirvana” where the world of dreams and reality become total delusion!   

Abuse drugs and soon you will hallucinate, you may see angels or the face of satan and to escape the horrors of psychical distortions, suicide become the only way out to stop the live nightmare! 

Many human beings experience such traumatic phases and are much too scared or too ashamed to speak about their personal phrenic horrible experiences.  No one would believe them and the voices tell them to kill themselves! This is where weed will lead many unaware users and fry their brain with time… 

God created everything, sharks, lions, snakes, venomous spiders, infectious organisms including pot. Knowing all its priorities is what will make the difference between getting hooked or not!  

Would you step on a snake, sleep with spiders in your bed or mess with a lion? Would you willingly breeze deadly smallpox or swim with sharks? Its the choices you make, listening or not to your logic or intuition that makes the full difference at the end! 

A clear mind mean a clear judgement, and while we both, like any other human beings made countless mistakes and paid the price with our health, we chose to say no to any and all form of drugs! 

But we do not throw the baby with the water, there are times when drugs and science become the only way to save a life, and much, if not all could be avoided prior to any ailments,  if you chose to live a healthy life. 

With love and light

Mrs. Turi



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