Is air travel becoming more dangerous? Yes, It is OBVIOUS! And my predictions is, it will get much worse!


Remember God”s words “I will speak to you but you won”t hear me, I will present myself to you but you won”t see me.” Let me help you raise your Cosmic Consciousness and teach you how to heed God’ signs.

Statistically, is losing 3 airliners in one week normal?

One week, three airline crashes, 465 people dead. Travelers may think the skies are getting more perilous, but are they?

You take a relaxing walk with your child on the beach and… you die! 

 Lightning kills 1, hurts 13 on beach


Dear Readers;

When billion of dollars are at risk, the FAA will do all in its power to expose the facts, and indeed flying is still the safest way to travel. But the undeniable;e facts are there;  in a single week, three airline crashes took place and everyone boarding a plane today feel insecure!

In Ukraine, the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17 killed all 298 aboard. Wednesday’s crash of TransAsia Airways Flight 222 killed 48 in Taiwan, and on Thursday, Air Algerie Flight 5017 crashed in Mali, leaving 119 dead.

Then there’s the unexplained loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with 239 aboard, in March.

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The FAA say, different circumstances surround the crashes, but when as many as 704 airline passengers and flight crew lose their lives in the span of 138 days, some travelers might be concerned about the global aviation safety net. Are you?

But you know my philosophy readers, there are NO accidents, only “different COSMIC circumstances” producing those crashes science and the FAA are totally oblivious of!

“They may wonder if, statistically, the skies are getting more dangerous. They may also ask themselves whether 2014 is trending toward one of the deadliest years in aviation history. Experts say no, don’t be nervous. Just look carefully at the big picture.”

Commercial aviation deaths per year, worldwide

 According to the aviation safety number crunchers rational scientists, the world has been enjoying the safest-ever overall period in aviation history but do not expect them to tell you WHY a sudden uprising in air disasters and deaths is taking place!

While the chart above depict the numbers of yearly aviation deaths and major plane crashes worldwide, they have been dropping for decades, but the NUMBERS of people flying has INCREASED drastically…

And this is the main reason why this wonderful chart showing the safest-ever overall period in aviation safety history is OBSOLETE  and will steadily keep rising!

Again, I do not expect the mass of atheists, agnostics and skeptics or the scientific community landing on my work to remotely grasp the values involving Astroforensics and teach you how to avoid death!

You better know what to do or not to do  before deciding / booking your flights – (VIP’s only!)

Pass those rational numbers, there are cosmic manifestations at work that can and will work on your favor or kill you, its a simple as that! The fact is each time you are booking a flight, getting in your car and traveling anywhere, you are playing Russian Roulette!

Yes you did so since for ever and you are still alive, consider yourself lucky because the next time you fly (or drive) may be your last!

“But I can not live my life with your stars Dr. Turi because your work is pseudo-science and has no real studied values” you may say! Exactly right my friend, the scientific community has not yet honored the word science and no real studies has been done!  But I spent a lifetime doing mine and I can assure you, you better pay attention!

If I recall the last time a “ridiculous” study was conducted on the subject of Astrology by Carl Sagan was in Paris on April 16,  1968, and  run by the California Psychological Inventory and the National Council for Geocosmic Research to test Astrology? Are you serious?  Indeed the new Astroforensics of the future has so much to offer the FAA consumers…

“Those who pretend to be the educated experts in their field are often the least knowledgeable on the subject!”  Dr. Turi

A physical world as its solid rules and because no one taught science about the Cosmic Code spiritual jurisdictions, this does not mean my lifetime work on the “soul of the Cosmos” is insubstantial, laughable or ridicule! The fact is it is because of  the FAA “cosmic” ignorance that planes loaded with precious human cargo have and will continue to be wasted.

But its my words against theirs and all fear the ridicule or oblige to their ridiculous religious or scientific convictions! Meantime I can assure you, more waste is on the way! I can only rely on the natural selection or the “cosmic cleansing” to attract those rare souls who vibrate at a higher, more refined spiritual speed to my work!

I can only offer my curious readers the option to upgrade their psychical perception to a cosmic God by joining my “Cyber Cosmic University” and claim their own salvation by and for themselves.  It is only when YOU decide to be more curious, eliminate your fears and EXIT your convictions zones that you will get access to this sublime cosmic wisdom!

Is your life or the one of a loved one worth saving for such a little investment? If all the families of all the departed non-cosmic conscious souls could speak of the immense pain they had to go through by losing a family member or a friend, they would today take a chance on my wisdom… But it is too late for them, but not for you!

Sad enough people’s fears and/or religious/scientific convictions often override  the drive to explore the real safety options I have for them…

*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” ~Albert Einstein*

I am a Soul Doctor, I belong to the world of the spirit, a subtle dimension only those blessed with an advanced UCI “Spiritual DNA” can comprehend, heed and use appropriately.  While I am opening a few doors to my readers in all my articles, the real cosmic goodies involving your safe traveling can not and will not be divulged completely to the public.

Only to those who ask will they receive!

The question remain, will you take a chance on my cosmic wisdom or become a part the next FAA safety flying statistics? My rare wisdom is not use for all the survivors of the dead who wish they were not… Only if you have experienced such a dramatic painful loss will you understand the crucifying depth of the pain experienced…

And those may be more willing than the  educated or the young souls who things they knows better or rely on faith alone for protection!

Why would you take a chance with your life when I am here for anyone in need of a live Skype consultation? I am also I am a cancer survivor with hands on experience! My awareness of the supra-conscious and my Universal Blood Transfusion saved my life. How can anyone heal or teach you about something they never experienced? Where is critical thinking gone?


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