Was Ariel Castro Born a Monster?


 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

‘We don’t have monster in our blood’


This undated combination photo released by the Cleveland Police Department shows from left, Onil Castro, Ariel Castro, and Pedro Casto.The three brothers were arrested Tuesday, May 7, 2013, after three women who disappeared in Cleveland a decade ago were found safe Monday. The brothers are accused of holding the victims against their will. (Cleveland Police Department/AP)

Jodi Arias was born July 9th
O.J. Simpson was born July 9th
Ariel Castro July 10th 

Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias both have the Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio!


“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, but cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

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If you read “Jodi Arias A born Killer Mind Exposed” or “Nancy Lanza, science and education killed Adam first!”  published December 27th, 2012 you will acknowledge that the word “MONSTER” was used well before Ariel Castro’s daughter used it subconsciously. Sad enough the majority of a cosmic unconscious world will never be able to appreciate or discern the deep values and the crucial messages I own for humanity.  The young sceptical souls are fast to assume that; I present the news after the facts and this dated, printed unarguable material will give me justice proving my claims, but rest assured it still will be rejected!

Updated – May 15/2013 – The word MONSTER is being used again, and again, and again…will you get Dr. Turi’s deep message?

The horrific Cleveland case brought back dark memories for Alicia Kozakiewicz, kidnapped at age 13

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

The mass is so gullible and it will take another 50 years of so for the norm to start thinking and perceiving the truth as my VIP, students and I do! “One-Way Trip to Mars and the 78000 Signed Up Morons!”

Please do not be offended if I use the words morons or cosmic ignorance I am objectively referring to the mass  and not you personally. While sugar coated articles tend to be more acceptable for the over sensitive soul, I am not a deceptive Neptunian televangelist, so please do not let deep seated emotions or any insecurity or inferiority complexes blur your perception to my message and complex mission to free humanity from fears and cosmic ignorance… In fact I have much more for you that what you could ever bargain for if you are tough enough  to handle the undiluted truth!!

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”




Indeed the man is psychically really sick and like any other criminals, Ariel simply responded “neurotically” to the  pull of his karmic UCI. While the scientific community will miss the pearls of wisdom hidden in my expertise, the fact is; two other criminals *Jodi Arias and  O.J. Simpson were born like him in July.  This does not mean all Cancer born souls are or will turn criminals but they all become powerful Scorpio in the affairs regulating love, romance and children!  But while I am offering true pearls of wisdom how much of this information will make sense to the non cosmic conscious readers who does know nothing of the housing system, planets and signs? And this mean, without a proper understanding of the dynamics involving Astropsychology, to the non informed, this become a nonsensical astro mumbo-jumbo or “pseudo-science.”

Will the ill informed reader be able to realize the incredible values offered in my work, in all honesty I don’t think so but all I do is hope for curiosity to kick in and from there, with the right teachings, cosmic consciousness. Meantime the real reasons to what it means to be human, or the psychical explanations/information to what create/produce a killer or a genius is not allowed to the young souls… This is why the majority of my readers became curious and spiritual with age and are still looking for the truth, science and religions could never provide!

Now on to the explanation of the powerful cosmic fluid or UCI of Ariel Castro


Sun 18Can12 (1) –  House of self, soul’s purpose – Ariel was born to learn the lesson to feed and protect and certainly missed his soul’s purpose on earth.

Moon 12Aqu05 (8) House of death/drama/secrets – This house is traditionally ruled by Pluto, the Lord of Hades, power, secret, sex, control where Ariel becomes a controlling Scorpio.  The Moon represent the home, the base of operation while Aquarius is shocking, abnormal, eccentric in nature.  Knowing that the women were jailed against their will clearly enunciate the drama, sexual. physical abuses they suffered from Mr. Castro. This is a section of what I wrote about Pluto for my VIP in ” Cleveland’s Women From Hell” enjoy some Greek Mythology and this is far from being material you should ignore of ridicule…But what does science really think, know or care about Plato when they all think they know better than Einstein himself?

“Pluto /Hades is the drive for power, secrecy, sexual orientation and ultimate control while Virgo rules also chastity, purity and innocence, thus the strong attraction to children. This Plutonic drive led to a secret sexual pact the brothers “signed” with each others in order to regenerate.  Remember where ever Scorpio is located the soul MUST regenerate or die and this planet rules terrorism and all forms of abductions. In Greek mythology Jupiter the God of the Gods punished his son *Pluto/Hades because he abducted his sister and jailed her in the entrails of a mountain while trying to bend his father’s will.”

Pluto velificans, with a Cupid attending his abduction of Proserpina in a four-horse chariot (Roman cinerary altar, Antonine Era, 2nd century) “Pluto and Hades differ in character, but they are not distinct figures and share their two major myths. In Greek cosmogony, the god received the rule of the underworld in a three-way division of sovereignty over the world, with his brothers Zeus ruling Heaven and Poseidon the Sea. His central narrative is the abduction of Persephone to be his wife and the queen of his realm. Plouton as the name of the ruler of the underworld first appears in Greek literature of the Classical period, in the works of the Athenian playwrights and of the philosopher Plato, who is the major Greek source on its significance. Under the name Pluto, the god appears in other myths in a secondary role, mostly as the possessor of a quest-object, and especially in the descent of Orpheus or other heroes to the underworld.”


Hades is the brother of Zeus /Jupiter. After the overthow of their Father Cronus he drew lots with Zeus and Poseidon, another brother, for shares of the world. He had the worst draw and was made lord of the underworld, ruling over the dead. He is a greedy god who is greatly concerned with increasing his subjects. Those whose calling increase the number of dead are seen favorably. The Erinnyes are welcomed guests. He is exceedingly disinclined to allow any of his subjects leave.

He is also the god of wealth, due to the precious metals mined from the earth. He has a helmet that makes him invisable. He rarely leaves the underworld. He is unpitying and terrible, but not capricious. His wife is Persephone whom Hades abducted. He is the King of the dead but, death itself is another god,Thanatos.

Mercury 28Can26 (1)  – House of self – The mind is concerned for oneself needs first. The physical and spiritual food or all his sexual vices, control and secrecy are trigged by Pluto found in his 3rd house (Applying the mind).

Venus 23Can08 (1) – House of self – There is  a friendly deceptive magnetism with Venus (love) in Cancer ( influencing the family.)

Mars 14Tau27 (11) detriment (traditional) Wishes and friends – Aggressive Mars rules the 11th house of reach for wishes located in the earthy sign of Taurus (I OWN.) Mars also represent how a man will show his masculinity to the opposite sex and in the very possessive, stubborn sign of Taurus Ariel felt he HAD to own those ladies.  Sad enough Mars in in direct opposition (negative) to Neptune (deception/jail/drugs) in Scorpio right in his 5th house of love, romance and children.

Jupiter 26Sag15 (6) dignity –  Work, service to the world – The main reason why he did not kill his victims after abusing them is because Jupiter is very righteous / religious in its own Sagittarius sign and he probably lectured the women about the bible, sex and religions.

Saturn 14Cap54 (7) dignity -Partnerships/contracts – Saturn is very powerful in its own sign in Capricorn (the planner.) Saturn (the loner) is cold and calculated in the house of marriage and this planet rules the fear principle. Ariel had deep fears of never finding a suitable partner and end up alone.

Uranus 19Leo19 (2) detriment  – Money self esteem –  Uranus rules shocking endeavours while Leo rules love and children. Much of his resources could have been made/spent for the object of love or his young victims to keep them alive.

Neptune 06Sco23 (5)  House of love, romance and children – Neptune rules deception, drugs, confinements, jails, religions, drugs etc. and this planet is found influencing the 5th house of speculations. Combined with the rest of his nefarious chart he acted out his UCI and abducted the children.

Pluto 04Vir20 (3) The mind/critical thinking – Pluto rules supreme control, power, sex and the regeneration principle. This mean the soul is neurotically/subconsciously driven to act or die with an obsessive thinking.  Virgo (the Virgin Mary) rules purity, chastity that can only be found with children. This position breed white supremacists, atheists, agnostics, perfectionists, child molesters and paedophiles.   JOIN US ITS FREE – http://www.globalteleclass.com/ In my next “Global Teleclass” I will lecture on OCD and PLuto.

Title : OCD and How To Deal With It!

 Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) like ADD and ADHD are disorders produced by your natal inherited UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) like ADD and ADHD are disorders produced by your natal inherited UCI *Unique Celestial Identity. All diseases physical or spiritual are due to a form of blockage based upon a lack of accurate spiritual auto analysis and a lack of cosmic consciousness.  I will explain to the attendees using the science of Astropsychology, what / where and how those disorders are coming from and offer remedies.

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Dragon’s Head 18Vir35 (3) – The Virgo/puritanical Dragon and Pluto (power/sex/secrets) are found influencing the mind of Castro making him compulsive with chastity, purity, sex and children. Castro owned also a DUAL dragon forcing him to use his dual nature in a dual life.  I wrote intensively in my book titled “The Power of the Dragon” about many serial killers and I have noticed that like Casey Antony a lot were born  Pisces. Unanimous Pisces killers Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos and John Wayne Gacy.  But in my book I also expose the UCI of Gemini serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Van Der Sloot and Scorpio evil souls like Charles Manson not to forget that Ted Bundy was born with the same Gemini (dual/liars) Dragon Tail as O.J. Simpson and Cayce. Incidentally, Casey Antony is ALL that in one…

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Dragon’s Tail 18Pis35 (9) House of Higher learning/religions – Castro shares the same Pisces (deceptive) dragon has Jeffrey Dahmer. Pisces is ruled by Neptune the Lord of the ocean. Facts! Jeffrey Dahmer was listening to the sound of the whales while endlessly reading the bible. He was killed in jail by an inmate who thought he was Jesus. Jeffrey Dahmer used drugs to lure his victims and his Pisces Dragon’s Tail lead him to schizophrenia and confinement where he sank in the deeper darkest waters of Neptune.

Left unattended this Neptunian dragon is sure ticket to lead its owners to madness, addictions and confinement found in the majority of criminals rotting in jail or those willingly living confined practising purity/ chastity (priests/monks etc.) Sad enough our infantile cosmic unconscious science and the FBI are losing a tremendousness amount of cosmic wisdom that would able them to recognise those born killers.

As always while Ariel Castro is a disgusting criminal who deserve (fated) to end up drugged/killed in jail one must never forget he, like all criminals of the present, past and future were once upon a time, innocent children. And none had the right teacher available before and after puberty to help them acknowledged, control and direct  their celestial identities. None of them had been given a chance to apply their will against their overwhelming stars, inst it time to help Dr. Turi to build his Astropsychology schools and bring back sanity to this lost world? Make a donation for my cause please, your politicians, science, religions and education failed you all and I have the answers…

Brother of 8-year-old California girl arrested in her stabbing death

After the stabbing, the 12-year-old brother said, “I’m not saying goodbye to Leila. I’m saying ‘See you later.’ There are no goodbyes.”

Those words are not from a normal child but from a born killer, a Plutonic child suffering an extreme “demonic/Plutonic” UCI. Subconsciously this child knows there is NO death  and has no fear of death! But the cosmic unconscious parents, friends and teachers alike are not trained to recognise a Plutonic child and this cosmic ignorance cost the life of his little sister…

There is so many more children slowly turning into monsters because science, religions and your incomplete educational system is not able yet to perceive the divine and lost the spirit a  long time ago!  Parents do you really think you are safe with God’s children you do not know?  The current  Scorpius Draconis is drastically steering the deadly Plutonic forces in all human beings, including children and yet, my work is perceive as “pseudo-science” only!   This Dragon is with us all the way to February 2014 and the dramatic news ahead of you involving children  and adults alike won’t be pretty!

Updated –19 injured in New Orleans parade shooting –  4 bodies found shot in Indiana home – PCSO: Four injured during shooting at motorcycle club

This Dragon’s purpose is to offer you and humanity at large a serious wake up call where nothing can or will be kept under or secret for long…‘Lost continent’ discovered underwater? Somehow, even YOU  my reader, will have to experience a metamorphosis, physically or spiritually you must * apathetically speaking, die and rebirth into a much more refined, smarter, curious spiritual human being. Ignore your or your children Dragon and pay the price of your cosmic ignorance because, for months now I warned you… this dragon is after your children!

I am here, I am ready but I am alone with my priceless wisdom and I need you. Please pass on my work because the more parents we reach the more understanding and control they will have  over the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

There is only a very thin hair between Divine cosmic information and pure imagination! 

Dr. Turi

Yes its easy to anyone to point out the failures of anyone… But Silvia does not own Cosmic Consciousness, she was a true Neptunian

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