Shannon Zwanziger the flu & Dr. Sanjay Gupta


“The cave of your religious fears and skepticism holds the bright light you seek I own” Dr. Turi

 Its amazing how we can predict the flu ” Dr. Sanjay Gupta”

Dear Readers;

Note: This is an old / updated article published in 2015…

 I wrote this song in 1964, I was 14 years old. My brother performed it for me. Enjoy its all about drugs (and the reptilius I did not know then) and I am 67 today.

 The flu or the pharmaceutical corporations don’t care about you or your children. Traditional doctors should learn from soul doctors like me or watch the evil dance of suicide consuming thousands of over-medicated, drugged adults and children alike getting out of hand in the years to come!

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May God Bless Her Soul – Teen’s death shows horror of flu epidemic  prediction

  Shannon Zwanziger was born in 1997 with a Neptunius Draconis making her prone to die from addictions or infectious organisms. Billions of vulnerable, misinformed human beings will end up “infected” by the scientific matrix slaving for the reptilius. 

Playing with technology or scientific games to predict the weather or the flu virus periodical winter return, is not a prediction, and certainly not where society should invest!  Divine astrology, the cosmic code exploration, the reptilius reality and God’s cosmic divinity is a wiser choice because…

“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty,  he made them for interpretations, to be used as signs so humanity could live a safer more productive life. ” Paracelsus 

 While my work reach thousands of curious souls everyday, I do not have the fabricated doctors or famous idiots’ exchanging the same hands, while instead they’re supporting their twisted ” traditionally educated” agenda!

The fact is, a supremely wealthy corporate America runs the show. Pharmaceutical corporations are sued everyday because of the deadly products they  manufacture and keep endlessly advertising on TEL – E – vision.

They are forced to pay millions of dollars in compensation for the fatalities they are responsible for. But no one cares if at the end of the year, they collect billions in revenues from the unfortunate gullible mass believing what they see on the TEL – E – vision!

Those fortunes are used to fabricate more medical students and invest in endless ridiculous scientific researches, which are all  depraved of any spiritual values and natural medical avenues. What a young, America… All misinformed about their generation of  OCD!

Study: ‘Bad luck’ can cause cancer! Infantile science at its best!

Today’ students are indoctrinated and removed from anything of any spiritual value or that ET’s are the products of my imagination.

“What if the vaccine had given her a little extra control over THE INVASION”

Seven questions about the flu shot



 The above short videos are nothing else than another of the scientific matrix endless advertisements on CNN to sell their pharmaceutical deadly products! 

Only a gifted Soul doctor can publish real  and undeniable predictions, but  we are muted, ridiculed, ignored, trashed and a gullible society will never question science’ well paid fabricated doctors offering you flu predictions, while Soul doctors natural ways are laughed at!

The same doctors that are endorsing pot and poisoning people of all ages are not working for you or on your behalf!  If you want legitimate predictions, you are certainly in the right hands and to those who know Dr. Turi there is no doubting my cosmic gifts.

The “young souls” perception and reception of my quatrains and obvious keywords, not the ingenious delivery,  unless you  were born with an advanced and curious UCI of course!

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Dr. Drew, Dr. Gupta, PTSD, Bullying and Suicide Answers!

The real reasons why Dr.Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on weed

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Neil deGrasse today’s  accepted false geniuses

The billions of dollars generated from your taxes are not worth legalizing weed or not used about anything else under the cover of “scientific research” nowadays and they are getting bolder! At the same time, extraordinary fortunes made through an addicted/infected society end up in the pockets of all drug Lords!

And they say there is some value of pot… Only if all  the THC “nirvanic” effect  is totally removed and used in certain medical conditions! Even then the CBD still contains varying levels of THC and while extraction purposes can’t reliably extract it to only have CBD solely or primarily, it is known that any child taking even a therapeutic dose; is still getting about 30 mg of the principle psychoactive constituent THC!

Think about it. Most users don’t want the stuff if it doesn’t have the THC which is the main ingredient to get one flying anyway. And in many cases, ‘high CBD’ products have been known to still be contaminated  by pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and dangerous microbes. Even though the drug has been legalized in some states for personal, recreational and medical use; it is still a Schedule 1 substance by the DEA.

Further, there is a deficiency of accepted safety for any use of the drug or substance under medical guidance, thus no acknowledge medical care and while no prescriptions may be written for Schedule 1 substances they are just as well not readily available for clinical use

None of it’s worth it and just more bad information to lead one down the stinky –  foolish side of becoming a slave of the reptilius. And if you do your homework on pot, even with this procedure; cannabis has not yet being proved safe for children suffering seizures.  And again, I am much more for other natural remedies like the Omega 3’s in oily fish for ‘epilepsy’ and / or Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B6, and folic acid besides that of weed.

We certainly didn’t use or need any of weed to get to where we are today and just because you do it, for sure doesn’t put you on top.

Just like drinking where prolonged and excessive alcohol use during teen and younger years can result in smaller pre- frontal cortex and reduced brain white matter as young adults.  The reptilius will use all of human vices to control the body, mind and soul!

Part of the brain doesn’t stop developing until age 24, thus chronic affects of marijuana use affects depends on age and duration of first use. Marijuana is also known to affect the pre-frontal cortex by changing the normal patterns of blood flow and impairing decision making abilities.

But I can talk, teach or write articles till I die, once infected by the reptilius or becoming a “pot head,” there is usually no return! 

What society does not know is;  billions of human were born with a Neptunian and / or a Plutonic chart!  Their  UCI could become a sure ticket to both troubles and addictions. And there are those who don’t have that type of UCI who still turn out not so good because they become “infected!”

Certain people born with a rising, natal or hidden dragon in  Virgo, Libra and Capricorn  own extraordinary addictive personalities. If the soul is Plutonic *Scorpio, sex, murder and a wasted life spent in prison is a certainty because there is no escaping the reptilius “nirvanic” invasion.

 Those slaves will do everything in their power (legal or not) to access anything offering the constant Neptunian trip they need to face life difficulties and avoid responsibilities.  Your traditionally educated doctors are non cosmic conscious and can not delegate nor comprehend such crucial astrological information nor the reality of nefarious ET entities hijacking their body, mind and soul!

This does not make anyone stupid, only misinformed, at least in my Astrological expertise!

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Much worse is on the way due to upcoming Neptunius Draconis and the serious upsurge of  deaths due to OD’s and teens infestation and suicides I foresee.

 There is no denying this predictions and within the next two years or so DRASTIC governmental decisions will take place.  The last time is used this sentence “forcing the government to take drastic actions” was in July 2000 with my  911 prediction!

Update 12/12/2014 – India’s worrying level of youth suicides

Prediction #6 of 24  – I am expecting enormous loss of lives due to the proliferation of new cults attracting lost souls in search of God and its forgiveness *Andrew Keegan starts new religion  through wars i.e. ISIS and a serious increase in mental disorders and suicides.  India’s worrying level of youth suicides – 

The logical predictions made by those famous doctors about the Flu are solely aimed at selling their products and mine, as a Soul doctor, are from my gift and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions to you as one of my readers. As a responsible spiritual human being, if you feel us, you should  heed and share our work widely.

Only the future will prove me right and help you assimilate my visions, but it will be much too late for all the uniformed skeptical young and old souls unwilling to exit the cave of their fears by succumbing to the reptilius!

 Another scary fact! Synthetic Drugs and its use in the US and the world is on a dramatic rise. 

While Hitler Reich and NAZI party is no more, who can deny his invading, deadly, racist, infernal spirit is not currently haunting humanity?

Did you read my 2014 Arian Draconis predictions yet and if you did, can you relate to the visions I shared with the world for 2014?

And if you are a skeptic, when is the last time you saw evil *ISIS cutting the head of  “Aries rule the head” of innocent people on  television?  With this in mind, I strongly suggest you to heed my predictions for 2015 and help me reach and warn more people on how to combat the flu and the upcoming UNIVERSAL POISONING  NATURALLY.  

The more you wait, the more subjective you will become not only to the endless  flu seasons but to the future “reptilius” infectious organisms I foresee. And if you think Dr. Sanjay Gupta ridiculous predictions will work for you, so be it, you are not ready for us!

You must start right away to build a resistant immune system using my natural health tips or pay the price of your skepticism later when you see people dying like flies around you. Again read my previous  draconis predictions starting with the Scorpius Draconis and if I was right then, use your skeptical attitude productively because, I will be right again in the future!

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I am not a fatalist, a doom and gloom promoter, or a ghoul, so please do not kill the Messenger’s  visions just yet, and the philosophical doctrine” that all events are predetermined so that man is powerless to alter his destiny! That is not so!  

This does not mean you must get rid of your doctors or the medications that works for you! While I am asking you to realize the reality of those nasty cosmic entities and exercise cautions with any pharmaceutical products / drugs – weed , it is rather all about common sense!

This is solely your choice but it isn’t none of that which puts you on top. Just another excuse to get a bit stoned and refuse to accept the reality of UFO’s.  We certainly never needed any of those so called quick fixes to get where we are today.

In fact the “Universal Blood Transfusion” natural regiment I have awaiting you in 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions will help you eliminate the side effects of many of the medications you must take regularly to stay healthy. Or you may decide to join and learn from me directly in San Diego May 7th, 2017!

If you fear cancer, you should and as a cancer survivor myself, without doctors I would be dead today! But I wish I had known what took so many years in my life to AVOID contracting cancer and FIGHT the reptilius who poisoned my body, mind and soul! 

I was spared by God and teaching you about the facts to what and where cancer come from is the ONLY way for you to avoid this deadly disease! Read more – Study: ‘Bad luck’ can cause cancer! Infantile science at its best!

Remember “Real Doctors” Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Killing 225,000 People Every Year! A true “Soul Doctor” like Dr. Turi has never killed anyone since he started his career in 1991!  In fact just the opposite!


  “A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician”  Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC). 


Subject: Re: Feedback on your Homeopatic Healing Gift

Dear Dr. Turi;

You gave mea lot to think about and work on. The healing on myself has helped my prostate problem. Linda was very impressed with your reading. Best Wishes.




Dr. Turi;

Greetings of love, honor, respect, and immense heartfelt thanks and gratitude for a most profound and remarkable visit with you, Dr. Turi! It has been a whirlwind of activity since I saw you Tuesday. I have just arrived back at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and wanted to send a brief email to convey my gratitude and thanks to you.

What a privilege to meet you! What an awesome healing and learning experience with you! I am doing very well since my incredible session with you. A huge up leveling of energy is pulsating through my body. I hardly slept on Tuesday night, but all seems to be beginning to balance out at this time.

Many Blessings and Much Love,




Dear Dr. Turi

 I have had reflexology, chiropractic, ortho bionomic, aura clearing, chakras balancing, energy work such as reiki, crystal healing, and many other things since I choose to not use Medical care (drugs or surgery) to treat health issues, or should I say to treat sickness issues, not many have worked,

I feel lighter and a bit more hopefil. I do expect to see some ongoing results. 

What people need to understand is that sickness comes from the inside out and all the drugs and surgery they do does not correct the issues that cause the symptoms they experience, what is done in your sessions gets to the root of the cause of the symptoms and works at that deep level really creating a healing. 

Love and Light…L//// DC 


Dr. Turi, I am very surprised by the depth and content of the first newsletter. Thank you so much! I can’t believe we are going to get this for a full year and at such a nominal price.

Blessings, John


Dear Dr. Turi,

Thank you very much for this newsletter. The detail within it is almost overwhelming. It will need intensive study. I’ve found those to be very helpful.



Dear Dr. Turi,

I enjoyed this very much. Loved the graphs and the more explicit information. You almost should charge double, hehehe




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