Joan Rivers Was Killed By Her Doctors!


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Joan Alexandra Rosenberg Molinsky was born June 8, 1933 under the witty constellation of Gemini. This sign rules all sorts of communications and well known for his inborn joking attitude. Ruled by Mercury “The Messenger of the Gods” many souls born in June were born DUAL and enjoy a long, successful life loaded with actions.

Gemini is the ADD of the Zodiac, fast and restless, both mentally and physically and attracted to radio, racing, boxing, writing, journalism, photography, languages and excel in all forms of communications, nursing, and sales. Many are sailors, great actors and good friends  of mine .i.e. Gary Busey, George Noory, Art Bell, Owen and Johnny.

Rivers was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital on Thursday, Aug. 28, after suffering complications during a minor throat procedure. On Sunday, Aug. 31, her daughter Melissa Rivers released a statement saying, “We are keeping our fingers crossed.”

I knew Joan Rivers’ chances to come back to work was zero, but I have learned not to offend over sensitive, cosmic unconscious people who are unable to read and accept the signs and announced it in a different way.

September 1st I posted an article  titled “A Gift From Dr. Turi For Labor Day” with the full forecast pointing out her death! This article was posted in ALL social media confirming yet another sad prediction.

In fact you can check my claim still posted on all my Facebook Pages and my Twitter account.

A Gift From Dr. Turi For Labor Day! Enjoy –  RTpls 

Memo from my 2014 Moon Power

Famous Personalities: Pluto will reward those who will take chances but prudent too. Many lives will undergo metamorphosis and Jupiter will extend their minds and horizons. Many secrets will come to light. A very famous public person may go to the other side.

Most importantly, and as always with famous cases, Joan Rivers passed away during one of her 2014 Negative Cosmic Biorhythms. Again this does not mean more people will investigate their own dates and avoid the red zones! 

Joan Rivers, like 99.99% of the world’s population was not cosmic conscious and decided to undergo surgery during some very negative cosmic auspices. Had she consulted me I would have seriously warned her NOT to attempt anything unusual so close to one of her 2014  Personal Negative Cosmic Biorhythms.  

Joan River was hospitalized last week after she stopped breathing during a minor throat procedure at an outpatient center. From there she was placed in a medically-induced coma. Doctors have started bringing her out of the coma and this is where everything went wrong… 

In simple and plain English the medications producing the induced coma stopped her heart, much like the Miley Cyrus mishap, but she was a stronger much younger celebrity.

Now be ready for the conspiracy talking heads blaming the CIA for disposing of Rivers under President Obama order and many other deceptiveness all over the internet… Indeed a very unconscious world left to assume anything using  its wild imagination.

There is only a very thin hair between Divine information and pure imagination. Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only subtle cosmic consequences at work the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

The fact is, the pharmaceutical corporations have too much at stake to tell you exactly what and how much drugs were used on Rivers. This is why they protect themselves by making sure ALL medical records are kept secrets and the autopsy results can only reach the cold offices of the coroners imbedded with them.  

Update – 09/05/14 – Joan Rivers autopsy inconclusive, medical examiner’s office says – ARE YOU JOKING? This confirm the fact that the coroners involved are working WITH the scientific matrix! They may find a way to exonerate themselves from any wrongdoing but the truth is plain to see! 

Todays’ medical science is not only totally refuting and ignoring the spirit, but also the crucial cosmic timing to perform surgery. To them, all days are  the same and always good days to perform on millions of people who trust them with their lives.  How wrong they are! 

Last fifty years, the medical world experienced an explosion of new technology, new discoveries and new ways of healing the sick, all without consulting or considering the cosmic code deciding timing.

We know about Joan Rivers’ demise because she is a celebrity and the news media matrix needs ratings. But millions of less prominent people died (and will die) at the hands of doctors traditionally educated, unwilling to check at the cosmic clock. 

 In my case, I needlessly suffered hell for 3 weeks and endured very high fever all along with the wrong medications because the blood lab simply forgot to send the results to my doctor! I contracted Valley Fever that turned into pneumonia and had absolutely no strength left in me.  

For days I had to use wet towers and ice pack not to let my brain fry! Some days the fever reached 103 degrees and watching my helpless wife crying with the thermometer in her hand was very hard for me. 

I knew from the first day I visited my doctor and even mentioned the possibility of having contracted the  Valley Fever fungus to him. He thought I only suffered a cold and, a week later, at my second visit, again  gave me the wrong diagnostic and the wrong medications. 

Today, nearly a month later, with the right medications and my Universal Blood Transfusion I am finally out of the danger zone but must take those medications for the next 6 months.

Thus, do not trust anyone when it comes to your health and do not be afraid of asking for a second opinion and listen to your intuition.  

If I was able to beat cancer a few years ago, I will also beat this damned thing. I know when, how and where I got it and I have learned a very valuable lesson in the process and shared it all with my VIP’s.  

Remember reader, this hard physical world could not exist without its spiritual counterpart. Critical rules apply for both worlds, something our infantile science has yet to acknowledge and heed.

There is no room for ignorance in this physical world, ignore all red lights or the stop signs in all the streets and pay the price. Keep ignoring and refusing God’s cosmic rules and pay the ultimate price! 

I am here to point out when you could land on the gold mine, win the lottery or like Joan Rivers die because she and her doctors did not consult the cosmic code timing. 

I am asking the reader to take the time to READ all the advantages of being cosmic conscious and avoid a premature death. Please acknowledge and make a good use of  the reality of a subtle Cosmic Timing that will change your life for the best!

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