Johnny Hallyday and Elvis Presley similar fate!


“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone! If we use mystical arts for entertainment purposes only, without offering rational information on its dynamics, how can the average person possibly distinguish Divine Astrology  from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi  


Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday, the Elvis of France, dies at 74

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France today feels exactly like the US back on August 16th, 1977 when Elvis Presley the “King” died!  The entire nation was mourning  a gifted soul that gave so much to his fans. Yet you have to be French to really understand how Hallyday’s voice touched the souls of millions with his powerfully emotional music!  

And of course, his death was predicted in this article!  Supermoon predictions for America and the world by Dr. Turi 

In my  family’s case,  Johnny’s death touched us profoundly because we dealt with him closely!  The artist was a close friend of my older brother Jo  (facebook) who in those days owned a  popular restaurant, often frequented by French celebrities. 

The security was quite intense and my brother’s bouncers and ferocious dog did not stop some of  Johnny’s crazy fans jump the  eight ft tall wall just to glance at him.

My brother Jo with Johnny Hallyday many years ago!

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My younger brother Yves with Johnny Hallyday many years ago!


I was present that night too but for some reason missed the pictures time!  I recall my older brother’s  Joe’s parties where all his friends were dancing on a new sound “twist.” I was only fourteen years old and forbidden access to the room!  But Johnny’s music was loud enough to  upset the  small community. 


I always waited for everyone to leave at the end of the party and put my hand on some left over goodies or alcohol.  Later on, I grew up with Hallyday’s music and  followed my brother’s choice for  my own wild parties! 

Hallyday was born with a moon (emotional response to life) in Scorpio which is a very passionate, intense sign.  Johnny was born with an incredible amount of sensual magnetism that was impossible for his fans to resist! 

Most importantly Johnny Hallyday  was, like Elvis Presley born with the same (Leo/fame – Aquarius/rebellious) Dragon axis  and assured his fame and fortune in France! 

Unfortunately Hallyday’s  share the same challenging Dragon’s Tail (negative)  as President Trump and was cursing the singer’s 9th house, the area that rules foreign countries and foreigners.

Maybe you’re still wondering why Trump experiences problems with foreigners, since the “predicted” Russian rigged elections? Donald Trump President? 

Note: Pluto is the power of the mass (ISIS/criminals/Trump) forcing dramatic changes into the sign of Capricorn (political / governmental power structures.) It also explains why crazy people target and kill the police and why Donald Trump “political’ career is endorsed by a non-cosmic conscious mass fearing foreigner and their influences… And for good reasons if you take in consideration North Korea and Iran’s drive to build and use nukes against the US!

But remember our work has nothing to do with politics; it is designed to help our VIP’s to understand our President’s karmic UCI or that of Hallyday’s.

It is only by taken such obvious examples that my readers should slowly but surely build enough cosmic consciousness and understand rationally, why Trump and Hallyday  can never expect support with foreigners or on foreign grounds! 

And America is endorsing and supporting both religions while science totally ignores the cosmic work of a real, modern prophet. Many envy, deny, ridicule and hate for being well above their deplorable intellectual capacity!  This is why  the  unconscious, oblivious subhumans reject my ingenious work and I! 

“You’ll know the essence of a real genius only when an extreme minority of very smart people  can relate to his work and decides to learn from him…” Dr. Turi

Incidentally, the renowned French singer Hallyday  death was predicted and he was, like President Trump, born in June and the last Supermoon matured in this sign! This is why I offered my warnings mentioning Trump’s name in this article Supermoon predictions for America and the world by Dr. Turi!  

In the world today, there are thousands of gullible people aiming for Hollywood, fame and fortune life. Yet, a few of those cosmic unconscious souls will end up, like many celebrities; slaving for the  reptilius infected entertainment matrix!

After graduating from the Royal School of Music in London, I joined a band and I was able to get a recording deal with Phonogram/Phillips record company in Paris.  Only to get screwed up royally in a confusing contract by two infected greedy French musical producers, who took advantage of  my youth and years of  unbelievable sacrifices learning piano. (video) 

Read all about this incredible journey and my incredible story  and what it really take to make it as a recording artist…  I did it my way! One must be either a strong willed Superhuman or very lucky to become famous! And hopefully like I did, you will be spared by your own wise decision or fail trying! 

From the the UK, back in 1984 I moved to the US to try my luck with what I thought would be  dealing with more honorable people.  As incredible as it may sound, using the stars wisely, I got myself another deal with EMI record company in LA!

I was ecstatic but my little voice kept telling me not to sign my life away and fly all my English musicians to the US to re-record my music! 

I thought I would leave for ever regretting my decision and turning down the opportunity but now at nearly sixty eight years old, (next February 26th),  I realize how crooked and infected the US entertainment  matrix/industry really is… 

I did not know better back in the days, I was blinded by my ego, the money, the fame and the wild lifestyle! But luckily, slaving for the reptilius and living a  short life of vices, sex, drugs and rock and roll was not for me! 

Since then I guided souls in or out of their dreams especially those who were born with an overbearing  Neptunian UCI  and had all the negative stars to  suffer addictions and ultimately “self destruct.” 

Who can deny the facts with so many celebrities who committed suicide or died  suffering addictions in 2017? 

All the while encouraging those blessed by the Sun (fame) and Jupiter ( luck) to push forward in their dreams, but  to never forget about the reptilius!

Johnny Hallyday will be missed by those he entertained with his music all his life, but I can not help to wonder if he would willingly renounce such a fate, like I did and enjoy many more years alive and healthy… 

The last Supermoon in Gemini has spoken  directly for Johnny Hallyday, now my visions for President Trump (and the world) has and will be fulfilled by God cosmic divinity speaking its will through the signs…  

Something I accurately and undeniably translate for so many of you regularly, yet get little support  and no much reward fort it! 

In the name of science and religion, this world has lost it all in the process! Ignoring the cosmic code and God’s cosmic will  brought this world into a serious psychical chaos fueled endlessly by the reptilius in need of such negativity to survive in “Dark Matter!” 

Society is unable to understand the role I play to warn you, by sharing, endorsing and supporting the spiritual fight against the reptilius!  Indeed a Cosmic God has a plan and karma to spare for us all.

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

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Well, this is all  the public will get from me today. But it is not the same on foreign grounds who realize how ignorant and oblivious (not to use the word, “idiots”) the mass truly are! 
My cosmic work is  designed to help America first but too many are unable to handle the truth!  sight… And this is why I must stop also feeding foreign powers with such a rare and legitimate cosmic wisdom…
May a Cosmic God Have Mercy on  His  Unconscious Children….
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