Julian Lassange’ Secret Life Exposed

(CNN) Israel’s Beresheet, the first privately-funded mission to the moon, has crashed. “We made it all the way to the moon. This is a great accomplishment. We are the seventh country to make it all the way to the moon.”

The $100 million spacecraft, built by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, lost communications with the control room in Israel during the landing sequence. As program managers who had been watching the mission in real time tried to re-establish communications, they also dealt with issues in the spacecraft’s main engine.
Imagine what I could have done for humanity with 100 million bucks, yet be sure this number is not accurate because the truth to what the real amount is and was “wasted” can not be displayed! Imagine how many trees could have been planted, or rivers lakes and landfills cleaning could have been done to help for Mother Earth with this money! And again what do you really get with all those missions on the Moon?  Nothing at all, only the pride of all scientists who participated in this “mission” is what they were after!
Humanity has yet to learn all about the secret of the Moon and all about the spirit of the cosmos and stop wasting so much resources to support those privileged select scientists who feel they are too smart to work hard like we all do! Building robots is so much more fun especially with your donations or your wasted tax dollar! 
How many billions NASA has already wasted on the Moon or Mars missions readers, don’t you think this money could have been used more productively to help all young destitute mothers or the millions of homeless people in need of real help on earth? Indeed helping humanity first is not part of the reptilius agenda who have infected all of those greedy people and their corporations…
I love science and the marvelous technological benefits offered to humans but when those infected scientists waste such large fortune on those missions instead of helping humans its not right! Live the Moon and Mars alone, there is NOTHING for humans on those celestial bodies but a strategic position for future star wars! 
Learning all about the secrets of the soul of the cosmos will eliminate fear and will bring understanding, love, respect and peace upon earth for us all…

Sharing email! This is a follow up of an interpretation dream a CTC listener had and was fully explained in “Earthquakes, Black Holes and ET’s Agenda!” My answer is in the video posted above!

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Oh my, Dr. Turi. You were so right on. First, thank you so much for directing a response to me so quickly.

One  correction though is I don’t think I dreamed those snakes. I was always awake when I would see them flying around in the darkness or swarming on the floor.  And as far as being a white which or priestess, you got that one right too.
I always felt I was a witch or a wizard in another life. I have a huge glass cabinet which is filled with WIZARD figurines and sculptures I have collected over the years, but I always made sure that there were NO SNAKES in the artist’s creation.  No snakes allowed. 
That other stuff you said about me and interactions with people sounded spot on too. Sooo now what can I do about that? How can I shed that snake skin? I want to be a better person, but I know I’m tough. I’ll start listening to your videos, but can I also sign up for some personal guidance appointments to get clarity and release from the hold of the Reptilians?
Please Tell me how much your consultations cost. What’s the price of freedom?  I did a consultation with John Hogue and all he said was I need to start meditating. But I loathe silence because I have tinnitus so it’s hard to sit still quietly. If you have some other suggestions, I would love to know them.
On a personal note, I used to attend your lectures each year in November at the conferences of Chet and Kalista Snow in Tucson. But then he got prostate cancer and they had to stop them. When he recovered I didn’t go anymore because I was afraid of all the illegals crossing the border into Arizona and felt it was no longer safe to go there. But I do remember you from those days and you look the same. You haven’t aged a bit. God Bless you. 
DT rebuttal: Funny how people fear from what they hear from unconscious “talking Heads” can negatively affect their lives and judgement! I have been to Mexico more than 10 times, days at the time and all I had was great experiences and made new Mexican friends…  Knowing all about your PDD and UDD is all you need to make a trip safe and worthwhile… US citizens are more at risk in the US thyan Mexico, mostly because guns are illegal!

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