July 25th 2019 SOS to the world US Iran war warning!

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Dr. Turi on air with Sue Harris August 4th 2019 (UK)

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Dear readers;

Yesterday, in President Trump Versus Ilhan Omar and Iran – Death on the hclose orizon…” I shared my warnings about the upcoming July 25th SOS to the world deadly window and today, in the video below I explained why US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is still a target of President Trump’s repetitive attacks on national TV. Thus if you did not yet, make sure to read yesterday article before proceeding with this one!

1956 and 2012 when it all started!


For the newcomers to my cosmic work realize that; starting at the tender age of 6 years old,  a series of five incredible UFO’s encounters lead me to re-kindle Nostradamus, 16th century Divine Astrology methodology!  Then in 2012 Draco entered my life and his amazing channeling allows me to make unarguable, dated, published prediction on radio and television. 

My “UFO’s predictive legacy” is what makes me very different than any and all other cosmic unconscious, rational, scientifically oriented UFO’s researchers who never saw a UFO, let alone channeling and ET to serve humanity on a daily base!

This is not an attack to any UFO’s researchers, or an effort to diminish their intelligence or their phenomenal work and mine alone should be considered as legit! It is simply offering the readers a new, much more spiritual approach to the UFO’s phenomenon something, I alone is able to provide to the people and the UFO community… 

The comment above could make over sensitive people uncomfortable and lead them to assume I am the most egocentric person on the planet!  And unless those people start listening to my radio shows, start reading pass the title of my endless chain of educational articles, watch my You Tube videos and make notes, all they can do is assume…

And most of the people’s mental capacity or curiosity on Facebook reflect their limited critical thinking because they do not read nor investigate anything!

As a rule, challenging anything or anyone about their convictions, *because of a steady religious /scientific indoctrination, is not an easy task and always bring enviousness, insecurity, ego battles and animosity towards me in the equation… Even religiously poisoned Christians will suffer the reptilius endless drive to stimulate the “devil”  fear and feed from their cosmic ignorance and lack of critical thinking!  

Nebraska woman calls for Spider-Man statue to be taken down over ‘demonic’ imagery, despite being faith-based art project

Indeed the undiluted truth never intended to please anyone, especially unconscious notorious UFO’ speakers who have fed you a scientific, technological rational approach to who and what ET’s are all about for years! They have the money, the celebrity status, they own the big stage and will always control the information… Sad reality!

The fact is anyone given an opportunity to shine through a platform like Art Bell, George Noory “coast to coast am” or various popular UFO’s TV shows can easily become a researcher, gain national exposure and with it, reach fame and wealth!

And the irony is; they do not have had to see a UFO or experience the Divine like I did  five times to be successful! Indeed the reptilius will always offer the top platform to deceive, separate and infect as many people as possible, i.e. President Trump! “Trump renews attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar”

Sad enough those famous heads have now forgot humility and drop those responsible for their success  when they smell the money working with UFO’s conference promoters… Yes people, it has always and will always be about the green $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!  and no real legitimacy!

But does fame alone offer the truth and integrity? No really but exposing famous “Talking Heads” got me fired from LinkedIn and exposing another crook like David Icke has also cost my career greatly! But I can only follow the deep true voice leading me to expose the undiluted truth only regardless of the  undeserved consequences!

Tony Robbins, is fame wisdom?

UFO’s facts you must realize

Now let me offer you more of Draco’s channeling and more of my warnings…

While the latest SHOCKING / EXPLOSIVE news reflect my visions, my quatrain and obvious keywords used in this article  “This Isn’t Normal: 20 Earthquakes Have Hit California Within The Last 24 Hours…”  I am VERY concerned about the upcoming July 25th deadly window because those deadly cosmic winds are favored by the reptilius. WHEN IS THE BIG ONE COMING? You Have Been Warned Again!

Expect the colors of the news with Russia each passing day to turn very dark and scary for America… This mean dramatic news about war,  sex, secrets, FBI, CIA, Russia, terrorism, the police etc.! All reflecting the quatrain and key words below.

The closer we move towards the 25th, more “secrets” and dramatic news will come and plague the media.  This is perfect for Trump to distract WE the people from the Robert Mueller public hearing next week…

Please share and help me warn people and save their precious lives. Especially those involved in the law enforcement!  Police requiem!

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction 

July 2019 SOS to the world deadly window dates – Posted by Dr. Turi on June 30, 2019 at 3: 47pm in Cosmic Coders Only

July 25 (48 hrs centering the date – Starting on the given date, the window will last all the way to the next one)

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals /  Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / IRS / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Undiluted truth / Nature and Man Made Wake up Call.  

Heat wave smashes records in Europe, creates transportation chaos as dozens sickened Wake up Call?

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Mueller Wake Up Call?

Puerto Rico crowds hail governor’s resignation, say there are still a ‘lot of corrupt people’ to remove Reptilius infected Mob?
Republicans block security bills Reptilius infected Mob?
At least four dead in Los Angeles shooting spree Dramatic death news?

Image result for GRAPHIC VIDEO: Teens’ savage beating of couple caught on camera

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Teens’ savage beating of couple caught on camera Reptilius infected Mob?
16 Camp Pendleton Marines arrested on human smuggling, drug charges Reptilius infected Mob?

Police hunt shooting suspect who killed 3, including dad, brother Dramatic Death News?
150 migrants die in shipwreck off Libya coast Dramatic Death News?
Death rates climbing among young and middle-age US adults Dramatic Death News?
 5 inmates will be executed after Barr told US to resume the death penalty Dramatic Death News?
California man who beat wife to death with cement block claims group infected him with mayonnaise
US fertility rate falls to an all-time low, CDC says Wake up call?

A view of Asasey Hotel after an attack, in Kismayo, Somalia, Saturday July 13, 2019. At least 10 pe

Terror attack on Somali hotel leaves 26 dead Terrorism

Trump sues to prevent the release of his tax returns – IRS?
Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light?

The lawsuit comes as the President appeals other court decisions that sided with Congress when he attempted to block it from obtaining his financial records

Neighbor jumps into action when dog attacks 6-year-old

As usual, animals are also becoming killers during those deadly cosmic winds!


SHARING EMAIL: I met you Dr. Turi in the 1990’s,when Shawn Atlanti (he was the director for the San Diego UFO SOCIETY AT THAT TIME,!) he introduced us after a conference and you had a booth there and you did for me a reading using your own Cosmic chart and special cards. What you said to me, that was in your readings, and in your intuitive, channeled download, was surprising for me, because of how accurate you were!!! And I carried all you said to me in my mind and heart, because most of what you said has come true, and a dew more things need to be fulfilled, for I came with a mission, as well as my husband to AWAKEN Humanity and know “WE are NOT alone!” If you can’t be our speaker one day soon because of the finances, I Trully understand, but hope we can meet again so I can share what you said and what has been fulfilled, and what needs to be fulfilled before I am too old and tired ect! I feel we shall fulfill our missions! Blessings always in your spiritual/Cosmic work and Cosmic Guidance! 🙏 😇 💞 My number is (619)/////// if you ever what to say Hi!

The dates of above normal seismic activity and all pertinent predictions are collected in my You Tube videos channel and in those articles below just in case you are a newcomer to my cosmic work! 

Feed the infected corporate matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

If you are one of those “elected” unafraid UFO’s truth promoters, continue inviting me speak at your events or have me as a captivating guest on your radio or TV show. Be part of the solution by exposing the undiluted truth I represent and what’s really going on with the reptilius agenda! Email teraniapromodir@gmail.com and let’s have a fascinating, mind boggling, truth revealing show!



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A different kind of cosmic music… ~Terania 
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