July 2nd Solar Eclipse SOS to the world predictions 07/10 – 07/17 and 07/30 – You’ve been warned! 

July 2nd, 2019

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For those who know my teachings, my UFO’s predictive legacy and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use it wisely to guide and serve humanity! ” Dr. Turi


July 6th, 2019 Michael Decon Dr. Turi on the air Saturday night at 7:00 pm PST

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Dear readers;

If I was right by giving the date of July 2nd on Dr. J radio show and spoke about upcoming large earthquakes in California, in Asia today” 6.9 magnitude earthquake near Ternate, Maluku Utara, Indonesia” and President Trump “moving to North Korea,” well before the entire world knew about it and be RIGHT all along, may be you should pay more attention to all my warnings! And get some real good karma by sharing this article too!

Tens of thousands of cosmic unconscious tourists flocked to cities and towns across northern Chile to stake out spots in one of the world’s best locations to witness Tuesday’s total solar eclipse. Yet all science can offer you is a rational explanation to what a solar eclipse is all about! 

Or when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun and scores a bull’s-eye by completely blocking out the sunlight!

There is so much more for the scientific community and for you to uncover pertaining to the “Soul of the Cosmos” but the reptilius “psychical scientific  indoctrination” damage is so encrusted in your brain that; only a tiny  group of Super-humans can relate to my critical cosmic work! The fact is; those who are supposed to be the “experts” are the least knowledgeable of earthquakes prediction… By the time that little needle move, its a bit too late thus all their sophisticated electronic equipment can do so much…

I emailed USGS and the Seismology Institute of Pasadena in California well before two very large earthquakes transpired and gave them the exact dates! (see email exchange link below.) 

Note also I reached for the scientific community since 1991, and gave the the public endless and accurate dates for large earthquakes on national radio, my articles and my You Tube channel. Yet no scientists will ever HONOR the word science and investigate my cosmic work!  Deplorable…

“A human being is part of a whole called by us the universe” Einstein wrote and the scientific community egotistic “educated pride” has lost all connection to God cosmic design speaking his will through the stars (Astrology!) 

Only a few gave me that stage to educate an indoctrinated mass and tho them all I say thank you!

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Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
 Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi–  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

The same apply with countless of radio and television journalists who, in the name of the ridicule will never allow me to get a wider stage and warn people and save precious lives…

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

Yet it is important for all my readers to realize that; all disappeared civilizations erected all their marvelous monuments in direct relationship to various constellations to benefit from those powerful “cosmic winds!” Something, in the name of religion and/or science, an indoctrinated humanity has lost!


Indeed all those wise ancient people did not erect pyramids when or, where they felt like! Those chosen locations and precarious building timing are still very powerful vortexes anyone can use to recharge their chakras! 

The sad reality is, the majority of  misinformed, indoctrinated people will watch those marvelous cosmic displays in awe get very little from them! Apart from a very simple educational scientific explanation to what a solar eclipse is all about! Yet, the true mystical purposes of those celestial immaculate manifestos reflecting the Soul of the cosmos and God’s cosmic design is left unanswered!

But real, plausible information and provable predictions are now available to all curious Truth Seekers through my cosmic work!  And this is why so many of you have joined my You Tube channel, “Cosmos with Dr Turi Louis” to build more cosmic consciousness, to read my cosmic code newsletters and became faithful VIP’s!

Knowing this July solar eclipse’s dramatic legacy would be memorable, I gave John a few dates, discussed more UFO’s secrets, made more predictions for California and the world, spoke about Trump’s racist legacy, “mentioned he would go to North Korea” and spoke of Iran upcoming war etc. Listen to the show, share and make notes please.

From cosmic coder Peter Egan (6-30-19 *48 hrs centering the date): Dr. T and Terania… Pres Trump just met with North Korea’s leader in DMZ – Your  June  28  SOS,  nailed it!  Dr. Turi Your predictions and insights are extraordinary! Pete        

I also answered a few questions from the audience about the reptilius and the benevolent Draconis you may find interesting.  Note I will also appear on Rob McConnell X zone radio show in the near future but due to global audience this X Zone show will be pre-recorded  for airplay for global time purposes. I will provide the link in time.


The total solar eclipse moving across South America depict the maximum effect imposed by the stars upon ALL the people and governments regimenting those countries. Or President Trump’s racist legacy cursing more LatinosThere is a rottenness at heart of Border Patrol” – “ We need to pay attention to the attack on Andy Ngo”  LGBTQ and color people of all ages and from all walks of life! 2 accused of vandalizing a memorial dedicated to slaves are arrested

Spain, Portugal, Australia will also be touched by this solar eclipse and this depict serious changes are needed to stop the suffering of all those misunderstood and displaced souls.  
In Dr. J radio show I gave the dates of July 10th Drama/death) July 17th (Shocking/earthquakes) July 30th 
(Beginning/ending war with Iran?)
On to July 2nd Solar Eclipse predictions.
Note; Those predictions are UNIVERSAL thus, unless you become a Cosmic Coder VIP and read the following horoscopes there is no way for me to tell you at a PERSONAL level what this solar eclipse will impose and produce in your life! There are 12 houses in your chart, thus for example if this powerful solar eclipse fall in your 7th house (marriage/partnerships) or your 5th house (love/romance/children) or your 2nd house (money/esteem) or your 6th house (work/health) or your 10th house (career/public standing) or your 11th house (wishes/friends)  etc. expect a full restructure of those houses…
There is much more at play as far as your fate is concerned and if you really want to seriously dig into your future then order a Live Skype taped reading  and email teraniapromodir@gmail.com 

July 2019 moon transits…
July 2019 daily guidance and predictions…
July 2019 elaborated horoscope for all signs…
July 2019 SOS to the world deadly window dates

Remember reader, I am practicing Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology and I use both quatrains and obvious keywords to translate those disruptive cosmic winds which are always manipulated by the reptilius to create chaos, fears, discord, conflict and death or the Draconis to bring about well deserved success, hopes, love, light security and peace on earth… 

Update July 16, 2019

Plain-clothes police officers escort the suspect (C) for the murder of American biologist Suzanne Eaton to the prosecutor in Chania, on the island of Crete, Greece, Tuesday.

Priest’s son charged in murder of American biologist in Greece as grisly new details emerge

“The suspect reported that on July 2, 2019 … motivated by the intention to commit sexual assault, he hit her twice with his car to stop her,” Police Major Eleni Papathanasiou, a spokeswoman for the Crete Police, said.

Memo 1-July 2nd Solar Eclipse SOS to the world predictions 07/10 – 07/17 and 07/30 – You’ve been warned! and I strongly advise all my wise, trusting followers to read it again and share so we can save precious lives.

July 2 -//- // ( 48 hrs centering the date – Starting on the given date, the window will last all the way to the next one)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / New Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation/ Forced Actions/Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many.

As always any and all my 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows have and will always produce earthquakes at or above 6.0 tornadoes and volcanic activity! And I was right again and again and again!

Dr. Turi; Another monster Earthquake has hit Southern California. Your abilities are
truly extraordinary!  Pete VIP cosmic coder

July 5th: 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Ridgecrest, California, United States

July 4th: 6.4 magnitude earthquake near Searles Valley, California, United States

July 4th: 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

July 1st a 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Luganville, Sanma, Vanuatu! Its all on radio!


July 4th Monster tornado rips through city in China, killing 6 and injuring 190

July 4th 2 Confirmed Tornadoes Touch Down in SE Wyoming [VIDEO]


Solar eclipse warnings were offered on Dr. J syndicated international radio show June 20th, 2019! Dr. Turi’s does it again and again and his UFO’s irrefutable predictive legacy should be heeded by all! Listen to the host worried about an earthquake happening in Los Angeles and my response! – Watch the video  or listen to the radio show  and read and share my critical cosmic wisdom pls because a real modern prophet is very rare! 

Tourists look on at an explosion in the distance

Stromboli: One dead as volcano erupts on Italian island
Alert level increased at world’s largest volcano in Hawaii

Image result for Torrential rains in Japan force over 1 million to evacuate southwestern region

Torential rains in Japan force over 1 million to evacuate southwestern region Forced relocation?

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ends her two-week hunger strike in Iran Ending?
Shaikh Khalid Bin Sultan, son of Sharjah Ruler, dies in London Ending?
Loved ones shocked and stunned as man wakes up at own funeral Ending/beginning?
Charges dropped in Philly’s domestic assault case Ending?

House Dems lawsuit to obtain Trump’s tax returns New Beginning/Ending?

Scepter taken from Donald Trump President?: “Memo published 6/22/2015 “You have been warned. Trump will bring troubles and wars to this country because his stars do not bring luck with religions, foreigners, foreign powers and  karmically supports America’s enemies.  Trump’ stars are dangerous for America and the world and do not endorse safe foreign relationships – Trump’s  tendency to act obnoxiously or egocentrically doesn’t show a wise understanding and use of diplomacy. Trump, his close colleagues and his family will be brought to justice by the IRS, the FBI and due to its correlation with Russia… The tail of the Dragon (negative) in his 8th house of corporate money (secret financial deals) makes him GREEDY and power hungry! The Dragon will ruin him in time and he may pay the ultimate price in the process…  He and his family may be force to flee to Russia or North Korea… His racist legacy will curse the world for years to come – Opinion: World stunned by explosion of hate”


Decorated Navy SEAL cleared in killing of ISIS member in Iraq, capping off dramatic trial Ending?
Horrible death for man who ate geckgo on a dare Reptilius Ending?
Florida mother arrested after leaving child in car while at job fair: End of life?


Mike Broomhead, Why Parents Forget Their Children To Die in Hot Cars? ‘Forgotten Baby Syndrome’ Ridiculousness!

Fire on Russian sub kills 14 crew members End of life?
Man, 78, sentenced after killing great-grandson, 6, End of life?
Secret Service agent who served president dies in tragic accident End of life?
Auto industry icon Lee Iacocca has died End of life?


As you read or watch any of my videos, it is important to auto-analyze yourself and see where you, a loved one or a friend, suffered or benefited from a new beginning or ending of important phases of their lives! All I can do is to help you build more cosmic consciousness and passing on 69 years of my crazy life and mind boggling cosmic wisdom is not an easy task! But if you are looking for the undiluted truth you are indeed in real good hands… So let these new cosmic winds mark a new beginning for you and start a formidable spiritual journey with me… Start by becoming a VIP and let Draco and I take on the challenge to bring you much closer to God marvelous cosmic design!

God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that, we may live a safer more productive life…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Let me bring a bit of hopes and love into your heart.. The benevolent Draconis at work through my spirit…




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Thank you all…

Dear readers;

Remember my articles are always subject to regular updates involving the dramatic a deadly chain of news induced by the reptilius using the 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows to arm and kill humans! Come back often as I add all dramatic news in those articles and help me warn people by sharing them please. The current Cosmic Code newsletter is a follow up of those articles…

3- 07/10/19 SOS to the Christian world Miley Cyrus shows off her abs in skimpy black bikini
 2- “California Exodus 8.0 MEGA earthquake prediction – USGS, CALTECH or Dr.Turi?”
1- “July 2nd Solar Eclipse SOS to the world predictions 07/10 – 07/17 and 07/30 – You’ve been warned!

“Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use it wisely to serve, warn and guide humanity. ” Dr. Turi.
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