June 2020 Solar Eclipse World Predictions & Melania Trump’s fate!


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Dear readers;

Today is the anniversary of Draco, the benevolent *solar Draconis, who re-entered my life – During the Gemini Solar Eclipse, in June 2012 and a day that has completely changed my life, for the best! 

05/20/2012 Gemini Solar Eclipse Predictions…

After Terania captured the secession, of the six “blue orbs,”  she made this video sometime later:

ET transmutation: Created by Terania…

And then, the following information, was also channeled, in this newsletter:

I am alien: The final revelation…

Image result for terra nueva terania st

My visions for the world and Melania Trump, will serve as a solid proof of my UFO’s predictive legacy!

And as mentioned in my movie ALIEN CONTACTEE” Draco is very real and the information divulged unique!

I just came across this movie today and I was surprised to see it was nothing what I thought it was going to be, your typical alien top secret by the government story, no it was so much more which I was happily to learn new information. Thank you.

I will take this opportunity to sincerely thank, all the wonderful/spiritual and curious people, who have given me 5 stars… Blessing me, with their wonderful and supportive comments!

So far, my expectations are well surpassed, as we are getting close to 100 customer reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars is a GREAT accomplishment.

Only a tiny fraction of those, are negative “droppings” left by envious, insecure reptilius – infected / lost souls… Slaving for the reptilius agenda and those who could never assimilate the very essence of my cosmic teachings…Not even, if their pitiful – unproductive lives, depended on it. 

If you took the time to read FedEx Driver: UFO abduction Part Two” and watched the YouTube video, you know now I have abducted two more times, since the movie has been produced and there are talks to make another one in time and add those two new experiences.

What is still in the work is, like “Fire in the Sky” to make a full UFO movie of my entire life, since the very beginning… Of my first abduction.

Travis Walton was “electrocuted” in the Arid Zone wilderness, in his negative encounter with the reptilius. And in his movie, only the nefarious aspect of those ET abductions, has been glorified.

This production has induced more fears and more confusion about UFO’s and various groups of ET’s agendas to the public due to a lack of critical information. 

I have so far endured seven UFO’s encounters and the predictive cosmic legacy resulting from those experiences is much more productive for humanity and should be available to the general public!

There are through my YouTube videos and newsletters but there are also millions of movie producers out there and maybe one person will be perceptive and creative enough so see this unique opportunity and contact us! 

My YouTube channel is also doing phenomenally and I have now 5492 current subscribers and 539 joined us in the last 28 days.

Our Cosmic Code website is literally exploding, with 9482 people, who have signed to receive my newsletters regularly for free, directly in their mailboxes.  

And my message is continually getting out there, thank you all… 

There are still two more SOS to the world deadly windows dates offered to you in “FedEx Driver: UFO abduction Part Two” and, I hope you paid attention to my warnings by listening to my interview on Katie’s radio show. 

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Sad enough, our infantile scientific community not only deny but ridicule God’s cosmic design and to them, the stars and the moon are nothing else than lifeless rocks hanging above their “idiotic educated heads!” 

There is so much more in terms of predictions than pretty pictures and their rational explanations behind any solar or lunar eclipses! 

Yes, the moon is fully responsible for natural disasters and our satellite is “used” by the reptilius to “abduct” the human psyche and turn infected humans into “lunatics/moody/crabby” depressed, dangerous people!   

And yes, the moon also induces earthquakes read more my friends! 

6.0 magnitude earthquake near Siglufjörður, Northeast, Iceland


June 8 / 24  (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


*Japan / *Asia / *China / France / Italy / Cosmic – *Space News / NASA / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Bizarre / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Unexpected / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Strange Behavior/ Awakening / Bombshell / Lightning / Electricity / Fire / Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Teen / Unrest / Fascinating / Genius / Discovery / Very old – Very new / Invention / Science / *Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0) / Tsunami / Typhoon / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Airports / *Aeronautics / Planes / Helicopters Technology / Hacking / Internet / Electricity / Television / UFO’s / Cosmic phenomenons.

Researchers discover Yellowstone super volcano‘s ‘largest and most cataclysmic event’
5.9 earthquake in KokopoEast New BritainPapua New Guinea
Protesters turned new White House fence into a living memorial Humanitarianism?
Treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains for a decade finally f…  Discovery?
Television announcer fired after responding to NBA star’s tweet about Black Li…
Seattle gunman shoots one person after driving a vehicle into prote… Shocking?
Another mysterious radio burst in space is repeating a pattern  Cosmic news?
This city sees its deadliest day in 60 years with 18 murders in 24 … Stunning?
Virginia officer arrested after repeatedly using stun gun on black man Electricity?   
Phoenix woman slapped across the face, after racial confrontation, … Shocking?
School called off Ivanka Trump’s commencement speech. She blamed ‘c… Children?
Lori Vallow’s husband, charged after children’s remains found at his home Children?
Protests passed wedding venue. Bride and groom joined the… Surprises?
 He showed up angry at a Black Lives Matter protest. She showed how … Shocking?
 ‘Miss Hitler’ pageant entrant and her partner jailed for belonging … Shocking?
Manhunt underway in California after a deputy was shot in ‘ambush’ attack  Shocking?
California man beaten to death with bat outside Target Shocking?
Snoop Dogg addresses Trump supporters: ‘F–k you’ Shocking?

Remains of Lori Vallow’s children found at her husband’s home, fami…Children?

Hundreds of Thousands Without Power After High Winds Scour Michigan…Electricity?

Powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake, rocks Mexican state…Earthquakes, above 6.0?

The June 21st, 2020 Solar Eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer which depicts the “beginning or ending” of important phases of life at a universal and personal level!

This lunation did not exactly help the President starting his campaign – “How Trump’s return to the campaign trail went from bad to worse and the current news enunciates a new nasty awakening/beginning of COVID 19 plague!

Facebook drops Trump ads over Nazi symbol


Published August 2019!

Prediction #9:  An explosion wave of racism will curse humanity further away from the realization that America is a country built upon slavery and abused foreigners. This dragon is aiming for all foreigners from all walks of life and many will be live in fear and “sacrificed” in the process. *George Floyd? Americans are also taking serious risks traveling on foreign grounds and I strongly recommend those who must travel or reside on foreign countries, to invest in their  2020 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms. 

Bolton calls Trump ‘naïve and dangerous’ and hopes he’ll be remembered as a one-term president

People gather on the beach in Miami Beach, Florida on June 16, 2020. - Florida is reporting record daily totals of new coronavirus cases, but you'd never know it looking at the Sunshine State's increasingly busy beaches and hotels. (Photo by Eva Marie UZCATEGUI / AFP) (Photo by EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/AFP via Getty Images)

More young people are testing positive in the South, New beginning?
These companies laid off thousands of employees this week Ending?
NYPD officer suspended without pay after ‘disturbing apparent chokehold incident’  Ending?
Cuba’s Elian Gonzalez announces he’s set to become a dad New life?
Apple is closing some of the stores it reopened because of a spike in coronavirus cases ending/beginning?

Trump adviser claims Bolton could face jail time after judge allows the book to proceed New beginning?After collapsing onstage, D.L. Hughley tests positive for Covid-19 Ending?
Apple could make a big switch to its Macs. New beginning?

Chasey and Scout Scaravilli
 Two young Ohio sisters who family members say shared an incredibly close bond were killed last week after a brick pillar, holding up their hammock collapsed.
While I could collect a bunch of new beginning/ending type of news, realize that those cosmic winds will also affect you personally…That is, if you are curious enough or pay attention to what people do or say around you.

For example, my good friend Carlos is buying a new BMW and in my case, I signed a contract to lecture at the 2021 Chariots of the Gods Cruise.”

I will present my UFO’s slide show, offer proof to the public that Draco’s psychical legacy is real, and hopefully do a workshop where I will teach Nostradamus’ 16th-century natural medicine.


Thus if you want to avoid or if you suffer any serious ailment (cancer) or anything else, you will be taught how to use the super-conscious, your hands, and feet to heal yourself and others. 

But most importantly I will also teach you how to ERASE years from your face, turn back the clock and look years younger than your age.

The beauty and reality of my teachings are that; you will FEEL and notice the results on your face almost immediately and my teachings not only will change your appearance in time but help rebuild your facial atomic structure.

Young at heart, for 70!

All the expensive skin products you have and will invest in to look younger will not always work…Thus, I am a real solid example you can learn from!

Cosmic Gypsy : Dr. Turi You are glowing with Light and look even more youthful! Love and Blessings to you and your wonderful wife.

Indeed unique homeopathic teaching only Dr. Turi can offer, thanks to solar Draco, leading my life to improve yours physically and spiritually!

As always I will also offer taped private consultations and can also perform the Astro-Tarot, in your cabin. 

If you are interested in those absolutely incredible “youth” teachings and want to join us in this upcoming cruise, please let me know right away by emailing Teraniapromodir@gmail.com

I am a sexy true gold digger but my heart is pure!

Forensic Astrology/Astropsychology at work!

“The Art of the Deal” bestseller, will never ever come close to exposing the first Lady’s character and fate!

But you’ll get it all with me through my cosmic wisdom…

Melania Is Living Her American Dream. A new book reveals how the first lady used her poker face to outplay Donald Trump. By Laura Miller.
Intellectually and physically Melania is well above the norm (and her husband)  she is extremely smart and chose security, money, and fame over her own happiness delegating a “bully” unrefined, “bull in the China shop type of partner. ‘New book claims Melania Trump renegotiated her prenup

Melania is a Taurus, (money/banks/Switzerland) born with a Moon (emotions) in cold Capricorn, a sign that rules the elites, politics, power, planning, manipulation, the UK, the royals, thus there is no wonder why the 1st Lady resides in the white house and met with the Queen! 

Her Saturn (the great malefic/fear) is also in Taurus (wealth) At a subconscious level Melania had a very strong fear not to reach security.

Thus, she was ready to do anything, everything to fulfill her soul’s purpose and establish emotional, financial, and spiritual stability. 

Goal number one, was getting pregnant by Trump (That was easy!) and seal the deal! It works or not, she assured a good living and a good life for herself and her kids!  

Her negative Dragon’s Tail is located in the perfectionist hard-working, supercritical sign of Virgo, (the Virgin Mary) a sign that rules clothing, confection, and purity.

Pluto (sex/power/magnetism) is also located on her tail and makes her hypnotic, sensual, and ready to do it all to succeed! The 5th house is also the house of creativity and where a woman creates children. 

It is also the seat of attraction between human beings and there is absolutely NO chemistry, between her and Trump!

Note that Taurus is house one…Thus Virgo is house number 5. As a rule, a woman born with a Virgo Tail is naturally cold! Blame the Virgin Mary, sex is dirty, unless it’s kinky!

Thus, her “speculations” house and her career as a model and nude pics, were imposed by her Dragon’s Tail located right in her 5th house of speculation/creativity/children! 

Jupiter the lord of Luck and plenty is blessing Melania’s 7th house of Marriage/public/contracts/the law and made her a magnet to any and all foreigners. 

In this case, President Trump! Sad enough Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius or Trump’s negative natal Dragon’s Tail! 

Melania is on the cusp meaning half Aries/Half Taurus. From Aries/April 1st house Jupiter (plenty) blesses her 8th house (sex/Trump’s money/paycheck/insurance/corporate endeavors) and death. 

For Melania to renegotiated her prenup is a sure sign of an upcoming divorce (or death) which is usually the fate of all married Tauruses.

Scorpio the sign of death/insurance/contracts rules Melania’s 7th house of marriage/public and this is a very dramatic sign, which often imposes a form of DEATH, to the partner.

The “death” does not have to be physical but I was married to a Taurus and nearly died, when she killed our eleven years of marriage.

The depressions lead me to contract cancer but I survived the Plutonic fate! 

Melania’s tail is right in Trump’s 4th house (home/the White House) and brings tons of stress to both of them.

Trump’s tail in Sagittarius, curses Melania’s’ 8th house of death, stimulating a form of “unconscious fear,” of her husband suffering assassination. 

Once the Dragon’s Tail moves on Melania’s marriage house in a few months from today, and I am expecting a  “shocking” breakaway from Melania or the worse for our President!

Put your hands on my 2021 Nostradamus forecast for all signs, once it is published at the end of August or September 2020. 

Meantime, all that you are watching and reading about the news today was fully anticipated, predicted in my 2020 Nostradamus forecast! 


When you purchase the 2020 version get the 2019 version FOR FREE!  If you already purchased the 2020 version and want 2019 forecast you can have it for only $5.00… All you have to do after your order is to email teraniapromodir@gmail.com and request your copy for 2019.


Yes, my vision of a worldwide Universal infection and my prediction of the Coronavirus did not start in August 2019 when I made it official and published it in “2019/2020 Nostradamus Forecast for all signs!”  my friend.

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