Kasich: People ‘probably’ born gay HE IS RIGHT!


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Kasich: People ‘probably’ born gay

Indeed there is not a single cosmic conscious President, politician or scientist  living on planet earth today! But vast fortunes have been invested (Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain) to uncover why some people were born gay! Transgender, Gay teens fight back with Dr. Turi.

But for some reasons, wealthy powerful corporations such as NASA  will never lack funds to advertise on CNN looking for 200,000 More Morons to live on Mars!

NASA's Orion spacecraft bobs in the Pacific Ocean on December 5 after its first test flight.

Humans on Mars: How we might get there

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA and its corporate “machine” must make the “educated” idiots believe that one day they will land a man on Mars.  Little do they know, a real cosmic God did not design our local system for logical astronomers to waste time and money as to offer you a one sided rational, limited perception to what planets are about! Indeed there is much more than what the five limited human senses can appreciate, see or assimilate!

In no way will the distance, composition, gravitational forces of any planets or the behavior of a new-found black hole will benefit your life on earth. Especially when Mother earth is showing some serious signs of depletion. Common sense dictate we should prioritize on fixing her malaise instead of wasting time and money on  those scientists  ridiculous researches.

I understand that not all those researches and findings are wasteful, because like the majority of intelligent human beings, I LOVE SCIENCE and also enjoy the incredible technological discoveries offering us all, with some of the utmost incredible pictures taken by the Hubble telescope of our universe.

The biggest problem I have with the scientific community is their lack of perception to the subtle spiritual purposes of our local solar system!  Science is incomplete and the scientists are dancing on one leg. They will never truly understand the secrets to what it means to be human without mastering its spiritual counterpart.   And that is all I am proposing.

Trying to explain the Soul’s purpose of our solar system outside of its accepted disciplines and explaining its implications and relationship to the human mind is well above those scientists mental capability. Indeed the results of centuries of religious and scientific conditioning has killed the human spiritual  perceptiveness!

While the current cosmic trend induces SHOCKING NEWS (see below), the dunces can never use my cosmic coaching and my very logical translation using quatrain and OBVIOUS keywords. Too much to ask, taking selfies, watching sports or playing video games is more appropriate.

NS Slug: FL: MAN CLINGS TO CAR IN ROAD RAGE INCIDENT Synopsis: An odd road rage incident is caught on camera Keywords: FLORIDA MAN ROAD RAGE CLINGS CAR

Shocking road rage incident caught on camera

Thus the post-dated predictions of all earthquakes above 6.0 accurately predicted in this article or in  April 2016 Forecast & Predictions by Dr. Turi Part 6 serve absolutely no purposes to idiots! There is no hope of refining the latent perception of certain human beings doomed to never improve psychically and perceive God Cosmic Divinity in action.

It almost seems as if there is no reason for me to offer those critical minds another undeniable prediction though… Today: 6.0 magnitude earthquake near Lakatoro, Malampa, Vanuatu.

How can anyone not relate to the word SHOCKING when its all over the news? See biker’s shocking close call This should be enough to confirm Nostradamus 16th century predictive methodology I use yes? May be idiots believe this type of news Cops: Army soldier raped by another or 2 toddlers tied, chained in backyard or “Flood sweeps away grandma, 4 kids” or Powerball jackpot reaches $314 million is happening everyday?  

To the pious souls I say…

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

And to the skeptics, agnostics, atheist and educated idiots alike I say…

“Reasoning with a donkey is easier than to change an atheist or any educated idiots mind!” Dr. Turi

Once more, do not blame me for suffering a serious problem with stupidity because it seem the dunces battling me are unwilling and unable to perceive the obvious cosmic energy I translate BEFORE the news unfold on CNN!

God thanks the world is not only made of imperceptive envious morons and to those spiritual wiser souls I say, thank you for your support and for sharing my work!

From Betazoid VIP to the Cosmic Code: “Well Dr. Turi, this new article fits right in with drugs, jail, poisons etc and I suspect its going to get worse.  The public needs to see this article.  It is sickening how corrupt our government is.” Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspirac…

Margaret Hamburg

I am infected by the reptilius!

Margaret Ann Hamburg is an American physician and medical/public health administrator. She served as the 21st Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from May 2009 to March 2015.

Furthermore, how can anyone deny the following, knowing I published my “vision” on February 11, 2013?  This is nearly 4 years ago  and what is so difficult to assimilate in  my 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public) when all is written in simple and plain English?

Gee if my work remotely resembled Nostradamus 16th century old French, with confusing quatrains I would understand why my cosmic translations would be too hard to digest! But for God’ sake, only a true idiot can deny such obviousness…

Memo: “Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, the Pope, churches, religions,  dams, water, inundations, fishes, sea, drownings, the ocean, ships, the Navy, submarines, Islands, chemicals, poisoning, oil, gas, movies, hospitals, mass suicide, epidemic, pandemic, jails, convicts, Prisons, drugs, Pharmaceutical corporations, weed, alcohol, the spirit…”  

Furthermore, if the above is not clear enough, maybe the Universal Quatrain written in 2013 be clear enough to decipher?

Nostradamus Prophecies and Dr. Turi


Neptunius Dios of poisonous Riligious Deception Rules
*Fear Water, Drowning Fire, Black Tainted Blood
Dreams Reality Rivalry Poison Mad Spiritus
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

God nowhere to stop rain!
Heaviest rain in 100 years swamps city
Record rain floods Miss. homes
Disastrous flooding continues to swamp Texas, Louisiana

The question remain, will you find out of those cosmic winds will affect you and those you care or will you let the dragon do what ever he wants with you because of your fears or skepticism? Order now, be smart heed an old French proverb! “Un homme averti en vaut deux!”

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