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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi

From Jonathan;

Hey Dr. Turi, have you heard of a person by the name of Kate of Gaia? He claims to be a great astrologer. He had a talk show today on Critical Mass Radio talking some mess about you and your predictions.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/criticalmassradioonline/2014/04/04/out…

Go to 22:15minute – 23:00minute. I found it to be very disrespectful. 

Kate of Gaia Birthdate:

June 15th, 1964
Belfast, N. Ireland
8:40 AM

Maybe you can come up with something about this person’s ego trip, or why Kate of Gaia lives inside a box.

That’s a good sign, it shows how insecure he is and how popular I am lolo. Thanks again Jonathan, I will expose him in public tomorrow.  Go there give me some support VIP’s or let my Internet enemies go wild! Thanks all! DT


I am Kate of Gaia! I am a Gemini,  I crave attention and to many I appear as the Epidemic of  Weirdness! Thanks Dr. Turi for clarifying my cosmic identity to the world. 

Critical Mass Radio Host Graduation!

I hope Kate can take a joke, I am sure he does! He starts his show by saying he is broadcasting from an undisclosed location, somewhere on earth and many of my readers are still wondering if he is a male of a female or both? I will explain it all in time, be patient keep reading!  First this type of secretive, confused transparency speaks of what a true  secretive (another word for coward) is all about, do you agree?

I am all about transparency, this is the US not the UK or Canada and Dr. Turi is all about the truth and light and, as a public person, the entire world knows where I live! This is why I have two big vicious dogs to warn me before hand of any intrusion and lots of firearms all over my house. Now that you have made the distinction between Dr. Turi fearless openness and Kate of Gaia “shyness”,  let’s bring more light on the psyche of this interesting individual!

The good news  of landing on Dr. Turi will clarify his confused UCI and why her/she is on the air spitting vitriolic every five seconds and bashing my good name. Again like I did in “Edgar Cayce Versus David Wilcock”  and so many others, I will use my Astropsychology expertise to answer one of my curious VIP’s request. I have noting against Kate of Gaia but the more I dig into his stars the more I get to know him/her.

 It seem “Kate” is well read, and traditional at best or may be another religious poisoned lost soul who read one of my latest newsletter “Fallen Angels, UFO, Portals and Witch Doctors.” But he seems to be asking the world to repent or suffer the consequences. There is no spiritual depth in his “politically/conspiracy/religious” format oriented talks but I detect a serious fear of power.

But at 64, should I be forgiving with this unconscious soul victimised by his stars or should I even consider wasting my time exposing his rational UCI?  But if there is anything to learn, then I am sure my world wide reading audience will enjoy this new essay! I know you pay attention to money  Kate and people pay me $700 bucks for a 90 mn consultation, so consider yourself lucky for me to spend time educating you for free.

First let me mention, like my good friend George Noory, Art Bell and Mike Broomhead, were also born in June, like you under the sign of Gemini. Thus  Kate of Gaia  is another “Messenger of the Gods” who may wonder why he ended up working on the radio.

No there are no accidents readers, “Kate of Gaia” was lead by my Cosmic God to serve on radio land but will his over rational stars allow him to conceive his Pre-destiny?  Amazing how people are neurotically, subconsciously and robotically acting out their stars to the fullest and yet, totally oblivious of this fact!

But Kate never heard any of my shows with George  where I made countless predictions that came to pass and tons of references to what it means to be born under the sign of Gemini! I also explained on the air what it means to be born a DUAL!

Remember readers  I often wrote that; those who think are the experts on their field of endeavour are often the least knowledgeable on the very stuff they are talking about? Well, in the case of “Kate of Gaia” you have a perfect example of a non cosmic conscious judgemental critical young soul in action. However what I like the most in all the dirt spitting out of his mouth is his honesty and directness… Incidentally all my best friends were born in June…

Much of Kate’ stars are feminine, much of his past lives were lived as a females thus he owns a very confused Dual male/female UCI. This type of cosmic identity produces gays and lesbians, homosexuals, travesties, swingers etc.  Now I am not against homosexuals, in fact I have tons of friends, clients and students  gays and by understanding their karmic cosmic make up I can not be judgemental. “Were you born Gay?”

Furthermore, Kate of Gaia shares the same Capricorn  (politics/cold/calculated/scientist)  Dragon’s Tail (negative) as Hitler and the UK! There is no wondering why he is  so consumed with politics, power structure and gets infuriated just talking about people like the Pope, the Queen of England “F…G RICH puppets” who owns true power and tons of money.

Hey bro I am from France and I left my country at 19 for the UK where I spent the most incredible tough but also rewarding time in my life! Yes English birds love French, so many great memories left behind…

Read Beyond The Secret, get to know me before spiting on me! 

Deeply moving account of a difficult life in France as a post war baby; more successful in England & the USA., March 29, 2013
By Catherine Edwards – Amazon Verified Purchase 
This review is from: Beyond the Secret (Paperback)

A moving account of the hardships endured during post W.W. II, which helped the author develop a steel spine combined with compassion, while growing up in France. England, too, was a challenge, yet rewarding via humble employment and his graduation from the Royal School of Music. His success in America speaks for itself as he continues his goal of enlightening his readers with astrological information and the reasons behind the data.

By the way some envious UK morons said I never studied there and I can’t play piano, check the facts at the end of this video! Remember I am 64 and I was in my twenties then and I have lost a lot of touch since then…

I also knew that I would never become rich in Europe or even Canada and I truly understand your frustration against such systems… But bitching all night long about it is not the way to go! At least you did not have to eat dog food and make Victoria station your home for a few months while learning English! Nut up bro I know where you are at!

Kate also uses religious sentences like ” left cross, ignorant, unrepentant, one third of heaven shall fall? He sound like puritanical Glenn beck or another ministers preaching the bible to me!

In so many ways he resemble his UK compatriot conspiracy champion David Icke who suffers the same fear of losing power because they have no real power but the power of the GAB! This is why David and Kate can talk to you till you pass out of boredom regurgitating their own conspiratorial fears of being controlled.

This is why in his mind “there is not a single “F….g” good cop in the forest!” Talk about “Dr. Gloom” offering bad news? Sad enough more cosmic unconscious morons can not differentiate ego from honesty and spill their own vitriolic on the Internet too!  

Am I such a bad guy for standing strong against women abuse or David’s ex-wife Pamela? Amazing how some condescending people will use people names to bring traffic to their  own critical puritanical world! Obviously, this kind of “puritanical” people do suffer both very strong inferiority and insecurity complexes!

And if you give power to this type of people, like Hitler had, be sure they would abuse it by making a good use of the the police, (the Gestapo)  the army or anything available at their “political” disposition to clean up the world from its impurities and control you.   Indeed a very dangerous Capricornus Dragon endlessly aiming for more power regardless of the means used to climb the mountain of success…

Look at Hitler and see the same stars cursing Kate of Gaia, he is cold, calculating, cynical, envious, crude, jealous, detached, bashing and righteous. The good news is Kate has no real political power and he lives in the UK system, a country where he is extremely unlucky and even in danger… This is why he is forced to broadcast the negativity of his evil UCI  in the darkness of the night from a secret location.

Note; Gemini become more productive at night, this is where the Plutonic, sarcastic destructive forces or the “Lord of Hell/Underworld” take charge of his unconscious intellectual vitriolic nature.  But without cosmic consciousness, this young supremely rational soul has absolutely no clue of what I am talking about and can only ridicule the very essence of my supreme cosmic wisdom.

Furthermore his hidden Dragon is Scorpio, a sign total consume with sex, conspiracy, power and secrecy depicting many of his past lives working as a female QJB prostitute agent. Again what do I know!

Now he mention that the “Doctor of F…G doom” has nothing but bad news to offer the world, first I am, not to blame for the world stupidity and all the bad news I correctly predict endlessly! Talk about “throwing the water with the baby!” If Kate was to check on the veracity of my record of predictions he would know that all I am doing is to warn you so you can save your life…

He says ” it is a system shit and he does not buy into it?” But the good news is that I can write endlessly in his OWN English language to expose his humongous cosmic ignorance. I do radio work too and while my work is well received, precious, real and valuable, I do it all in English.

How can he buy into a cosmic methodology if he never studied it? Where is is common sense, its like writing all this article in French and hope HE and all the UK/Canadian  readers would be “magically” able to assimilate the content. The very fact that I can converse in his own language demands respect and demonstrate mental superiority, period! Hoops will he accept the fact?


With his moon (emotional response to life) in the critical, puritanical, perfectionist sign of Virgo, the world is a very dirty, messy place to live for Kate and all he is doing “subconsciously” is; to try to clean it up.

But again without cosmic consciousness there is absolutely no way for him to auto analyse his inborn idiosyncrasies correctly!  Well this is where Dr. Turi comes in to bring more light on yet another lost soul.

The good news is Gemini are very curious and far from stupid and chances are, Kate will read my free “mini reading” and no one but himself will judge my work for what it is. May I also suggest him to read the endless endorsements poring from those who knows about my work and I!

If you listen to the entire show (I could not) you can see the type of confusion and emotions spilling out of control from the host and his guests. But nothing surprising when cosmic consciousness is missing and emotions are allowed to flow freely.

Well the good news is as soon as I am established in Florida, I will invest a few thousands and get my genius web-master Tom and friends to build me a top of the line studio in my new house. From there I will serve my international audience and invite people like Kate to openly discuss what it means to be human and spirituality in all its forms.

I teach my students to never ever assume anything about anyone until you “walk the Indian moccasins.”  Frustrations and envy can easily show through the use of words and actions you display to the world.

But when you deal with the public, refinement is a must and acting like the Bull in the China shop” verbally has consequences. And did I learn the hard way myself when over sensitive friends became enemies, stalling my efforts to reach more of you in need of supreme cosmic wisdom.

While I put my “Friends and Foes”  in place verbally using my Astropsychology expertise they are all still human beings in the process of learning, just like I am still doing at the tender age of 64! Thus, with time,  there is hope for everyone of us to learn and grow into more a dignified, sensitive educated human being.

All the while, when all has been said and done, I am sure Kate is a good concerned man doing his part and I wish I was his guest to clarify a few more things about the real psychosocial / spiritual world we all live in.

 Will he take the challenge? Would you be interested readers to have a ONE TO ONE face to face meeting with Dr. Turi and Kate of Gaia on radio?  This would be quite a show but will he listen to your requests and nut up or show his real insecure persona? After all he threw the first punch yes?

Go there and let him know about your request, you may get a response…

Here is Kate of Gaia’s E-mail Address: katierene@live.ca

Incidentally I also publicly challenged  The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine including James Randi. Incidentally, no one responded because they watched me for years and know they are dealing with the real thing!

This crowd of people can only judge the world around them through their rigid education, personal experiences and their karmic UCI but without cosmic consciousness the word UCI means NOTHING at all, and this is where the problem starts and end…

This generation of OCD born  and the owners of http://www.skeptic.com/ are all naturally/cosmically “tuned” to the rational thought only making them spiritually inferior. And does not mean they are all idiots, they simply never learned “French or the Cosmic Language” thus they can not understand me! Is this so difficult for Kate of Gaia or any of them to accept?

Human beings like Michael Shermer,  David Epstein and James Randi, are all endorsing both atheism and creationism and, in the long run, this is very dangerous for humanity psychical / spiritual progress and welfare. There is much more behind what our infantile science can perceive pertaining to the spiritual cosmos they know nothing about!

One can only judge the world around him through his education, personal experiences and his karmic UCI and without cosmic consciousness the letters UCI means NOTHING at all, and this is where the problem starts and end…

Kate is a Gemini after all, and a true Gemini can take a good joke and laugh at themselves… May be we could also publicly apologize to each others and dance happily ever after?

It is very easy to let Mrs. Pride and Mr. Ego take over when insecurity and enviousness takes over and through this article I hope many of you will realize how powerful the stars above are… so when  you read this sentence you may realize your own cosmic nature and offer respect to all the people around you… Did you learn anything new today reader? I always do when I write…

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi


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