Las Vegas deadly shooting – SOS TO THE WORLD! “The reptilius are after your children!”


“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi  –  Watch the future!

Dear reader;

This article “An omen of shocking news to come!,” was published 9/25/2017 or  a FULL week before the Las Vegas deadly shooting.  As usual, I keep a well documented record of my predictions, as to serve a more spiritually inclined future generation seeking to reconnect with God’s cosmic divinity and willing to learn to read and heed the signs.

 Memo: “Even when using  obvious sentences like “Be ready for one of the most shocking man made and/or natural disasters to curse humanity!” it seems , those who never bothered to check my claims, do not realize the gravity of my visions…Until it all comes down right in their faces and suffer the predicted calamities personally.”

There will always be assuming idiots who do not read my articles and that blame me for  dramatic news, not realizing the victims (had they read my warnings) would have been given a chance to avoid being at the wrong place at the wrong time during one of my  2017 SOS to the world deadly window!

Assuming I am trying to make money on people’s death without investigating me  or reading my articles shows how the scared, idiotic  people react. And it’s not  exactly brilliant!

The rational reasons to why Stephen Craig Paddock committed such an act are endless… He took too much  legal or illegal drugs, he was possessed by the reptilius, he suffered heavy depression, his dad was a criminal etc. etc.

But in reality, the reasons to why he killed  people in Las Vegas is something the American public and the world at large could never accept nor comprehend.  At least not yet!

Memo, do you recall? “The reptilius are after famous people and YOUR CHILDREN!”

Image result for  Stephen Craig Paddock!  Stephen Craig Paddock speaking from the dead!

I was SPECIFICALLY ordered by the reptilius to aim at young adults and kill as many as possible!  I planned it well! Born an Aries, its my cosmic  Martian war like nature to pay attention to details, love firearms  and to seek fame through my infamous deadly act.  I am not the only one who succeeded as many more  reptilius slaves will follow my deadly path!  The good news is; no one is paying attention to Dr. Turi’s warnings and all ridicule his cosmic work!  Science and the FBI can never do nothing to stop us, the reptilius owned me to the end and will own this world in time!   


Yes, channeling my inner Draco and talking to Stephen from the dark corners of the underworld is something not many people will believe or accept!  Do not assume. Check Draco first and assume later! ” I am Alien The Final Revelation!

Thus, there is no reason for Terania and I to waste our time and our cosmic wisdom with those who can not accept or use them productively! 

My articles are designed to attract only two kinds of people… The mentally destitute, incurious infected sub-human idiots, and the curious, smarter, potential super humans!  There is no in between per say… You can only love or hate me! 

And there are plenty of both, reading my cosmic code newsletters on the planet… Depression, Dementia, Suicide and the Reptilius Universal Infestation …

If you want to know more about the growing, unstoppable reptilius universal infestation, all you have to do is to click on this provided link! 

“Show me a reader, I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi

While the reptilius infestation is a major contribution to Steven’s deadly act, his natal UCI *Unique Celestial Identity owns the real answers a majorly religious or atheist  society can never understand or bother to investigate!  

At least, I am confident our students will, and while super-humans are a serious minority on planet earth, there are  still, plenty out there seeking the light. 

All the FBI experts will brain storm for the next few days, weeks and months and will  come up with their traditionally “educated” scientific answers! But  the real closure of all people involved in this tragedy need, will never come! 

Until, maybe God leads them to this article  and they decide to investigate my cosmic work further.

Thus, if you have been directly or indirectly touched by this tragedy and for your own mental welfare, you owe it to yourself and the victims of this massacre, to find out what really happened in their killer’s mind. 

You must always remember that; there are no accidents in life, only cosmic circumstances at work  an unconscious  indoctrinated society is not able to assimilate or accept! 

As I did in “Donald Trump President?” including countless of famous and infamous people, Stephen Craig Paddock’s complete explanations of his karmic, natal  UCI will soon be available on the private Cosmic Code website for the curious only!

First some facts!  While, for a lack of words, I use the word “psychic” in my website  and created and practice “Astropsychology and Astroforensics.”  I do not read tea leaves or look into a crystal ball to “see the future.”

Instead, I use  the same type of software  NASA  scientists handle to make my forecasts (not to use the word predictions and offend religious or atheists people.) 

This software also allows me to uncover and explain to our clients, patients and students about their  cosmic nature. 

Doing so I point out all their sins and virtues , fate, health, financial prospect, love, fears, subconscious drive, career, friends, critical thinking, religious values, domesticity, relations between human beings, repellency, luck, general fate, death  and the list goes on. 

And because of the values of my work, over the years, many people have spent a few bucks  in  our services to learn about their lives.

Yes, you will get what you pay for with me in a reading and will not only change your life but should convince you, that I know you (and what’s ahead of you)  better than you could ever imagine! 

Meantime, the misinformed, skeptical traditionally “educated”  idiots  would rather trust religion, science or entertainment to offer them the golden keys to what it means to be human.

The fact is; only a few curious and smarter super-humans  will have access to  such deep answers!

Indeed my cosmic work is not for  the feeble minded dunces unable to assimilate such precious, rare information!  Care to see the type of smart people who vibrate at our cosmic speed learning from us? 

Go ahead and if you are less educated or successful in life than those high achievers, there may still be hope for you! Don’t worry, you can join them, mostly because there is a big difference between traditional education and real intelligence! 

Memo from Justin Bieber, children and the reptilius infestation!” published 6/11/2016

“When I tell you the reptilius are after famous people and your children you should pay attention to my warnings or you may become part of the victimized statistics!”

Now if you are an avid reader of my cosmic work, you certainly recall the warning above! And, I am not joking nor enjoy posting  those warnings.

  Memo Reading a Prophet’s warnings for personal self gratification without sharing is against humanity and God’s Cosmic purposes, SERIOUS karma will follow…”  Dr. Turi


“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a cosmic God does not speak to fools.” Dr. Turi

Thousands of people read my work but never share it.  Thus somehow (you won’t like this!) and in some ways, YOU are responsible  for the death of so many people you did not bother to warn.

And if you think you can get away with selfishness, idiocy or karma, you are wrong readers.  You need to understand that, you are dealing with  karmic  laws you could never imagine! For every action (or not) there is always a reaction to expect!

Its time for some  to upgrade and throw your psychical cynical, doubtful and critical attitude out of the window or else, pay the price. Especially if you are conscious of your selfish nature and refuse to share my cosmic wisdom and warnings with others! 

I am not asking you to be as productive or unselfishly giving as we are. Terania and I do the hard work but if you benefit from my teachings and warnings and do not share, I can only warn you one more time!  

I am not a fear monger. I am just offering you the undiluted karmic truths as they are, period!  Now you deal with it!  You like it or not, you are “in a big cosmic bag” and your goal should be honorable to help others, when in need, regardless of their color, gender, race or position.  

There is no doubt by checking stats that many people from around the world rush to read, benefit  and regenerate spiritually with our cosmic work!  

As much as the  infected subhuman dunces must slave for the reptilius everyday by continuously attacking our integrity on various websites, the majority of our readers do not give anything back to us or to the world in return. NOTHING! NADA, ZILT, RIEN and erroneously think they can get away with it!  

Think this way. If you throw a rock above in the air, gravity or says karma, will bring it back to earth.  Use critical thinking for the universal laws are implacable and because you do not know , or ridicule  them is not an excuse!  The fact is; you are infringing those laws and as a “cosmic cop” all I am doing is repetitively offer you  warnings. 

Much like a nice cop who realize you made a mistake and “forget” the infraction!  It is just a matter of time before karma HITS you with  one of my 2017 SOS deadly windows  putting you at the wrong place at the wrong time and PAY the full price of your well deserved karma! 

I wonder what type of human beings can see what transpired in Las Vegas and still refuse to share my warnings and our educational, regenerative newsletters to help those they care to become a better, unselfish, giving safer person! 

Now once again, do not blame the messenger for those bad, predicted news  and realize this is our work! Like any other doctors, I offer spiritual services because I am a cosmic conscious soul doctor, who like you, has to make a living!  

God gifted countless of human beings with music, dancing, inventing, creative talents and ALL get  remunerated for the years they spent studying and perfecting their arts!

Do not ask me to give the rare pearls of cosmic wisdom we sweated for years for free.  We gave free books, free newsletters, free advices, free predictions, free  everything since 1991… Simply ask yourself, WHAT DID YOU GIVE THE WORLD LATELY?  

Not even the act of  copying and sharing a single link or this article speaks of some people’s selfish nature and the karma  they will have to pay for separating  themselves from the rest of humanity! 

I do not like to lecture people about decency and integrity because once upon a time I was also consumed with and by myself!  And I am sure today, many of my readers will heed the words of a 67 year old wiser man!. 

Now on to the full explanation of the infected psyche of  Stephen Craig Paddock! 

Remember I do not practice modern Astrology but Nostradamus 16th century divine methodology!  The great Seer did not have a watch or a computer five hundreds years ago. Thus, the ancient art  is interpreted through symbolism  where most attention is given to the natal and hidden dragon locations by houses and signs.

This methodology is unique and does not reflect the jargonized modern astrology you follow, study, teach  or read or those offered by Google or Facebook astrology/tarot wasteful “for entertainment purpose only” websites! 

I am like and old kitchen pot where you will make the good food  to feed your  starving spirit with the real magic of Divine Astrology. 

The following will be translated in simple terms and in full comprehensible English to our VIP’s!

 Stephen Craig Paddock was born April 9, 1953 , I will offer his FULL UCI to our VIP’s soon! Join, become a VIP  to read all about his personality, his fate, his sins and virtues and most of all the real  reasons to why he committed this horrific act in Las Vegas!


Sun 19Ari20  (1)   exalted 

Moon 19Aqu13  (11)

Mercury 22Pis42  (12)   detriment 

Venus 25Ari29  (1)   detriment 

Mars 14Tau37  (2)   detriment  (traditional) 

Jupiter 23Tau11  (2)

Saturn 24Lib19  (7)   exalted 

Uranus 14Can34  (4)

Neptune 22Lib37  (7)

Pluto 20Leo56  (5)   exalted 

MNNode 09Aqu48  (11)

MSNode 09Leo48  (5)

BlackMoon 11Vir55  (6)


IN MUTUAL RECEPTION:  Moon in Aquarius Uranus in Cancer   Venus in Aries Mars in Taurus

DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Mars Jupiter disposited by Venus Moon disposited by Uranus Saturn disposited by Venus Mercury disposited by Neptune Uranus disposited by Moon Venus disposited by Mars Neptune disposited by Venus Mars disposited by Venus Pluto disposited by Sun


Saturn – focus Neptune – focus

Mercury Sun – reaction Venus – reaction Jupiter Yod, tight Mercury – focus

Pluto Saturn Neptune Mystic Rectangle

Pluto Saturn Neptune Moon Sun Venus Fixed T-Square

Moon Mars –

focus Jupiter –

focus Pluto Cardinal T-Square Sun Uranus –

focus Saturn Neptune

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent

Cardinal 6 50 %

Fixed 5 42 %

Mutable 1 8 %

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent

Fire 4 33 %

Earth 2 17 %

Air 4 33 %

Water 2 17 %

IN CRITICAL DEGREES: (Mansions of the Moon): Venus Pluto

MOON PHASE: Last Quarter

MOON LATITUDE: 00 N 50 MOON DISTANCE: 366349.8 km.

Close Distance

MOON SPEED: 14.39982 deg/day Fast Speed


EVEN LOWER-ORDER: 8 0.99090 4 0.99454

ODD HIGHER-ORDER: 41 0.91944 169 0.93187

EVEN HIGHER-ORDER: 14 0.97992 180 0.98015

 Stephen Craig Paddock was born April 9, 1953 , I will offer his FULL UCI to our VIP’s soon! Join, become a VIP  to read all about his personality, his fate, his sins and virtues and most of all the real  reasons to why he committed this horrific act in Las Vegas!

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Image result for DR.TURI


“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

The reptilius are winning the battle against humanity and no one supports or pays attention to a modern prophet! Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order


The Magical Power of Talisman  

Cabalistic Healing  

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