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A prophet is the founder of the ideas that reflect the reality of the absolute truth in the material world. However, many do not perceive the concept of the absolute truth!

UPDATE  M 6.3 – OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN – 2016-09-23 00:14:34 UTC

Can the Moon Make an Earthquake Worse? Yes much worse!


Update 4/23/2015 –Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupts for first time in more than 40 years – I proved once again that divine astrology is a reliable art and science and I am once again refreshing your memory!

Facts to consider!… On April 6th I did a *radio show with Betsey Lewis…/betsey-lewis-rainbow-vision-net…/

I suggested the host and my world wide reading audience to write down the given dates and mentioned large earthquakes and a “volcanic eruption!

On April 12, 2015 I posted the article titled “‘Sagan, Dawkins, DeGrasse, astrology is a real art and science, here is the undeniable proof!”

All the ‘SHOCKING” collected results are available to all the skeptics and atheists alike at “…/

MEMO “The next SOS to the world, dates for quakes above 6.0 etc. were also mentioned on my April 6th, 2015 radio show with Betsy Lewis or April 24 and/or May 10 (48 HOURS CENTERING THE GIVEN DATES.)”

No atheists and skeptics, its not everyday that Mother Nature display such power, volcanoes do not erupt everyday! I will post the results of the current SOS to the world window in the same article. Atheists, if you did not listen to the radio show, did you not notice the word VOLCANO is printed in the article? Both the quatrain “Entrails upset spit above” and keyword “volcano,” depict undeniable facts; that there is a BIG difference between traditional education and intelligence.

You like it or not, willing to accept it or not, I did better than ALL geologists in the entire world by giving you the very precise timing for the latest volcano eruption! Now be ready for the rest and instead of fearing a false god and denying God’s real cosmic divinity, try upgrading your perception of the cosmos.

BE WARNED April 24 and/or May 10

Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


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Twenty years ago, a 6.7-magnitude killed 57 people in the greater Los Angeles area and caused $42 billion in damage.

Los Angeles (CNN) — A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Los Angeles area Friday night, the USGS reported. “Tonight’s earthquake is the second in two weeks, and reminds us to be prepared,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said. Hours before, a 3.6-magnitude tremor hit the same spot, according to the USGS. Over a week ago, a 4.4-magnitude quake hit about 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles at around dawn. Friday’s quake was stronger and shook longer.

Dear Readers;

4/13/2015 Should you pay attention? 3.5 earthquake rattles Los Angeles


Sagan, Dawkins, DeGrasse, Astrology is a real science, here is the undeniable proof! (A MUST read!)

Note: This is the updated version of an older newsletter published 03/29/2014.

I felt the urge to warn my readers again as the muting Neptunian Draconis destructive power is aiming for the US and Canadian coast lines.  There is no denying my “gas” prediction knowing in 2015 gas prices could average $2.64 a gallon, the lowest since 2009. There is no denying my March 8, 2013 prediction of the US economy rebound either!

Would you also doubt of Hitler’ Spirit cursing the world after reading my 2015 predictions or does ISIS burning people alive and cutting heads off speaks of what I saw years ago and share with the world since my first national radio show on Art Bell in 1995? 

Faith – 11/2015-02/2017 the beginning of the End of All Religions

Just Google “Dr. Turi predictions” or anything you want to know about and add Dr. Turi at the end of your sentence, ET VOILA! I could keep you reading my predictions until pigs fall from the sky but you may or may not get it… Because this is what I do since 1991 and all I wrote is posted on the Internet since 2001.

News about pandemic, poisoning, water, the ocean, ships etc. were published well before CNN reported the news. The Neptunian Draconis is already active and you must share my work so others can be prepared and warned of what to expect this year. While some reports are dramatic, the chances of very large earthquakes in the ocean producing tsunami is a certainty.

To those following my work, there should be no doubting my impeccable timing for above 6.0 earthquake predictions, and for the skeptics. Simply check my previous well documented, dated, published predictions on my website.

Each months of 2015 I offer serious warnings to when the cosmic wind will be strong enough to produce those earthquakes and the possibility of a deadly tsunami i.e. January 2015 SOS To The World Windows.

When it happen, and its just a matter of time, I am 100% sure, the exact date has or will be offered to our VIP’s. Then I will post it publicly as I always do. But not many people are heeding my warnings and while the authorities, even when reading my solid facts, still laugh at me! They think they know better.

When those large quakes hits and kills thousands, they will still read today’s article with the same attitude and do nothing to heedt the cosmic code jurisdictions.  It is a fact, earthquakes taking place in the depth of the oceans are much more complex and much more difficult for NOAA to detect and offer warnings.

The authorities warnings ALWAYS comes after the quake hits, and the tsunami is already in motion… Since the devastating Asian tsunamis new warnings system were placed all over the Indian and Pacific oceans. But this serves no true help for Americans, because the CA fault is so close to the US coastlines.  By the time the warnings gets to you, you may have only a few minutes to escape a 500 miles per hours 200 feet wave of destruction.

Once more DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER! All I am doing is offering you my own warnings days, weeks even months ahead of time. As usual I am expecting the rational educated morons to demand me to produce the exact location, the exact time and the exact magnitude of the next earthquakes.

But what is astonishing to me is; they would never consider asking USGS, NOAA or USGS those pertinent questions.  Talk about the degree of logical intelligence those agnostics idiots have to show for!  Those suckers would not hesitate to spend a fortune on a football match or a punk rock band than to invest on the cosmic code predictions we generate monthly.  The general public is so undeserving really and so unconscious, its a miracle to functions as it does.

It seems every single dates I gave in two of my 2014 SOS To The World windows became significant enough to make the news on CNN a few months ago, all ending on the given date of  March 29 with a 5.1-magnitude earthquake hitting Los Angeles.

Memo from  “SOS To The World Large Earthquakes Ahead. March 25/26/27 Predictions.”

“Expect shocking developing news on March 25/26/27 and the following days, 27/28/29 will  speak of the possibility of  terrorism AND VERY DRAMATIC DEADLY NEWS IN UKRAINE.”

UPDATE 03/29/14 – CNN NEWS! A preliminary magnitude 4.1 earthquake has been felt in southern California, USGS says. 

03/29/14 – Another quake rattles L.A. area — Earthquake?
03/29/14 –  5.1-magnitude quake hits L.A. area  – Earthquake?
03/26/14  – Ukraine’s right sector leader killed – Shocking?
03/27/14 – 9 Air Force commanders fired – Aeronautics/Shocking?
03/27/14 – Outrage over airline’s baggage note  Outrage over airline's baggage note – Aeronautics

In this article I also wrote, “Do you really think I am having fun policing you with the cosmic code readers and warn you about the possibility of one of my utmost terrible “EXODUS” prediction to unfold?”

Is the ‘big one’ coming?  Is the 'big one' coming?

All your tax dollars goes to USGS and none could ever relate to the art and science of astrogeology. Today’s geologists can never make any form of progress when they all think the same.

 “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
Albert Einstein

 Still to this day, after many years spending billions building sophisticated electronic equipment, the scientific matrix has NEVER nor will they EVER offer you a single earthquake prediction warning ahead of time!

The timing is UNIVERSAL. It could be anytime, anywhere but more so on one of the SOS window dates. The fact is; I did and will do better than all geologists combined together and this type of claim, while being real does not make me a friend of the scientific community. But be sure, they can not wait for me to write and learn more from me.

Those scientists will be in denial until forced to acknowledge the facts I make them think, wonder and maybe they are too astonished by my repetitive solid quake prediction methodology. And worse, since 1991, after so many dated, printed, published radio and televised hits they refuse to learn about it.

Once the more the young souls will be fast to say, “earthquakes happen everyday” and this is a solid fact, however, my “windows” always involve quakes above 6.0 and so far, there is no denying my solid timing.  But the USGS can do no better! I am well ahead of the scientific community with a precise repetitive timing, because all the authorities have been able to offer you is; warnings after a quake, not timing or location what so ever!

There’s nothing to laugh at or ridicule readers. When the endless results of my past, present and future earthquakes predictions are real and are so easily verified. None of those educated heads honor the very word “science” and start being curious instead of hiding their ignorance in their shameful silence.

But my exposing articles will not stop the  “Young Souls” the atheists, the skeptics and traditionally educated agnostics landing on my work for the first time to lump me with Mrs. Cleo instead of behaving intelligently or click on the clarifying links to check my claims.

As often mentioned, more and more cosmic coders are joining our VIP website everyday and this force me to sound redundant.  I have, REPETITION, to help them catch up with my oldest trusting  clientele.

I used to live in North San Diego and I have experienced first hand the tremors and sound of many earthquakes and it is petrifying. Finally we had enough of the dangerous seismic incertitude below and we moved to the safer  Phoenix “Arid Zone.”

If you are living in an area not free of natural disasters maybe knowing about your cosmic biorhythms could help make you more wary or safer than your non cosmic conscious neighbors.

Following the predicted 6.9 M and today’s 5.1 tremor,  thousands of people are reminded of the active faults zones they live among and after a few quakes warnings, like we did years ago, thousands will plan to move away for their own safety.

Checking my software I can easily go back to the exact days and check the cosmic legacy of all those earthquakes and there is always an indisputable pattern modern astrologers and scientists alike would love for me to expose…  I divulge a little at time, in all my articles… “Full moon may disrupt may Dr. Turi says it does” (recuperated) Forbes Financial Astrology From India. (BIN.)

But I can only reveal so much and as we come to the end of March 2014, April predictions will offer our VIP ‘s those upcoming crucial SOS to the world windows and so much more! Indeed 2015 be a life changer for millions of people living on the coastlines of the US and Canada…

When this happen the real estate will explode in the neighboring states  and while we pray for this”exodus” to never happen, it will and I know the most probable months and days this will occur but the warnings are in the Cosmic Code website and for our VIP’s eyes.

While  Dr. Turi 2014 – 2016 Arian Draconis Universal Predictions is still cursing the world, pay attention to the 2015 Neptunian Draconis predictions and heed my warnings.

 I am disgusted by the pathetic attitudes of many. All I get from those uncaring sub-human is; get me off your mailing list!  – Talk about offering pearl to swine!… Matthew 7.

There is enough courage or true commitment from human to better the world they live on, and a real cosmic God is seriously pissed off at its children egocentric “educated” nature refusing to acknowledge its cosmic divinity and make good use of the signs with good intentions.

When the time comes  for them all to face God, I wonder what excuses they will have. Indeed the majority of those cold, insensitive people do not believe in God. Nor in a judgement day nor karma but all I can say is; wait and see what karma is all about.

I will only reward our paying VIP’s with my cosmic wisdom, teachings and warnings, as I can only offer only so much of the undiluted truth to the public. People can’t handle the truth. They are ill fitted to deal with the harsh reality of life and nature inevitable destructive dance.

I understand the importance and the place I own in many readers minds and souls, because I come to you from the heart. I come everyday  in the privacy of your home and share my visions, offering you the option to drink at the source of legitimate cosmic wisdom.

But my articles will always steer various forms of emotions and reactions. Some will hate my gut, others will love it.  Some will agree with me, some will reject my views and get offended, all because their common sense, education and intelligence is being questioned. Some will get scared of my visions of the future and will swiftly exit the cosmic code leaving all to the grace of God.

When joining the cosmic code some people  have great expectations I work endlessly to fulfill. Some will get my warnings and teachings right away, thanks to their advanced cosmic nature, others will have to work  a bit harder.

The ill informed public assume I am another nirvanic Indian  “guru”  or a ghoul and expect all my predictions to be written in stone offering the exact time and location for all future natural disasters.   My direct approach to life and brutal honesty can be too abrasive for the critical, perfect, educated minds and those people need time to adjust to my own Arian expressive nature.

Consequently, it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone because human do not act nor react the same “cosmic” ways! Mostly because of their education, intelligence, experiences and  most of all, their natal UCI!

For instance, if religion played a big part in your early teachings, the word “astrology” may have steered deep subconscious encrusted fears and you’ll run away from the very chance to develop a connection to God’s real cosmic consciousness…

If you were raised by parents born with a scientific, rational UCI , chances are the ridicule will reappear as you visualize and hear them laughing about horoscopes and astrology while discussing astronomy. Indeed, this is when they lost a part of their intuitive nature and forgot about the spirit.

Each one of us can only see his/her own reality through the five human rational senses, in association with the memories of their personal life’s experiences.  Your first teachers will always have a very strong impact on your psychical development and if your UCI is “codified/Libra“, “Neptunian/Pisces”  religions will reign in your life. But if your cosmic nature is earthy “logical/Capricorn,”  politics and atheism will become inescapable…

Its amazing how the majority of people are so unconscious and so neurologically responsive to their stars and signs.  All the while being totally unaware of the subtle phenomenon taking place above in the stars…

I wish I had only good news visions to share but this isn’t possible when society and all elites of education have been conditioned to immediately dismiss the divine.  This is my accurate perception of a world gone mad because greed, power, fear and the evil of cosmic ignorance is allowed to grow like an unstoppable cancer.

This dense physical world is trapping the spirit of so many unconscious “young souls”  who will always pretend to know better by trusting their religious or scientific doctrines and in no way will they open up to the cosmic wisdom of all erudite men of the past.

 Being practical in the world of the spirit is the challenge I took to accommodate the young souls unperceptive nature. This is why, I adjusted the methodology of the great prophet Nostradamus “nebulous” quatrains into something very tangible. I do clarify the mysterious cosmic energy with  a set of obvious English key-words. Imagine if like Nostradamus, I was using the same nebulous methodology? He had to do so as to avoid the Inquisition, allowing only the extreme spiritual people of his time to benefit from his prophetic work.

Imagine what today’s scientists, skeptics, agnostics and atheists would say if I did not “upgrade and clarify” Nostradamus astrological predictive legacy with sensible quatrains and obvious keywords?  I shouldn’t have to be burnt on the stake in 2015 for waking you up to the world of mystery in a  logical manner.

But even though, in all practicality, God’s cosmic tools are too much for some to decipher or use in my simplistic quatrains and many are incapable to recognize nor accept the obvious!

Faced with such idiotic stubbornness, there isn’t much  to help this particular crowd  grasp my cosmic teachings. They are days where I hate for being blessed with the cosmic wisdom some envious idiots are cursing me for!

What keeps me going is the endless support received by the majority of my readers allowing me to use my gift to serve them with what I do best. It pains me when my sensitive, loving, soul mate Terania takes her work too personally and complains sometimes for some undeserving treatments.

One of my client was complaining to her because I “disciplined him,” by politely asking him to do the listening and answer me with a yes or no only.  This person was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Gemini (the chatterbox) in his 3rd house (the mind) and I knew.  if I would have let him talk during the reading, then at the end of the meeting; the recording would be full of his own words instead of my wisdom.

I did my client a favor, but he did not understand my motivation to give him my best. Instead he thought I was an egocentric! Go figure! Its amazing how much human, humans are… lol

I had to waste more time to clarify my actions to make him understand why I told him to wait towards the end of our consultation to talk. Indeed this is what the Tail of the Dragon in Gemini does when afflicting the 3rd house of communication. Astrology is more than pseudoscience.

There are times when she feels bad for failing reaching someone she tried hard to help. She uses all her communicative powers and loving self to convince people of the real world yet they are so undeserving. Though nothing surprise her anymore.

She has been trying to finish writing her first eBook, I suggested “Terania*logy” as a title,  but its her book, her wisdom, her feelings and this work reflect the many months she spent producing it during the night, while working the day on our home business.

Lastly, I announced publicly that I would “remote” myself in time and space into the 370 flight cockpit through astral projection and watch the very last moments, actions and decisions of the pilot responsible for this terrorist mass suicide.  When time is right for me to tap on the supra-conscious to reveal the mystery, I will do so for our VIP’s.

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi



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