Louis’ hip arthroscopy or a cuckoo’s nest?


Love saves it all

Hi readers…

It’s Terania, Mrs. Turi.

While this is a  private Cosmic Code newsletter dedicated to our cosmic coders, since we got so many emails of support, I decided to share it with the public.

I don’t make You Tube videos often but when I feel its important, I write about our experiences.

Thank you all again, for your prayers regarding Louis’ hip arthroscopy, due to a fall last August 2018 – Yesterday was quite a day going and coming back from the hospital, sharing this crazy day, will tell you what to expect from a Mercury retrograde. 

I had Louis at Mercy hospital, in Gilbert in about twenty minutes early yesterday morning.

It was around 10:30 am when we arrived.

We got him registered and his surgery was scheduled for 1:30 pm… I kissed him goodbye and he went off with the nurse.

Arthroscopy procedure

So, I sat in the waiting room for what seemed an eternity and fell asleep for a couple hours at least…

Then, the doctor’s assistant came to tell me that everything was running behind, and that the surgery will take place later than planned.

Knowing Mercury is retrograde, I was expecting delays and did not make much of it.

Well, it was 4:40 pm and no surgery still…

I was wondering how bad this Mercury was going to be but yet again, patience is the key in this kind of situation. 

I used my cellphone and spoke to Louis a few times and he was getting very impatient, but I kept reminding him of the stars and to be patient.

I went to the cafeteria at least four times or so, probably, trying to kill more time and got to know that part of the hospital quite well after roaming back and forth.

And while my idea of exercise is sometimes a good brisk sit, I still need that walkin’ around the corner of awesome and bomdiggity… (lol) Because I know, patience is all about counting down before blasting off, as tough times only refine you.

Each year, there are three major negative SUPERNOVA windows and countless SOS to the world deadly windows.

Each destructive “window” is operational for a few days to a few weeks, thus caution and patience is strongly advised during this period in all that you do… Especially if you decide to travel.

I recall in 2010, during a Mercury retrograde motion, for our wedding in Las Vegas, Louis invited his entire family and he told them to book their plane on the very specific dates he gave them.

And they did…

Doing so, they arrived a day before the Eyjafjallajökull Icelandic volcano eruption grounded thousands of people in airports all over the world, from April 15 to the 23rd!

Indeed cosmic wisdom spares you time and money and will in some cases save your life! 

However, this is now the second “2019 supernova window” of the year…

It was supposed to begin on June 17th and to go on through August… Not this early… Though the secret is that it never really goes away. It’s just stronger during the “generally agreed upon phase.”

And indeed a perfect time for the reptilius to create all sorts of chaos and miscommunications.

Check this link to read more about retrograde 


The gift shop was also closed, due to computer issues… Again, another warning of what was about to happen to us later on.

I mean, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I was getting from people I spoke to at the hospital…

Another lady mentioned something similar happened to her yesterday!

She went in for a five minute procedure (non surgical) but they brought in the anesthesiologist and had her trying to prep for surgery. (Lol)

It took over three hours to straighten that one out.

Also and this is where as Louis is suggesting for you to auto analyze what is going on in your life or other people you know and be ready for delays, confusion and irritation.

As a rule, people you have not seen for a long time will comeback into your life and an option to dig deeper into metaphysics or yourself, will be offered by the planet Mercury.

Sad enough, scientists, astronomers and the majority of UFO’s speakers are not cosmic conscious and think of the stars are mere rocks only or the moon serving only as a UFO’s base! 


Finally, Louis’ called me telling me the surgery will begin around 5:30 PM yesterday evening.

Then my phone died, and my car charger was missing.

I was worried about one of the doctor’s assistants being unable to find me if I were to leave the waiting room again, but I was told that they would page me over the speakers in outpatient surgery if needed.

I need a new car charger fast and what not better time during this “rewind” motion to do it.

Louis’ surgery wasn’t over until 8:45 or so. And they brought him out to me, around 10 PM or later I think it was…

The doctor was supposed to put the brace on him, yet they did not, causing him to be in more pain on the way home.

The critical device was under his bed with his personal belongings and they never bothered to check I guess!

Sheesh…This is America. Now think of the poor-quality health services that are holding back progress on improving health in countries at all income levels.

Again blame Mercury slowing down and stopping the human brain to function properly!

And this is what makes it dangerous for any form of transportation… Mercury afflicts all moving parts and the mind of humans and the reptilius have a blast destroying everything during this period.

Tracy Morgan gets in a crash right after buying a $2 million Bugatti


Related image

Its all about misinformation, confusion, frustration…

Symptoms pointed to cancer. But it wasn’t a tumor surgeons removed

No wonder universal health care remains an empty promise to so many, when the medical staff can’t get it together, to forget or cut the patients leg brace to fit properly after a surgical procedure.

He also had some trapped blood beneath the skin, but I immediately gave him his first medicine (Dioflanac), which should help with the inflammation, prevention of blood clots and also pain.

Usually Louis gives his immune system a boost, with his “Universal blood transfusion,” he uses natural remedies to heal the body and stays clear of prescription drugs as when he had cancer previously in 2011 but in this case, he and his doctor have never suggested that all prescription drugs are bad.

I saw the picture of all the debris that was removed from his hip and I understand now why he was in so much pain since his fall.

I can only hope his back gets better after the long prescribed physical therapy because he still complains of some stabbing pain.

It is very hard for me to see him getting up in the morning at times and listening to him trying to walk around.

We have educated ourselves enough about those that are medically necessary for the time being and with the latest advancements, feel all should run smooth, until treatment is complete.

Nevertheless, I will also, still provide him with all the nature I can.

Click on the underlined link, for more information about Dr. Turi’s Universal blood transfusion…

I then waited an hour and gave him the Doxycyclone for his antibiotic…

This morning, I gave him an aspirin and Losartan for his blood pressure.

Last night, he felt as if he was experiencing some side effects, such as panic attacks from the Dioflanac and he was very hyper.

Louis, like me is not keen ingesting any medications but in this case he has to follow his doctor orders. 

I almost couldn’t get him to sleep a wink and the TV has been on all day and all night since he came-back home.

Louis’ strong Mercury (reasoning mind), and Aries (impatient) dragon head / North node – Has always given him a ridiculous amount of physical and spiritual energy that must be played out in words and actions. The unaware psychological fields classify kids with such, as A.D.D. (“Attention Deficit Disorder”) or ADHD.

Contrary to what scientists assume and see as an ailment, ADHD it is actually a potent gift from God giving the soul two lives in one and the option to accomplish much more than a “normal” human being.

President Trump is also a ADHD and like my husband, he does not look his age and he is loaded with energy.

Only an ADHD can take so much pressure from a President’s job and still have fun fighting doing it! 

The soul is simply planned out to naturally reject traditional education, thus opening the rare door to genius and with it, the possibility for new discovery and achievement.

*Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and DT were born with an “ADHD affliction.”

Thus, if a teacher is confused or wrong about some information, the Mercurial soul’s inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to facts.

Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are some of the characteristics one with that planetary position has. Born a DUAL mean also a tremendous amount of mental energy and this is why my husband’s moon (emotions) and hidden Gemini Dragons (fate,) including Art Bell and George Noory were born Gemini “Messengers of the Gods!” (Click on the underlined link, for more information…)

The soul will never follow long established dogmas and challenge all accepted disciplines. And doing so, the Mercurial spirit will open new doors to new mental exploration.

They will always be curious by nature and are always questioning. Boredom is their worst enemy and they must connect with intellectual people who can provoke their far-fetched mind, while still teaching them the importance of traditional education.

Telling jokes is also a part of their mental agility and this is why George Noory is always telling jokes and he did so on his birthday.

For some folks, who can’t relate to our work, they think that when Louis speaks the truth, he is joking… To them, it’s funny.

But it’s not, it’s a serious matter…

 I am alien…The final revelation

A powerful message to the world…

More serious than one may think.

Yeah, we don’t like even a small amount of med’s but those are the only three he will take for now.

Incidentally he did not suffer any more negative side effects from those medications.

Being tired and frustrated all day yesterday made him vulnerable and  allowed the reptilius to take over his mind, but his will and inner Draco did the job! 

For now, I am exhausted and need to catch some shut eye again… Or at least try.

Once again, your positive vibes towards Louis’ recovery are much appreciated and please keep them up, because one of the main importance’s right now, is preventing blood clots.

I must add, that Louis and I woke thus morning, after only a few hours of sleep…To a phone call from his TOPS physical therapy (luckily located next door), asking us to come in after 11 am and then, after that one, received another call from the doctor’s office (30 MN away), asking us to come in at 9:15.

So, we made it on time, but they had our appointment messed up at the doctor’s office.

All just another retrograde mix up… Of course, they finally worked around it.

Joe (Louis’ physical therapist) and Louis did well at therapy, with a 91 degree lift on his non-surgical leg and a 20 degree lift on the surgery leg.🙂

He is all booked in and ready to go through the end of July for that at least.

The rest of his devices arrived today and his Flex Mate anatomical Knee Continuous Passive Motion machine is in working order again.

Louis looks like an astronaut with these electronic devices attached to his calves, while the Lex Mate CPM machine keeps his leg going up and down for 6 hours a day to help avoid blood-clots. And watching TV all day long is not him… He is really in pain and impaired and I must attend all his needs. 

Other than that, we are home again and hopefully Louis will hopefully and comfortably be relaxing on the sofa healing, while I will soon make something to eat.

Louis never ceases to amaze me, in almost any situation.

Though at times, I wonder if he is really human.

I know he is made of steel, but he outdoes me a lot, even with such an age difference.

Thus, he says he still will do his radio show tonight, at 7 central time…With Bernadine LeBlanc, so check the following link for more. Let’s hope with Mercury retrograde the show will take place!

And, as expected, the show did not happen! lol How can any smart human beings on planet earth deny my husband’S cosmic work?

I can not wait for him to talk about UFO’s, the nefarious reptilius using the stars against humans and offer the magnificent power of Draco at the next UFO’s conferences.

From Alyne Pustanio: “Dr. Turi, please accept my apologies. The show runner’s system crashed early on and wasn’t rebooting. We were live, but without that system we couldn’t bring you in on the show. Again, we’re sincerely sorry, and I hope you’ll consider joining us in the future.”

The Fram Strait, between Greenland & Svalbard, is the main gateway through which sea ice leaves the Arctic Ocean. On their way south towards the Atlantic Ocean, this is where ice floes like these come to die

The Arctic is experiencing a vast melting of sea ice. But deep in the ocean, something is happening that scientists are still trying to fully understand.

Indeed the reptilius are working very hard to destroy mother earth and all humans living on this planet and the antarctic “UFO’s bases” and true purposes will be fully explained by my husband in time…

I will offer this newsletter to Alyne so she will not feel too bad and work with her to reschedule Louis on her show.

One thing sure, Louis was in pain but fully ready for the show at his desk.

As I said he amazes me in all he does, and sometimes I wonder if he not an ET in disguise working his magic on earth. (lol).

Meantime, while he is  dedicated, I am glad he could not do it because the pain killers may have interfered with his fast wit!

I recall that when he had cancer in 2011, the doctors told him he would be down and out for six months or so. But not him…

Beat cancer, stop smoking now and enjoy a long, healthy life…

Within a month or month and a half I think it was, he was on the roof of our house and building a swing on the back patio.

Et voila!

Goes to show how the human will is that much stronger sometimes, than the reptilius and the stars and what many doctors may tell you.

No one is immune…

Anyways, be careful out there because the roads have been crazy the last couple days.

Upon leaving the hospital at almost midnight, power washers had the hospital entrance blocked with their trailer set up in the middle of the entry and exit way, full of hoses, tools, cones and all kinds of other gadgets.

Let me just say, that when a Sicilian man has just come from surgery, after all those hours of frustration and waiting and not eating for over 24 hrs, he is one “BAD MEATBALL” and I mean that literally. (lol)

Why would they park in the middle of the road and mess up the traffic was simply unacceptable to Louis and he told them so! 

He keep yelling to move and used the horn of my car many times so we could drive away and he was ready to go, regardless of his surgery lol.

They got scared but when they saw his crutches they still did not budge.

He was READY to GO and they wouldn’t almost let us leave.

I had to go in and grab the security to help us.

Otherwise, that situation could have turned out like when Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) got transferred for evaluation from a prison farm to a mental institution…

What movie was that?

Oh yes…

“One flew over the cuckoo’s nest!”

Only someone like Devito or Aldo Fabrizi (God bless his soul) would be portraying my husband (Or maybe Jack Nicholson?), getting transferred from one hospital to another but a mental institution at that!

Today, I was running some errands after Louis’ first therapy session and a man brought his travel trailer, attached to his elevated F250 truck, in the shopping plaza which was causing quite a scene, and another hold up, to the line of traffic around the main entrance of the center…

Image result for travel trouble

Pro Tip: Make sure to park exactly where school officials tell you to do so. Otherwise you may block traffic or cause issues for students moving about campus.

I was in the CENTER and everyone had to maneuver themselves in an orderly fashion, to match him up, as he pulled out in BETWEEN us. Ugh…

Oh and I how can I forget, the sensor hole on the nozzle of the gas pump, shutting off before the tank got full… 

Don’t they know that when there are no expensive places left to take your wife, you take her to the gas station???

C’mon…Don’t these people know the loneliness of a gas station at night?


Louis also told me in one of those Mercury retrograde motion in California, he came across a cow running in front of him on the highway… I guess animals are not immune to the stars and the reptilius.

Then there was a ladders stalling the highway traffic on our way back home from the hospital…

Indeed the reptilius tried all day to use Mercury retrograde to frustrate me, to lose attention and get me into an accident!

They did not succeed, even though it was a crazy day!

Like Louis says, “I wonder how people can enjoy a safe life knowing nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions, (the signs/the stars) and the reptilius using them to kill us!”


Slow down folks and please remember to secure the ladder to each support point, as that can only greatly reduce the damaging effects of road shock.

Daily run of the mill perhaps but either way, we run the day, or the day runs us.

Did you check your personal window dates?


Applied knowledge is power! Check your 2019 Universal and personal Dragon forecast

God knows we don’t need any more chain reaction accidents but with planet Mercury moving in opposite direction to planet Earth, who knows what will show up in the news this time around.

Feel free to share…

~Peace, luv and light,

Terania Turi


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