Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was a Terrorist Mass Suicide Act!


“If you make people think they will love you but if you really make them think the way I do then they will hate you”  Take a chance on your spirit, claim the undiluted truth,  think outside of the controlling matrix in charge of the media!


Important Note to the public:  Remote Viewing Flight 370 cockpit, the real story!

My Internet enemies hijacked all the articles, predictions, warnings, metaphysical, cosmic secrets and natural healing teachings I wrote from my website since August 2013. This forced me to change and now use the TOP server protection available but all the links  (and articles) are gone.

This episode muted me since my last March 10, 2014 “SOS to the world” preparing my reading audience for a “new beginning ending” (Vladimir Putin / Ukraine – Flight 370?) but luckily for you, a few of my latest articles are still available from BIN website.

Dr. Turi 6.9 earthquake prediction – Yes OIL Is Missing From Plane… March 2014 Predictions  Updated! The Truth About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 

I am not sure why those people are interested in my work but it seem they will use my work for their personal agenda. This is roughly two hundreds cosmic code newsletters of crucial information.

I can only repost a few of  all those educational cosmic articles and they are ALL fully available from my Cosmic Code website. Show your support for my work by joining the cosmic code website because the real goodies are for for my VIP’s only and you will always get so much more once you decide to join than what I post here for the public.   In order for you to enjoy past, present and future cosmic code newsletters, you must become a VIP.

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Dear Readers;

It’s time to bring closure and the facts about what happened to Flight 370… Indeed some serious BIG fishes directly involved with the US or other countries do not want my UNARGUABLE predictions to reach you… Are my predictions much too real and much too sensitive for some groups (or people) to stop me divulging them to you? This is why I can only divulge most scary facts and predictions from the cosmic code website only…

Sharing email:

Lyndon Bishop

“What a pathetic irresponsible thing to suggest or even publish. I suggest you think very hard about what you publish in future and just maybe have some compassion for those who’s loved ones are missing and stop glorifying you so called abilities on predictions. You very sad, sad individual!”

DT’s Rebuttal: Please do not make me responsible for the accident, why don’t you blame ALL the people on CNN talking or writing about this dramatic event, all trying to find an answer to this “accident” while you are at it? I am bringing awareness and true cosmic wisdom and explained  what happened because feeling sorry only does not help anyone to finding closure or the reasons! Again my work is not for super emotional non cosmic conscious “young souls.”

May God bless the souls of all the lost victims

Using the science of Astropsychology I will attempt to shed some light on the psyches of both pilots and the March 8th, 2014 fated 370 flight to China. First and foremost, indeed as expected, Zaharie Ahmad Shah was under one of his 2014 negative Personal Cosmic Biorhythms when he decided to change the destiny of all the people, directly or indirectly involved in flight 370!  I also made reference to my anticipation on BIN in “Updated! The Truth About Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.”

Once more the born logical young souls are forbidden to enter the intuitional domain of my work and can only hide their cosmic ignorance by ridiculing all my articles. My highly spiritual work is not for the feeble minded but for the more psychically advanced curious human being…

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand” the voice of heaven.”

– Matthew 13.13

Sad enough the world is not yet aware of my latest “cosmic” discovery which could serve the astrological community with the utmost accurate information ever disclosed by the old science.

This is only the result of my lifetime independent research on the cosmic code jurisdictions finding its undeniable accuracy in the old science of Astropsychology.  If the scientific community was to honor the word investigation, soon the indisputable results would astonish everyone of them.   Once more, all the explanations involving the dynamics of  a ” Personal Cosmic Biorhythms” are now available to the new reader and only those who ordered this service can attest its accuracy. 

All the dramatic news always involve a date and all participants own a DOB which allows me to investigate their Personal Unique Celestial Identities and from there, detect their Personal Cosmic Biorhythms.

In ALL cases, the perpetrators are undergoing deep psychological changes that make them behave in total irrational ways.  I am in a position to use my modified software for each dramatic news development and each time its a direct hit.

But what good my ingeniousness do to society when, my students and I are the only ones realizing the importance of these radical “mental” episodes and the  seriousness, often deadly impact it produces upon the human psyche?

Indeed human are only robots of their inherited stars and act upon their subtle pulls robotically, neurotically and subconsciously. Imagine the wealth of information neuroscience, police detectives and forensics would benefit from if, they could cast aside their fear of the ridicule and investigate the cosmic code jurisdictions instead of laughing at its obviousness? Simply priceless but not everyone is willing to let me expose all the Illuminati cosmic secrets and up a sudden all my work disappear?

Vast fortunes are invested daily to produce reality shows such a COSMOS A SPACETIME ODYSSEY, presented by FOX  and National Geographic, all dedicated to discover and explain the working of the cosmos. How ridiculous when the elites of astronomy knows nothing of their own solar system backyard and its psychical influences upon humanity!  Indeed all this could change with my reality show idea or  The Cosmic Code Secrets Divulged.”  Indeed the price I have to pay for being “cosmically” 50 years ahead of time  readers…

The worse scenario possible… Imagine for a second if the “stolen” plane landed in one of the many US enemy countries? Then loaded with an arsenal of nukes then flown back to the US to drop its deadly loads over a few of our largest cities?

With all the respect I have for all the victims of flight 370 and their families, I can only hope now this fatalistic plane crashed into the ocean because of a mechanical failure, an explosion, bad weather or else! This would explain why the FAA matrix working with all supremely rich airlines corporations would keep it a mystery because if this type of bad publicity reach the media  is not good for future business…

Now that I have the pilots full DOB’s I can for sure tell you what was going on in the older pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah mind! First he own a dual dragon or a mixture of Pisces (oceans/drugs/religions) and Aquarius (aeronautics/technology/flying/nukes/explosions) Dragon’s Tail – Indeed a true born Neptunian and those souls will never hesitate to put their religion before any human life. Neptunian are also prone to lead a mass suicide due to legal/illegal drugs sale involvement, used or  abused secretively.

But to avoid confusion I will only concentrate on his natal Aquarius Dragon’s Tail in all my explanations… You may read more the cosmic dragon here. 

The last New Moon in Pisces reflects  not only the same cosmic auspices that produced the 911 terrorist attacks on the twin towers in N.Y. but enunciate also Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s worse negative cosmic biorhythms for 2014.

As you know life is a constant process of the same very changes and this is why I also predicted to the day the embassy attack in Benghazi!  Sad enough many links o and the unarguable proof of predictions are now gone but my oldest VIP’s can attest any of my claims.

Sad enough I also wrote and warn about electing a President that own a negative Aquarius Dragon’s Tail making the US extremely prone to nuke and cyber attacks and again those links leading to those articles are now gone. Only if you become a VIP will you be able to read ALL those articles from the very safe Ning cosmic code website.

UPDATED – 03/20/2014 – 

“VIENNA (TheBlaze/AP) — U.S.- Russian tensions over Ukraine spilled over into nuclear talks with Iran Wednesday, with Moscow’s chief envoy at the negotiations warning that his country may take “retaliatory measures” that could hurt attempts to persuade Tehran to cut back on programs that could make atomic arms. That comes as President Obama said the United States would not be “getting into a military excursion in Ukraine.”

The statement, by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, appeared to be the most serious threat of reprisal by Moscow for Western sanctions against Russia over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region. Russia is key to attempts to coax Iran into significant long-term curbs of its nuclear program in exchange for relief from U.N. and other sanctions. Iran insists it does not want nuclear arms but is seeking a deal that will result in full sanctions relief. The Russian threat, hours after the latest negotiating round ended, appeared to catch Washington off guard.

Vladimir Putin already declared war!

First and foremost, all the traditionally educated elites of the FAA are responsible for demise of all the victims of flight 370 for allowing such a person to ever fly an airplane. The karmic tail of the Dragon in the shocking, unpredictable, explosive sign of Aquarius is right in Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s 8th house of death.

This fact becomes the supreme RED light only my cosmic conscious students can detect and appreciate in my cosmic teachings and baffle all immature rational born “young souls”. Offering the option to become a pilot with such a natal UCI is like giving a live grenade to a child to play with!  Is it not a matter of IF but WHEN the pilot will die in an air crash or misuse airline for drugs or terrorist deadly purposes. In this case a terrorist mass suicide!

Again there is NO way for the FAA and 99.99% of the world’s population to yet comprehend the supremely advanced thinking process of any human being 50 years from today! And a lot will change by then when humanity will finally acknowledge its direct relationship with a new God Cosmic Consciousness.

Science cosmic awareness will improve drastically and religious deception won’t be no more and all perceptions of the divine will change drastically. All I can do is to give you a glimpse of things to come and help you develop your spiritual conception of the working of our local solar system impact, the power of the Supra-Conscious and refine yourself into a more sophisticated, spiritual human being…

Indeed the spirit of Hitler is becoming more obvious since I wrote those predictions back June 12, 2013!  Hillary Clinton compares Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine to Adolf Hitler’s in Nazi Germany.

But little does the Secretary of State knows of her own birth right and what the cosmic code has in store for her future.  Dr. Turi’s Predictions and Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Run!

Hilary Clinton; Rich, Powerful, Influential but Cosmic Unconscious – I was born Born: October 26, 1947 and can only see to the end of my educated political nose!

Whispers persist that Hillary won’t run: Health may be worse than disclosed

Looks like my predictions keep unfolding, from Dr. Turi 2014 – 2016 Arian Draconis Universal Predictions  published June 12, 2013. 

Check the FREE limited public version.

Famous People

Prediction #14 – Hilary Clinton/Bill Clinton; Hilary will suffer another health ailment (April/October/November/May) and this may cost her life. Remember she shares much of the same karmic UCI as actor Bruce Lee and we all know of his sudden death. This Dragon may also take her husband because of heart complications.

I hope for this dragon to be more forgiving with their health and fate but Dr. Turi’ stars do not lie! Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness! Let’s pray for the Clinton’ safety and God’s protection… Remember I am not into politics nor religions, I simply translate the Cosmic Code or God Universal will…


Note also it is NOT an accident for the other younger pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid to be born in April , under the sign of Aries and as predicted, suffer the 2014 Arian Draconis. Who would now challenge me knowing the 2014 Arian Draconis killed him? He probably fought Zaharie Ahmad Shah but he was eliminated with sleeping pills put his is coffe and saw nothing of the unfolding tragedy…

Sad enough he had no warning nor awareness of the Arian Draconis impact upon his life nor the option to purchase my book 2014 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast. Indeed knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

Fariq owns a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Libra (partners) is currently cursing his 7th house of partnerships (his co-pilot). Born with a steady moon in Taurus (solidity/security/home) his natal UCI do not dictate any connection nor drive to participate with Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s aims or beliefs.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah Moon (emotions) in Pisces (religions) becomes extremely vulnerable in the 9th house of religions and long distance travels making him prone to religious poisoning or religious fanaticism and influences from foreign grounds. . . Meantime under a personal negative cosmic biorhythms dementia rules and the result is A MASS SUICIDE…

Many famous Leo souls often meet with their demises because of drugs *Michael Jackson while others died in  their bathtubs in the water *Whitney Houston. In  Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s case, with his Moon in Pisces right in his 8th house of death, a watery grave is a very high probability for him and everyone else in the airplane… Note, Osama Bin Laden was also born in March, a Pisces and ended up in a watery grave! And I even predicted and gave the exact day for his demise…

Memo of my 2014 Moon Power

NEW MOON — March 1, 2014 in Pisces: With the new Head of the Dragon in the sign of Libra, more people will be attracted to uncover the laws of the universe. And with Uranus in Aries more people will be interested in finding out more about themselves. Disturbing news about religious fanatics, abortion or oil is ahead while the weather will be nasty over land and the ocean. Many diplomats will be active on the political front, trying to avoid proliferation of religious wars in different parts of the world. While Mars is in Libra fuelling acts of destruction in transportation trouble and death is the aim of every terrorist but there will be much more of a strong desire to reach balance and harmony in all areas of the human experience. Prominent politicians of the Middle East run the risk of assassination and some unlucky souls will not survive this dangerous trend. Expect progressive news involving science, chemical research. Meanwhile, it is a sure sign that drastic change is in store for parts of the Middle East and Asia. Nature and the weather could also turn out particularly difficult and may sink ships, produce devastating oil spills and flooding.

Indeed I predicted the 911 and so much more in the past!  Could I be wrong in this one when the stars were doing the same dance of evil?  


My book “Beyond The Secret” should be read by all young French people, and with it the courage to face their new future would become stronger by following my footsteps! From Hell to Heaven and the American dream became a reality for Dr. Turi and I am so sorry for the young French generation! But where there is dreams there is hopes and God will always reward and protect those who take chances in life. Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share!

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