Man Is Suing His Parents For Giving Birth To Him Without Consent – RIDICULOUSNESS!

February 16, 2019

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Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use the cosmic code wisely to unselfishly guide and serve humanity! ” Dr. Turi.


I am a reptilius infected lost young soul in search of real spiritual answers!

Dear readers;

This is the perfect example of a karmic soul refusing to reincarnate on this dense physical world and learn to grow up… Chances are, his previous past-lives dramatic experiences and failures were extremely painful and many ended up with suicide… 

Little does this immature soul know that; HE fully gave his own consent to be back on earth and chose his parents, the new challenging conditions, his sex, race, country of birth and all the new challenges he must now face!

Something HE alone imposed on himself to finally evolve spiritually into a more spiritual, loving, respectfully, productive and positive human being! His parents have nothing to do with his birthing and his mother did carry his body until the doctor killed him again by cutting his umbilical cord…  

Read more on the birthing process and the risk involving the reptilius manipulating the human genes!

Age of Truth – UFO’s, Mystery of Death, Eternity, Karma, God, Heaven Or Illusion & Reincarnation Soul Trap

Image result for France has seen abnormal rates of babies born with missing or malformed limbs in several regions. For now, the cause remains unknown, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said.

France has seen abnormal rates of babies born with missing or malformed limbs in several regions. For now, the cause remains unknown, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said.

Only when those hard lessons are mastered, will the endless dramatic and painful reincarnation principle  end… Hopefully he will land of this cosmic code newsletter and watch the video below!

People from all walks of life are infected and no one can escape the reptilius! The more notoriety, the more greed and ego blinding the soul, the more the cursed person will slave for the reptilius’ agenda! As a rule, the ego and the fear of losing control of power becomes enemy number one of any soul’s psychical progression. 

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Conspiracy theorist David Icke should be banned from Australia Minister Told!

The lost soul must acknowledge  that; “The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought!” and is the sole responsible for being right back on earth, which he perceives as pure hell!

We were made at the image of God and we create our reality each passing days, a reality that does not start nor stop at the boundaries of this dense physical world!  In fact each life spent on earth is a precious  investment for the future of the soul aiming to free himself from a low vibrational system were the soul can only learn through  pain and suffering. 

As far as  the endless, eternal karma cycle is concerned, it is not only based upon the experiences provided by and on this world… Once you paid it all, you return to and become God like and accurately judge your success and failures as you were living on earth!

Once you die, and the “electric” umbilical cord connecting your body to the super-conscious is severed, Your five earthy limited human senses are immediately replaced by a multitude of new discernment abilities impossible to describe.

You alone decide if you can shut down the reincarnation principle on this earth and move on to a much higher vibrational system…

You become “Godly like” a part of creation itself by pro-creating all sorts of new life forms (new butterflies, new  birds, new plants and flowers,) and immediately create your own reality in a world of your own unlimited imagination. The creative principle offered to you is imparted by those unlimited extrasensory gifts. They are boundless and endless and again, your own imagination becomes your own limit!

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For example lets say you were born a Neptunian  prone to fall for an early religious indoctrination… Once you die, you have been taught you will go in paradise or straight to a burning hell… You may find yourself on a white cloud with two beautify angels smiling at you leading you to the stairs of heaven… 

But you doubt your worthiness recalling bad endeavors and your “mortal sins” while living on earth… Immediately the wonderful angelic scenery changes because your creative thoughts process has  also changed to a much more negative scenery!

And what you see now is what you were taught in your church or the product of your incredible creative imagination unfolding right in front of your eyes… You are now fighting with all your strength not to walk with other sinners and fall in burning hell for ever!

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You will see the  devil coming right at you with his fork and plunge it into your abdomen and you will feel the horrific pain of being killed! But as he walks away letting you perish, he realize you are not dead yet, thus he comes right back and kill you again. And again, and again, and again… 

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Yet, your will to survive and the forgiveness you expect from God or Jesus, will once again bring you back to a safer, “cooler” more peaceful angelic place… Then, through your fearful thoughts, once again, you “invite” Satan to kill you again, and again, and again, and again….

Until you finally realize you are creating a very real devastating scenery and start applying your will by controlling your thoughts… And this is where you are able to free yourself from this plane of mental existence and able to hear the help you desperately need to “upgrade” into the akashic records.

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

This is why you are on earth to learn how to control your thought process, to create and and aim for love, light, progress, hopes, education, respect and all the beauty humans are capable of…

There are endless levels of existence above and below this earthy world offering much more than the five limited human rational senses can perceive.  But the reptilius are working overtime to keep your consciousness into man made religious accepted disciplines or a rational science turning people into atheists. 

Earth vibrates at a very low speed and make it HELL on earth for us all until we  shut down karma (for this low level of consciousness) and move on to a much higher level of experiences involving  a tremendous amount of incredible senses impossible to explain…  There is life on ALL planets in the universe, each Sun’s supports a different planetary life but not as you perceive it through the eyes  and mind of  a human being! 

Refusing to aim or promote love, respect, education, peace, hope, cosmic education and positivism or refuse to reincarnate as to better your soul in a timeless space and time,  is NOT an option you can refute or challenge. 

Keeping you negative, uneducated, fearful, addicted to legal or illegal drugs or stuck into man made religions is a top priority for the reptilius who can only survive with you generating endless fear, suffering confusion in a constant earthy chaos!

The choice is not yours to make as far as God’s will and your soul’s progress is concerned, but it is entirely yours to apply your will by being curious, exit the box of traditional education and fight those nefarious entity, as they do with us, PSYCHICALLY.  All you need is real cosmic guidance and a real gifted cosmic conscious spiritual leader and we are extremely rare! 

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Change your thoughts, let me free your spirit from the reptilius from fear and cosmic ignorance

Watch your thoughts; they become your words
Watch your words; they become your actions
Watch your actions; they become your habits
Watch your habits; they become your character
Watch your character for it will become your destiny

“Your Future Is: The Reincarnation Of Your Thoughts”.

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