Marlon Brando – Who was he?



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

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My wonderful, beautiful loving wife and soul mate Terania

I recall a few years ago, when Terania and I got married in Vegas, I GAVE my brothers and sisters the DATES to fly safely to the US for the wedding. As soon as they landed the news reached the world!

*Volcano activity of March 26, 2013 – Uncertainty phase because of seismic activity in Hekla volcano, Iceland!

Thousands of people were stranded in airports all over the world while my family was having a good time here in the US. After the wedding and days of fun and happiness, they flew back home safe and sound and MISSED the entire nasty episode. And this is what cosmic consciousness and my work is offering you, safety!

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What makes the difference between my readers and the rest of the world, this image will speak the wisdom only you must assimilate because my work is not for everyone but the smart ones!

So using the futuristic art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics I will translate Marlon Brando UCI *Unique Celestial Identity and explain his fate outside of conventional psychology and psychiatry. Sad enough the  religious and scientific monopolizing, indoctrinating matrixes,  the US Department of Education and a controlling Google  will never allow my work to reach the masses.

Mercury is now in retrograde motion, this mean people and affairs of the past are becoming alive again!  This means also every moving part could fail, chain reaction accident, plane crashes and electronic malfunctions! This Mercury retrograde blew up my TV, so to appease the God Mercury I bought a Samsung UN65J6300 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model) from

“It’s important to acknowledge how this planet will affect your life, and if like me you own a very strong Mercury, a moon, rising, dragon in Gemini, you will be directly touched by the cosmic code

Memo: General loss of power is to be expected. Appliances, computers, telephones, televisionsplanes  – 4 killed after plane hits building near Wichita airport  – 2 dead after midair collision  2 dead after midair collision  – 1,950 Chicago flights canceled – Propeller breaks 13,000 feet in air  Propeller breaks 13,000 feet in air – JetBlue’s engine ‘exploded’ *2 Navy jets crash in Pacific, trains, cars, $680,000 home built on wrong lot Toyota recalls 1.75M cars  buses, Semi hits college bus, kills 4 – Crash kills 3 on school bus  – Freak accident kills hero bus driver  Freak accident kills hero bus driver – Driver crashes into mom, daughters  Video all of these “tools” will be negatively affected by this cosmic energy. They will be stopped in one way or another.”

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Hundreds of hours of new audio tape have emerged detailing the private life of Marlon Brando, as told by the actor himself. Collated by director Stevan Riley, the result is documentary film "Listen to Me Marlon," a fresh and intimate look at the life of the double Academy Award-winner. Scroll through to get inside the mind of one of Hollywood's most perceptive and inscrutable figures.<br /><strong><br />On fame -</strong> "I am very often struck with the illusion of success... not to be treated normally, to be stared at like an animal from the zoo, some creature from a distant land. What it does is remove you from reality. I can't stand it, I hate, I can't believe how discomforting it is not being able to be just a normal person."

Marlon Brando’s eerie prediction coming true

marlon brando

Sun 13Ari30 (1 – the self) exaltedThe immature soul start its journey and must uncover all about himself and life in general. Tons of physical power is present.

Moon 18Cap09 (10 – career) detriment (negative) – While very successful Marlon Brando hated the public and cherished his privacy. This calculating/engineer moon helped him drastically to use his physical attractiveness to reach his goals.

Mercury 20Pis13 (12 – subconscious) detriment (negative)  Mercury rules critical thinking while old Pisces rules the art and psychics ability. (Note I am a creative intuitive artistic Pisces Sun and so was Michael Angelo)  In the 12th house, Mercury find very hard to differentiate reality from fiction and induces tremendous sensitivity, emotions addiction and depressions. If you inherited such position you are strongly advised to stay clear from medications or suffer dementia, reptilius infestation and early Alzheimer disease.

 Venus 02Tau06 (2 – money) dignity  Taurus is ruled by Venus and offer the lucky owner unusual physical beauty and wealth. Venus rules women and the art, drastically helping Brando’s fate as a phenomenal successful actor.  If you aim for such career it is recommended for you to know about your Venus position and use her power to the maximum. Unatractive people are usually repellent and suffer a lonely life full of failures and rejections. Only a tailored talisman can bring back the missing magnetism, respect, success and love!

Mars 21Pis14 (12 – secret affairs/enemies) Mars (the Lord of war) rules masculinity or the power of a man over a woman. Mars in a male chart dictate how he will “hunt” women. Women Mars’ location depict what she is expecting from a man’s masculinity and what she will love in him. Physical beauty has little to do with true love and true affection, this is why pretty girls (Terania) end up with older / ugly guys like me lol.  Its magnify the human animal instinct and rule over all wildlife (and the way they treat each others!)  Thus knowing about your and your partner’s Mars is a must so you can use the information at your advantage. And this is how you can do it!

Jupiter 12Sco56 (8 death/super wealth/sex/power) Expensive Jupiter “The Lord of Luck” in the house of corporate endeavor, your paycheck) enunciate a vast wealth. Usually wealth is made within the affairs ruled by the 8th house or Scorpio. This sign rules the mafia, sex, power, supreme wealth and death.  While Marlon Brando died July 1, 2004,  in California Jupiter expansive nature assures him international recognition and immortality.  Scorpio is very secretive in nature and Brando regenerated not only with sex but by studying metaphysics and astrology. While Jupiter rules the codification of thoughts (religions) Scorpio rules witchcraft, secrets  and not fool, and won’t adhere to the herd religious fears.

Saturn 07Pis35 (12 subconscious) Saturn ruler of Capricorn is the engineer of the Zodiac but also known as the  Great Malefic. While Capricorn is a rational politician, Pisces is an artist, a visionary and a psychic. This structuring power is found in his subconscious house where he was constantly wondering why he became so famous.

Acting is just making stuff up, but that’s ok. Life is a rehearsal, life is an improvisation. I’m going to have a special microphone placed in my coffin, so that when I wake up in there six feet under the ground I can say: ‘Do it differently!’ MB

In his death, in time and space, Brando must enjoy my book “Beyond The Secret”  and finally get the answers that consumed his private subconscious drive.

Uranus 26Cap02 (10 – Public standing) Uranus rules electricity, magnetism  offering Marlon Brando the technology of the days to make his movies. His “electrifying” appearances turned men and women in the creative world of Neptune.

Neptune 23Cap13 (10 career) fall – Neptune in Capricorn own much the same deceptive powers forcing people to slave for those who control their lives. Marlon Brando had to deal with the underworld criminal mafioso’s for protection and use drugs and alcohol to survive the Hollywood deceptive life. If you aim for this type of lifestyle you must know about Neptune powers by house and sign so you can avoid the fate of many celebrities!  Sad enough young people have the wrong perception to the glamorous, unnatural life  and many end up infected by the reptilius. The suicide of beloved actor Robin Williams shocked the world. He won an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting, not to mention two Emmys, six Golden Globes, and five Grammys over his career. He ended his life by hanging himself at his home in Paradise Cay, California, after a long history of depression – Tragic: 40 Stars Who Committed Suicide

Pluto 27Sco46 (8 – death/super wealth/sex/power ) dignity – While pluto is the smallest and farthest planet of all, it is the utmost powerful of them all… Read the facts about Pluto, something the scientific and religious matrixes are oblivious of…

Dragon’s Head 24Sco39 (8death/super wealth/sex/power ) – With such a powerful, mystical, psychic and magnetic UCI, it was impossible for Marlon Brando to never experience such a karmic, influential fate. Read more about your own “Power of the Dragon” and those you care! If you are a Doctor or a student of the human mind, there is much more cosmic to gain in one of my books than the years you spent in an accredited university!

 “physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician” Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

Dragon’s Tail  24Tau39 (2 money/self esteem)  While enjoying a formidable wealth, Brando was not happy inside! He knew all about the evil of money and the filthy hyenas who benefited most from his artistic talent as an actor.  Money does not assure happiness of the soul, in fact you could be a billionaire like Trump, yet unsatisfied and aiming for more power to satisfy the ego that will never own enough…

“Millionaire do not use astrology, billionaires do! – J.P. Morgan!

BlackMoon 29Ari31 (1 self)  Brando was also very much into health and not knowing the moon’s fluctuations he could never understand why he was suffering serious ups and downs (moon tides.) He fought very hard not to commit suicide…

DISPOSITORS: Sun disposited by Mars
Jupiter disposited by Pluto
Moon disposited by Saturn
Saturn disposited by Neptune
Mercury disposited by Neptune
Uranus disposited by Saturn
Venus disposited by Venus
Neptune disposited by Saturn
Mars disposited by Neptune
Pluto disposited by Pluto  This is the last drop of the squeezed UCI lemon.  Marlon Brando was a Plutonic soul  – Refer to Pluto in Scorpio or “The Death Wish Generation.

May I STRONGLY advise you to get and read my book ” The Power of the Dragon?” 

Pluto in Gemini: “The hypnotized Generation” (More in The Power Of The Dragon)
Pluto in Cancer: “The Wasted Baby Generation” (More in The Power Of The Dragon)
Pluto in Leo: “The Baby Boom Generation” (More in The Power Of The Dragon)
Pluto in Virgo: “The Baby Buster Generation”(More in The Power Of The Dragon) Radical Extremist Atheism the world new deadly mental
Pluto in Libra: “The Gang Generation.” (More in The Power Of The Dragon)

Pluto in Scorpio: “The Death Wish Generation” Pluto then inhabited, from 1983 until 1995, his own daredevil sign of Scorpio. Those very young and wild children have already made dramatic news by executing each other and murdering adults for any reason. Such as in Rachula, Missouri on December 28, 1994, an off-duty police officer had been shot to death by his girlfriend’s 9-year-old grandson. The child was born with Pluto in Scorpio on his Dragon’s Tail (negative). Many of those “kids” have been reported killing adults for money to buy drugs and guns at the tender age of 10 years. Again in May 1997 a brutal slaying follows a beer drinking in Central Park, New York. Two teen-agers stabbed a real estate agent at least 30 times and tried to chop off his hands so police couldn’t use fingerprints to identify him before dumping him in a lake in Central Park. Perpetrators, Daphne Abdela, 15, and her boyfriend, 15-year-old Christopher Vasquez, “gutted the body so it would sink.” Both of those young souls are from the dramatic Pluto generation, “The Death Wish Generation.” More than previous degrading generations, these children need constant spiritual regeneration and a good reason to be alive.

SIGN MODALITIES: Planet Points Percent
Cardinal 6 50 %  Accomplishments 
Fixed 3 25 %  Fixity of purpose
Mutable 3 25 % Sensitivity

SIGN ELEMENTS: Planet Points Percent
Fire 2 17 %  Ego
Earth 5 42 % Logic
Air 0 0 % Adaptability
Water 5 42 % Intuition

MOON PHASE: Last Quarter – Very susceptible to the moon’s fluctuations. 

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