Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Profile by Dr. Turi

Dear Reader: Updated article with Sceptor of Terania’s e-book in progress towards the middle of the page..

 On November 7, 2011, on one of my “Window Dates” I received an email from one of our student of Astropsychology named Britt.

 Patti like many others is a serious case and our non compatible UCI’s clashed!  All I did was to to give her my best shot on the telephone and hoped for a positive development.

I am sure many of you recall all the emails sent to Oprah Winfrey producers and all went to the trash… There are no accidents.  The subhuman or underdeveloped young souls can not perceive my expertise and the atheists and religious lost souls are certainly not on my our side. In fact, my enemies are much more active than my supporters.

I “then” November 7, 2011 asked all my supporters to email her directly at   for me and tell her why I would be a good candidate.

  Here is the original email advertisement sent by Gale…

 “Hi I am Pattis ast Gale, the show is about a astrologer and matchmaker that fix’s singles up. In order to see your abilities first before you talk to Patti, we are giving you a case example below of a woman who wants to know when n’ where she will meet her husband, how she will meet him and what type of man he is. It’s important to say as many details in your e- reading as that is what Patti is judging her readings by for the show.

 The woman known as  Beth (in reality Patty herself!) 

Birthday: May 31, 1961 6:04 am Newark, New Jersey

 Pls note predictions are the most important thing we are looking here for the show, so stay focused on than the details.

Once we have your info via email Patti will call you.”

Patti Stanger 

CEO & Founder

Note the way Patti wrote her note,  “ Pls “  a fast typical Gemini trait…

I called Patty and before I could even show her my gift by reading “Beth,” she started bashing Astrologers telling me she studied the subject and knew better than anyone on the planet!   I kept my cool wondering if she was on medications or drugs.

I was horrified by the crude words she used in our conversation…  I tried  hard to bypass her hasty judgement  knowing she was born with Mars (aggressiveness / impatience / competitiveness) cursing her house of communication.  The beauty about Gemini is their aptitude to use  their DUAL nature and this helps Patty to appear totally normal on stage, when she is totally insane!

Before proceeding  exposing her true cosmic identity to the world, (and my dreadful experience with her on the phone) remember, like the great Prophet Nostradamus I born and raised in Provence, France. Thus I do not practice modern Astrology but divine astrology or Nostradamus 16th century rare methodology; this is a very different way at looking and interpreting the stars.

In fact, telling Patti about my “connection” with Nostradamus Divine Astrology  stirred her combative, insecure ego and she went berserk! In fact Patti Stanger own the same Gemini Sun Sign as my friend Gary Busey but it seems Gary’s UCI  is a little more spiritual!


Patti Stranger born May 31st 1961

WHY DID I CHOSE THIS NASTY PICTURE?  Because this is Patti Stanger too! 

My good friend Gary Busey is also a Gemini! Check his fabulous endorsement!

What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

Let’s start with the basics  


Sun                09Gem42  (2)                 Money/self esteem
Moon            26Sag12  (8)                   Corporate / sex /
Mercury        02Can57  (3)                  Mind/critical thinking
Venus              25Ari43  (12)                Detriment /subconscious
Mars               13Leo39  (3 and 4)      Home and the the mind
Jupiter            07Aqu06  (10)            Public Standing/career
Saturn             29Cap30  (9) Dignity  Higher learning/teaching
Uranus            22Leo06  (4)              Detriment  Home/base of operation
Neptune         09Sco10  (7)               Partnerships/contracts
Pluto               05Vir35  (5)                Love/romance
Ascendant     17Gem52  (2)             Self
Midheaven     23Aqu09  (10)            Public Standing/career
Dragon’s Head   01Vir23  (5)            Love/romance
Dragon’s Tail 01Pis23  (11)               Wishes/friends

 I didn’t want to confuse her, this is why I chose to stay with conventional modern astrology first/ Then I will use Astroforensics  or divine astrology  to expose her Taurus side or the Scorpio (power/sarcasm/sex/super wealth) she actually is and present to the world but unaware of.

While you will always carry the trait of your Sun sign, you are NOT the sign you were born in! This is your Soul’s purpose only! You are the OPPOSITE SIGN or what the public sees… Read more about your opposite sign! Go to and click on your sign on top of the page!

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio  Sagittarius Capricorn  Aquarius  Pisces

 The housing system software I designed and use is unique and includes the Dragon Head (growth) and Tail (past lives/challenges) information. Note there is more power and information on your natal and hidden Dragons alone than the entire complexity of this chart.

I proceeded to fulfill her producer request (again Patti Stanger in disguise!)  For her to take the time to call me and be so enraged, I must have hit a serious side of her personality she did not like! All she did was to tell me how wrong I was in my analysis of “Beth” and unqualified I was to ever be on her show. She probably called to boost her ego even if she didn’t think I was that bad.

She wanted to vent her frustration for exposing her true side and she did not like the undiluted truth about her cosmic nature!

This is the original email sent to her producer… (again Patti Stanger in disguise!)

“Hello Patti, first let me thank you for your trust in my work and before channeling any cosmic information I will ask you to do the listening for a change. As a Gemini born a master of communication, your first challenge is to learn how to listen to others because a good listeners can learn a lot from others! 

If you don’t you will end up listening to yourself at the end of our conversation, something I have learned dealing with Gemini as a professional Astrophile since 1991.  This fact about Gemini must have strike her badly! 

Remember you will have all the time needed to ask questions when the initial channeling is done after each one of your questions.  Disciplining a Gemini to listen to someone else is a serious task because they are all ADD and this is not a “disorder” but a gift – I know I am myself loaded with Gemini and born extreme case of ADHD – Memo –  Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi

Then glancing on her UCI *Unique Celestial Identity I would answer her first question.

Where will I meet my husband Dr. Turi?

 This type of question is more for a deceptive psychic like Silvia Browne or Mrs. Cleo than for Dr. Turi so how can I bring sense into someone depraved of Cosmic Consciousness? Let’s try…

As a Gemini you are a walking magnet to foreigners Patti, many Gemini clients and students I know, including my wife Terania’s Mother also a Gemini but sun sign Cancer who wed a foreigner… Thus people from foreign ground are a very strong possibility. I mentioned this fact because Patti was born with a Sagittarius (foreign lands) moon (home!)

I also see the Middle East but not a good choice because it also involves some painful karmic energy you do not need. Neptune the planet of religion, deception, drugs, alcohol resides also in your marriage house, so you could easily attracts a deceiving crowd of Neptunians liar, religious fanatics, gurus, cult leaders, cheaters and con artists.

I can see that, subconsciously you are looking for a father figure Patti, call it a pseudo  complex? Maybe you could never find the right man or woman. You need  a wiser, strong, practical, in charge disciplinarian type of well established powerful man or someone working for the Government, or running his own show.  Your direct speech and ego could bring battles with a much younger man and force you in celibacy until you learn the lesson of humanity and “savoir faire!”

You need an older person that can offer you not only love but spiritual wisdom, ethics and  spiritual grounding while allowing you to run wild and free… Someone that love traveling, nature, to eat or cook and shares the same nurturing (nursing) and deep emotions you were born with.

I can see a lot of disturbance, fights and disagreement as you were growing up where pets’ love still live in your heart.

 Your dealings with foreigners is due to the seat of attraction between human beings either the Sagittarius 7th house regulating your marriage or partnerships house or your 5th house located in the sign of Libra.

Thus any air sign will always naturally attract another air sign but in your case as a “dual” Gemini, born on the cusp Taurus/Gemini it could be confusing. Taurus want’s security, Gemini freedom!

 Powerful signs like  Scorpio, Virgo or Capricorn will be attracted to you. This could get complicated for someone depraved of Cosmic Consciousness but it is not once you understand the dynamics of a dual housing system. This mean everything in your life will happen by two, four, six etc.

How would you react if this reading for for you? Would you be able to handle the truth about yourself or call me like she did to tell me I don’t know anything about Astrology? 

 This is why as a Gemini you have two lives in one, this shows a gift of youth and a very long life ahead of you, you are also set for more than one career, marriage, 2 kids, two of everything and could lead you to learn to speak two languages.

 In fact my good friends’ famous radio hosts George Noory and Art Bell from Coast to Coast am are both, like you born with a Sun sign in Gemini and this explain why your chart ruler Mercury (Lord of communications) lead you to do radio TV work.

Nope there are no accidents Patti; just circumstances not yet uncovered by our infantile science and may be yourself just yet! And I see you also like French or Italian and it shows some of your own past lives all over Europe and maybe the opportunity to meet your soulmate is  there…

Knowing that you will be forced by the Cosmic Code to travel a lot.  If you use and understand the Universal Laws of the Moon  and use your personal positive cosmic biorhythms you will accelerate the process of finding true love.

You may also use the creative forces of your subconscious in time in space and most of all because the future is nothing else that the reincarnation of the thoughts, use this wisdom regularly.

Are you afraid of water Patti or do you like it? I see a lot of drama directly related to your past lives with disappeared civilizations where your life ended up being drowned and lot of damage being done to your feet… May be running away for days from the invading oppressors and drowning in a river?  Do you have any problem on the feet? Flat feet high arches? Of course she denied any reading dealing with Nostradamus Divine Astrology and my methodology! While you are quite direct, honest and open you also have a very private and critical side I must respect.

Knowing time is the essence, if I was in studio with you, I would be able in a fraction of a second visualize the complexity of any of your guests’ UCI and shock them with my cosmic wisdom to match them up or warn them of future problems…  I can do this type of work at the speed of light but I decided to elaborate for you so you get a deeper understanding of my methodology!

 Your right Cosmic partner must be smart, fast, funny and also a philosopher, a teacher of the masses, someone that will fulfill your natural curiosity  and emphasize, completer your own public position!  Your Saturn is conducting your drive for notoriety and public standing is dignified in the sign of Capricorn, the engineer, the politician the tower builder.

This mean he could be either much younger or much older than you. With your Venus in Aries, you are prone to learn the lesson of love  and ego the hard way and warned not to give your heart too fast or suffer serious heartaches.

 Your Moon in Sagittarius depict your love for animals and your need to be close to nature and regenerate your overworked spirit –  I see an old Indian spirit is guiding you and he makes your dreams pretty vivid even prophetic. You have aptitude for astral projection or remote viewing.

In fact you have the same UCI/Dragon axis than Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Madame Vladasky. Sad enough your Dragon’s Tail (negative) is in Pisces not the head, depicting why those wise souls were born Prophets, healers and tap on the archetypal realm of consciousness. They all worked hard to see the future and alleviate suffering with cosmic wisdom, the subconscious and natural healing.

Yes, if you were trained to rebirth your Pisces Dragon’s Tail spiritual gifts and get grounded through my work, you could accomplish miracles with all your guests knowing all about their souls.  I see you have a gift with green and clothing too… Until then you will suffer the confusion and deception  of such dragon and I strongly advise you to stay clear from medications due to your addictive personality! This could lead to dementia and suicide…

 Patti called me to bitch at me because young souls can not handle the truth about themselves and instead of learning, her massive ego took over and she missed the boat!

 The cosmic code (God’s will) want you to shine with your words, your teachings and your mission is to find yourself then help others to find their own spirit. This is why you are in a position to deal with so many people and their differences, to find yourself FIRST!

If you discipline yourself enough you could generate many books and all Gemini are not only stand up comedian jokers, but also great photographers. Your personal purpose is  bigger than  and must come before your position or your career.

Your current incarnation is set to benefit the children of the future because you do realize the importance of education and the conflict with our infantile logical, rational science.  You are much too sensitive for your own good and hide it well from the public!  Remember Marilyn Monroe was also a Gemini and how she ended up committing suicide!

 Jupiter (luck/growth/foreigners) is placed very high in your 10th house of career (public standing) in the sign of Aquarius (television/New Age/Astrology) offering you an endless protection and rewarding karma…  My UCI is loaded with Aquarius making me unique, futuristic and even considered an astrological  genius by some of my students.

If the ego does not interfere in our future association, I foresee an incredible success to your show but a cosmic God is in charge of both our destinies…

 There is so much more to share with people like Patti as far as the future is concerned, all I know time is now and there are no accidents  because while our missions are very different, we each have a purpose to be fulfilled and only time will tell.

Lastly… after reading this article,  you can understand why it is impossible for me to reach a religious poisoned person, an atheist dry mind or a young soul like Patti Stranger…  Indeed those who pretend to be the experts on a particular topic, are usually the least knowledgeable on the topic engaged!  Read more and if you trust my wisdom, trust our work; instead and not a bunch of unconscious or uneducated idiots!


Dr. Turi



While there have been thousands of emails sent to people like Oprah Winfrey producers and so on all may have went to the trash along with a response from the lady I will disclose below and I am not sorry one bit nor would I stoop that low because Turi and I carry forth in our own right as this is no contest.

We deserve better than that anyways I sure don’t need flashing lights in my face. It’s not like we don’t have that happening already if you know what I mean…But I’d rather get back on my spaceship to a more benevolent level of existence than put up with that nonsense.

At least that’s my lesson as a true dignified Leo head.

What lies beneath the bedrock of most corrupt media and press is enough to make you gag… God has a plan for those more advanced anyway.

Those who come off as soulless or half-baked cannot see past the 3D and 4D levels and many lie on neutral ground where maybe they don’t have any ill feelings towards humanity but they aren’t really in a position to decide what’s best for us. Kind of like a scientist performing experiments on the brain to try and learn more about him or her. Well, the brain is part of a bigger brain… Call it the window of the soul or the universe.

And these are the folks in charge of everything in our entire system.

Moving along, it is noted that Gemini’s change their mind so often that they have been perceived as the disreputable, secretive, atrocious, most deceitful people on the planet…Of course anyone can be really but like the old proverb “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” And though the “so-called” Millionaire Match Maker” Patti Stanger’s natal sign is that of a Taurus (stubborn and hard headed), her sun – self sign is that of a Gemini.

After watching her a few times already, I will say Patti just loves to set her customers up with decoys to try to prove that she is right and most the time ends up going off on some kind of self-aggrandizing quest for ever-increasing control over others.

She usually ends up trashing the millionaires that she and the company she is in contract with because the client a lot of the time ends up falling for the “normal guy” even though a “gold digger” is also a selection.

The whole show and concept is a “set up” Since Patti can’t find genuine or more appropriate types of clients to set the millionaires up with so she instead gives them “fake opportunists” rather than real down to earth people to prove they will pick them, so she really has been getting rewarded for not doing her so called job? She really gets compensated either way…

Patti, the media company and the rest like them are hustling con artists who prey on their client’s vulnerability and low self confidence to get to her indispensable content which is to get rewarded in full regardless if she sets them up or not.

So we have the viewer suspecting Patti and the company hires prostitutes / low life’s etc. to pimp the millionaire clients and to make it look like she set them up on an actual date.

Patti (The alleged Millionaire Match Maker) and the media she is with robs women of money and their possessions etc. and she and they have the power and control on taking people’s money like the watchers of the show to give to keep giving her and them business.

People actually sign up for this kind of evil…They are all leeches.

Remember the Millionaire’s advice on an episode or so: “You can buy gifts to get blow jobs.” Sounds to me  facing the world as a Scorpio, she is more like a Madame than a match maker.”

No different than when there have been many ethnic men that would love to get much bank by a white girl or vice versa… They rarely would ever have a black woman on or have the black man pick a black woman trying to make it in this world and catch up to the white girl level.

You can’t fool me because I am aware that it’s all a set up. The gap has widened extremely and people can’t even catch up.

And then there’s Gary, who was born with the intellectual Uranus in Gemini (messenger of the gods) to name a few but he too is presently overwhelmed by the universal draconian energy reacting in his own subconscious and this too; has been awkwardly conflicting with his own career. Incidentally, Gary is also from Texas and he shares his own idea of wit and then you have some horse sense thrown in there too… Besides it’s his method of order, through “Buseyism’s”.

On a trip Louis and I took back in January 2011, it was my second time meeting Mr. Busey and he had given me my own dated, signed personal “Buseyism” that I sometimes wonder if I should appreciate.

Yes, he could have given this to any of his male / female fans but since his demeanor has been a bit disrespectful to the wife – me, of someone as my husband; who had befriended him many times before.

But as it is now, I won’t question the why and wherefore; as I am familiar enough with those who are even legendary can be quite pompous at times. If this is none other than a fashion of quirk discreteness, then I must say that it’s very low in quality and look who is only kidding their self by engaging in acts; that they think will be the highlight of what is actually their disability.








 As if I am not already exciting and understanding to myself. Do you think that maybe I am not the one who’s overly excited? I totally get it. It’s not an issue of self – esteem as I have always disciplined myself to always do what is right and important; though sometimes it is a bit complicated, there is still the ethical proof that I will always treat those with respect and kindness, who also live by the same golden rule.

Nor am I angry, as that would be aftermath from deeper points in question relating to further self – doubt of self-esteem and isolation issues and that would mean I would have to be some kind of insane person, going to outstanding efforts; just to try and boost some kind of destructive accomplishment here.

In contempt too that we still may throw our hands over our head sometimes… I am the kind to keep my distance and it is within my quiet individual time and inner peace I do so, because when I write; it is all out of my friendliness and that goes a good ways. Through patience and love and that is something I also take joy in. And that breaks all the frustration.

Anyways, just before leaving Gary offered a couple of pictures of his son Luke. At the time, I had thought that gesture showed us that he is a part of our Cosmic Code family. I am not sure anymore especially with a forced endorsement.

It’s all lies and under contract. What “lies” in the contract?

Remember the bright illumination, the genuine clear white light from which everything in creation comes, to which everything in the creation returns; the earliest essence of your own mind…For many people the light is too bright and many are in the dark. They can’t handle the truth and they wonder why much of the truth is kept away… We carry our own cross and bury our cross. That’s when you will reach the pyramid. WAKE UP!

Here is the 2012 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for Gemini, its as a sample of what I have to say/predict for your own Sun sign when the book will be published…


There are two Gemini, the advanced ones, all my best friends or the young souls depicting all those nasty traits…

  Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty Dual Constellation Of Gemini

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury. 

Characteristics For Those Born In June

The planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. You are intellectual, nervous and adaptable born with a strong drive to communicate, you are classified in Greek mythology as “The Messengers of the Gods.”  You inherited a gift of youth, a double personality and a quicksilver mind enabling you to adapt easily to any situation.  On a negative note, Mercury, the “Lord of the Thieves” breeds volatile and unreliable people due to their dual characteristics.  You are a gifted communicator and radio, language, photography, sales, movies, acting, dancing and the medical field and any type of public relations work appeals to you.

Your natural speed for life’s experiences makes you impatient and nervous.  You must learn to focus and crystallize your powerful mind.  You have the potential to become an efficient speaker and produce interesting books.  Due to your strong desire for security, many of you will be attracted to the real estate and food industries.  Your financial potential is unlimited if you learn and make a good use of the Universal Law in charge of your Second House of income. Strong Mercury will produce an incredible amount of physical and spiritual energy that must be dissipated.  The unaware psychological fields classify those children as A.D.D. (“Attention Deficit Disorder”) or ADHD.

 Contrary to what scientists assume and perceive as an indisposition, ADHD it is actually a potent gift from God.  The soul is simply programmed to naturally reject traditional education, thus opening the rare door to genius and with it the potential for new discovery.  Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and I were born with an “ADHD affliction.”  Thus if a teacher is mistaken about some information, the Mercurial soul’s inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to the truth.  Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are your characteristics. You will never follow long established dogmas.

Your Mercurial spirit will open new doors to mental exploration.  You are curious by nature and are always questioning. Boredom is your worst enemy and you must associate with intellectual people who can stimulate your incredible mind. Telling jokes is also a part of your mental agility.  A word of caution for you: Always be alert when the Moon crosses the deadly sign of Scorpio at work, especially after the Full Moon. Remember to respect the Universal Law as your awareness and moon planning will be a major contribution of avoiding dramatic experiences, and will help you reach many of your dreams.  The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Mercury in your chart. You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my new book entitled “Beyond The Secret”,  “I Know All About You”, “The Power Of The Dragon” or “And God Created The Stars”.

2012 — Dragon Forecast For Those Born In June

Personal: In March 4th 2011 the karmic Dragon moved in the Axis Sagittarius *Head / Gemini *Tail and will stay there until August 30th 2012 stimulating your 1st  and 7th  houses regulating your seld discovery and your partnership/contract/marriage house.  Then in August 30th 2012 the Dragon changes its axis from Sagittarius / Gemini into Scorpio /Taurus and will stimulate all affairs regulating your 12th house (subconscious) and your 6th (service to the world.)

 The challenging Dragon’s Tail will impose a restructure of your physical self where you will be driven to look your best physically, this impact will induce an avalanche of endless thoughts to uncover who you are and how other people sees you.  Your need for love and light will stimulate your channeling and writing with a drive to educate others but you will need to slow down, stop and recharge your own mind. The mental challenges are simply exhausting trying to bring the light to the world. The difficult Dragon afflicting your self brings about outside interference from your past and induce uncontrolled imagination fuelled by fears of personal or career failures.

 The current progressive Dragon’s Head  in Sagittarius (foreigners)  enhance your 7th house (partnerships/marriage) and stimulate your creativity leading you to more recognition even fame if you associate with foreigners or aim for foreign grounds.  Do not let the current trying Dragon’s Tail in Gemini affect your judgement, this would bring obstacles and frustration altering your mental clarity, actions and wisdom, patience is the key. All Gemini are strongly advised to stay clear from any form of chemicals, drugs, alcohol and anti depressant. Many Unlucky Gemini may not make it and will slowly suffer mental depletion, heavy depressions leading to suicidal tendencies. This Gemini Dragon’s Tail  may also induce stress with siblings and danger with transportation. i.e. UK deadly chain reaction. At least 7 dead, 51 hurt in traffic ‘fireball’ in Britain 

Remember the Dragon’s priority is to help you re-evaluate your own wisdom, your beliefs and upgrade to a higher perception of your physical and mental self. Indeed 2011 is an important year forcing you to expand mentally and fulfill your teaching mission. The current Dragon’s Head in Sagittarius will bring stimulate a desire to find a partner and will bring about great association or even contacts from foreigners dedicated to help you as you help them. With it the opportunity to introduce a new spiritual fresh way at looking at education in the world at large. Many opportunities will be offered to you as you upgrade your perception to the world, your teaching, learning potential and how you could also participate helping the world.

The Dragon’s Head in your marriage house wants you to adjust and adapt while being productive all along bringing your gifts to the world.  While the unlucky Gemini may suffer total exhaustion, taking on all the challenges with patience will make you more efficient in reaching your wishes and avoid depressions. The month of June 2012 will be particularly trying for all of those born in June while the lucky Gemini will benefit from good karma.  Right on your 7th house  the blessings of the Dragon’s Head will induce  wonderful opportunities to reach the people you need most, travel teach and be even published. The Dragon is demanding you to adjust to a new form of thinking, learning, teaching to stimulate your career and reach for a higher wisdom for better mental strength. Be ready to accept those changes with  confidence because the future has a lot to offer you.

 Matters involving traveling, learning, teaching publishing and foreigners will become powerful driving forces for Gemini.  Deserving souls born in June will benefit from foreign friends/teachers promoting many of their wishes.  Many hard-working Gemini souls will get plenty opportunities to expand following good business decisions. Some traveling opportunities will offer you a new understanding and a higher position in the world.

The Dragon’s Tail location in the sign of Gemini afflicting your  entire being  could  bring havoc if you give in to an uncontrollable imagination, rush or try to too hard. Use your will and avoid negative thoughts when dealing with all the stress and fears the Tail  of the Dragon may challenge you with.  The disturbing Tail of the Dragon does not have to win over you but  will induce serious mental challenges where patience becomes the key. Many Gemini  souls may find themselves rebuilding their entire public life and this could stir fears of the future.  Souls born in June will need to adjust  to a new way of thinking  and if you feel the Dragon’s depressive, panicking  impact you MUST contact me and let me work on your spirit. One hour on the telephone or on skype will do the job and bring back hope, health, faith and magic into your life. (602) 265-7667


2012 Predictions: On August 30th 2012 the Dragon change axis from Sagittarius / Gemini into Scorpio /Taurus.

 The new Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) will stimulate  your 6th house (work and health) where you will experience a rebirth of your own aptitude to service the world. The Dragon will induce a new discerning healing power and with it an enormous surge of ideas leading to financial creativity. This impact will upgrade  your physical health and sense of security working within the structure of powerful well established groups.

The  difficult dragon energy will  affect your spiritual life inducing a full serious psychological changes and demand you to constantly regenerate with creative or investigative material. Souls born in June will be tested to the limits in the affairs involving the subconscious making them very vulnerable to depression,s addictions and even suicide.

2012 could mark the beginning of an era that could mean the physical and spiritual rebuilding of life or the loss of it all for many Gemini. Others will enjoy a well deserved, well respected position. The lucky Gemini soul will be able to manage both the physical and spiritual realms promoting them towards a successful year.  Many deserving souls born in June will begin to see the results of many years of arduous mental work where more opportunities will flourish.

 JUPITER LUCKY TOUCH – In 2012 the great beneficial planet Jupiter (Luck / expansion / protection / traveling / foreigners / studying) will be cruising through the sign of Taurus (money)  until June 12th 2012. Jupiter’s luck will add benefit to the 12th house affairs related to their spiritual life. The challenging effect produced by the Tail of the Dragon (karma) in Taurus will be seriously altered with Jupiter’s protection.  With Jupiter’s blessings in Taurus affecting all financial institutions (banks) it could also bring help from foreign countries. This impact could also be perceived as negative as foreign countries are buying/owing more and more prime real estate, offering them the option to invest  and make a lot of money in the process.

When Jupiter (luck) moves in Gemini on June 12th 2012 expect  an upsurge of information pertaining to banks restructures coming your way. You could also benefit and  invest on foreign ground in the process. Souls born in June should be ready for beneficial career associations offering great prospective business deals with souls born in February, October, December and those born in April.  Working in good knowledge of your “Personal Lucky Dragon Window Dates” will also become a serious contribution to save you time especially if you do a lot of traveling. Being at the right place at the right time has a lot to do with your progress in terms of lucky breaks and opportunities. In 2012, many Gemini will be forced to re-evaluate the way they handle their inner life and their health. Many Gemini will also be offered (or chose) the option to  relocate and  reach a much bigger world in the process;  The knowledge found in Astro-Carto-Graphy would be a major contribution to your success (or your failure) in one of these new locations. Keep this opportunity in mind and give it a try — it works! – Good luck to all souls born in June.

Pass this on readers…

 Thank you

 Dr. Turi


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.