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August 08/2013


“There are specific Universal Laws designed by God – Consciousness – is the awareness of a divine cosmic  power and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!

Dear Readers;

Not long ago I watched a TV program where a woman miraculously escaped death with someone she met through one of those online dating services and I truly feel the urgency to warn you.  She was rewarded millions by a court from the damage inflicted by the guilty monster criminal. Think of the banner above as a church and the vile “priest” operator sexual born Plutonic predator luring the children…

Those are very large Plutonic / Neptunian deceptive corporations loaded with enough financial resources to  advertise regularly their businesses  right on top of CNN website,  the world’s largest business  and online news and information delivery.

As mentioned before, because a corporation owns a place at the top of another powerful corporations page does not mean you will get the truth or the real rewards for what you are looking for…  Those wealthy corporations are all intermingled and benefit largely by monopolising the entire market (YOU.)

This will give you a better perspective, both advertisements while a world apart represents the “Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix” you are stuck in. If you are either a God fearing religiously poisoned soul or looking for a psychic for answers in your life you are still under Neptune’s deceptive power.

In any case, the trust you put in God’s or a psychic’s guidance simply display your imaginative FAITH which is based upon the education and/or experiences you were raised with. If your first teachers’ UCI were Saturnian instead of Neptunian, logic, science, scepticism and rationale would colour your upbringing.

Meantime if your own UCI is overloaded at birth with Neptune religious/faith cosmic energy, no amount of agnosticism or atheism will take away your “faith.” This does not mean you will be able to acknowledge this fact especially if you are non cosmic conscious and religious fears override your curiosity.

Neptune illusive powers is extraordinary strong and is represented by the fishes/Pisces, swimming in opposite directions. Indeed the most difficult cosmic energy to relate or control because there is no much grounding (or logic) when swimming in the deep dangerous ocean of deception. This enunciate why 875 different religions  and millions of other cults have hijacked  humanity last two thousands years, when Neptune’s karmic work first appeared in the endless cosmic rites and ceremonies.

One thing is assured readers, NONE of the good Samaritans or psychic involved in your life owns Cosmic Consciousness and have no clue of what Astropsychology is all about. In fact 99.09 % of human’s education was set by the Universal Matrix ruled by a rigid science and  a formal “accredited” often religious education.

But I do not want the new reader to be confused so let me explain further…

The Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix encompass all traditions religious and scientific in the macrocosm or what is accepted as a generality/reality through traditional education! Other laws coming from the DMV, the IRS, the FDA, the NWS, the  international law of air navigation etc. must be enforced and respected, this is the PHYSICAL / SPIRITUAL UNIVERSAL MATRIX! 

The Greeks were philosophically concerned with a rational explanation of everything and saw the repetition of the golden ratio throughout the world and all levels of reality as a step towards this unifying theory. In short, it is the recognition that the same traits appear in entities of many different sizes, from one man to the entire human population.

AND NOTHING CAN BE MORE BOTH RIGHT AND WRONG! because NO man is born equal physically or spiritually! But right because not a single human shares the same physical DNA or spiritual DNA (UCI.)  Indeed the new curious scientists reading my work are learning a lot on the cosmic code medical physical and spiritual values and their new perception of the Macrocosm and microcosm.  Now that you understand the Universal matrix let’s talk about the Personal Matrix. 

 The Personal Matrix IS WHAT SEPARATES you from the crowd! It  reflects your own vibrations, where you are at in the eternal reincarnation principle, it is YOUR personal program, your personal corner of the Universe and how you will relate, react, behave with the world and other human beings WITHIN the cosmic code or the Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix!

While all men are “born equal” this is perfectly right in you search for happiness only! I would hate to be compared to the mass of cosmic unconscious brainless envious morons dedicated to hurt my work and integrity! Not that they will succeed because the world is slowly awakening to God’s cosmic reality through my endless work and I keep going because of the people like Name: Keith Nelson.

“Dr. Turi I thank the creator for you being here on earth at this time to assist all humanity who have an ear to hear. Cosmic Consciousness is increasing in prime creator’s time…..”

As Nostradamus wrote –  “A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”  and you must help me reaching the children of tomorrow with the same passion and dedication I show you everyday knowing you are reading and enjoying my work! In my last TV show with George Noory I mentioned  that we have only 50 years left before the non return zone. None of your political, religious, educational elites in power will help us and you know it! The fear of the ridicule, religious poisoning override their will to act in favour of your children psychical welfare and the results are already in motion and DREADFUL!



No wild meteorite on a direct course to earth will end life on earth, No terrible natural “act of God” will end life on earth, No deluge no wars nor disease will end life on earth If God’s cosmic will is acknowledged

dr. turi 
Help me bring back the creator universal purpose and stop the breeding of monsters!

Your child’s psyche and his future is in serious jeopardy because of  The Physical / Spiritual Universal Matrix controlling all the information to the media, once more building more churches is building more jails trapping humanity’ spirit into saturated oblivions. Acting salesman dual born cosmic unconscious Pope Francis is only working overtime to save the Vatican deadliest corporation currently advertising on CNN while  The Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix (Plutonic corporations)  is competing for space “News for church business.

“Negotiations stalled after the church “unanimously rejected” the authority’s “best and final offer” of $6.2 million, according to the letter and other documents.”

Imagine how many Astropsychology schools I could launch with 6.2. millions readers and the tsunami of  your “donations” to fuel the evil of fear and cosmic ignorance seems unstoppable! Do we have 50 years to turn thing around or am I delusional? Are all the prophecies for the apocalypse already sealed and about to transpire?

The fact is yes they are if you do not help me! But I still believe my mission to free humanity from fear and cosmic ignorance while reinstating Jesus’ initial cosmic ministry is; with God’s help much stronger. My rare wisdom, total dedication and firing passion is unmatched and speak of the divinity of the creator acting through my work and I. I refuse to believe God put all his children here on earth to suffer and die surrendering to evil.  If you are with me, all you have to do is find a way to help me because together we are an expression of the light today’s world and all the children so desperately need.  

Sharing Email;

Mrs. Terania Turi,

I know I am not a member yet but I do read Dr. Turi’s web-site everyday. He is on target with everything. I wanted to write to him about my prayer meditations and where they are leading.  I know he has strong opinions about the Bible but I would like to share something with him.

DT Rebuttal: My only opinion of the bible is that;  God never wrote the bible Plutonic/Neptunian men did! But he for sure created the stars and the heavens to be used as sign so you may lead a safer more productive life.

I do prayer meditations on a web-site called Word Among Us. For the past week, the scriptures have been dedicated to the 1st commandment. “I am the Lord Your God, you shall have not other God besides me.” I read two Psalms this weekend that referred to the testament. One Psalm inferred that we should not believe in gods or alien gods but in Our one God. The other talked about the nations worshiping only one God–Psalm 67. Today’s gospel talked about the death of St. John the Baptist and how he preached against becoming devoted to vices and worldly thoughts. That we should become aligned with God. Mt.14:1-12

DT Rebuttal: I am asking no one to worship me but my God is Universal and I fear him NOT! God would never write or say such selfish intellectual nonsense but the Illuminati who wrote the bible also uses the natural instinct of preservation  with fears. No you are not going to hell reading me, you are already in your own hell of fears and cosmic ignorance, trapped in the The Physical / Spiritual Universal matrix

I’m writing this to Dr. Turi because I feel that these scriptures are warning mankind about some kind of Holy transformation (It’s not going to a fun one either). . It’s as if we have to redeem ourselves and find our spiritual selves before this occurs or find redemption while its occurring.

 DT Rebuttal: Indeed the “holly transformation” is taking place through my work helping humanity to perceive God cosmic will. Redeem yourself from what? what did you do so bad, did you kill anyone?  What should I redeem from helping you and the world to stop feeding evil with fears and help me salvage the children’ spirit so they do not become confused and trapped like you are?  Trust me Nyra investigate your UCI with me and you will find your real spiritual self!

Dr. Turi has talked about the spiritual world and its shifts. I think that the world has to listen more because if not, the changes that are going to occur are going to be quite frightening.  I hope I don’t sound to Neptunian here but I just wanted to share this with him. There is some importance in a message that keeps repeating itself.

DT Rebuttal: Listen to who? Pope Francis, the CA psychics or the cosmic unconscious Christian deceptive Neptunian matching business? May be you should listen to me a bit more to find peace and own your salvation at the end…

 I also wanted to talk to him about Obama too. I had a dream on Thursday that Obama was on line and typing in his information to catch a flight. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.  Thank you for reading this.  I hope I wasn’t imposing  or disrespecting in anyway.

 God Bless,


DT Rebuttal:  Thank you for your note.  Catching a flight mean your subconscious desire to “upgrade” to the God’s cosmic reality Typing mean your subconscious desire to “book” your subscription to the Cosmic Code but also your fears as you associate * subconsciously my prediction for Obama’s demise. You are where you are at and only reflecting your UCI this means also your religious fear of God and your learning experiences through my work  discovering how he truly speaks through the cosmic code.

 Your dream reflect your discovery “flight” into the cosmic code above in the stars and your subconscious wanting you to do a reading with me someday. You have been taught humility and it reflects in your make up and the way you write too! You are a wonderful human being about to embark into a wonderful voyage where you will, finally hear and see God in action through his creation… Fly with me because the fact is God sent you to me for good reasons.. You asked so you will receive his light!


Dr. Turi


God And The Magic That is Us – The Declaration of Divine Cosmic Consciousness



Blessings to all my  world wide reading audience.


Dr. Turi



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