Michael Phelps Rick Springfield reptilius induced depressions


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“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

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Memo: California 6 ready for your eyes VIP’s, do not share pls… This is very private natural health discussion and serious warnings that must benefit all our VIP’s only! Others simply join… 

Michael Phelps and Rick Springfield depressive state is the tip of a sinister cosmic phenomenon cursing an oblivious humanity that is unable and unwilling to accept the reality of the reptilius agenda. 

With the “reptilius universal infestation” and the wide legalization of pot, those entities will further hijack and enslave the psyche of millions of  unaware humans! The situation will get much worse in the months to come, where my vision of a suicide epidemic will become obvious and can’t be kept underground anymore.

The reptilius are after famous people and your children “Predictions for a reptilius infested planet and the reptilius will manipulate not only the complex human UCI but the cosmic code to further their agenda. 

Countless amounts of people from all walks of life are victimized daily by their own “hijacked” negative, depressive thoughts process and rely on a daily regiment of legal or illegal drugs to survive another day. 

While this short video offers spiritual regeneration and facts about God’s cosmic divinity, the human stupidity  is designed for more worthless material on YouTube! 

Knowing the majority of overly sensitive people can’t handle my honesty and classify me as an “egocentric all knowing…” How can those gullible souls handle the undiluted truth involving the reptilius or my predictions? Blame it all on my Sagittarius rising or what makes President Trump a “Bull in the China shop” and who he is…  Donald Trump President?

Being rich and famous, traditionally educated or not, male or female, employed or not,  white or black, loved or lonely, married or single etc, means nothing as the reptilius reach and manipulate the body, mind and soul of every single human beings on planet earth.

The scientific community refers to this phenomenon as being manic depressive and religion as being possessed by the devil, yet both are unable to comprehend as well as difficult to accept and makes it harder to fight the reptilius.

Famous UFO’s talking heads, medical “experts,” Nostradamus prophet “wanna be’s…” or better yet, Edgar Cayce “wanna be” – reincarnated, including well known conspirators writers… Can only offer their traditionally educated guests to the mass of gullible, cosmic unconscious followers they depend on to survive.

Never forget readers… There is only a thin hair between divine cosmic wisdom and pure imagination! Regurgitating information from any book or building upon someone else’s “savoir” does not reflect legitimacy or real wisdom but serve only selfish purposes…

Unless you take the time to investigate all claims all you can do is assume, while being lead to the road of nowhere and deception… When I profess I am a legitimate UFO’s contactee, channeling my real, inner ET (Draco)… It’s up to the reader to check my undeniable record of well documented predictions…  And they are much too numerous for me to point them out any-longer… All you have left is Google and your question (s) or  “Dr. Turi predictions” / Dr. Turi neuroscience” Dr. Turi / “NASA” Dr. Turi science?” /  “Dr. Turi atheists” / “Dr. Turi Trump,” / “Gay Dr. Turi” and anything you may be interested in reading…

Make a good use of the thousands of articles left on Google before they becs thousands of articles to a fast disappearing file.

Yes readers, the Iluminati are slowly but surely destroying the very last legitimate source of information  about UFO’s and reliable predictions.  This includes Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi forcing me to open another Facebook workable page. Join us there!

Update – Ask yourself do I know better than the Pope? Yes and I proved it! – Pope’s in-flight surprise makes history SURPRISE? Aeronautics? Earthquakes? When two flight attendants told Pope Francis their wedding had been delayed due to an earthquake, the pontiff officiated a wedding aboard his plane as he wrapped up a trip to Chile.


FULLY PREDICTED TO THE DAY! Posted by Dr. Turi on December 30, 2017 at 12:40 am in Cosmic Coders Only – But you can only acknowledge the facts if you are a VIP! Until then you can only assume and ridicule my work!
6.3 magnitude earthquake near Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
It seems obvious that Pope Francis can not hear or see God in action! Or God decided for me to be the only one able to read the signs? The fact is; my quatrain and OBVIOUS keywords (surprise/aeronautics/earthquakes above 6.0) can not be denied by anyone, religious or not and everyone who can read and understand plain and simple English! 
What would you think the Pontiff and the world would say if like you they could read my predictions? Would I become the next Pope if I can prove a cosmic God speak to me? Sad enough the world is not able, nor willing or even ready for my cosmic ingenuity and this is why my reptiliusinfexcted  enemies are working overtime to mute my teachings, predictions and cosmic wisdom reaching the masses…  Read more if you are a VIP the link will work for you!

  Help to fight the reptilius

Reptilius confine the human spirit into entertainment, religions and scientific atheism convictions designed to nurture fears, chaos, discords and doubts, steal your attention, stop your psychical awareness and  stop  your spiritual interaction against them!

Now if you want to know more about the reptilius agenda, how they proceed, what their goals or avoiding the reptilius effect or depressions and suicide, I have the answers… Click here! 

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