Will Miley Cyrus Survive A Mixture of Weed and Medications?


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Miley Cyrus tweets pic from hospital bed

(CNN) — Miley Cyrus suffered “a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics” and has been hospitalized, her rep told CNN Tuesday. Her Tuesday night “Bangerz” tour concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, has been canceled, according to a statement from the arena.

Photos: Evolution of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, beautiful, young, sexy, famous but cosmic unconscious!

“Cyrus has been hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and has been placed on medical rest by her doctors,” the statement said. “She will not be able to perform as scheduled.” The 21-year-old singer was not too ill to tweet from her Kansas City hospital bed, though.

“Kansas I promise Im as (heartbroken) as you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with yall makes me feel s–ttier than I already do,” she wrote in a Twitter message to fans Tuesday afternoon. “Mr. Octopussy & some amazing Drs are taking good care of me,” Cyrus wrote in tweet that included a photo of her in a hospital bed wearing a gown. She was holding a green octopus toy in front of her face. Cyrus fell ill with the flu earlier this month, causing the cancellation of a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

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Yes and I am the first cousin of pope Francis and Obama is my younger brother from another mother… The beauty of being cosmic conscious is to be able to bypass all BULL coming from the media controlling matrix and see the undiluted truth as it is.

Dr. Turi on the Jerry Pippin radio show! http://irnfiles.com/audio/PippinTuri.mp3 

To those who read the few articles I wrote in October 2013 about Miley Cyrus soul there won’t be no doubting of the values of my work deciphering the human character (or the UCI)  and my predictive work endlessly unfolding “Four blood moons” April 15/16/17 and 23/24/25 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross Predictions.

Memo” This is recovered newsletter produced 10/01/2013 ( and 7 months later my prediction came to pass!)

Miley Cyrus: ‘Weed is the best drug’  Miley Cyrus: 'Weed is the best drug'

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It is a well known fact, Miley Cyrus not only endorse weed but used pot much of her life! Will she  now survive her doctors error by mixing weed and medications? Micheal Jackson, Whitney Huston and so many others did not! Incidentally many of my Internet enemies challenge me for not being an “accredited” doctor, and while I taught and army of doctors and  “Who is Who” in America in the medical profession, I never killed anyone since I started my career back in 1991!

Indeed there is a big difference between education and intelligence and by taking Miley Cyrus case as an example NOT to always trust our infantile science, I can only hope for her speedy recovery!  We all remember Bruce Lee (also a Scorpio) and how he left us with his premature death, the stars do not lie and like a beacon of love, by adding  and guiding our prayers we can help Miley to pull through!

Memo: “Indeed Miley reflects the worse of the  Scorpius Neptunian negative energy she inherited!  –  I already gave quite a lot of information in my previous newsletter about her UCI but her latest public announcement using and endorsing pot is a sure sign to where Neptune will lead her either to jail, mental institution, hospital or the morgue…” And she is not the only one abusing legal and illegal drugs who will suffer this dragon in Hollywood!  Rapper severs penis, jumps off building – ‘Growing Pains’ star talks addiction…and everywhere else!

Mom, 44, shot dead ‘in front of kids by husband who was hallucinating after eating a marijuana cookie’

 SHAME SHAME Dr. Sanjay Gupta First Legal US Drug Lord? SHAME SHAME 

Thus the chances for this young famous soul to make it alive the next two weeks or the next two years are very remote and if you are one of her fan, you may want to get my “2014 Personal Dragon Forecast” and mail it to her. If she manage her way out of her cocktail of legal and illegal drugs and read my warnings for Scorpio, and assimilate my work, you may even save her life! If you were yourself born in November, have a rising, a natal or hidden dragon  in this sign, you may read and be prepared yourself!

Update: 04/17/2014 – I will now elaborate more of the future of Miley Cyrus on my “Cosmic Cyber University” –  Because of the importance of her situation and my drive to warn all kids to stay away from weed I decided to share the following publicly!

Simply stated, with the Dragon’s Tail  right on her 6th house of health healing will be lengthy  process Miley Cyrus faces long recovery! The chances for her to expire due to respiratory complications or brain complications are real and severe and I can only hope she will get better before her next negative cosmic biorhythms dates  due to affect Miley just before and after the new New Moon of April 29th! Let’s pray for this famous kid, she needs it bad, its that serious!

The Stars and Fate of Miley Cyrus

“Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour in N.C. a week ago. She was prescribed the antibiotic Cephalexin which she has now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to,” the statement said. “This type of extreme reaction can last from five to 27 days in these types of cases.”

Again it does not take a genius to realize her regular weed use and abuses combined with “normal” medications do not agree and  her doctors poisoned herself. There is no other way to put it but to deliver the truth as it is!

The negative reaction to weed  and the antibiotic Cephalexin  is something her army of doctors including Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the First Legal US Drug Lord are not aware of just yet! This tells you how this famous medical pot head idiot truly is when endorsing cannabis. Miley is one of the millions of kids who trust the medical matrix created by an OCD generation of idiotic nerds.

 Currently Miley Cyrus is VERY vulnerable  and her traditionally educated doctors will NOT take even the smaller chance  to prescribe her with more potent medications in fear of more bad reaction. Thus she is left to rest hoping for her weak immune system to kick in!

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Remember this is an old newsletter written last October clarifying the Scorpius Draconis impact upon one’s life. Currently the 2014 Arian Draconis is in charge of the world for the next few months! This negative dragon is right on the 6th house of work and health of Miley Cyrus and may take her before his reign is over!  It is only by getting cosmic consciousness that this young soul (like billions of other human beings) will be able to beat the Tail of the Dragon and avoid a premature death!

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Official video premiere for Miley’s

F….You! You’re stung!

A true Scorpionic soul such as Miley will regenerate with your negative thoughts, something the 20 year old kid does not know of course.  The dart of the Scorpion symbolizes the psychical penetration where, like a bat,  she sucks and feeds off the spirit of the other unaware fans. But because we are living on a dense physical world, powerful sexual manifestations becomes her best weapon stimulating more of her magnetic, hypnotic Scorpio personality.   In all her sexual, sensual televised exhibitions Miley is only psychically  robotic-ally and legally responding to the Universal 2013 Scorpius Draconis matrix pull and her own stars.

On the world stage, the same cosmic Scorpius energy  has claimed millions of lives and stirred up drama, depending on where Scorpio lies in your own UCI. Suicides and Syria’s children mass murder as well but the world is not yet aware of such a cosmic phenomenon… What worries me the most is millions of unconscious teens shares the same “Scorpius” cosmic signature as Miley and sees her more as a rebel or another role model rather than just a pretty young slut gone wild…  Many kids will follow her footstep and giggle their butts off while more importantly, the more vulnerable Neptunian born kids will get trapped into religions, cults, and alcohol or worse develop a life supported by sexual debauch, drug addiction and crimes. At least Miley isn’t a bum.

Yes those teens do not know who they are, where they come from and where they are going, all trusting and trapped into the controlling educational/religious/scientific matrixes creating more and more lost monsters as time passes. While my revitalizing  cosmic teachings are becoming an emergency each day, no teachers are yet in formation to develop cosmic consciousness nor available to appease and ground all of those spiritually destitute teens… There is so much more than what science and religion can offer those kids and I own the cosmic answer, be sure of that!

Not all kids were born with famous parents opening all the doors to stardom and many will lose the battle well before any worthwhile opportunity present itself. In my case at 63 years old I realize now how lucky I was all along not to be owned by a contract (Illuminati) and forced to perform until death like Michael Jackson and many other celebrities did. But when you are a teen you do not think this way. All you want is the glamor, the fame, the stage to satisfy a starving undeveloped ego and with it, false reality of what life is all about.

As a teen living in London, I did not know anything about my personal cosmic identity and worked 3 jobs for years trying to reach the stage. In fact Victoria Station “PICCADILLY CIRCUS” London Underground was my home for many months and playing guitar and singing was my only way to make money. I made my way up then became part of a few bands and I was not always  enjoying my personal positive cosmic rhythms but I had to perform regardless how depressive I felt. I drank a lot to get the kick I needed and while offered all possible drugs on the planet on a gold plate all along, I knew better and never touched them…

Then many years later as I moved to the US, when I had it all at the tip of my fingers in a huge LA office back in 1984, I dropped it all and refused to sign up my second recording deal.

Crazy you may say after 15 years of arduous musical work  but I decided to listen to my intuition instead and this is why I am still alive and enjoy life fully today!   Read more about my crazy life, my incredible experiences in my biography and if you aim for the stage of light, God sent you to me so you can learn all about your personal cosmic matrix and how it relate to the artistic world.

There are NO accidents for you to be born under a specific sign and own the blessings of a cosmic God that will bring you the rewards or kill you if you do not follow the specific cosmic rules that apply to you personally. Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, while you could be looking for the gold mine in all the wrong directions, like I did for so many years, I can pin point your fate and save you time, money and efforts.  But the question remain, will you be able to free your religious or scientifically hijacked spirit from the grasp of fear or skepticism?

Little did I know in my twenties that I was destined to become famous in what people perceive only as “darkness.”  Today I own the biggest stage in the universe of light ever by becoming the brighter star of all, and a beacon for a blind humanity.

Yes my stage is NON physical, it is spiritual, it is Universal, virtual but real,  it is within a technological limitless and accommodate the millions of people looking for the light. I am reaching millions of souls from all over the world in  my “Universal Cosmic Internet Church” God lead me to create. All along God made sure to put the vital people I need to join me in the battle against the evil of ignorance and, if you endorse , promote and support my mission you are another God sent angel to us.

In the privacy of your home, or where ever you are reading me, there is no Paparazzi, no screams, no extravagant limousines, no long red carpets, no vices, no drugs, no Festival De Cannes, no noises, no alcohol, no palaces,  no televisions, no Hollywood acclaimed celebrities, no larger than life events or awards but just YOU and ME heart to heart…

Yes you asked for me and God heard you because you are ready for the true star light looking for the reasons for you to be alive, your mission, your purpose and in your own cosmic stage…

I truly think the scientific community,  all world leaders and the humongous mass of God fearing lost souls they rule should pay attention to the Cosmic Code jurisdictions and how God made his children so different by mastering the science of Astropsychology.

The good news is I know today’s kids are much smarter and more curious than their teachers and parents, thus they read, learn, share and enjoy articles such as “Miley Ray Cyrus & Shelley Lubben Born Porn Stars?”  and this one too! God thanks my Universal Internet University is able to bypass the educational controlling matrix  and my cosmic fluid is reaching many of those born intuitive teens…

However the building of monsters  is still in progress and sad  enough many kids will succumb to them before I can reach  and “cosmically” educate them to control their overwhelming destructive matrix. “Police say a middle school student killed herself after relentless bullying. CNN’s Sara Ganim reports.

God And The Cyber Matrix Bullying Dilemma

Remember all your political, religious, educational leaders, parent and teachers alike  are ALL Cosmic Unconscious and will never be able to solve the problem with some children overbearing destructive  personal matrix. I need your help to put an end to this nightmare before humanity become a  mass of cold skeptics, agnostics, atheists and  scientists depraved of any spiritual values. Again I truly believe all those skeptics, agnostics, atheists and  scientists alike already passed the test of logic and shows a need for answers outside of Neptunian deceptiveness. 

Sharing Email:

From Rachel; Having grown up around kids on weed and booze, I would definitely be more weary of children drinking then smoking pot. I know you seem to hate pot for some personal reason, but I have never known anyone to end up in hospital due to MJ. Never, ever, ever. And in London plenty of people smoke and eat it. I’m not an advocate for any sort of drug use as humans should give up all their ego based addictions, but I definitely have witnessed the demon booze is the worst by far out of the 2. I would like to see you focus a bit more energy of sharing the dangers of alcohol. Booze makes you black out so you cannot remember what you did, that is far more scary and dangerous.

Hi Rachel;

The fact is plain to see and remain that Miley is in the hospital right now battling for her life Rachel. All because of a mixture of weed and medications. Abusing alcohol is as bad and be sure, she drank  a lot too but you did not socialize with her to witness another fact that adding to the medications mixed with regular use of weed lead her to poison herself! Thus alcohol, weed and medications brought her exactly where I predicted she would end up and who’s to deny this dated, printed, published vision?

I do not hate pot, nor alcohol  Rachel, I spent 11 years around it in the UK and before this a few years as band singer, and there was times I was so exhausted and depressed that in order to perform every night I had to get real drunk.  I experienced the damage of alcohol first hand and lost close friends to it. My work is dedicated to warn EVERYONE of the danger of Neptune deceptive power and all his goodies…  Weed, alcohol, anti depressants, legal and illegal drugs and religious poisoning is a reflection of the illusive power of this planet.  And indeed after many years of use or abuse, it will affect both your perception and your judgement! Casual pot users may show brain changes that could foreshadow trouble

“Lady Gaga was smoking as many as 15 joints a day to help relieve the pain of a hip injury before a friend made her abruptly quit marijuana, the flamboyant pop singer says in an interview in British gay magazine Attitude. The singer had what she had said was a “huge breakage” in her right hip earlier this year that forced her to cancel about two dozen concerts and undergo surgery.”

Anything that can alter your good thinking is simply bad and at 64 I had ample time to see the end and obvious results…

Blessings DT

Study Shows Troubling Effects On Pot Users’ Brains

Dr. Sanjay Gupta First Legal US Drug Lord?

A small study of marijuana users yielded some potentially troubling results, with researchers finding that marijuana consumption may have a profound impact on certain parts of the brain. “Just casual use appears to create changes in the brain in areas you don’t want to change,” a psychiatrist mathematician at Northwestern University said. Find out the areas of the brain effected by marijuana use HERE.

Blessings to all




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