Miracle Man John of God Deceptive Cosmic Identity Exposed by Dr. Turi


“Consciousness – is the awareness of God cosmic identity  and make a good use of it” anything else is deceptiveness! Pope Francis, Bible heads, Religious leaders, Monks, Gurus, Jon of God, televangelists, priests are cosmic  unconscious  born Neptunians unable to read the signs…

Dr. Turi

Dear readers;


Before exposing the true deceptive Neptunian cosmic identity of  Jon of God, I must answer my VIP’s questions about the making of Talismans.  In “What kills people who live to 100 and how to live a long life – THE BRITISH NEVER DIE!” I mentioned the importance of understanding, making and using various talismans. Following this article, I received email requests and decided to reply to all the people interested at once;

Hi Dr. Turi, 

Please send me the information I need in order to purchase a Talisman. I an a VIP born 11-22-1936. Thanks and Blessings, 


 Much of the answers my client is looking for were offered in The Magical Power of Talismans! but new VIP’s joined since then and may have missed the article.


Note: I received quite a lot of requests for me to create various  “Talismans” to attract love, money, protection, luck, health etc. But captivating your specific cosmic dust, forging, melting metals, stones, gold, working with crystal and precious stones to produce your personal talisman is not an easy task. In fact it is time consuming and quite expensive depending on the size and work performed.

We need to establish first what your needs are because there is not such a thing as ONE universal talisman that will take care of all the afflicted areas of your chart!

Do you need more magnetism to attract love? Then I must check on your 5th house of love and check the position of Venus and all the aspects she makes to beneficial or disruptive planets.

Do you need more magnetism to attract money? Then I must check on your 2nd personal income house and if you are neutral (or have no planet (s) there) then I have to check on a few areas of your chart including your 10th house of career and investigate the content of all the appropriate houses to counteract the “bad luck” or luck of opportunity.

Do you need more magnetism to attract a better health? Then I must check on your 6th house of health and work and any planet (s) if any, there and all the aspects they make to Saturn, Pluto, Mars Neptune etc.  Saying a few words and using prayers to heal a mass of people do not work for everyone, specifically souls unwilling to undergo the hypnotic trance induced by a staging Jon of God!

Do you need more magnetism to attract protective angels? The I must investigate your 12th subconscious house and check if your natal or hidden dragon does not curse this house and attract low entities depressive or dementic power…

Do you need more magnetism to attract peace? Then I must check at the speed of your natal Mercury (the mind) and check the house/sign and all the positive or negative aspect this planet makes to less glamorous ones.

The list of your needs is endless, its like taking your car (your mind) to the garage to check it all up before it breaks down and repair it with new fabricated parts. For example if you need new brake pads and you do not change them, chances are you will not be able to stop in time and suffer an accident.  Yes important rules apply in both the physical and spiritual worlds…

But your car (your brain/your spirit) may be in perfect working condition (it often is) and all you need is a better engineered GPS or a cosmic TUNE UP to take you to your destination the shorter, safest way possible way. This is basically what the purpose of a VIP session is all about.

You may also need a better, cleaner fuel to operate at full speed and I would suggest you to change your diet, recharge your “spiritual” batteries to get more energy and get an  “alignment” to your cosmic identity and stay on the right and safe path to reach happiness.

But some people have already given up or fear a false God for dealing with his cosmic creation and let Dr. Turi tell all about the rules involving their natal signs… Others think they can fix their cars themselves and do not trust anyone but themselves because they think they are and know better than God himself .i.e. the atheists…

Atheists & Christians, God is Really Pissed Off At You!

Christian Pastor Calls For Atheists And Gays To Be Put To Death? Amazingly Human!

There is only so much I can do for you, but the sad reality is, its only when the car is totally out of order, broken or in the junk yard that some of you will finally  seek my help.  I own a 2008 Hummer and last month I HAD to spend over $1500 to do the 50.000 miles check up.

While I would rather take my wife away in an exotic cruise, I did not like the idea to spend the money on my truck!  But a lot of parts need regular replacement and if I did not take it to the shop and change all the fluids, I may have to spend much more money later on, to replace the transmission or the engine.

Think this way, when dealing with a “Soul doctor” like me or other practicing New Age people, their gifts will improve your life.  All the “accredited” doctors you know, while dedicated to fix your body are oblivious of our spiritual methodology.

No one taught them if the mind is sick, its just a matter of time before the body brake apart too! Traditional psychologists and psychiatrists  alike have lost touch with the spirit and can only use dangerous medications that will, with time unbalance further your mind and spirit…

Again there are no teachers and NO schools producing Soul Doctors, Astrogeologists, Astroforensics and Astropsychologists today! All you have is my Cyber Cosmic University and it is a good start for you to explore life’s miraculous manifestation through the cosmic code jurisdictions and the spirit.

Remember last few years science has accomplished many miracles and this is a great thing for humanity. But a science depraved of spiritual cosmic wisdom, imagination curiosity and  intuition is a very dangerous science because it is oblivious of God’s higher orders.

“miracle man john of god”

A true gifted Soul Doctor is very rare and very safe and must not be confused with a deceptive acting Neptunian like “miracle man john of god.”  Using the supra-conscious forces through faith (or hypnotic trance) alone is a very dangerous proposition especially when the practitioners are cosmic unconscious.

Dragon Supra-Consciousness

Your cosmic identity may not be suitable for any form of hypnotic trance and “psychic accidents” are very real! Its like playing with snakes hoping not to be bitten. There is much more going on with the supra-conscious for anyone to stumble and play with it and much of the pious, God fearing souls are not educated on the subtle process taking place.

A real Soul Doctor uses the “cosmic” spirit of God consciously  because he/she is aware of the values, the strengths and weaknesses of all the planets making up the celestial family and your personal UCI!

Indeed… they are real soul Doctors my friends and I am one of them! 

A true Soul Doctor do not act, nor dress like a traditional doctor and use the divine mind, not human tools and the human hands. But there is so little information available pertaining to true metaphysics credibility and the religious matrix will always take over while battling the atheists for supremacy…

All I can do is to once again use my cosmic wisdom to expose such a deceptive Neptunian… Jon of God was born June 24, 1942  in the constellation of Gemini!

Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty Dual Constellation Of Gemini

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

Furthermore his Mercury (the mind/acting) his Saturn (structure/manipulation) and Uranus (original/New Age) all resides in the dual sign of Gemini. In Greek philosophy Gemini is known as ‘The Lord of the Thieves”  for good reasons! Through the ancient times and  all the Greek philosophers lost cosmic wisdom,  you now own the answer to Jon of God’s true cosmic character… a thieve of the spirit playing with forces he does not know, nor handle safely!

You would be amazed of the “madness” legacy he left upon his followers that may takes weeks, months or even years to surface after the “healing” session! But this will never be exposed and all you have is my legitimate. dedicated cosmic wisdom!

Will you take it or not, this is now your choice but I truly feel, you should know the psychical “poisoning” consequences  associating and dealing with any Neptunian.

Note also, like Hitler, Jon was born with Pluto (power/fanaticism) in his 3rd house (communication house) in the fixed, persuasive, dictatorial, hypnotic sign of Scorpio and he is naturally / subconsciously able to put his God fearing gullible patients under his hypnotic, mesmerizing mental power. Furthermore Mars (competitiveness) is also there adding more fire to his egocentric authoritative, controlling  subjunctive mental power.

But what is dangerous is; He is also totally oblivious of his natal UCI or his cosmic identity and not everyone will benefit from his “power.” In many cases, following mass hypnotic sessions some unlucky people became possessed, dementic and have committed suicide.

Again you will never know about those facts because the Jon of God deceptive religious matrix need your money to survive and take no prisoners… This is the world you live in readers and you must pay attention or pay a price for all your errors and your cosmic ignorance…

Furthermore, like the great magician Houdini, Jon was born with the negative Dragon’s Tail (past lives) in the religious sign of  Pisces (illusion/deception) right in his 10th house of career.

Real Prophets and natural healer such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce  and Madame Vladasky were ALL born with the DRAGON’S HEAD in Pisces, not the negative Tail! Thus be aware of thousands of gurus and false prophets they are everywhere ready to poison your body, mind and soul!

Thus knowing 99.999% of the world is non cosmic conscious, non educated, gullible and religiously poisoned, there is no wondering about Jon of God incredible deceptive success.

All Pisces Tail born soul nurture a subconscious drive to act, to deceive and to use “magic” and many end up working directly or indirectly for the “religious matrixes.”

But knowing pope Francis is from South of America, for Jon of God to rise to such a popular position certainly enunciate  some serious undercover “help” coming from powerful places such as the Vatican. Indeed like attracts like, its a simple as that!

I do not think I would get the same treatment nor be allowed  to introduce a real God’s cosmic divinity at such a large scale. Chances are, I would be killed before  messing up on religious matrix turf!  Yes remember you will not find Dr. Turi on Wikipedia while Facebook and You Tube including Google are all “technologically” stopping me to reaching you. And it is only when I disappear that you will realize how much I meant to your spiritual life and the cosmic truths I own…

All of Jon’s past lives are evolving around deceptive religious endeavors created by man’s imaginative folly! His work is suffocating humanity psychical welfare into deeper global deception.

But the stars do not care, they work as such, making anyone successful, including Jon of God and drug Lords criminals alike, all imposed by God cosmic divinity. Isn’t amazing that much of the drugs poisoning America is from the same neighboring countries?

Do you really think it is another accident for so many popes and religious leaders from all walks of life to be born in June like Jon of God? The soul’s purpose of any Gemini is for God to give them a position of power through communication (TV/radio/writing/journalism etc.)

And apply their critical thinking to stimulate debates leading to the desperate answers humanity needs to grow spiritually towards a cosmic God. I was born a Pisces (swimming upstream against the current of all established religions towards God true cosmic divinity!)  I was also born with a hidden positive Gemini Dragon’s Head or “The True Messenger of the Gods”  making my own “cosmic Ministry” so different and so real! 

Where do you think I get the strengths, the will to talk and write to millions of people everyday through my Cyber Cosmic University if I did not OWN a real God given the gift in communication? Do I have to remind you I am French, I never took a single English lesson  and type with only two finger?

Does this speak of a legitimate cosmic gift and the mission I am gifted/cursed with to introduce humanity to a real cosmic God exposing all deceptive abusive Plutonic Neptunians I come across?

But the negative Pisces Dragon’s Tail teachings  of Jon of God and Osama Bin Laden, naturally swims downstream taking with him many innocent lives. A true Neptunian will always look for non evolved 3rd world countries to operate and doing so, benefit from the invading Spaniards religious legacy.  Other Neptunians will pick remote locations, or Islands .i.e. Jim Jones, David Koresh and finally sink everyone into their own religious fabricated hell! “Over 300 children were murdered at Jonestown Guyana, almost all of them by cyanide poisoning.” 

Yes the stars have spoken their divinity to me and for Jon of God to be born with a Pisces Dragon’s Tail can only make total sense to the ridiculous minority of Astropsychology cosmic conscious students of mine.  We have a long way to go before reuniting the atheists and the God fearing Christian mass  of pious souls to the reality of a common cosmic God!

One thing is sure readers, Neptune deceptive religious grip  has been solidified for the last two thousand years and this uneducated, gullible mass of people become the endless supply for born Plutonic Neptunian souls such as Jon of God to tap on. The truth shall set them all free maybe in a few lifetimes…

Making and using talismans is a million times safer and more efficient than to take the risk of dealing with a Plutonic Neptunian deceptive soul.  A talisman power ultimately depend on YOUR planets positions during the melting/casting and this does not happen randomly. I have FIRST to see you live on Skype, check on your cosmic nature, check on ALL your planets, find out what is you need the talisman to accomplish and then WAIT for the right cosmic auspices to proceed making your lucky charm.

For example if you are  a woman looking for love, I have to check at your Venus  (love) and Mars (the man) positions.  Venus is the type of love a woman is able to offer to a man, while your Mars in your chart depict the type of man (and masculinity) you should attract to appreciate his strengths, security, sexual performances and drive to get things done.

If you are a man, then your Venus position by house and sign shows the type of woman you need to make you truly happy while your Mars depict how you will display your masculinity. Making talisman is not an easy procedure but demand a deep and solid understanding of your UCI as to improve your magnetism drastically. Some people are so negative that they became “repellent” and some can only attract deceptive Neptunians (pot heads/cheaters/liars etc.)

It is only after an initial intense consultation on Skype that I can explain all your strengths and weaknesses and remedies with some powerful talisman. But there are also rules and very specific timing you must be aware of and if you decide to proceed, you must FIRST assimilate and test your “2014 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms.”

This “precise timing” can only add much more when you socialize to reach your goal following your 11th house of wishes and friends hidden rules.  There is so much to discuss (better record it all) and so much for you to learn to revitalize your own batteries. A talisman will always work its magic if its owner cleanse himself first, who would drive a dirty Ferrari or enjoy a wonderful sun set with a lover with a serious constipation problem?

The particular physical talisman I will create for you HAS to have all that you are missing psychically, thus your first step is to train yourself trough my guidance to upgrade your own vibrations while I am waiting for the right cosmic energy to present themselves for the casting.  Talisman works best not only on your entire astrological chart information but also on the natal and hidden dragons position.

I always ask my clients in need of a talisman to mail me a small piece of jewelry made of Gold and or silver or precious stones… You will get it back in your talisman which is entirely made of copper, various pieces of stones, crystals and what ever I will channel that I know will work for you.

You must be ready not only to spend a lengthy time of Skype with me, but to wait as long as needed for the stars to smile on you when I produce the talisman and signs…  The first talisman I ever made was for a desperate friend of mine when I was in England. Regardless how hard he tried he could never get a date even if is life depended on it and he was quite attractive himself.

He was always asking me how I was always with the top girl(s) around… I guess being 22, French, confident and smart worked for me, but a frustrated Phillip was also young and French. I could feel a bit of jealousy in him and I decided to help him. He was a Taurus, ruled by Venus and I made him a copper talisman while Venus was rising… I stamped the planet symbol of both Venus (love) and Jupiter (plenty)  ET VOILA!

I was amazed about his new found confidence and the power of my talisman was established as real and worthwhile… Then I got swamped with requests but for some reasons, refused to make more fearing bad karma.  I am glad I stopped then because many years later I realized how powerful talismans truly are and inserting cosmic energy I did not fully understand could bring troubles to his owner.

Today at 64 I have a real good handling and the wisdom needed to create / cast real safe talismans by gathering/timing the right cosmic energies for all desired results. I will be retiring next year and probably concentrate on doing a few readings and a few talismans for my world wide clientele. This mean I will build a room with all the tools and equipment I need to cast the best and most powerful talismans possible! And I guarantee you, in time, with my guidance,  those magical articles WILL change your life for the best.

The size, design and price will vary in the future but the power will be the same!

2X2 – Small heart shaped $1500, this include the taped VIP consultation 

Note: While I am taking orders for your talisman right away, you must set up a consultation on Skype first, and pay HALF of $1500. You must be willing to wait up to 3 months maximum before I can produce the talisman and for its delivery. Again I have to wait for the right cosmic auspices to be in compliance to your natal chart and the casting of your talisman.

You are also requested to mail me a small piece of gold or silver jewelry or, if you own some,  a small precious stone. But I must make sure the stone is acceptable to your birth sign and colors.  You will get it all back partially or totally melted in your personal talisman.

They are MILLIONS of talismans you can purchase on the Internet, and while some products are made of pure gold, extremely expensive and very attractive, they are all totally EMPTY of your cosmic essence and personal vibrations.

Remember while I always do my best to produce an attractive product, its not about the beauty or the aesthetics, but all about the real power of your personal talisman made by the hands and cosmic mind of Dr. Turi!

Talismans are produced in a heart shape for women with a hole at the top and can be used as pendant. For guys they can be any shape I feel will work the best for you or as the shape of a silver dollar and can be stored in your car, your pocket or your wallet.

A true leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell

Any days now I will stop feeding the public with my cosmic pearls of wisdom, join us while you can to show your support for my work! Thank you – DT


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A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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