MISSILE DOWNED JET, U.S. SAYS read the real reasons for this massacre!


If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  It is a God miracle for cosmic curiosity to survive religion – Dr. Turi Watch the future!

Dalai Lama Dr. Turi


Report: Malaysia Airlines flight crashes in Ukraine
Ukraine adviser: Plane shot down by ‘terrorists’

Dear readers;

Because of the gravity of the situation  I have decided to publish this article to the public! Only two days ago or  July 15, 2014, I had a very strong uneasy feeling  and posted an article titled “GERMANY HITLER WILL MAKE THE NEWS! SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE PREDICTIONS THAT MUST BE SHARED TO THE WORLD!

I asked ALL my readers to SHARE my vision to ALL the people on the planet, but only a ridiculous minority is taking my work and I seriously! Sad enough, 295 aboard Malaysia Airlines have lost their lives because the world does not know who and what Dr. Turi’s crucial cosmic work is all about!

This plane was hijacked (from the ground) by terrorists, I will now give you all the cosmic reasons for this devastating news!  I knew it was a terrorist act especially when the Moon was in Pisces (deception) and Aries (war!)

Future terrorists will use new deceptive technological devices that confused navigation in all planes and detonates smart bombs. Remember the moon is waning (negative) and the world is not yet aware of the chances to fly and attract evil during a this time.

Posted before CNN news for my VIP’s

“Most of all, Ukraine/Russia is at the perfect geographical location or the heart of the Arian Draconis  (Germany) disruptive explosive power making this plane prone to somehow “explode.”

Never, ever fly unless you purchase your ticket during the new moon or fly during a waxing moon. May God bless all the victims of this tragedy but be warned more are ahead of us in August…

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

While I have readers all over the world, including thousands in Asia and Malaysia, it is only after a disaster such as ” MISSILE DOWNED JET, U.S. SAYS” that people will wonder and realize my warnings should be taken VERY seriously. 

Had any of the 295 people knew about the Universal Law of the Moon or read about my 2014 Arian Draconis a choice would have been given to them all to fly or not! All commercial airlines do not care about Dr.Turi’s predictions and MUST make the money to keep their planes flying regardless.

But how many airlines CEO’s reading my SOS To THe World, COULD have made the right judgment to avoid the region and avoid this disaster?

Memo from July 2014 Daily Guidance and Predictions  and my book 2014 Moon power published last year!

MON., TUE., WED. – July 14, 15, 16: “keep in mind Europe and Asia longitude/latitude, they are ahead of us, it is still the 16th for them.”

RULERS – Uranus (Shocking / Explosions) Neptune (Deception)


Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind to Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception to Strike

Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird News/Surprises/ Explosions/Shocking News/Lightning/ Humanitarianism/New Age/Earthquakes/Volcanoes/ Tornadoes/NASA/Aeronautics/Technology/UFO

Travel and Communication: A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts from the past. However, you might have problems getting to the given address and may get lost a few times. Be patient, as you will still have plenty of time to play and enjoy yourself with various unusual people. For paranormal investigators, now is the time to look for UFOs in secluded places.

Don’t forget your video camera; you may be sorry if you are not ready when Uranus is willing to display the secret of extraterrestrial intelligence. Stay clear from tall trees and posts to avoid lightning; many people met with their deaths in stormy shocking Uranus trends.

This is why thousands of wise people joined my Cyber Cosmic University to read the news before CNN and respect the cosmic code jurisdictions! 

Rest assured readers, as of today,  NONE of those popular airlines will be flying close to this “regular” route but the decision came after the realization of a warnings I posted 2 days ago they know nothing about!

Do you think it is yet another accident for Israel to launch ground offensive or Shelling kills 4 boys playing on beach on the exact same day? 

The world is experiencing a negative Universal Cosmic Biorhythms right on the heart of the negative Arian Draconis and you wonder why such a drama and so many death took place? 

What is even more amazing to me, is the option to GET a taste of this dragon and realize how it will “bless or curse” you at a personal level! It seems my work mean nothing to the thousands of readers awaiting my next article! Its time for you reader to realize God cosmic divinity and make a good use of it…

While all the major airlines CEO’s are much too busy to read my articles what is your excuse? Are you waiting for this dragon to kill you or a loved one and do NOTHING to avoid it? 

The missile was fired from a Ukrainian/Russian corner  and again who took my warnings seriously when a few months ago I wrote ” Predictions – Vladimir Puttin A Plea for WAR From Russia ” All you have to do is to Google Putin and Dr. Turi to read all the articles I wrote after this one and get a glimpse of what’s really going on here readers!

Nukes, Obama, America and Middle East Predictions

Vladimir Putin can not engage Ukraine and declare war openly and directly to avoid punishment “Obama imposes new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine ” but the fact remain the war is ON!

Early this year (2/23/2014) I wrote War in the Horizon? It seems once more one of my predictions came to pass…

Realize how important you are readers, realize how precious you are helping me saving lives by posting my predictions to the world! Doing so, you will save lives because, by re-tweeting or posting my 2014 Arian Draconis someone may act upon you gesture and save its life!

I am sure you heard of karma, the more you use my work for your own selfish purposes,  the less positive karma you will create for yourself. The life of a total stranger should be as important as the one of your mother, your dad or any of your siblings or close friends. 

Help me pass on the world because a few months ago,  God sent me a message directly from Ukraine and I may not be here today warning you, had I not follow my own cosmic wisdom!  Indeed there are NO accidents and knowing about the cosmic code jurisdictions I turned it down… 

Dr. Turi representing the US in Major European Psychic TV Show

Dear Dr. Turi,

International Media Center STV appeals to you with respect and reverence. My name is Alyona. I represent « ///////////////TV project in Ukraine.

Our channel is one of the major TV channels in Ukraine. Now team of Ukrainian “/////////” is preparing 13-th season of the show. Every season we have different topics of the Challenge, this time it will be “//////////” (12th season is Men vs Women f.e.)  More information about this project at …(I removed the direct contact with the producer because my envious Internet enemies would jump there to stop the light with evil lies.) 

We have already produced twelve seasons, and they had and have a great success in Russian-speaking countries. Last 4 seasons were International. Participants are the strongest psychics of the world, Dr. Turi who represent the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Nigeria, Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

We would like to invite you to Kiev, Ukraine to participate in the shooting of next season, «International ////////» to demonstrate your supernatural skills and compete with other psychics.

Shooting (casting) will start from January 15th 2014 (your arrival date should be Jan 14th or 13th), and it will take from 1 week up to several months – depends on how you present yourself and your skills and gifts. Your travel expenses and accommodation in Ukraine is completely taken over by the STV channel.

We hope you will be glad to participate. Please, inform me regarding your decision any way.

Thank you in advance.

My best regards,

////////// Producer TV

Dr. Turi representing the US in Major European Psychic TV Show

I am so glad I decided to turn this down because I know what the 2014 Arian Draconis is all about and back in November 2013, my vision of fires, troubles and war  was again right! Indeed the spirit of Hitler is much too close to Ukraine for me to be there and this is just the beginning… 

This is where you can make a significant contribution to my work. If in any way shape or form you support my work, this is a great opportunity to do so and help me reach the media. I do not often ask for your help but this is bigger than us all… Please copy/paste this link for me and post it everywhere.

With thousands of people reading my work if a few of you do so, thousands more will do the same and you will finally help us all… I gave you all I have and keep giving my cosmic wisdom for free, please HELP Dr. Turi today!

Why was jet flying over volatile land?


Permalink Reply by Rondah Virago 14 hours ago

Thank you DR T. I’m feeling pretty chuffed at the moment and all because I relayed your warnings to my friend who could have been on that plane if she didn’t listen to me. I’m not taking credit – as if it were not for you DR T and your teachings I would not have been able to warm / guide my friend. I told her do not fly and she chose to listen.
I thank you and she thanks you. Many lives were taken and at least 1 that I definitely know of has been saved.
My friend is totally stunned and amazed and is so very grateful that she listened.
Love and blessings.





“There are specific Universal Laws designed by God – Consciousness – is the awareness of a divine cosmic  power and use it wisely to build emotional, financial and spiritual stability!” Read the future –  Watch the future!

Cosmic Unconscious Young Human Robots

Film yourself drinking a crazy amount in some outlandish way, post it online and call out friends to outdo you. It’s called “Neknominate,” and it’s not a good idea. “This is a lethal game,” says one medical professional. 

Watch this video

9 dead in Ukraine street battle over presidential power

Protests explode in violence

Dr. Turi representing the US in Major European Psychic TV Show

I am so glad I decided to turn this down because I know what the 2014 Arian Draconis is all about and back in November 2013, my vision of fires, troubles and war  was again right! Indeed the spirit of Hitler is much too close to Ukraine for me to be there and this is just the beginning…

The new 2014 Arian/Libra Draconis is already cursing the youngest members of our society but the non cosmic conscious medical experts have no real explanations to what causes this stupid and dangerous game. Let me explain…

 Aries is the fist sign of the zodiac and Libra faces the world as a wild Aries, and this fiery sign is prone to learn by repetitive mistakes. Much like a mother telling her Aries/Libra child don’t touch this, or do not do this,  it will hurt you!

While Aries is a fire sign, Libra is an air sign adding air to fuel, this means why those children are quite difficult to handle and raise. But do not make the mistake to think, your child is safe because he was not born in April or October!

He or she could be born with a moon, a rising, a natal or hidden dragon in any of those two signs and the aggressive, undisciplined, child like, challenging Arian behaviours are exactly the same. Remember, my work is not based upon modern astrology nor traditional psychology, but on the real science of Astropsychology and its applicable methodology…

Furthermore if your child inherited a very strong Neptune in his natal UCI, addictions and poisoning will become a serious factor and seriously prone to develop a strong negative reaction not only to alcohol but to any chemical substance (weed) with disastrous results and in some cases, death!

Neptune is a gaseous planet but our infantile science is totally depraved of spiritual values and perceive all the planets as dead rocks only  placed by God above their educated heads for future interplanetary travels. Not so, those far away planets own ONLY spiritual purposes that makes our local system psychically active and receptive for all human beings living on earth.

The positive manifestation of the planet Neptune induce a fruitful  imagination and produce artistic musical geniuses, great actors, phenomenal dancers, painters, photographers etc. Note, Michael Jackson was born with a Pisces Moon and being so close to the earth he was born a Neptunian – Check The Hidden Life of Michael Jackson.

On the negative side, Neptune induce total poisoning of the body, mind and soul resulting in strict righteousness, imaginary fears and religious fanaticism! All used appropriately by the abusive Plutonic born cult leaders /gurus in need of sex, control and power…

The question now is, as a responsible parent, how much do you (or your child) own of Neptune’s cosmic legacy and how much do you know about this planet positive or negative traits? Michael Jackson and a very long list of now dead celebrities did not have the opportunity I represent to check on their cosmic natures. You may not be rich and famous but consider yourself very lucky to have access to the divine through my crucial services… 99.999% of the world do not!

Remember knowledge is power, ignorance is evil, the less you know about your natal UCI the more (positive or negative) the power the planets will exert upon your (or your loved ones) destiny and behaviours… Check Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness 

Science Neptune and Uranus Ridiculousness

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

It seem Mars One mission masquerade is bringing more and more gullible people and their fortunes to the abusive scientific  matrix, so why not asking more dreamers to invest today in Neptune and Uranus future missions? This will indeed offer a fat living for the “educated flea”  and their children, well pass the year 2034!

In ”Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation? I gave you the Astrology facts about this privileged select crowd of people unwilling to work like we do, because they all feel so educated and so superior…

These people are the enemy of the human spirit and God himself and will never tell you  astrology has been a determining factor in the decisions and actions of men of all ranks and stations. At the begin of the 17th century, great scientists as Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Pierre Gassendi, sir Issac Newton, Copernicus, Einstein, Nostradamus, Paracelcus  etc. – now best remembered for their roles in the development of modern physics and astronomy – all held astrology in high esteem.

All the hard core scientists in power today are the builders of the future monsters, a society of mathematicians heads, depraved of intuition, feelings and emotions, the cold and calculated robots rejecting God, the ones I am trying so hard to make you aware of in this You Tube video with George Noory!

Science Neptune and Uranus Ridiculousness

KentuckyFC writes”The only planets never to have been the subjects of bespoke space missions from Earth are Neptune and Uranus. Now European astronomers are planning to put that straight with a mission called Odinus, which involves twin spacecraft making the journey in 2034. Their justification is that the mission will help explain how the Solar System formed, how it ended up in the configuration we see today and may also explain why ‘hot’ Neptune-class planets are common around other stars.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal; Gee look at today’s news readers, “This is no game 5 deaths from Web drinking challenge – Prank turns deadly for teen girl – Teen claims she’s killed dozens – Teen shot by classmate’s dad  Teen shot by classmate's dad –  ‘Abundant evidence’ of crimes against humanity in North Korea –Inside the mind of a mass killer in drag or the crime committed by Adam Lanza and so many horrible news since  then! And you want to spend billions on science deceptive manoeuvres to visit Neptune and Uranus with robots in 2034?

Do you really think you or your children will be safer or better by then? Do you think my terrible vision in 2034 will become more of a reality before the astronomers find out how the solar system was formed?  Who cares about those far away planets when Mother Earth and the wild life are showing serious signs of distress!  Don’t you think they should invest on your children psychical welfare HERE first, on earth?

But telling you the facts will stop the flow of money they need to build robots for their wasteful endeavours because the real purpose of all the planets above are SPIRITUAL ONLY! And by looking at the state of some children minds and dangerous actions something is indeed VERY wrong!

Do you think for a second God will allow those educated morons to fly and escape the earth they destroyed with their science?  Don’t you think your tax dollar and benevolent donations should go toward fixing the fast depleting minds of your children instead?  Am I the only one able to apply critical thinking and see the facts here? Again this does not mean I am totally against space missions, the contrary, but let’s first take care of the emergency we face today on earth. Because I can guarantee you readers, the psychical situation is already grave and we must act right away…

And it is not with the type of “scientific” rational thinking about the planets mystical purposes that humanity will fix its problems… The fact is; contrary to what they think about themselves, today educated elites of science own the least productive, perceptive UCI possible!  And this is toxic for humanity survival…

This makes them less than responsible/perceptive human  beings  on the planet and the irony is, they are unable to auto analyse themselves properly because God himself limited their mental faculties…

Indeed those scientists who truly think are mentally superior to the rest of us are forbidden to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness. This lead them to ridicule God’s cosmic divinity and trust only their blind science…

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they under*stand” the voice of heaven.”

– Matthew 13:13

Continued: They also have to overcome the common misconception that Neptune and Uranus are just smaller, less interesting versions of Jupiter and Saturn. Nothing could be further from the truth. For a start, Neptune and Uranus and made of entirely different stuff–mostly ices such as water, ammonia and methane compared with hydrogen and helium for Jupiter and Saturn. That raises the question of how they formed and how they got to the distant reaches of the Solar System.

However it happened, Uranus ended up lying on its side, probably because of a cataclysmic collision. And Neptune’s largest moon Triton orbits in the opposite direction to its parent’s rotation, the only moon in the Solar System to do this. How come? Another question still unanswered is who’s going to pay for all this. The team are pinning their hopes on the European Space Agency which has already expressed interest. But would an international collaboration be a better option?”

Dr. Turi Rebuttal; Who’s going to pay for this?  The gullibility of all the morons, the uneducated, the dreamers the scientific and media abusive matrixes reaching them everyday with their “Non profit” abusive corporate organizations…  Gee the scientists are  talking about Neptune’s moon Triton when they know nothing of our closest (crabby/moody/ lunatic) moon satellite  next door!  Read more about the Moon Universal Laws.

So many of my readers have asked me not to become defensive (or truthful)  in my writings but how can I not display disgust when I can decipher all the abuses and the humongous cosmic ignorance of those “educated experts?”

But those matrixes are established, powerful, wealthy and whoring around with the news-media advertising them under the form of articles that cost hundreds of thousands to be displayed on CNN or FOX… But a  small and direct ad will never have the same impact as  the full article above preparing you psychically to invest in THEIR future with the excuses of one day living on those far away planets.

And the agony I share with you is to wake you up to reality because God did not created the stars for science to abuse at your expenses… The real purpose of all the stars is psychical in nature as the Cosmic Code subtle jurisdictions are part of an interstellar Godly presence created for this very purpose. A mystical purpose that escape the rigid mind of less brilliant human beings cursed by this dense physical world…

“Since the dawn of time, the Creator has shown his truth to the humble, a truth that is hidden from the vain blinded by worldly pleasures, but which is written in the skies, which nightly speaks of the glory of God.”


 ”It is only when I see my first Astropsychology school operational that I will have real hope for humanity!”

Dr. Turi

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A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

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