Mother Teresa, Christians and the Reptilius



”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

NEW DELHI, INDIA: (FILES) In this file picture taken, 15 May 1997, Mother Teresa stands with nuns of the Missionaries of Charity For Destitute Children in New Delhi. Mother Teresa will be beatified, 19 October 2003, in a ceremony in St Peter's Square, Vatican. The beatification ceremony is the penultimate step to being canonised a saint and has been the shortest in modern history. Following the beatification, a second miracle has to be verified by the Vatican before Mother Teresa can be proclaimed a saint. AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN (Photo credit should read RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

In front of thousands, Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa

Dear readers;

Here is your promised, free Sunday Cosmic Code newsletter, and with it, the undiluted truth an unconscious, god-fearing gullible humanity is unwilling and unable to accept!

Memo from “Depression, Dementia, Suicide and the Reptilius“The archbishop of Calcutta, Henry d’souza, revealed that mother Teresa had an exorcism performed on her while she was hospitalized in 1997. because the roman catholic church performs exorcisms only when someone is believed to be possessed by the devil, the world was shocked by such a disclosure.

According to d’souza, shortly before her death at the age of 87, mother Teresa was admitted to a hospital because of heart trouble. d’souza happened to be a patient in the same hospital during her stay, and he learned that the nun was having difficulty sleeping. when it was determined that there was no medical reason to account for such problems, it occurred to him that some evil spirit might be trying to disturb her during the night.”

There is no denying that Mother Teresa was a great soul dedicated to help humanity but the fact is, she was “fabricated” by the reptilius, “infected religious matrix” and paid the ultimate price by being psychically “consumed” by those nefarious entities.

Reptilius confine the human spirit into religions, entertainment, sports, and scientific atheism convictions are designed to nurture fears, chaos, discords, and doubts, steal your attention, stop your psychical awareness, and stop your spiritual interaction against them!

What will 2019 bring you and those you care? 

But, like the scientific matrix “The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA” scientists discovering endless “new” planets i.e. “ESO Discovers Earth-Size Planet in Habitable Zone of Nearest Star” or “Close-ups of Jupiter wow scientists” to keep you and the scientists amused, the religious matrix (or the corporate Vatican) must keep the god-fearing, gullible souls reading and interested!

These are nothing else than clever endeavors, steady advertisements both for religious groups, Christianity, NASA, etc. to lure and maintain supremacy over the traditionally “educated” and uneducated herd.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Some speak of Mother Teresa’s performing healing miracles endorsed by some religious fanatic physicians who have absolutely no idea of the supra-conscious (or God Cosmic Divinity) miraculous healing phenomenon taking place.

And asking people to try and educate themselves by reading my 500-page book “Beyond The Secret” to assimilate and use the “power” they were all born with, is simply too much to ask!


Introducing the world to God’s real cosmic consciousness

While the scientific community would rather ridicule the reality of alien visitors, NASA rebuts UFO speculation DECEPTION! the majority of religiously infested souls are too lazy to seek real answers or too indoctrinated to do so… And would rather stay in their comfortable “nirvanic” zones to try and avoid “ending up in hell!”

Image result for cult leaders
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Religious infected cults leaders

Indeed, the power of fear and an uncontrollable imagination can do serious damage, by jailing the psyche of billions of people into a specific imposed geographical religion. Sad enough, the experiences of the past serve no purpose when critical thinking is gone.

This opens the door to religious-infested gurus and religious fanatics to fulfill the reptilius agenda… i.e. ISIS, Rev Jones, David Koresh, You Have the Neptunians, and Dr. Turi – What is a Deceptive Neptunian?

I am not a saint but nor is anyone claiming to be “touched by the light” or the spirit of God’s cosmic divinity will and displaying an aptitude to “see the future” in order to heal others and serve the world with an obvious gift!

Mother Teresa was all about love but love is not a gift, it is an inborn quality some humans own and some don’t. Pope Francis and mother Teresa never spoke to a cosmic God who could never bless them with the gift of “visions.”  God blessed all children with certain gifts…Those like music, dancing, drawing, speaking, performing, etc.  Those gifts are induced at birth and will develop to serve society, which in turn is rewarding the subject; often late in life!

But even when I wrote a few days ago “I am expecting very large earthquakes” and offer the undeniable, well-documented, dated, published results of my visions, accepting a true, modern Prophet predictive gift is unacceptable in 2016!

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake off East Coast shakes North Island:  Memo Events: Large quakes and nature forces may threaten thousands of victims to relocate to rebuild a new life. Terrible tragedies such the Kobe, Japanese earthquakes and many volcanic eruptions have happened under this configuration and thousands of people were forced out of their homes because of nature’s destructive forces. 

Memo: “Earthquake in Italy: Memo posted 8/16/2016 ” in Burkinis, religions France and the Middle East! “I am expecting earthquakes at or above 6.0 very soon and/or a volcanic eruption!” Read and share please, there is no denying a real and rare Prophet!  Check the full august forecast! SHARE PLS”

 Environment: Though the moon is waxing, expect surprises and explosions soon. Be aware of fire and keep an eye on the children. Chances are that nature will go berserk soon, so you don’t want to be a victim. She may demonstrate her power with shocking weather. Thousands of people may be forced to relocate, fleeing disasters, flooding or ****bad earthquakes****. There is no denying a real modern prophet  but the reptilius infected envious souls is unable and unwilling to receive the light and the cosmic wisdom I represent!

Water from Roanoke Sound pounds the Virginia Dare Trail in Manteo, North Carolina, Saturday, September 3 as Tropical Storm Hermine passes the Outer Banks.

Hermine ruins beach weekend

Billions of innocent, unconscious human beings are “cult” like – reptilius infected and 99.9% never read about the “nirvanic” deceptive Neptunius cosmic winds cursing their lives. All the donations to form cults and maintain religions are wasted because cosmic consciousness is absent and a real modern prophet is ignored!

The power of the stars manipulated by the reptilius is cursing humanity,  those 2016 Neptunian deceptive, poisoning religious winds lead people to deep soul searching, to create more “Saints” and lure more idiots to deception CNN – 200,000 More Morons apply to live on Mars!

All the while the real explanations and 2017 forecast of what and how the cosmic code jurisdictions are all about are being ignored!


I don’t think that there is an end to this humongous stupidity and the abuses inflicted upon a moronic society by those powerful, supremely wealthy corporate monopolizing matrixes!

People would rather follow or support a guru, or a schizophrenic man-made “Saint;” than wake up to the reality of what God’s real cosmic divinity is all about and learn to speak the “signs” language!

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

How will the 2017 Uranic dragon affect you and those you care?
Predictions for 2017 Nostradamus Personal and Universal Forecast

As you all know all major networking websites have removed my work and I and stopping my warnings from reaching you, thanks all our internet enemies feeding the reptilius. Google, LinkedIn Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi

 Keeping you misinformed and muting me is a serious nuisance and this is why I am slowly moving away and stopped offering my endless chain of newsletters daily.


From Facebook – Our message Today

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BE READY FOR THE NEXT SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW! Terrorism, police death, drama, FBI, secrets, famous death ahead!

Then as anticipated my vision with the police came to pass but the undeniable facts of my vision were also removed!

From Facebook – Our message Today

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Officer killed during domestic incident in Alamogordo – Will the police and the FBI ever learn from Dr. Turi or keep ridicule his work when he is CNN before CNN? Memo posted this morning from

I am anticipating those upcoming deadly winds to do serious damages and I spent hours posting on various groups but, it seem I am wasting my time. Some idiots are incapable of accepting the fact that; I try to help save police and other lives and instead report me for “spamming.”

They really think they know better. Their religious views and values, encrusted deep fears and colossal idiocy; override the crucial cosmic messages I am offering the public, the police and the FBI.

The reptilius own much of those people’s mind and they are unreachable nor able to access my help!  Thus you may be reading the very last warnings of a real Modern Prophet.

From September 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows

September 6 – //

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Police news / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Porn / Mob / Scandals / Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Life and death / Serial Killers / human / Undiluted truth / nature wake up Call.



Navajo code talker during WWII dies – First face transplant patient dies Famous death?
Man swallows 110 cocaine packs Secrets to light?
Iran escalates US Navy harassment – Wake up call?
2016 is the deadliest year for Chicago in 2 decades Death news/Police?
Clinton: Timing of Russian hack is aimed at helping Trump – Russia?
Obama has ‘blunt’ meeting with Putin – Russia?
What US ‘secret war’ bombs did – Secret to light?
Brock Turner registers as sex offender – Sex?
Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News – Wake up call?
Phyllis Schlafly dies at 92 Famous death?
Saudi-Russian deal boosts oil prices – Russia?
CNN obtains trove of documents about ISIS attack on Paris – Secret to light?
24 killed in Kabul bombings – Terrorism?
Obama: Trust gap with Russia – Russia?
Police ‘porn dog’ finds flash drives – Porn?


All I can do is to wait for the future to prove me right once again and offer you and those gullible idiots the facts when my visions come to pass very soon now. Comeback to read the results and share this link please.

I can only hope many of you took the time to post my warnings above and for more of you to join us and show your support!

UFO’s & ET’s Join God Cosmic Awareness Revolution

Humans are programmed to vibrate cosmically to serve/react through all planets but in the case of religious people and their leaders, Neptune, the planet of creativity, imagination and faith rule their UCI!

Those serving the sport matrixes are mostly ruled by Mars (men) while artists by Venus (women) – Yes John Gray “Men are from Mars, women from Venus” was a student and a client of mine but would rather be caught dead than to endorse my work! Call it insecurity.

Scientists, atheists and politicians, are serving, reacting to the rational, engineering like planet Saturn but have no clue to why they were born “down to earth, atheist, agnostic and skeptical…

Pisces the sign of deception and religions, poisoning, in charge of the Middle East (and oil) is ruled by Neptune “The Lord of Deception” and if your UCI is loaded with Neptune power you are a prime target for the reptilius religious / drugs / alcohol addictions.   This planet rules the world today and it is impossible to deny its effects if you read my predictions for 2016.

2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)
2014/2015 Arian Draconis Predictions  (public)
2012/2014 Scorpius Draconis Predictions (public)

This world is totally detached to reality because this dense physical world BLIND a humanity curse to use their five limited human senses.  This world has lost its connection with what good and God is all about  and succumbed to a multitude of religions endorsing a myriad of false disciplines and man made gods.

This world has fallen for the reptilius, controlling all the elites of all unconcerned greedy corporations dedicated to suffocate Mother Earth and her wild life for profit. The art of Astrology can only survive if people like us continue battling the corporate, so called astrology/tarot Google and Facebook websites designed to attract advertisements by offering the gullible readers “For entertainment purpose Only” wasteful, psychic readings and wasteful horoscopes.

All infected corporations, including the US department of education may have the means to manipulate the laws  and make a fat profit by keeping you misinformed, gullible and fearful. Thus this polluted system must maintain its indoctrination and bury gifted people like me, offering you the undiluted truth.

This dance of evil will only get worse because the entertainment, religious, sports and scientific matrixes own your body, mind and soul and your approval. The endless battles taking place between the nasty reptilius  and the benevolent Draconis above in the heaven is fierce and unknown to many.

You are kept under their control and “cultivated” to become their slaves, yet, regardless of  joining the fight, seems that there’s not much drive to free yourself from them.

All we can do is watch humanity psychical decay in dismay. There is not enough support in the world but God has a plan for us all…A big wake up call for this world and for the future I translate accurately for you.

But I also understand you would rather ignore, ridicule and reject any horrific visions than to participate and fight but ultimately karma always speak at the end.

For every actions, good or bad, there will be an equal reaction no one can ever avoid. Call it judgement day when it is all said and done.

For me, to be born like Nostradamus in Provence France is not an accident. Nor are my incredible UFO experiences. But when I associate myself or expose the mission as similar as any prophet, I get trashed, fired and create a vile animosity into those blinded by fears, ego and envious of a cosmic gift they could only dream of… 

 “Jesus say to his disciples “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces…”

The above biblical quote was emailed to me years ago by a devout Christian who raised his cosmic consciousness by reading “Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls.”  I was born February 26, 1950 in the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer) with my Sun in the sign in Pisces

This mean exactly what the quote above suggest,  “THE WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces…” 

But in no way will anyone who never studied the heavens (astrology) and further their aptitude towards the more divine, ever be able to make sense to the depth of  this religious/philosophical meaning.

However, no one can blame a religious/atheist scientific indoctrinated infested society still suffering the will of the reptilius infected Illuminati!  The purpose is to keep the masses misinformed, and control their body, mind, souls and lead them all into the deep hole of ignorance.

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Christian false views on Astrology, the Mother of all sciences and the reality of UFO and ET’s

What will 2017 bring you and those you care? 

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi



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