Mr.Conman and Mrs. Greedy



Dear VIP Reader;

Update  – Sharing more of real good news… Is God and karma working in my favor or what?

GEE there is indeed a God!

Hi Dr. Turi,

This is Chickie, the Administrator of NAPPN writing to you. I”m impressed with your website and content that you have shared with the NAPPN community. I”d like to offer you, your own show here on NAPPN TV for a weekly spot! Would you be interested?

Let me know your thoughts.


Update  – OMG! I CAN”T BELIEVE what some of you already found out on Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy (fictitious names) professional accomplishments and ILLEGAL endeavors. Its really amazing what one can find  about anyone”s secrets and I want to thank a couple of people who are gifted in this type of “detective” work.

You will be amazed when I divulge it all after this case comes to an end…This is amazing , Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy” uncovered  information really made my day! I feel so much better already. Mr. Conman”s butt is indeed cooked and a sorry  Mr. Greedy will learn more about his and her own secret past  (unless they decide to be honest for a change with me and other people). But one thing sure  born with a Taurus (money) Dragon”s Tail (negative)  she won ”t  be able to hold on to the money she did not do anything to deserve. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for your emails of legal / emotional support andthe incredible findings I can not divulge here. Already my attorney has more than needed for this case which seems to be going to court sooner or later if Mr. Conman and Mrs. Greedy do not act as decent human beings with all of us and return the stolen money…

I am on the air tonight with Linda, the show will be about explaining the forces of evil against the forces of light and what and how good or bad karma always unfolds. I will also approach Rep. Gabrielle Giffords” miraculous recovery, Christina and Jared stars and fate.  I will also perform mini readings for some lucky listeners. See you all tonight.

The sad story of Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy

”HAD” kind of a bad news to share with you reader: A good chunk of the public donations or 2000 dollars was stolen from me by Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy and I am waiting for my friend Gary Busey”s attorney feedback to help me recover the money I so badly need to produce my TV show “The Cosmic Code” with Dr. Turi. Before telling more to the big world I have decided to let you know how terrible I feel about the entire deal as to release some of my frustration and share this sad experience with those who are a little more closer to me first.

After all you signed up because you trust my wisdom and some of you have given me donation for the show. You may wonder after telling you in my public newsletters I was making great progress  and why I don”t talk about it anymore and in time why the TV show  may not happen. Thus I have to give you some explanations to cover myself before hand. Damn I hate myself it took me MONTHS to accumulate this sum and it was gone in less than one hour…

Well, all my plans were shattered  with those two people, their names, addresses, emails, telephones,  business etc. can not be exposed to the general public for legal purpose and I will refer to them as Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy. That is if I do not get your donation back of course. But what happened? After all I should know better yes, you bet I do…

Being an ADD and extremely fast why should I doubt Elayne, a 25 year of great friendship and her  judgment when she dates the guy? She called me last week telling me how wonderful he was and how knowledgeable he was with television etc. Little did she know the guy never handled a camera, did not know anything about editing or sound system.When we first met in my office I had a suspicion when Mr. Conman told me he could sell “fridges to Eskimo” and he never had a problem gathering people and equipment he needed.

The bell rang loud and clear but again why should I doubt my good trusted friend Elayne and his words?  All I wanted was to spend the money for the TV production in my next UFO event in Phoenix, that”s all. I was so excited, so happy to finally have found someone one of my best and long standing friend knew so well… Right away Terania, listening from the bedroom told me, NO honey, no don”t deal with him I have a bad feeling…damn she was right and why did I doubt my wife”s feelings?

Gee people I HATE Myself now for being so trustful, so stupid, so innocent and I learned that not everyone is as honest and real as I am for sure…

But the fact is, being a Taurus Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy, his partner in crime being a Scorpio, there is an obvious and very strong attraction and he probably wanted to impress her and make some money in the process too.  Yes his very words while talking about Heather on the phone were, “Yes indeed I would love to F…her.”

Mrs. Greedy is running a business from Phoenix, AZ and you will know all about it if she does not reimburse YOUR money, note also that many of you may be attorneys or could give me some help in this case, the more legal advise I get the better yes? So I will email you all that I have if you decide to see deeper into this mess and provide me with your help. Gee  be patient because I am expecting tons of emails from many of you, once you read this sad “adventure.” But I will try to explain it all next… Basically her job is to shape up people so they become at their best on television and dealing / facing the public and her first move was to remove everything  I had to do with Nostradamus. But there is no lies there, I was born in Provence France, under the same stars, rekindled and use his 16th century methodology and my unarguable set of predictions and the tons of support and feedback speaks for me when people baptized me ” Nostradamus reincarnated or the New Nostradamus” or what have you.”

In fact this has always worked for me and I would not be Dr. Turi without it. Damn I have your money stolen to RE-shape me? Into what” do you actually see the type of people and programing going on on reality show today reader? Do I or do they need shaping up lolo –  Let me know what you think of that idea ( and the best feedback will be used in the public newsletter I will generate to warn the large public in my city and those all over the world reading my work about Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy. Also all the people that have offered me donations, please send me an email ASAP I need this if this case goes to court.

All the emails have been saved for legal purpose just in case I need to show the legitimate documentations.  Then I will elaborate of course of the reasons why she wanted to clean off the Nostradamus thing from my “image.”

At the meeting in my house (I had no idea) she began to tell me how important it is to be top knock on TV and she started to correct “my speed” yes indeed my weakness is that sometime I do not listen…and she knew it well. Then after a while Mr. Conman simply asked me for the sum of 2 thousands dollars, when we AGREED on the phone to launch the project with only 1000 dollars. I did not think much about it because I thought well this money is incorporated for the TV show and this investment will go the right way.

Then the next day I demanded  Mrs. Greedy for a contract and a receipt for  tax purpose… note that Mr. Conman sent me an email where he emphasized how much I needed to be “shaped up” and money but NEVER mentioned a contract or the TV show. He went further and told me on the phone that I said we did not need a contract lol damn, I knew I was in trouble right there… But what really made me suspicious is the email I received from Mrs. Greedy saying “I need to see what is involved to come up with a PRICING structure.” This means of course Mr. Greedy had plans to suck more money from you and me” Shaping me up” for what ever period of time she judged necessary and this could be taking months for what I know!

Then I realize that your donations did not go to my primary TV show production request but to her business… We had a meeting the next day where she would start her first shaping up session with me, luckily for me my fist attorney saw thought the mascarade and was quite pissed off at me for giving money away without a contract and asked me to STOP immediately until I get a form of agreement (which I still do not have received /SAME WITH THE RECEIPT from any of them.)

When I asked explanation and confronted Mr. Conman he told me he had nothing to do with the money and  the check was made up to and Mrs. Greedys” business name not his. Thus he got his share of the Lion and simply removed himself from all responsibilities…This type of guy must be either in trouble or hiding something  yes? Then my attorney checked his background and he had ONLY a year invested in graphic design and his page, after our conversation,  like by magic is not available anymore on the net…

I emailed Mrs. Greedy, explained my case, telling her that my expertise on TV and radio, while still wild was acceptable and my image is just fine. I am sure many of you saw my last TV show and I think I did well, apart from the shades due to allergy congesting my eyes. Then I told her where your donations should have gone as I thought it would go, but they had another plan to use your donations I guess. My plan was quite clear and simple, all the money should be invested for the TV production ALONE, and if she wanted to “shape me up” a small amount of it could have been used for that purpose and NOT all your donation or the 2000 dollars. You see reader, do you get what happened here?

Of course I told Mrs. Greedy, because she has done absolutely NOTHING for me, to return your donation but so far nothing…Gary”s attorney is in N.Y. right now and she is very busy and  while she will friendly look into this situation but one of you reading this personal private note can jump in or advise me legally.  Her retainer is above $2000 thus she can only stay back…If this was my money I would let it go, karma always comes at the end, I know so much better than them two, but this is the public money, this is your money so I feel right to expose these two to you to my private list now then the world later if the money is not returned.

If I had the time and the money, or more of your donation, I am certain with the little time I had to check their stars, both Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy have the right stars, dedication  and experience to deliver the goods and  I know that for sure. But GREED took over, they knew my intention from the get go. Indeed in both the Entertainment Industry and politics the dirty ugly games of manipulation and back stabbing and sweet talking,  Mr. Conman, the artist nature is perfectly designed to sell me well and not “fridges to Eskimo” as he mentioned when we first met.

When I suggested him and Mrs. Greedy to keep the money and work another deal with me as “partners” he refused. Yes he managed to steal 2000 dollars  from  the public”s donations when he could have made millions with me had he fulfilled my initial request, instead of conning me into a deal to appease his ego to “shine” with a Lady he is interested in and gain from both of us. I explained to  Mrs. Greedy we were BOTH victims (or not?) but she still refuses to heed my perceptive nature. I guess she must be financially starving and totally unashamed to steal the public”s money and done NOTHING to deserve it…

Indeed I donot wonder why Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy attracted each others but in my case who has to learn something me ot them? or both maybe? Time will tell for sure but  while being sorry to thave trusted these low spirits, I still have a really good feeling about it all…

I will keep you posted about Mr. Conman and and Mrs. Greedy story goes on reader and hopeful she will realize this money should be back to you, to me so I can use it as I fist intended to, and that is to produce my TV show and help the world at large. It is my duty, it is my dedication to do ALL I have to do to get your donations back reader.

Blessings to all

A very sorry, sad Dr. Turi

Sharing emails:

DT. Thanks for sharing this with me, I am sorry this happened. It”s a lesson though that you will never forget, and a lesson for all of us that we should not be so trusting, should listen to our wives (ha ha!) and if something seems to be too good, it probably is! Stay strong and good luck with this, I hope this gets resolved peacefully. That was brave, egoless and courageous of you to tell everyone the whole story. Keep me posted please


Dear Louis , sorry to hear about the misfortune. There”s a lot of sleazy people out there, and you know that, you just caught up in it all. Don”t be so hard on yourself, you”ve unselfishly helped people for so long, I believe good things will still come to you. You”ve just had a learning experience, I believe you will recoup. Blessings, Cheryl

Dr. Turi:  Even when a website is taken down, many times there are “cached” mirrors of it saved on servers.  (This is a back-up mechanism in the event a server goes down, it has a mirror.) In doing a standard background check, this might not have been looked into.  If you can send me the name of the website, I”ll do a quick check to see if there might be a back-up of the website.  If so, I”ll save a copy of it and send it to you. Remember, there are a lot of decent Taurus people out there! 🙂

Love , Juanita

Dr.T and Terania,

I am so so sorry. What has happened to you is a criminal act and I can only hope the people will be brought to justice. Please don”t be too hard on yourself as you are human and we all make mistakes in life…I”m here for you as a friend and loyal VIP. And remember you always teach your students this .Karma is bitch and they will get theirs in the end. I know you will get that reality show up and running very soon . This is a minor setback. Luv


DT, you see, special things happen to u, if u didn”t post the wrongdoing , maybe Chickie wouldn”t have had a reason to offer u the show. Kudos my friend. Everything happens for a reason. Now all I need is the NY Jets to win today. Love,


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