NASA Infectious Reptilius Deception

March 8, 2019

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

Dear readers;

Since forensic astrology is designed to point out the facts about people and corporations infecting all human affairs, today lets talk about The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA!

Incidentally, 99.9% of human lack both curiosity and critical thinking and with this in mind, through my cosmic work, only a very small numbers of rare Super Humans beings are salvageable…  Infected populartalking heads from all walks of life were either born wealthy or given money and support to launch their destructive businesses solely designed to promote the reptilius’ agenda! Mystery shutdown, Hidden Truth and more Secrets Divulged


NASA budget proposal funds Mars sample return, slashes other missions

The reality is; if people like Joel Osteen, Rev Jones, David Koresh and infected cults like Scientology, Witness of Jehovah, Mormonism and countless of others Neptunian deceptive organizations are luring millions of misinformed, indoctrinated, unconscious lost souls, the reptilius can never fail their destructive agenda!

And while I do my best on radio and television to educate truth seekers from all walks of life, once again some people can never get it nor be helped!

Who are the Draconis and the Reptilius?
David Icke’s Imagination about shape-shifting reptilians

As expected  my Petition To Beat The Reptilius While We Can And Save Humanity will never go anywhere, because most people can not assimilate my highly spiritual cosmic work! Infested souls would rather watch and listen conspiratorial topics they can easily relate to while being entertained in the process!

There is no hard mental gymnastics imposed listening to a tsunami of fearful negativity you are subjected to swallow, especially when my work demand a total change in consciousness, something that demand serious spiritual exploration… And the task is simply impossible to perform to those who are infected and already feeding and slaving for the reptilius…

Yet again, even with my endless wake up calls critical videos offered on You Tube and a well documented undeniable set of predictions to prove my case, the majority of people are unable or unwilling to exit the current universal infestation… I can only try again and again and hope for a different result, and I am still waiting for that miracle to happen!

George Noory and Dr. Turi on Coast To Coast AM March 28th 2019

Age of Truth TV March 2nd Predictions
Age of Truth TV February 24th 2019 Predictions
Age of Truth TV February 16th 2019 predictions

I am sure many of you have realized the infected scientific matrix keep discovering new planets or new cosmic  phenomenon almost everyday! They must keep you “amused” and entertained to maintain and ask for more of your financial support! 

Much of those endless discovery write up stories are found on all major news medias! They are not only extraordinary expansive disguised advertisements, but also designed to lure more idiots’ to waste their time and money! 

New sky survey reveals hundreds of thousands of galaxies

Volunteer scientist discovers oldest-known white dwarf 
The Human Body Might Survive a Mission to Mars Better Than Our Minds

The fact is; no a single human being will ever set foot on Mars but as long as their deceptiveness works why not sucking more of those gullible, suicidal idiots? The Mars Cult Society A Deadly Proposition

This Nov. 16, 2018, image provide by NASA shows the asteroid Bennu. After a two-year chase, a NASA spacecraft has arrived at the ancient asteroid Bennu, its first visitor in billions of years. The robotic explorer Osiris-Rex pulled within 12 miles (19 kilometers) of the diamond-shaped space rock Monday, Dec. 3. The image, which was taken by the PolyCam camera, shows Bennu at 300 pixels and has been stretched to increase contrast between highlights and shadows. (NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona via AP)

Hollywood was wrong about asteroids, new study says

There is no fear to nurture about anything coming from outpace and about to destroy earth… The ET’s who built this solar system put in place a “security” device called Jupiter “The Lord of Protection” in Greek mythology!

This immense planet’s gravitational forces act as a magnet to attract large debris on his big back as experienced a few years ago with the “Shoemaker comet.” But all NASA’s “educated” unconscious idiots do not have cosmic consciousness, ridicule Astrology, UFO’s and can only assume the worse! 

How much weight would the Milky Way weigh if the Milky Way could be weighed?

I can not help to thing how the hell would any scientist come up with such ridiculous question? In what way, shape or form the non plausible answer can this help humans living life on earth? In fact what ever those “well read” morons think, do or assume about the cosmos “NASA captures ‘first’ images of supersonic shockwaves colliding in flighhas never and will never help society’s welfare but their own financial deceptive advertising agenda! 

And this is how the reptilius engage and infect the mind of a good chunk of cosmic unconscious scientists while a minority are blessed by the benevolent Draconis and produce formidable technology to diagnose or fix the human body! 

The World’s Cosmic Consciousness Is Changing!

As we move forward into the New Age of Aquarius humanity will start questioning both, the infected scientific and religious matrixes and finally realize that: there is so much more involving “The Soul of the Cosmos” true purpose as created and imposed by God cosmic eternal presence.

In my upcoming live meeting on you tube March 10th at 5:00 PM (after my 1PM radio show in the UK) I will offer more cosmic secrets and discuss the reality of omens and how to transcribe them… Here is an example! A huge, strange-looking fish washed up on a California beach

This omen is very clear, it enunciate a SHOCKING type of news coming from the sea and California is targeted! Incidentally, the dead beached sunfish took place on February 19th in one of the 2019 SOS to the world deadly window dates offered on  Suzanne Ross’ radio show and ” Age of Truth TV February 16th 2019 predictions.

Memo: On February 12th, 2019 I gave Lucas three specific dates; they are (February 16thFeb 24th and March 2nd.) Using Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology methodology (quatrain and keywords / see below) depicting the colors of the news I was expecting to take place. 

 In one of our emails exchanges,  I was asked by Age of Truth Producer, Lucas Alexander if my predictions made on Joe Montaldo’s radio show came to pass… “Yes” I told him “all came to pass!” We were joined later on by my good friend Dr. J radio Live where he once again confirmed my above 6.0 earthquakes and the deadly Asia tsunami predictions made on his own fabulous radio show!” 

Thus I am convinced the results of my visions will take place in the upcoming SOS to the world deadly window dates offered on both Dr. Turi Dr. J  Andy Ilias Radio Live 03/5/19 (above)  and on George Noory and Dr. Turi on Coast To Coast AM March 28th 2019

What is devastating to me is that; millions of people are giving unselfishly into infected abusive corporations while those who can really provide a real service to society are either muted or ridicule… 

The Red Cross has built exactly 6 homes in Haiti with 500 million dollars in donations


My wise and trusting supporters are rare, yet I am working unselfishly and endlessly to provide real cosmic information and real warnings but with the reptilius blurring and hijacking people by the millions every passing day, time is the essence and I need your help and support NOW! 

This worker thought he was lucky to escape his life but what he did not know, is the reptilius hijacked the unconscious driver’s mind but their victim’ stars were on his side. His PDD worked magic and he will never know because he never heard of me!  Helping me mean also helping society to learn about the Cosmic Code and millions of people’s own natal, karmic UCI! 

Join my You Tube channel and see what will happen in a few days from today and if I will be allowed to educate you on the cosmic code secrets, talk about David Icke and offer you more dated predictions for March 2019 – I always said David Icke is all about money and I know this to be true because I also know his stars!

I am glad to know I am not the only one who can see the truth of what it mean to be born in April in the constellation of Aries  and regenerate with investigations, power, secrets, conspiracy and MONEY!

Jesse Ventura, like me can not be fooled by David but he is also reptilius infected! Watch the video and judge for yourself his thoughts about David!   Note the day of the taping the cosmic winds were Plutonic right in David’s 8th house of money & secrets (to light) and this mean a serious wake up call for him and some… 

Again, its either being entertained by unconscious “talking Heads” negative, easy to assimilate fearful conspiratorial material and feed the nefarious reptilius or use critical thinking and work harder to upgrade your psychical awareness with me and the benevolent Draconis! 

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Until then, you can only run towards the hole of humanity’s humongous ignorance and slave for the reptilius dragging you in HELL through your own fear and ignorance! 

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

Hello Beautiful Beings,  

I am delighted to be working with Suzanne on this  event and I so look forward meeting all of you next month in Sedona.  I hope to meet you there because we will have a blast! Facebook: Please go to the event link on FB: and CLICK going because we want to see you there and make sure share the link with your FB followers

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virgo star sign

Star’ Spirit in Sedona Beyond The Matrix Healing

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Dr. Turi

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Come and drink at the source of all wisdom


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