NASA maps potential U.S. Zika spread, HEED MY WARNINGS while you can!


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NASA has created a map showing the potential spread of the Zika virus.

NASA maps potential U.S. Zika spread

Dear readers;

It’s either you trust your infantile science or the words of a true Modern Prophet!  And if you know me well, there is no denying my 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)  published February 11, 2013.

Memo From Are you ready for Ebola and the upcoming pandemic of 2016? Make note, I’ll talk to you then! “Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly news involving the Middle East, the Pope, churches, religions,  dams, water, inundations, fishes, sea, drownings, the ocean, ships, the Navy, submarines, Islands, chemicals, poisoning, oil, gas, movies, hospitals, mass suicide, epidemic, pandemic, jails, convicts, Prisons, drugs, weed, alcohol, the spirit…”  

Even with the well documented, dated; three year old published work above, the brainless subhumans will still deny the obvious. Like fleas on a dog, those lost souls are relentlessly feeding Satan; through the evil of enviousness and ignorance.

Meantime many people judge my flaming responses blaming my ego, my lack of tolerance and patience!  Indeed, I may not match your expectations because those supporting, yet critical souls do not know that:

At 66 I have learned that you can not fix stupidity, educate a dunce or remove the evil encrusted in those putrefied souls. I am not here to waste my time and offer my pearls of cosmic wisdom to “pigs!”

I simply treat them as they treat me, with the difference that; I do not wish them death and will never try to stop any of them to express themselves or report them to mute them. One must remember, I dealt with this type of herd’s supreme idiocy since 1991 and I did not see any form of progress  since then.

The Clucker:lol: You’ve proved my point in its entirety. :lol: Your clients are the mentally ill and gullible, like Gary Busey. You are so full of yourself it’s pathetic. Anyone reading this that doesn’t have a mental disability can see that. You’re so sad, Dr. Turd. Please, please. Find yourself a rafter, a rickety stool and a rope. You will not be missed.

‘Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’- Albert Einstein

Note also, that debating with those brainless donkeys; is a chance for me to get grounded and  deal with demimondaine human logical matters, while reflecting the low vibrational system of a earthy world; that I was cursed to experience while in the company of those cretins!

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“If you make people think they will love you but if you really make them think the way I do then they will hate you with passion!”

So do not let your “political correctness” or insecurity complex dictate how I should handle cretinism, because I did not become Dr. Turi by listening to anyone’s wise words. You can only love me or hate me period! Thus if you want sugar coated sermons and more diplomatic “savoir faire”  then join Joel Osteen’s church!

I am a truth seeker. I speak and represent the undiluted truth and only those who vibrate at the same spiritual speed and values will gain from my work. Others need lots more time to grow up and humanity does not have time to wait for those pin heads!

Don’t blame me because I have a serious problem with stupidity.  If you feel threatened or inferior to me, our students or any of us, so be it! Because when I use the infuriating words like idiots, subhumans and dunces, those qualifications DO NOT apply to you personally because I write TO the world and FOR the world!


The day you read your first or last name, then you are an idiot; a subhuman or a dunce and then you ‘ll know that you really are an idiot, a subhuman and a dunce.

Thus if you can not take my honest delivery of the truth (as I perceive it after 66 years spent on planet earth) about UFO’s, nefarious groups of ET’s infecting the planet then move on, because you; not me, attribute those abrasive comparative as self inflicted!

Does the sentence above demand too much brainpower to understand? Thus if you do get it, PLEASE leave me alone, concentrate on my cosmic work and not the “abrasive” delivery, get the best of it if you can assimilate my teachings and do not try to change me. My mom and dad tried for years and never succeeded… lol!

ZIKA! Lost Galaxy

The Magna Defender is a lone warrior and the sworn enemy of Scorpius (The Lord of Death.) Prior to the death of his son, Zika, he was once a honorable warrior who fought for justice and peace. After Zika’s death, he became motivated by his vengeance and disregarded his noble ideals, vowing to stop at nothing to avenge his son.

Zika Virus Universal Reptilius Infestation

Amazing how the subconscious creative side of the human brain associates ZIKA and ET’s, yet they do not know how close to the truth they are. And NASA will never ever concede or conceive the facts!

 Are you ready for Ebola and the upcoming pandemic of 2016? Make note, I’ll talk to you then! 

Do you know reader, that when I wrote those predictions; the word ZIKA did not exist yet? Much of the news cursing the world today; were not in any human being thoughts  in 2013.

2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)
2014/2015 Arian Draconis Predictions  (public)
2012/2014 Scorpius Draconis Predictions (public)

If you took the time to read my previous work, will you accept the fact that God gave me a gift that so many envy and could only dream of. But how many “dunces” took the time to click on those links and investigate the past to see how it relate to today news?  Unless you do the mental gymnastics required to build cosmic consciousness,  assuming is all you can do!

Anything we do, you can do too, that if if you are not a dunce of course.  The question remains. Are you prone to contract the ZIKA  virus, or cancer for that matter? NASA is non cosmic conscious and the Agency never mentioned anything about an  “upcoming pandemic back in 2013 either, I did!

With this in mind, you should know that I know something they don’t. And if you do believe I know better, what will you do to find out? I do not expect everyone of you to act upon my warnings right away, but why take a chance with your health?

A born Soul Doctor

 Furthermore, can you connect to my quatrain and OBVIOUS keywords below? Do those mosquitoes need WATER to breed and survive? Can you connect with the following now I explained further?


Neptunius Dios Spiritus Fatua Benigno Numine
Fear Water, Drowning Fire, Black Tainted Blood
Dreams Reality Rivalry Poison Mad Spiritus
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

God nowhere to stop rain!

Is there anyone… A person, a group anywhere on the planet who wrote (and published) 3 years ago anything close to what’s going on today? Yes there is only ONE and its me! Again do not take my extreme confidence in my God given predictive talents as an ego trip, take it as it is; a real gift and deal with it!

Now, just in case you missed it, I also offered Nostradamus’ natural healing tips to avoid being infected by building a very strong immune system. Did you read it yet? Its right at the bottom of this article… 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions But did you ever go down that far in my work?


How could I talk or teach you anything about cancer if I never experienced it?

  • Thus this is what it comes down to! You ridicule my work and hope to never catch ZIKA,  cancer or any other infectious diseases! And trust me I am a cancer survivor, you do not need the traumatic experience.
  • You trust ONLY “accredited” medical doctors and science and get poisoned with  their medications and end up depressed and with the risk of suffering dementia or committing suicide.
  • You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the emergency room and remember my warnings a bit too late.
  • You create a tremendous pain to your loved ones watching you slowly dying.
  • Or, you find out where Saturn “The Great Malefic” resides in your chart/UCI  and prepare yourself.
  • You find out about “Lucky Jupiter” location in your chart and use its healing blessings right away.
  • You locate the planet of death Pluto and stay clear from degenerating, kill the Lezard and start building the Eagle.
  • You learn in five minutes what took me 66 years to find out about your regeneration principle.
  • You start using my Universal Blood Transfusion and its secret components.
  • You invest in my cosmic diagnostic understand the prognostic and drink the “magic potion” every single day of your life to build a new powerful immune system.
  • You beat this infectious dragon before it gets to you if you are one of the vulnerable signs.

So read the following, email and let me take care of you through a live personal recorded Skype session. And if you can not afford my very expensive services, let’s do this by phone and save you tons of money. That is if you become a VIP first of course, because ONLY our Cosmic Coders qualify for discounts.

Write to Terania, tell her your main problem, your utmost fear and  concern and she will guide you to what will be the best and the most affordable way to go with me. Then let me do my magic on you!

Keep reading this public file and if you are a VIP, read the full content, the link will open for you.  2016 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions

Memo: This elusive Dragon is extremely deceptive and will aim and curse many people born in////////////and ////////// with a strong or weak Neptune in their chart. Thus if you are a //////, a //////, have the moon, a rising a natal or hidden dragon in those signs and begin to feel low in energy, depressed, suicidal and nothing seems to work for you, you are strongly advised to let me help you regenerate your spirit with a consultation.

Science and the world are ill prepared to deal with this poisonous dragon and I want to make sure our VIP’s can reach me all along while cursing and poisoning humanity. Thus the offered saving deals and payment affordability options will last until Neptune release the world or all the way to ////////////.

While precise cosmically customized health talismans work miracles to protect and build the 6th house of health, they also negate the 8th house of death and reinforce the subconscious healing power.  Nostradamus, used all sorts of potions made with plants, herbs and flowers he collected in “La Provence;” naturally produced by the wild South of France mountains.

Nostradamus  “The Star lover Doctor” was a fervent student of all erudite men of the past and knew each part of the human body is connected with a zodiacal sign starting with Aries (the head) to Pisces (the feet.)

 Investigating your natal UCI and locate the nefarious planets by signs and houses is the first step to produce a personal powerful talisman or prescribe a natural potion to bring power to the weakest, prone to diseases organs.

My Astropsychology home course teaches the full spectrum of divine medical cosmology, thus there is no way for me to  begin teaching  you all the ramifications here.

Each individual is a very complex cosmos in itself and an accurate prognostic and diagnostic demand serious researches on the subject’s cosmic nativity. Meantime, if you suffer an headache or break a bone, fixing it is “Universal” wisdom. And this is what I will now offer our VIP’s as as precautionary measure to avoid catching Ebola or any other disease for that matter.

Combined with my Universal Blood Transfusion and ////// the “magical potion” can also help; if not eliminate other problems or addiction you may suffer. Sad enough the atheists, agnostics and “educated” scientists alike, will perceive me and all erudite men of antiquity, more as a “oil snake vendor” than a  true gifted “Soul Doctor.”

A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call h…
“Hippocrates of Cos or Hippokrates of Kos, was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, philosopher, naturalist, astrophile and is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.” Did Hippocrate got a Nobel Prize?
Now on to all those vital information and, while this educational homeopathic health oriented article and all my predictions are quite extensive,  the reader must take the time to read and assimilate it all.  The following directions are very simple and all ingredients available at any food store…

  • 1 If  you feel depressed and keep degenerating your spirit, you will ///////////////////////infectious diseases. Do not /////////////////////////////
  • 2 Use /////////////if you get sick/////////////////.
  • 3 If you do not want to get sick and avoid Neptune poisoning power//////////////////////////////////
  • 4 Most importantly, switch from ///////////////////
  • 5 Drink ///////////// every morning and add ONE DROP of//////////////, NO sugar, NO honey added only a few drops of/////////////.  Human are machine of habits/////////////
  • 6 ///////////////// has incredible therapeutic values modern science will make sure you know nothing about! In fact Nostradamus used it in all his potions to heal people from the plague. //////////Read more about////////////// priorities.
  • 7 Nurture/////////////////////////////
  • 8 Spend enough time //////////// everyday//////////////. Contrary to what you have been told,//////////////////// offer the only way for you to get enough //////////.  ////////// is life force #1 and /////////////////helps against depressions, psychosis, dementia and combat alzheimer diseases.
  • 9 Use the//////////////////////at your advantage to avoid  the depleting of  your spirit and your physical atomic structure. Indeed ///////////////////healing tools
  • 10 The more you understand and use////////////////////the more power to you. Remember you will become much more vulnerable to ailments or “accidents” under ////////////////////////.  Knowing and using your personal cosmic biorhythms positive dates  or a personalized talisman can and will bring emotional, financial and spiritual stability in your life!

Life is a constant process of changes that affect everything, including science deplorable perception of the divine. Little do they know of//////////////////// altering the atomic structure of the human physical/spiritual body and the marvels of magic and the true power of Talismans!

The Cosmic Code is designed to teach the “divine” to all our VIP’s who may have questions about a dream, a wish, fears, a job, a decision to make etc.  But again, this work is not for normal people but for those who vibrate at a very high spiritual cosmic speed. Join us, we are there for you in the Cosmic Code website.

If you are one of those rare spiritual human beings in the ocean of life looking for my uplifting spiritual hook, and interested in learning more about the Cosmic Code, God Cosmic Divinity, Astropsychology or Astroforensics just ring the bell! I will open the door of a new world above for you to join our VIP’s in our Cyber Cosmic Code University! All the answers to what it means to be human and so much more is awaiting you!


Dr. Turi


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Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.