Native American hero harassed by reptilius infected teens



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

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Native American hero harassed by “infected” teens

Dear readers;

Amazing how subconsciously people will use the word “reptile” knowing nothing of the reptilius phenomenon!  Our reptile brains were triggered by MAGA hat video

Important announcement: The sad reality is religious or atheist people on Facebook (my Internet reptilius infected enemies) can never assimilate nor accept my cosmic messages and in a click they always mute me! Thus, my last few newsletters were removed from Facebook because they attracted a lot of attention and like this page I am Alien, UFO Reality  with 10,135 (and counting) people who appreciate my writings, or  World War Three may end up being removed or impossible for me to edit or post links any-longer soon. 

 We can not let the evil of ignorance, stupidity, enviousness and idiocy stop my cosmic work reaching you, and if you are a supporter of my work, please share it widely! If you want to read my articles go to click on my blogs because Facebook blocked my option to use links… Also February 2019 free daily guidance and predictions public sample who also attracted TONS of interested and likes was removed!

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Continued: Once again, as explained in my countless radio shows, when you elect any President born with negative UCI/stars .i.e. Hitler… All the people under his/her jurisdictions will be forced to experience, suffer and promote their leader’s fate and idiosyncrasies. 

A different side of a viral encounter Trump WAS BORN a DUAL Gemini and because of his natal, karmic stars we must all suffer his fate or what seems to be more of a curse involving endless LIES, DUALITY, REPETITION, CONFUSION, TRIVIALITY, ADVERSITY, RACISM in all its colors…
As mentioned on previous radio shows, electing a President means those who gave him the power must now experience and suffer his fate .i.e. Hitler!   Regardless how much articles I’ll write on this topic educating the public, unless one build cosmic consciousness and study forensic Astrology, none of my explanations will ever make sense…

Update: 01/22/19  Trump takes students’ side in racially charged DC protest controversy

“Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!”

Continued: The teens were chanting things like “Build the wall” and “Trump 2020.” Taitano said the whole incident started when the teens and four young African-Americans, who’d been preaching about the Bible nearby, started yelling and calling each other names.

A wise, older Native American who risked his life fighting in Vietnam for those infected kids’ freedom of speech is absolutely deplorable. 

But who’s to blame, the indoctrinated religious kids, their parents or President Trump for such dangerous ignorance? All of the above is to blame including the Covington Catholic High who got plenty bad rep in the process.

Obviously, this unconscious egocentric teen idiot knew all his friends were recording his deplorable  “standing up comedy” with their cellphones and he took this calculated opportunity to feed his huge ego!

Here is the proof that those entities will use those young souls’ ego and technology to try to kill them! 

All for the sole reason to shine on you tube and promote his own religious (and hate) convictions publicly. I do not think this young  soul would be so courageous facing a professional boxer or chasing an aggressive bison, but an harmless old man is much safer!

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I am very close to a couple of Native Indian Yaqui & Apache Chiefs (Sonne and Chato) and believe me, never underestimate or dismiss the true Indian Martian warrior blood!

There is no love, understanding, care and tolerance taught by religions. As mentioned in my countless radio shows, religions have killed more people then all natural disasters, diseases and all wars combined because it was planned this way by the reptilius who “geographically” created over 875 different denominations world wide.

Remember reader, those nefarious entities can only survive with human fears, chaos, discord, negativity and immature, unevolved people such as this disrespectful young idiot are prime target of those entities. AND MORE AND MORE CHAOS!

A different side of a viral encounter

Trump WAS BORN a DUAL Gemini and because of his stars we must all suffer what seems to be LIES, DUALITY, REPETITION, CONFUSION, TRIVIALITY, ADVERSITY in all its colors … Regardless how much articles I’ll write, unless one build cosmic consciousness and study the stars, none of my explanations will ever make sense… WE ARE ALL CURSED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP’S UCI BUT THE WORLD IS NOT READY JUST YET FOR SUCH ADVANCED COSMIC TEACHINGS.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots celebrates with teammates after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

They will use technology (cellphones/You Tube/war games,) religions, politics, legal or illegal drugs, sports, entertainments, sex, food, ego etc., to hijack the body mind and soul of all cosmic unconscious humans beings and in this unspeakable case, force them to act dangerously and shamefully.

I fully understand why God fearing brainwashed people or “educated” atheists and scientists alike could never accept nor believe any of my far fetched claims but it is set this way for the reptilius’ agenda to succeed. Primarily, in my book, Native Indians Americans MUST be respected for their love of nature, deep wisdom, peaceful nature and for the hell they went trough because of the white man!  

Supreme Court and abortion, right or wrong?

That American Indians suffered horribly is indisputable. But whether their suffering amounted to a “holocaust,” or to genocide, is another matter. It is a firmly established fact that a mere 250,000 native Americans were still alive in the territory of the United State;s at the end of the 19th century.

Wise Indians Natives have a wonderful spiritual legacy inherited from countless previous dramatic lives endured through disappeared civilizations. Those wise people were very close to nature and the stars and knew all about God cosmic design… They used that immaculate cosmic wisdom to build pyramids, grow their crops and predict the future and Astronomy as practiced today did not exist then!   The white religious greedy infected men came along, invaded their countries and decimated them all… 

Incidentally, over the years, the reptilius have also tainted “friends and foes” who were supporting and promoting my cosmic work on national radio and my career since 1995 and my critical messages have been seriously compromised. 

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

Indeed the stars were against my mission last few years and those entities imposed the most challenging health and financial troubles in my life I could ever imagine. But I stayed strong and dedicated and the new, progressive cosmic winds are once again in my favor.  I am in demand again through a wave of radio shows lately and I will soon be a guest on  Age of Truth TV offering my critical cosmic wisdom to thousands more people…

Meantime, I can dance on my head all day long and offer undeniable predictions for the rest of my life on radio and television trying to convince the general public, it will never work! It is only when the student is ready that the real teacher will appear! Are you ready?

 January 2019 predictions

All I’ve seen since I started my career with Art Bell in 1995 and made my first predictions on his syndicated radio show is; an unstoppable growing indoctrinating religious and atheist ignorance and a n unstoppable cosmic phenomenon that will,  in time destroy 99.09% of humanity if you ignore my warnings!  Little did I know then I would years later also predict Art’s suicide!  Verne Troyer and Art Bell suicide explained.

Others will be “saved” by the progressive Draconis “The Gardeners of this world” who have been battling the reptilius in the heavens since for ever! 

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Once again readers, if my cosmic work resonate in your mind and soul, you must become part of the solution and join the Draconis progressive psychical alliance! The idea is to starve the reptilius from  feeding them with endless fears, continuous chaos, obvious distrust, malignant greed and the dangerous religious and scientific intellectual indoctrination.
There is MUCH more behind what religion and science can offer you but without curiosity and critical thinking you can only be victimized by the reptilius.
Please, help me get a wider voice for hope, tolerance, positivism, cosmic consciousness, spiritual cosmic education outside of limited conventional accepted disciplines and free the human spirit from those dark entities. Doing so will make you a “Chosen One” and activate incredible protective ethereal forces you can not yet accept or  even comprehend.
Teens are very vulnerable because they are mostly “innocent” indoctrinated and ignorant.  These are the children of the future who desperately need wise spiritual leaders’ rare wisdom! Your children are victimized by the supremely wealthy Church Inc,  the scientific community (The  $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA) and the US Department of education and all control not only the medias but all the information.  
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Image result for cosmic code dr turiKnowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

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