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 “Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

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“I speak the truth through a clear head, they speak ignorance through their dirty asses!” Dr. Turi

From Ripoff Report – My Internet enemies are EVERYWHERE and will not hesitate to make all sorts of lies because of their religious beliefs, inner fears, enviousness or skepticism. Many will pretend to be dissatisfied clients and will lie through their teeths.

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Important Note: When asked do to any TV show, the producers and host “Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show”  always ask me for proofs of predictions which I always provide! Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions –  This world is loaded with envious “Young Souls” dedicated to trash those who are gifted or do better than they do in life! But real good karma constantly work to the deservings…

Dr. Turi

“Dr. T if your voice and message was not deemed valuable, your adversaries would not organize an effort to discredit you. Stay the course and keep doing what you do best. We will benefit and the dime store pundits will continue to rage against what they have no capacity for understanding.”

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”

With 13 352 hits from BIN, and counting, and over 50 thousands hits on my Wikipedia Facebook page writing about the Soul of the Cosmos, I decided to do “An Encore” and educate the world wide reading audience with your Sunday, free cosmic code article. Show your support, please join my VIP’s in my “Cosmic Code Cyber University” to read many more educational newsletters.

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 The Center for Planetary Science needs your support! – GoFundMe…lol

Does this picture tells you how poor those people are and how much they need your donations? Did you read the main reason for the Planetary Science Decadal Steering Committee meeting at the National Academies’ Beckman Center in Irvine? “PSD current technology BUDGET!”

I must be a psychic, indeed someone must be right!  Only a few hours after writing this newsletter,  I landed on this article representing the true $$$$$Spirit of America independent corporate scientific matrixes!

Memo from my last article “But this will not stop NASA masquerades to make you dream and maintain their secure, professional scientific, (well paid)  lifestyle.  I can get on for ever writing about the soul of the cosmos because, at age 65 I had time to learn it is so damn obvious to me…” The fact is NASA is fully aware of my claims and the impossibility for any human to ever reach or live on Mars!

But what is even more obvious to me is the financial masquerades in place designed to suck billions of dollars for the millions of NASA’ scientists to maintain their privileged lives.  And what’s wrong with that? Nothing really as its only  how business is conducted in corporate America.

Realize I have nothing against NASA or science but I am the first and only one to trumpet the importance of educating our children in ALL scientific topics. But your children education is controlled by wealthy corporations who monopolize all sorts of information.  All I am trying to do is to make you aware that; many heedless parents and their vulnerable children spirit is manipulated and suffocated by the religious and scientific controlling educational matrixes.

You’ll know the essence of a real genius when an extreme minority can relate to his work and decides to follow him… Dr. Turi

Kids can only be mesmerized looking at the stars and so are we all! But is it so detrimental to purposely avoid anything that reflects the rare intellectual cosmic work assembled by all highly spiritual erudite men of the past. Those men were geniuses and their important mental legacy should not be discarded or ridicule by today’s fabricated medical “geniuses.

But nowadays, there are no modest “young souls” all pretend to be better educated and truly believe they know better…

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician”  – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself – Plato

Your children are taught by the current rational OCD generation and for the majority,  all logical teachings must fit only the physical plane.  In no way will any teacher approach the spiritual essence proposed in our work for a few reasons.

  • First because they know absolutely nothing about it!
  • Second because all they can do is to lump me with psychics!
  • Thirdly,  they trust their strict culture / belief system and  bible teachings  as the only legitimate right to teach about God!

In no way, can today’s teachers make a difference, because they are all part of the inefficient, incomplete mass of cosmic unconscious educators. But look at who is to blame for their formal “controlled” religious or scientific based education…

 Neurologists are explaining the components and the working of the human mind rationally but this does not offer the complete picture and the understanding of the inherited cosmic make up of a person! When will our infantile science stop omitting the Universal mind’s interaction with the human mind and realize its subtle cosmic “dark matter” omnipresence?

Past, current and future criminals (including Adam Lanza) are the victims of the US Department of Education’s reluctance to acknowledge God’s subtle cosmic design influencing all human beings on earth.

Looking at the stars and planets through a telescope offer nothing to your children karmic connection to those stars other than that it is entertaining at best!

The essence of education is stimulated by controversial, original, even far fetched topics like ours, purposely challenging the establishment and all its accepted conventional disciplines…But while nothing will ever be determined as fact but all remain open to some clarification and rational investigation.

There are people from all walks of life, some are innocent and some are lacking good ethics as well and none  understand each other and none are able to looking past their form. While regenerative material is something they say they  need many are too lazy to make any sense of it in order to survive and make sense to the world they live in. And again looking at Mars of Pluto through a telescope may be entertaining, but won’t cut it!

How can a child swallow 2000 years of human evolution, then master all rational topics without knowing anything of his spiritual cosmic identity? And you wonder why people are going crazy, kill each others or commit suicide?

The educational system should  not decide, nor impose any form of restrictions involving metaphysical education, but they do because there are so many UCI, and this power is all the same easily manipulated too… It’s no wonder and because the purpose of science is to disprove claims that can not be justified or repetitive. All the better for science at the end, if they think that can prove me wrong, but let the students make that discovery.

Children need to be intelligently coached in topics they are interested in and not completely controlled! While young, many of them are very old souls in need to our spiritual food in order to revamp past lives memories to not make the same mistake in this life.  Not all children UCI were created equal and not all children vibrate at the same “cosmic” speed!  Consequently, not all students have an affinity with mathematics and science and may reject it.

But when the unconscious teacher enforce his own UCI, beliefs and reasoning upon a child, you can only produce an uninterested drop out!

But it is difficult to claim my point when the science channel, the discovery channel and the Smithsonian channels offer shows disproving the spirit of prediction with born skeptical atheists such as Science writer Lynne Kelly  and company? This is most likely why the Australian producers will not allow me prove the validity of Divine Astrology?

While the makers of those show may never allow me to prove my claims or offer their audience real answers about the Cosmic Code rules and God’s cosmic Divinity, I still am doing so my way. The only “scientific” study ever conducted on the ancient science and was still a failure was with Carl Sagan over fifty years ago!

Let’s be fair, are you serious? The ad was placed in “Ici Paris” on April 16,  1968, and conducted by the scientific matrix itself.  I know for a fact, the folks making up the  California Psychological Inventory and the National Council for Geo cosmic Research were dedicated to assassinate the ancient art of Astrology.

Its like allowing a schizophrenic to become a test pilot, fly the plane and expect the right results!  Call it suicide and this is exactly what they did then! Not all my readers are gullible I am sure and besides only the idiots will agree with the 50 year old experiment! My tests have proven real and offer the best shot.

Nowadays kids are not very reasonable when overly concerned with Charles Darwin and his theory of human evolution and natural selection.  Why would science education resources on the  evolution of the “cosmic spirit” be contained or sought as ridicule? Its unethical and even against the law to deprave them of our work just because the “elites” of education act like they know nothing about it or were born Neptunian religious maniacs!

 I bet, if any school had me  talk about the cosmic code, all my classes would probably be full.  But it is difficult to reach those children from strict cultures and upbringings along with the strict, even racist School Boards Executives, when the majority are unwilling to exit their convictions zones and take a chance to better our children education?

If you are a teacher, maybe try bringing up to your students how they would feel exploring the solar system with their spirit for a change learn all about themselves, their potential, strengths, gifts, virtues and the fate written in light by God himself!

Chances are when the pious moronic parents of those unlucky children find out about you educational “liberalism” you will end up fired or  “burning on the stake!”

If you could suggest self analysis, through Astropsychology or Astroforensics in your class, you might be amazed by the instinctive responses for self discovery those children desperately need… If you were to suggest uncovering their cosmic gifts, strengths, sins, virtues and fate you would be blown away by the general interest and the kids responses.  Just because all children need this grounding cosmic regenerating fluid…

Realize readers, I am for a rational astronomical education and will always endorse learning everything about the cosmos. Educating the children on the rationality of the cosmos is a must but purposely stalling their cosmic spiritual education is very detrimental for their psychical welfare in the long run.

Human must regenerate spiritually or die, this is why 875 religious denominations were successfully created and still booming today. The deceptive religious matrix rules the spiritual education while the abusive scientific matrix rules rational education. But at the end its all about money and power!

Jailed spirit of the pious and rational children of the world

All over the world and for centuries, myths and folklore became accepted as reality, creating man’s diverse religious folly and endless wars. With education, modern man can only wake up to the reality of such a destructive, fabricated God, all the while,  missing the reality of the creator cosmic divinity.

God is all and all is that! This immaculate, divine intelligence does have a tangible identity that can be proved, measured regularly and this is what allows me to make undeniable predictions. God speaks his will through the spiritual core of all those planets making the human physical and spiritual conception a part of it all.

Amazingly, scientists are running before they can even walk! Like little kids they discover a new planet everyday, something that was there since for ever!

Yes they are uncovering a  never ending cosmos knowing NOTHING of the spiritual components of their local, somehow insignificant solar system!  There is an incredible amount of wisdom to gain by mastering the cosmic rule in place for all human living on earth.

But in the name of a rigid, greedy, pretending to be incurious science,  the rare wisdom I revived and own today escaped them for centuries and may be for ever if our work is not investigated and acknowledged by everyone in the world on behalf of the mission.

But modern man is “trained” to reject anything non substantial, something he can not see nor touch does not exist!  Religious people and atheists alike, are the children of the Universe, they all came from the very essence of those stars. But little do they know, they are Gods in training in this dense physical hellish world where their spirit is jailed to earth logical confinement.

Now on to the article…

Thank you for taking the time to read about this exciting endeavor! The Center for Planetary Science needs YOUR help in shaping the next generation of space explorers! This will be the first-ever observatory and research center designed specifically for low-income and underprivileged students. These kids need your help!

About the Observatory: The Center for Planetary Science will be a privately-funded space science research facility and observatory.

DT rebuttal: Memo from the true $$$$$$$spirit of NASA!  NASA is not different that the many non taxable charities “non profit organizations” you see everyday on the tube endlessly asking for your donations. Those corporations are using your emotions by showing destitute or sick children, abused animals, and scientific programs to get to your wallet.

The Center for Planetary Science needs YOUR help in shaping THEIR next generation of space explorers! Thanks to Google and the Internet, those “low-income and underprivileged students children” from Kissimmee River Area (South Central Florida) are far from being underprivileged, because they all can afford a cell phone, use Google and access anything about the cosmos for FREE. Unless they want to reach the real destitute children of Africa where the internet is not affordable of course!

All the kids depicted in those pictures and well fed and have traditionally educated gullible parents who act like they are committed to do the best for their children but they are donating for people much smarter than they are and dedicated to offer THEIR children the same scientist lifestyle they (the parents) have been enjoying for years on the back of hard working taxpayers.

Continued: The primary purpose of the center is to:

  • – Develop, facilitate, and provide free space science outreach programs to underprivileged students of all ages who aspire careers or higher education in astronomy, planetary science, and astrophysics.
  • – Collaborate with the astronomical community, including universities, colleges, and amateur astronomy clubs on scientific projects of mutual interest.
  • – Provide free astronomy-related programs for public presentation.
  • – Plan and organize scientific field trips for astronomy related clubs and organizations.

DT rebuttal: Do you know a single child who does not want to become an astronaut, an astronomer or an astrophysicist?  With such expansive, elaborate and well produced program such as “Cosmos” the scientific matrix fabricated elites plan is quite efficient.

The strategy engineered can only lead thousands of gullible “Mars dreamers” into the trap of the smart scientists earthy financial reality.  If they can build robots and fly them to Mars, chances are they can easily get to your pocket because they truly believe they are smarter than you and the 200.000 morons supporting and endorsing their  Mars agenda.

Feed the earthy matrix or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

You are witnessing the building of the “monsters of the future” where the spirit, religious freedom and God must be replaced by scientific facts only.

Today atheists and scientists alike are planning and organizing the ultimate ruler ship of science through astronomy related clubs world wide organizations.

Proposed Location:  Kissimmee River Area (South Central Florida)

“This will be the first-ever observatory and research center designed specifically for low-income and underprivileged students. These kids need your help!”

But did you ever consider how much you will have to pay to visit the observatory once its operational? But even if its free, be sure more donations will be needed and poring to  pay the scientific matrix new breed of children (THEIRS) working at the research center! Priority for those opportunities will always be given to the children of the matrix not YOURS!

Proposed Observatory: Pier-Tech 9-meter (30 foot) dome observatory with weather station.

Proposed Telescope: Alluna Optics RC-24 24″ f/8 Ritchey Chretien Telescope

For your information “CHRETIEN telescope” mean CHRISTIAN telescope in French

Memo from “”The Smithsonian Channel original programming, NASA, SPACE and Dr. Turi’s Predictions” “The idea is  to keep you interested and own your support and if you watch those programs (and I do too) the extraordinary expensive endless advertisements are designed for those fortunes to exchange the same very abusive hands and pockets. All goes right back into the same branches of the media putrefying deceptive sewer where the truth is kept under tons of dirty water. 

Do you still doubt when I profess the scientific and religious matrixes are whoring around to get to your donations?

Required Cost: Approximately $1 million.

SELECT A REWARD LEVEL Or Donate a Different Amount


A Big Thanks! VENUS – $25

Certificate of Appreciation – EARTH  – $50

Your Name on a Brick and a Certificate of Appreciation MARS – $100

Your Name on a Brick, Certificate of Appreciation, CPS Hat JUPITER – $250

Certificate of Appreciation, Name on a Brick, CPS Hat and Shirt SATURN – $500

Certificate of Appreciation, Name on a Brick, CPS Hat, Shirt, Name on Plaque URANUS – $1,000

Appreciation certificate, Name on Brick, CPS Hat Shirt, Paid Trip to Grand Opening NEPTUNE $5,000

Everything from Uranus plus VIP Invitation 

DT rebuttal: The reality is when they say”Approximately $1 million is needed for their projects, the plan is to suck many more millions pouring in their overseas bank accounts in the future. All you will get is a brick with your name on it while the millions will go to maintain their children privileged selected scientist fat and rewarding forthcoming life.

I can see the future so clearly and in 50 years from today (if we make it) people will realize how uninformed and gullible they were back in 2014 to endorse those abusive financial projects.  Billions of  tax dollars were invested/wasted by the government who knew many of the projects for the NAVY and the ARMY were impossible to realize.  But the Lobbyists made sure those projects were to last long enough to keep the scientists and their families alive! Until the next one!   “How To Waste $100 Billion: Weapons That Didn’t Work Out”

The misinformation, waste and abuses taking place in the US and the world is ravaging, but it is not a waste for everyone! What when finally God cosmic Divinity and the soul of the cosmos became accepted facts! What will happen when humanity finally grow up and realize Mars and “The Center for Planetary Science” projects are only designed  to maintain the “ticks on the dog?”

What will happen if the undiluted truth can not be contained any longer and when both, the scientific and religious matrixes can not monopolize the information/education any more? How do you think the millions of  “educated”  people sucking on your life hood will feel when it all comes to an end? They won’t dare let it happen, they have too much invested already!

This is why in this battle for mental supremacy there is no prisoners because the price to pay is; the very survival of many of today’s abusive matrixes.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gif,  the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

~Albert Einstein*

At times I wonder even if we had the financial means, would it be worth building our Astropsychology/Astroforensics schools today with so many world wide restrictions, belief systems and governmental regulations?

Besides we have our cosmic cyber school online already and the material is there for those willing to build a real connection with God and the Divine.

Terania and I are still planning to be on the air and make my case someday… Something  we intend to do from our home when we move to Florida, unless I win the lottery and retire for good!  We are convinced that; speaking the language of the Gods and translating the cosmic hieroglyphs can only produce a wiser, peaceful and smart cosmic educated society.

Looking at the wonderful Universe and the stars, learning all about their position and composition is phenomenal, its wonderful, even magnificent! No one can stop dreaming and appreciate the realization of God grandiose Universality. But there is no words able to describe the feelings of realizing the blessings of  its divinity and the realization of one’s eternal essence making up a cosmic identity and unfolding fate.

Our work while sought as a total waste of time by the young souls is; a crucial contribution for humanity survival only the future can attest!

   The reality of being a real gifted prophet and a “Soul Doctor”  is that; time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness!  


Prediction # 4 of 19 –  Incredibly new technological oriented weaponry will be announced to the public and some will be tested in space, secretively on the Moon and in time used in the Middle East.

Meet the U.S.Navy’s spy ‘fish’ – Would can deny my predictive work when it is all dated and published months ahead of time?

 Don’t miss anything!

 Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action – Prediction # 4 of 19 – Gitmo inmate: My treatment shames American flag – Prediction # 2 of 19 published June 12, 2013! 

  From 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions

  Update 12/12/2014 – ‘Titanic of the Golden Gate’ found

Prediction 22 of 24 – The ocean will offer more of his secrets and a new “Titanic” will make the news.

One day, God’s cosmic Divinity and Divine Astrology will become the official accepted reality. Only then with the help of our interstellar brothers will humanity be allowed to visit the wonders of a timeless universe…

Blessings to all
Dr. Turi

December 21st 2014, Dr. Turi will join host Janet Kira Lessin on Aquarian radio to discuss ISIS latest developments in relation to the current Arian Draconian energy and predictions for the world imposed by the upcoming  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions

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