Neil deGrasse, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan and Astrology


  “If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi

 Sir Isaac Newton and Astrology

Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!

Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade

In his controversial tweeter battles against Christians Neil deGrasse wrote; “On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642,” the StarTalk host tweeted.

Tweet gets unequal, opposite reaction

Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!

Isaac Newton produced many works that would today be classified as occult study… Astrology has been a determining factor in the decisions and actions of millions of men of all ranks and stations and persist even today!  Astrology is experiencing a “Renaissance” thanks to the critical work of dedicated people to bring it back to where it once was and accepted as a solid discipline.

At the begin of the 17th century, great scientists as Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler and Pierre Gassendi – now best remembered for their roles in the development of modern physics and astronomy – all held astrology in high esteem. 

Many others, including Sir Isaac Newton had their own reasons, I will explain, for hiding their curiosity to a cynical scientific community.

At the end of the 17th century, the scientific community made mostly of  rational souls born with an underdeveloped UCI, start turning away and ridicule astrology. Remember I am French doing the impossible in a foreign country, thus the term “underdeveloped” does not mean scientists are idiots, but psychically or spiritually inferior to those born with a more spiritual, intuitive advanced UCI.

*UCI stand for “Unique Celestial Identity” and represents the spiritual inborn cosmic DNA of each and every single human temporarily residing on planet earth. Thus do not get offended by the title alone and educate yourself first on what the term UCI mean.

Before anything let me explain the difference between traditionally educated doctors, or people like Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse and Dr. Turi. I can not recall how many times “young souls” accused me of being con man, a gloom and doom character even a false Doctor…

It seems the perception of what a doctor mean changes with every encountered UCI on the planets.  Its like saying  to the Christians Jesus or Nostradamus were false prophets or knew nothing of the stars because they never attended an astronomy class.

There is not such a thing as a false doctor with me,  its just your misperception of my inherited cosmic essence, my work and my spiritual gift! I am a Soul Doctor, something that makes no sense to the misinformed well read souls landing on my work.

Luckily for my clients, students and patients, “real” doctors kill  nearly a quarter million people a year! Furthermore, not only do I teach some of those Doctors brilliant minds, but as a Soul Doctor, operating since 1991 in the US, I never killed anyone! Furthermore saying I use and abuse uneducated, gullible people is certainly false, for I could only dream to own the position and respect of some of my dear students.

The fact is there is no schools or accredited universities on the planet your child can attend to become a genius. And this is why, thousands of extremely successful people were dropout and never attended any college or university… The College Dropouts Hall of Fame.

When I wrote “There is a BIG difference between education, intelligence or a solid gift,” you may now be able to relate to me better.

“Young Souls” tend to put traditionally educated people like Neil deGrasse, Carl Sagan or any of the scientific matrix “experts” on a pedestal just because they spent a few years gathering someone else wisdom and graduated! Being a professional students and work your ass off to get a diploma does not show ingeniosity nor intelligence.  Nor does it promises happiness, freedom or wealth.

Neil deGrasse was “fabricated” by the scientific matrix because of the fat financial impact he offers corporate America. And the way he behave on Twitter confirm his education, not his intelligence and public “Savoir Faire.”  I am sure his sponsors are worried sick of his endless stupidity and public explanations…

I am not in the public eyes, this allows me to be real, to be me and to offer the undiluted truth to those willing or able to benefit from it.

 One of my doctor psychiatrist students, told me once, Dr. Turi Learned more in your week long course  than the 7 years I spent in colleges.  I do not lie, these were his very words that made me realize, only very smart people can assimilate my wisdom. And this is why religions, sports and entertainment matrixes attract the norm or billions of people.

What about Dr Turi,  at 65 is still learning and teaching new things everyday?  My lifetime work can not be appreciated because it is well above today unperceptive cold science.

The rewards can only come in the future, if the scientific world ever allow themselves to manage to catch up with me and while I am overqualified for a “Nobel Prize” those who offer such recognition share the same educated, non perceptive UCI than the rewarded scientists and can not enter the intuitional domain of my cosmic work.

Again it is important to remember, I admire everyone who deserve to be respected because of their contribution to humanity. I am not saying I know better than them all, I only know DIFFERENT because I am a different type of scientist myself.

Lumping me with snake oil vendors, leaves readers and CA psychics is not who I am and reading the Tarot is an art that demand a full understanding of the Dynamics of Divine Astrology!  It took me years to master a trade so many are oblivious of and fast to judge as ridiculous.

“A parody of the Nobel Prizes, the Ig Nobel Prizes are given each year in early October—around the time the recipients of the genuine Nobel Prizes are announced—for ten achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think.” Commenting on the 2006 awards, Marc Abrahams, editor of Annals of Improbable Research, co-sponsor of the awards, said: “The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative – and spur people’s interest in science, medicine and technology.“ All prizes are awarded for real achievements… “

If you read the above critically, there is no way to deny all the attributes qualifying me for a Nobel Prize! Not only do I make people laugh, I also make them think real hard.  And when you make people think at your cosmic low speed,  like Neil deGrasse did on Twitter, those people can only love you… However if you really make them THINK out of the box, like I do through my articles, they will HATE you!

And real achievements can only measured, checked, investigated but WHY DON’T THEY DO THIS WITH MY WORK? Because my cosmic work is well over their capability for understanding, that’s why! Again this does not mean they are idiots, only cursed with an immature rational UCI predisposing any scientist to accept only what can be seen or touched! And God knows there is much more the human brain is capable of doing when blessed with an advanced genius UCI. 

But in no way can the scientific community relate to me because they know nothing of my expertise.  Then comes the spiritual pride and the vitriolics from people suffering an intellectual  inferiority complex…

God made me a ADHD like UCI, so I would not be able to sit and control my turbocharged mental and physical selves in class. Science perceive ADD as a mental disorder, I see it more as a sign creating geniuses if allowed to mature naturally. And turning your child into a zombie with medications  is allowing the scientific matrix to kill the curious, undisciplined, wild spirit, and the option for his ingenuity and originality to mature.

The bunch of moronic teachers I had to “educate” me in the sixties, did not know anything about the human UCI, or the cosmic spiritual DNA! They where not only inflicting serious abuses to the children, but also told me I would never write nor speak a foreign language. Perfect opportunity to prove them wrong, and I did!

God did not want me to learn any “old” knowledge, instead he gave me that supercharged competitive Aries Dragon’s Head personality! He ordered me “psychically and subconsciously” to become a leader of the mind and to challenge all that has been accepted about the working of the human mind and the  cosmos!

Had I follow the same traditional path as Neil deGrasse or any other scientists, I would be a famous man, or a well respected doctor today poisoning your children with medications, but the Cosmic Code (*God’s will) decided otherwise…

God did not want me to become either religious or another conventional scientist regurgitating the tons of books reflecting the established accepted disciplines.  They are billions of doctors, astronomers, astrophysicists,  professors of astronomy on the planet doing exactly the same thing as Neil deGrasse does today! And there is Dr. Turi challenging them all on the reality of the “Soul of the Cosmos!”

Your fate is already written in light but the source of such a wisdom is not for everyone and has been ridicule for centuries…

“In the case of Newton, the astrological literature presents a different view and even claims that Newton was in secret an ardent student of astrology. As evidence the following anecdote is often quoted: when the astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742), of comet fame, once spoke depreciatively on the subject of astrology, Newton is said to have berated him with the remark: “Sir Halley, I have studied the matter, you have not!”

How much value may we store in such a testimony? The first questions that should be answered are: what is the source for this statement and what evidence is there that Newton ever “studied the matter”.

But rest assured, the evidence is there but as usual, hidden from the public… Its like asking the Vatican Council who taught astrology to all the Popes to come public with this fact! The scientific and religious matrixes will do all in their power to keep the truth away from you…  The arrow point to the belt of the Zodiac.

The sign of Leo is directly above the Pope’s head. Leo rules Fame/France/Italy/Light/Love Kings and the throne.

The Vatican council explains the procession of the Zodiac to the Pope. 

“During this interview, Newton confided to Conduitt that his interest in science had first been roused in the summer of 1663, when, as a young student at Cambridge, he purchased a book on astrology at the midsummer fair at Stourbridge.  

Baffled by the incomprehensible astrological diagrams and calculations in this work he then studied some books on geometry and calculus (such as by Euclid, Frans van Schooten and René Descartes) and was “soon convinced of the vanity & emptiness of the pretended science of Judicial astrology”.

Using Astroforensics, I checked Sir Isaac Newton UCI, his Mercury (critical thinking) Jupiter (education) Uranus (ingeniosity)  Mars (drive) and the position of his natal Saturn (science/skepticism) and I can affirm, he did profoundly study Astrology.  I am so ashamed of the people who purposely put in writing this nonsense.”

“Baffled by the incomprehensible astrological diagrams and calculations in this work he then studied some books on geometry and calculus (such as by Euclid, Frans van Schooten and René Descartes) and was “soon convinced of the vanity & emptiness of the pretended science of Judicial astrology”.  

Whomever wrote the above is obviously a young soul, with either a religious or atheist UCI! It seem this person is putting those vile words in Sir Issac Newton’s mouth and reflect mmore of his own problem dealing with Astrology.

Astrology is an art and demand a sophisticated, spiritual, intuitive UCI mind to master. Astronomy is a rigid science that demands an extreme rational UCI mind to handle its complex mathematical mechanics.

Both endeavors are very different and were created by  by different UCI. My astro turf is forbidden for the young souls and can only benefit more spiritually advanced souls and these differences does not make astronomers or astrologers stupid or ignorant, simply different scientists!

Astronomy has no problem dealing with any other form of arts, such as painting, dancing, photography or music because it does not infringe on what they believe is their scientific turf only!  There is no need for intuition nor imagination with astronomy, just a good eye, a good telescope and complex maths!

Little do the world know that Astronomy is a byproduct of Astrology who existed and was practices well before the birth of any Christ! But do not tell this to Neil de Grasse, and like astrology, religions interfere with his scientific turf and facts!

Old Sumerian Astrological tablets were stolen and used by the first rigid scientists UCI to precisely calculate the time of eclipses. Indeed Astronomy is a very young science truly born with Sir Isaac Newton birth in 1643 which he became a key figure in the scientific revolution. 

All you had before the new scientists contested God was ASTROLOGY! What do you think Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse would say about it?

  Indeed the stars  do not lie and dissecting anyone’s psyche correctly using Astroforensics is unsurpassed! At least to my students who handle it properly!  Indeed  Sir Isaac Newton had all the cosmic gifts he needed to study, comprehend and use the mother of all science.

But if you ask people in the street about Neil deGrasse Libra Sun sign  (the educated professional student) or Sir Isaac Newton Capricorn Sun Sign  (the engineer) or even their own cosmic identity, there is no much plausible wisdom left.  But there is an inserted uneasiness dealing with the stars because  the public is being conditioned/trained by the scientific matrix schooled puppets to ridicule the art.

Indeed not only Neil deGrasse but the entire humanity can only benefit from this artistic science when handled by real gifted professionals like Dr. Turi’s students.

But like all respected Capricorn, Sir Isaac Newton’s public standing and the image presented to the scientific community of his days was extremely important! He also knew, like I do today, a rational mind can not be easily refined nor influenced upward without the advanced UCI, especially when no time has been invested in the study!

He then decided to put it on the back burner and kept the science in the box for his own mental exploration.   I will soon offer my VIP’s a full explanation of his UCI on the cosmic code website.

Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643

Builder of the greatest towers
Holding all the social powers
Striving to climb to the highest peak
For honor has no place for the weak
I am CAPRICORN, child of Saturn.

Saturn rules the UK and the practical “scientist born” sign of Capricorn  controls the month of January. Thus it is not an accident for Sir Isaac Newton to be born in the UK to be fated to become the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution.

But this fact can only make sense to those who are familiar with Divine Astrology and while extraordinary popular,  modern astrology has turned the art into a confusing mathematical jargon, just to get look like and get the approval of science…

There are thousands of Astrological conferences going on all over the world, but none of the promoters will ever invite Dr. Turi to speak. All I have is my Youtube videos but the content is more of an entertaining values than real teachings and this does not help my case.

Thus, if in any way shapes or forms you can relate to my work,  save time, save money and take the 16 CD Astropsychology home course for $500 instead of $1500.  You have until 01/01/2015 to get it. 

Hard core scientists are psychically “irrecuperable,” this is due to the cosmic “wiring” and the early educational conditionnement steered by a earthy impenetrable UCI. My obvious past and future predictions including my teachings will always be challenged and negated by any scientist deeply encrusted intellectual pride.

Imagine Dr. Turi a “Soul Doctor” facing a “real” doctor who has absolutely no cosmic consciousness or wisdom on the aptitude to discuss nor challenge my original cosmic wisdom and the truth about the “Soul of the Cosmos?”

The spiritual cosmic language I speak is the results of a lifetime work and my perceptiveness to transcribe the cosmic hieroglyphs in plain English to a mass of people who have been brainwashed to think astrology is worthless…

There are no schools today able to produce another Einstein, a Mozart, a Beethoven or a Isaac Newton. All erudite men and geniuses were created by the cosmos itself and not a single human being was born physically or spiritually and intellectually equal.

We simply became who and what we are because of an inborn leading UCI, the same cosmic program phenomenon that make a bat a billion time smarter than any and all scientist combined together.

A bat can direct its flight safely in total darkness but no scientists can do that naturally!  The smart ass will immediately object saying our pilots uses complex technology to fly and land planes at night safely! But how many bats ever collided in their overpopulated flying congregations in  mid air or crashed into each others?

  • How can you explain to a scientist like Neil deGrasse that ALL the stars, and not just the warmth of the Sun are in involved in a perfect harmonious dance that affect, control and support life on earth?
  • How can you explain to any atheist and scientists like Neil deGrasse that; they are not allowed, nor able to master such a spiritual cosmic dance during their insignificant lifetime on earth?
  •  How can you explain to the public God’s cosmic plan  does not involve living on unreachable dead planets and ignore Mother Earth serious signs of distress?
  •  How can you explain to the public the financial masquerades of corporate America speaking their will through TEL E-vision?
  • How do you explain to any neuroscientist that the human mind is a fleshy computer responding to the Universal mind subtle stimuli only cosmic conscious souls who took the time to master Astropsychology or the “Soul of the Cosmos” can acknowledge?
  • How can you explain to all astrophysicists the importance of  challenging themselves outside of their rigid education and upgrade their perception of the cosmos outside of what their educated mind impose?
  • How can you explain God’s cosmic Divinity to all the God fearing souls when all managed to sank into Neptune’s deceptive waters?

If the opportunity was presented to me, I would say to Neil deGrasse, “as a Libra, the negative Tail of the Dragon in Aries is cursing your 7th house (open enemies) making you obnoxious with the public! This will cost you greatly in your career in the next couple of years, especially if you happen to produce  “an encore” on twitter or anywhere else publicly during one of your negative 2015 Cosmic Biorhythms.” 

“What the hell was that?” he would say… and if you are one of his fan, do him a favor email him my predictions…

Neil deGrasse would probably challenge me with a predictions I just generated “on the set” because of all the public outcries… This is where I would say, “No Neil, I made this prediction for Libra last year, well before your latest stunt on Twitter.”  Then I would offer him a copy of his forecast from my2015 Dragon Forecast on TV.

But, regardless, it is only when my “vision” come to pass that Neil may wake up to the realization that; Astrology is not a pseudoscience but the mother of all science.

For now it is very easy for him or anyone else to deny God’s Divinity and deny Astrology its righteous place as another reliable science because the real gifted soul is muted or absent on the national stage…

I trust only donkeys do not change their mind, but ultimately, the inherited cosmic UCI (or the human spiritual DNA) depict the true mental potential of any human being, including all his sins and virtues…

Be sure readers, knowing deGrasse has absolutely no ammunition to challenge anyone like me,  his well read astronomical education is not match to me! His publicists will never, in a million year invite me to a direct challenge. In fact exactly like James Randi, he would rather ignore someone like me and all my direct emails…

But it is a different story when you involve the wide social media and expose the truth about Astrology and Neil deGrasse Libra UCI. And this is why I am today, offering another sample of my cosmic code newsletter to the general public!

Its easy to deny anything anyone produce when the Messenger is not real or offer no options to prove his claims. Well it is very different with Dr. Turi! My confidence speak of  an unsurpassed cosmic wisdom that should not be perceived as an ego trip!

I am asking my readers to listen to my latest radio show where I explained the cosmic code and offered direct warnings to the police and in this article, you may find the dates and my expectation for upcoming natural disasters.

Not that the police will wake up to my real predictive values of my work especially when the dates I offered are already active “December 30, 31 2014″  *Police shot at in Florida, LA!

 Carl Sagan and the science of Astrology! “If we teach only the finding and products of Astrology, no matter how useful and inspiring they maybe – without communicating its critical methods, how can the average person possibly distinguish Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi 

My wit and perceptive UCI can only infuriate more hard core educated morons or offer a new platform for the more advanced curious souls looking for a more spiritual understanding of the stars…

The atrocities imposed by the Inquisition during the Pisces “Dark Ages”,  against countless of Astrology practitioners are immeasurable. But do not think for a second it is over! While today religious and scientific matrixes can not burn me on the stake for my practice, I am still crucified for knowing better than the mass of  ill informed, non educated God fearing and atheist communities…

And as mentioned in my last newsletter, as of January 2015, I will stop offering my articles to the people unwilling or unable to benefit from my rare pearls of wisdom… This article sample is one of the last ones reaching the public and my last attempt to bring you into my Cyber Cosmic Code University to learn more about the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

Indeed you can bring the horse to the water, this does not mean he will nor can drink  at the source of all wisdom… Happy New Year to all our readers, may you end 2014 and start 2015 with the blessings of  the light of the stars above. I will produce the first 2015 forecast for my VIP before the year is over and  expose the stars and fate of Sir Isaac Newton as soon as I can.

Remember you are a child of the Universe and there is a reason for you to be,  I am here to bring light to your soul and guide you back to God Cosmic Divinity –

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Get all SKYPE details from Terania and it will be up to you to record the full conversation and the next 4 years predictions. My teachings of the cosmic rules blessings your UCI must be heeded and acknowledged so emotional, financial and spiritual stability become yours.

While I will STOP posting FULL article like this one publicly I will offer regular bulletins on  Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Universal Predictions on Google

Blessings to all my readers

Dr. Turi

Mrs. Turi’s feedback and scepter from her e-book in progress:

There have been many mathematicians and philosophers who have involved their supporting beliefs in the explanation of this life’s big question. And while many were to have been set aside from their usual gift of high intellect, there have been those who were to have made large offerings towards advancement in geology, physical science, natural science / social science and that of our past events.

At that, there were many who depended on that of Isaac Newton’s dream t up system of mathematics.

Given approval of the correct version of the Roman calendar (Julian calendar) they claim Newton to be born on December 25, 1642(NS 4 January 1643), though if one is going to speak on these terms, might as well bring up all implied comparisons whereas many other deities who have claimed December 25th as their own and born of a virgin like that of Jesus, Mithra, Osiris, Prometheus, etc.

I hope the reader is smart enough to understand this by now because it’s all part of the game.

But moving along, there were also those who have had a persistent strong interest in the medieval science of alchemy and while some of the people had thought of this as to be like that of Cabala or narrative of truth. Some other theorists considered it to be very esoteric in character and was said to be ruined by a dark number of individuals collectively; with the resolute goal on the guarantee, that many of those valuable disclosures would never be heard of.

These are the private so – called high brows that do business with or who are assembled within this class of existing beings antagonistic to the Illuminati. So you see that there is the normal crowd who just goes along to get by and then there is a more loyal crowd and it’s the inventor usually composes any presentation to intentionally be this way.

Some of these groups are in competition against each other…As a matter of fact, some visionaries of previous times had been convinced that they were being watched by another and while much of the settlements had been true, some went as far as to committing self-murder to escape any threat.

For some, the close observation and charges of wrongdoings, accusation of any abnormal doctrinal belief; was just too much to handle and there were those who passed away in total darkness and those who were to have been  put to rest under a blank tombstone.

They say the rival was Sir Isaac Newton, and colleague of the adversary yet traditionally educated academics.

Though regardless of Newton’s mathematical experiments; it was known that he used a lot of his time carrying out witchcraft practices and even had written quite a bit on the matter. There were also known to have been many excerpts written by other people that have been said to exemplify Newton’s eccentric curiosity.

Isaac was also known to have spoken about the laws within alchemy and the location of one’s Mercury (reasoning mind) and by how it has been brought into being within ones makeup, it has been thought suitable to be hidden by those who may have been familiar with it.

It was also to have been stated by Newton that this and other aspects could have in many ways be a way into someone’s private innermost in thoughts and that it mustn’t be mutually exchanged to any, especially if there be any truth in any possible occurrence from the esoteric writings.

There is also a lot of other stuff apart from the transformation of lustrous chemical elements, however it is to be much too advanced for the entire masses to really grasp or appreciate.

The disagreements between Newton and other secret opposes apparently turned about many hostile arguments about who had the first concerns in the findings of all those numbers.

It was known to be Newton, with many authoritative confidants who had succeeded in the fight and they were to have all blamed the rest of copying his work. But present day has it that though Newton was one of the earliest in order to have printed his conclusions on calculus; it was also that for some countless years in which others too had individually devised some calculations of their own before Newton’s and it is those written remarks devised by the others, which are to have been passed down through this more up-to-date order of math.

 Actually, the conflicts between these secret groups had become burst up with much anger in the hidden world of wizardry. And Newton, along with the shady class of people in which he connected himself were noted to have been counseled to twist the real meaning of alchemy as well as banish the others and their advocates who he and they believed to be against them.

 It was said that Newton and his supporters would secretly watch the others and their close friends actions, badger them and try to do all they could to force their way in on these alleged intellectuals.

 The outcome was that these eggheads had to exchange all kinds of information with the other mathematicians by way of a secret language system established on twofold arithmetic’s.

 This was also known to be the time when the secret scholars had retracted from their connection in pseudo science and was to have alternatively started the development of brotherly institution that was to follow its cause to the local brotherhoods of stonemasons, which sometime around the completion of the fourteenth century was to have controlled the ability of these secret knowledge builders and their interactions with authorities and customers.

 This would be their restored motion to bring about their concepts to society who will need to use their own sound judgment and attention span in order to pick up on what is real and / or not.

 This is also to be set up in the likeness of those who don’t agree with the Illuminati or who get by misrepresenting alchemy for what it has been destined to be.  Thus they were ultimately able to achieve in their benefit of misrepresenting their old-boy network all together

 Between these odds; one has been able to read or look at briefly the hidden fights which have influenced our obvious past events. And while there have been and still are those who were to have never taken notice to the underground pull of events; this is why the clandestine high-brows had thought seriously about calling up on those types of people but then were to have changed their minds, because they figured mostly that perhaps these individuals were not really an acceptable fit when they could easily depart from their accepted line of authoritarian discipline – within their organization and revert back to their  free-spirited lifestyle with a chance to tell off on all.

 And while there have been many skillful rationalists of current day, it seems they haven’t been incorrect yet whereas there are many menacing associations out there; who have taken their curiosity towards those of the ordinary mass and those faithful or dependable. 

 Those mischievous factions are still made evident and the conflict vs. them carries on still in recent times.


*Mrs. T*

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About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.