Neil DeGrasse Kim Jong Un’s birthday and the Fate of America


Kim’s birthday an enigma

Kim’s birthday is believed to fall on January 8, but like most affairs of North Korea, his personal details are opaque. North Korean state media has not acknowledged the exact date of Kim’s birth in either of its Korean and English-language archives.

Dear Readers:

In no way will a young God fearing America truly understand why Kim Jong Un’s birthday is kept a secret to the world. Let me tell you the real reasons for this caution, and its has nothing to do with his physical appearance.

America is a very young country where anything to do with the spirit start and finish with religions. Seeing the future is my forte and gift and, I already gave the full explanation to his birthday dilemma on December 18, 2014 in “North Korea has 1,800 cyberwarriors This IS The Beginning of End of America!

Further more, for the skeptics who do not watch CNN or read the news, on January 23, 2013 I warned the world with this article “Cyber/Nuke Attack on the US, only a matter of time!

This mean using Divine Astrology, I also predicted the North Korea Cyber attack on Sony!’ But as always, even with the obvious dated, printed, published proof of my “visions”,  I do not expect the young souls to remotely accept the facts of any of predictions!

While the article about Asia *Japan inborn technological genius does answer all your questions, let me rephrase it all so America can comprehend the cosmic gifts of Asiatic people and their countries.  Remember the attitude of people in the fifties when reading “Made in Japan?”  They certainly grew up since then and accepted the fact Asia automotive products, are well above America. Its not the same anymore because much of the technology used today to build car is copied from the genius of Asiatic people.

Of course America won the war in 1945, but time have changed, and so the technological wars fought today. Its not about building millions of ships and tanks anymore, like America used to do, its all about who’s the smarter using a constantly changing technology.

America, July 4th 1776 is a baby country, there is nothing spiritual encrusted in the spirit of all American but what they brought from Europe with them, or 875 different deceptive religions. American Indian natives roots are from Asia and depict their extraordinary spiritual connection with Mother Earth and the spirit.  Who can deny this fact, but what is left to the Indian spirit nowadays?

The invading white man took over the continent, jailed the natives in reservations then the American industrial revolution, science and religions took over America. Meantime;  the Indians spiritual legacy and Astrology disappeared and became the laughing stock of modern man dried up traditionally schooled spirit.

But it is not the same in Asia, those countries are timeless and like a young America, also propelled into scientific advances. But “genetically” speaking, being much older than the US, there is; both a spiritual power and a different cosmic legacy present in their psychical make up.

This translate religiously with millions of Buddhists temples and a deep encrusted astrological memory trust, especially in India. And Neil DeGrasse’ or anyone like him and his teachings and skepticism of Astrology and is not helping you to uncover the truth!

Thus, “astrological” information can not be used against Kim Jong Un constrictive regime. If Astrology was taught and vastly used by all the Popes in the Vatican to control the masses, why not by Kim Jong Un and his political advisers?

What America does not know, can not consider or laugh about in the name of ignorance, is a formidable weapon that will cost greatly to the nation if my visions comes to pass! 

I was not too surprised when checking my world wide stats to have countries like Russia and North Korea reading my work, then a few weeks later, my website was hacked and thousands of my newsletters were gone.

Not only the NSA but the North Korean and the Russian are also very much interested in my “visions”  and what I have to say about their countries and their Presidents. And if you think I am delusional by making such a statement,  you may want to think twice, my Google stats do not lie!

Asiatics are under the jurisdiction of the sudden release of energy planet Uranus! This explain why the nuke planet punished them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan is prone to very large earthquakes and tsunamis.  And assuming Asiatic nations will never act against the US with nukes is a BIG error!

America is prone to sudden attacks .i.e. Pearl Harbor and 911 due to her cosmic make up. Thus I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to upgrade your perception of Astrology and use the stars at our advantage. All I have is to offer you undeniable predictions that scare the hell out of all of you, but it does not have to be so!  But I am not the  fabricated product of the scientific * Neil Degrasse or religious matrix selling products or ridiculous Mars ideas that will bring you NOTHING you can use while alive on earth.

I may not have the voice I need, nor am I the president and his staff to make those changes and I can only see the end results of what science will do misusing technology *nukes, to the world in a few years!

 Americans are not Asiatics,  and the current OCD generation of atheist born kids making up a good chunk of the US government can only judge North Korea behavioral patterns logically and rationally. Not AStrologically!  I am not having fun divulging those cosmic facts when  I reside in the US myself trust me!  But what will the rest do to help the world?

This is the tip of the iceberg “Cyber/Nuke Attack on the US, only a matter of time!”  Unlike America, North Koreans are using Astrology, the good news is that; They have lost quite a lot of wisdom too and, luckily I am not there with Divine Astrology to calculate the best timing to alienate the US for them.

I am in shock not to have been the subject of a desired target so far, knowing the veracity insured  by the endless proofs of the predictions I provide to all the spies of all countries!  We can thank God for them not being curious or smart enough to realize my potential and how my cosmic wisdom could be used for or against any government…

And this comment will get all “educated” skeptics laughing their heads off, not realizing how fortunate they really are to have me on their side…  If I could not convince the police administration or the US Department of Education to investigate Astropsychology – Astroforensics to save cops lives,  its difference for spiritually advanced countries…

So if, against my will I ever disappear from the face of the earth one day , chances are I will be forced to work for Russia or North Korea. While this could be a fantastic book or show to write, this reality can only be ridicule to the young psychically underdeveloped souls who knows nothing of Astrology but the horoscope newspaper!

I just finished another VIP skype consultation with yet another client from India, now living in California. She landed on my Paris Terrorist Act predictions article and was very concerned when she read the following…

“I cannot emphasize enough to my readers to invest in your  2015Personal Cosmic Biorhythms because if the moon is waning, during one of my “January 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windowsyou will be driving under a collapsing bridge and meet with a premature death in the next earthquake.”

I told her “Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!” and suggested to invest also in the Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation maps I generate.

I explained to the client that; “If you live under a Mars (danger) line, you may very well lose your home because of fire or an earthquake. Or if you reside under a Plutonic line, (death) you may get killed by a felon exchanging fire with a cop at your local gas station.”  Will you die today or win the lottery? (Click on the link,  get the super deal while you can!)

Once more readers, do not assume North Korea is full of it when making threats to the US, it would be foolish for you to think like the non cosmic conscious norm, unwilling to accept nor grasp the undiluted cosmic truth I represent.

The Paris terrorist attack of December 7, 2015 was “predicted” on two radio shows, in my 2015 Moon Power, and blasted on Paris  Police Nationale  website  many times,  and as far back as 1995 on the Art Bell syndicated national radio show, where I predicted “A world wide religious war with the Middle East.

If you can relate to my work, its because its real and priceless, but this does not mean the French or American Authorities will ever be able to use or benefit from it.

Thus when I present you with  “California Deadliest Earthquake Exodus Prediction” or the public version of the 2015 Neptunius Draconis, not only you must heed my warnings, but make it a rule to share all my articles.

Again I am not the gloom and doom fatalistic man you should fear, instead realize the gravity of  humanity situation unable or unwilling to accept God cosmic divinity and use the signs intelligently to avoid “God wrath.”  This world is dangerously turning atheist lead by those many assume are today’s  ingenious intellectual scientific leaders!

 I am a non cosmic conscious educated idiot regurgitating my scientific education on you!


“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to you” -Ya Boy Neil  this is for you and your educated kind!

Free astropsychology for Neil… There is always truth in any jokes! A negative Libra is a born pot head, and using the “dope dealer” as a metaphor has much more reality than what you may think!  He is ill fitted mentally to assimilate Astrology,  but I do not know a single soul born in October who is not addicted to religion, science or pot!  To behave so irrationally in public enunciate he may use weed a bit too much!  And this is is right! Meantime I NEVER used pot in my life, does this make me think clearer? 


Neil Degrasse’ astrological wisdom started and finished with  a 50 years publication endorsed by Carl Sagan. *Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars! He may, instead learn much more about his cosmic nature by reading about his Libra Sun Sign.

From Libra characteristics;  Libra  can also become a fierce warrior if his sense of justice, his indoctrinated  religious beliefs or scientific convictions are threatened. i.e. Vladimir Putin and Neil Degrasse. The spiritually advanced Libra will recognize both the physical *Astronomy and spiritual cosmic rules *Astrology and give equal attention and needed study to both side of the scales.

But unlike Sir Isaac Newton and I, Neil never studied the subject of Astrology in depth but like Newton, their rational UCI forbidden them both to assimilate the spiritual Universal mechanics! Astrology and Sir Isaac Newton Unique Celestial Identity.

By judging the above sarcastic remarks, Neil DeGrasse shows an obvious misplaced spiritual pride and totally UN-balanced  UCI and this all knowing attitude does not help him fulfill his Libra soul’s purpose. To laugh at Astrology and God’s cosmic presence depict his inability to auto-analyze himself through Astrology properly and depict not only scientific ego centrism but real stupidity!

You be the judge if Neil DeGrasse know better than  Einstein, Plato, Hippocrates, Dr. Turi and so many other  wise men of antiquity geniuses.

…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself – Plato

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician”  – Hippocrates (ca. 400 BC).

And like Duck Dynasty “star” Phil Robertson,  there will never be  a shortage of misinformed admirers supporting them. In reality, Neil DeGrasse and all his non cosmic conscious audience have yet to learn all about the Soul of the Cosmos.

With so much material generated everyday on the Internet (and my direct notes on his websites) there is no way for Neil DeGrasse not knowing, or not reading our work. This does not mean he will take me on to prove me wrong because ego centrism and cowardliness are go together!

Egocentric men like him will spend hours on social media looking for what ever people have said to feed his cosmos size like educate ego!  Exposing his sins and limited spiritual virtues through Astroforensics is what I do well, and like all my “friends and Foes” he will not be spared!

The intuitive mind is a sacred gif,  the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”  Einstein

Lastly, while I like all about science, I am a “Soul Doctor,”  an Astropsychologist and a different type of scientist.  Sad enough there are no schools  allowed today in creating our kind or not enough genius people able to  perceive and reward  my predictive talents!

The cosmic wisdom I am sharing with you is as REAL as the one generated by ASStronomers! like Neil DeGrasse! I can also be sarcastic but will never debunk Astronomy!

I would never ever deny the rational wonders of the Cosmos dense physical explorations. Meantime, there is a much to gain in my spiritually cosmic work as the teachings found in the rational work of Neil DeGrasse. I am a proud Astrologer battling the ignorance of Astronomers and you are in between reading and judging our respective work.

Science is well ahead of Astrology because the mother of all science suffered endless attacks from men like Neil DeGrasse “educated” ego totally dedicated to destroy it. It is part of the mission to bring back astrology as a legitimate science and its crucial values to humanity.

All human, including all skeptical astrophysicists and Astronomers are children of  the universe and all have a karmic reason to experience life on earth. Born with a LIBRA Dragon’s Tail myself, I had the many past lives needed to investigate and acknowledge both the laws of men and those of a Cosmic God.

Something Neil is cursed to do in this present incarnation… LIBRA born soul such a Neil DeGrasse are not only my mortal cosmic enemies, but can learn a lot from what took me many previous lives to master!

The chances of  Neil to grasp the reality of my work is much too obvious for him to accept and all he has and will always do is to ridicule Astrology… But I am here to clarify his cosmic nature and using our differences as a sample to how Astropsychology – Astroforensics works. Rest assured, many of my spiritual readers will now question both his UN Libra aggressive, childlike self-centered obvious nature and his “accredited”  education.

Unlike Neil, I was fired from school at the age of 14, and it is because,  God designed my psyche with the gift of ADHD to escaped traditional tutoring and all the limitation induced by traditional education. Where do you stand, with me or Neil? It all depend of your education, your experiences, your curiosity, your intelligence,  and most of all, your natal inherited karmic UCI.

And that is the difference between Mr. Degrasse astronomical education and Dr. Turi’s cosmic ingeniousness… Lastly, I understand exactly where he is in the scale of reincarnation and this is why I support science, Astronomy and Astrology! I think this intelligent remark makes me a better and smarter human being…

Meantime there is no room for The Soul of the Cosmos when the evil of cosmic ignorance, greed, fame, ego,  money,  and the scientific matrix educational manipulation runs the world  Neil deGrasse Tyson just got his own late night talk show –  Indeed the TEL- EVision at work doing more damage to the fast depleting human spirit!  God has a plan for humanity I would rather keep for myself if I fell in my mission to free your mind from thinking science has all the cosmic answers…

Learn more about the cosmic code and join us to liberate Astrology from today’ scientific matrix imperceptive, Carl Sagan Astrological misconception legacy and Neil Degrasse foolish convictions.

Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade – Can you handle the truth?
Astrology and Sir Isaac Newton Unique Celestial Identity
Neil deGrasse, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan and Astrology
Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!

The Soul of the Cosmos

If you are one of those rare spiritual human beings in the ocean of life looking for my uplifting hook, and interested in learning more about God Cosmic Divinity, Astroforensics, or Astropsychology (Astrology, psychology and astronomy combined), just ring the bell! I will open the door of a new world above for you to join my VIP’s in our Cyber Cosmic Code University! All the answers to what it means to be human and so much more is awaiting you!


Dr. Turi



In the time, prophesy of the future by observation of stars and planets has consisted of a bunch of  systems based on something one puts regard in as true and at that belief;  one can predict a connection between considerable things known through the senses and occurrences in the personal world.

Yet, while the scientific group of people has rejected astrology as having no descriptive ability for being able to fully explain in speech or writing, the whole of everything in creation… Astrological experiments have been administered throughout the decades and they still say there hasn’t been any resolute proof found as of yet, to hold up its layout or alleged effects given in summary; throughout new age cultures.

 However, where this mix of astrometry has made much refutability of its statements, hypothesis, predictions and theory; the basic likelihood was there all along for it to be proven as false seemingly anyways.

There have been some most legendary examinations in transit; by research groups working on these projects along with their group of astrologers. But it had all ended on the basis that natal – genethliacal astrology carried out no more exceptional, than that of the possibility for what one may end up doing during their life path regardless.

At the intervening time, other astrologers and therapists such as Michel Gauquelin have insisted on the bringing in of some mathematical help over controversy of the “Mars Effect” or asserted numerical equivalence between the high grounds of those renowned in sports and the area of the planet Mars; compared to the horizon at the birth place and time…As well as other tests during that time and thereafter from various statisticians. 

But despite the fact that the eminent Hanz Eysenck among a few others had agreed with it, it was not be reflected in any of the clinician’s further investigation.

L’influence des astres (“The Influence of the Stars”, 1955) Gauquelin advised that a meaningful figure of athletic medalists were brought into the world; pertaining to that of  right after the planet Mars would move upward or reach the highest point of development. Gauquelin had branched out the plane of the solar system into twelve areas, with recognition to two essential subdivisions also of mathematical importance.

The coordinators of analysis following the tests declared that Gauquelin had tried to gain control over their additional gauge for judgment and for this kind of learning by any one indicating statistician or psychologist status; as well as suggesting particular persons, be dismissed.

This has also once been implied by, by Geoffrey Dean (1918 – 2009), who was once an astrologer; then became a professional skeptic on the Committee of Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal… His view was that the reporting of birth times by parents (before the 1950s) may have brought about the seeming result.

There are still analysts and others who desire more knowledge questioning again and again “Why do astrologers work from the moment of birth rather than use the seminal moment, the time of conception?”

An easy answer is that one may know their time of delivery, but not everyone can know the time of their conception.

As you may assume, there are lots of speculations.

During the 3rd century BC, the Hellenistic Stoics (Greek) relied on the soul or first trace of life to have become endowed with spirit from its first breath.

Some stargazers nowadays see the pre-natal time as formative and the natural break up from the mother as the beginning of knowledge or self as a nature of being.

Then there are those who think deeply and theorize that at the minute of childbirth; there is a divine impression of a spiritual sphere of influence – with differing forms such as the harmonic color fields.

But the point of time of one’s conception is still no assurance as to when the individual will come into being.

In fact, if someone knows how early or late they were on the expected date of arrival and as there are many ways to read a chart – the most common being the Prenatal Epoch map which has said to help in making the birth time more exact to the specific location; then the solar and lunar returns can be further advanced for more detailed prognosis.

Nevertheless, the rest say a typical process of early development in this extent of time is 273 days, which is a bit over the usual 9 months.

But given approval on what the midwife and gynecologists have studied is being the 10 lunar months for gestation in many cases, we see those systems to be invalid for latitude and longitude north or south of the celestial equator; while looking beyond any degree or sign intersecting the eastern horizon.

This is no different than having any astrologer’s type setting of a horoscope; with the specifics that they can fill in.

The month of birth should be straightforward as the actual self but our modified computer program already focuses on the particular importance of the intersection between its alliances for the area one should reach in the present embodiment…As well as how to merge it with the area one feels most comfortable throughout future development well beyond 10 months, without having to divide anything. As well as the HIDDEN side one is commonly attached to.

Other than the fact that one was born on the cusp; then the same means of judgment is put into use.

But can you see that far?

As expected, the proof of two planets receiving one another is also there if you understand the 7-12 year cycle; along with our brightest star lining up with the world every year or so and on a different axis.

However, there is nothing more superior to the suns core which enunciates that of the innermost thoughts ongoing from former lives.

At that, James Randi was born in Canada to parents of Canadian ancestry and grew up in the US.

He is a theatre resigned wizard and an experimental agnostic but also the co-founder of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry; whose established intentions has been to try and “spiritually stimulate a demanding examination of supernatural world and the fixed field of study, which departs significantly from mainstream or orthodox theories and is classified as being on the edge of a credible mainstream academic discipline…”

As well as claims that; “it should be from an accountable, objective attitude as well as being able to disseminate what is real,  and concern the knowledge of such questioning to the scientific society and the rest of population.”

Though while the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation, he did start his life path as a person performing supernatural tricks and called himself The Amazing Randi, but since retiring at age 60, he has chosen to commit his energies during much of his time towards fact-finding within the metaphysical world of magic, and mysterious callings, which he claims to be unfounded or ludicrous beliefs.

Even though James has frequently been pointed out as a person attempting to expose or discredit claims believed to be false, exaggerated or pretentious, Randi hasn’t been very pleased with the overtone and had said he would much rather go for being called a researcher.

He has also written on the world of the supernatural, ones suspicions, and the magic’s past events.

The JREF back up the One Million Dollar Metaphysical Challenge by contributing the award of US$1,000,000 to the fit candidate, who are able to display proof of any metaphysical or celestial occult ability or occurrence supported by the experimental environment in unison with  the pair of groups supporting certain beliefs.

Throughout it all Randi has been blamed of really utilizing his extrasensory in perception to carry out performances like that of object contortion, especially with metal cutlery either without physical force, or with less force than would normally see.

According to the professor of Psychology at Canadian public research university, the well known interpreter within the field of study and very concerned with the investigation of supernatural and psychic phenomena; as well as a fellow member of the Executive Council for the committee for Skeptical Inquiry, otherwise known as James Alcock… He was to have mentioned the time he was at a conference where James Randi was to be imitating acts of the Israeli illusionist, well known internationally as a magician, television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic named Uri Geller.

Check out the Fork bent by Randi

It was to have been overheard by Alcock, that a teacher from the State Research University of Buffalo, New York University loudly called out to Randi that he was a deceitful, false person. Randi’s reply, “Yes, indeed, I’m a trickster, I’m a cheat, I’m a charlatan, that’s what I do for a living. Everything I’ve done here was by trickery.”

The teacher was to have exclaimed back: “That’s not what I mean. You’re a fraud because you’re pretending to do these things through trickery, but you’re actually using psychic powers and misleading us by not admitting it.”

Even today, the majority feel that astrology still has not shown its influence in regulated reviews; has no scientific genuine and as such,  is looked at as alchemy.

They say there is still not any projected means of individual deed; by which the area, its movement of stars and planets is what really changes human beings and events in the world.

Every subject at hand and its surrounding situation as well as what could be in store for its future circumstances, are not necessarily going to always be at variance with the fundamental elements for which another considers to be made up within one’s anatomy.

This much so for its countermeasures and for as much as – what hasn’t much been able to be that well accepted so far anyways within its methods.

On that note, astrology is much more of a skill/gift than science.

Nonetheless, a lot of it counts on your explanation of science too.

If you are in search of the principles of behavior, equality and repetition, then science would actually be strictly held to that knowledge of nature alone.

The branch of physical science that studies the composition, the experimental portion or structure, the properties and change of matter acting with the molecular basis of biological activity among astrology… Would it be that of the rise and fall of sea levels are caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth?

And that of which is all relevant to the being of the character or an event, any situation caused by an earthquake or the shaking of our grounds, or whether it’s due to normal or artificial elements and atmospheric equivalence… Which are said to be only somewhat of an age – old and valuable chunk of prophesy of the future by observation of stars and planets.

On the other hand, none of this is a sufficient amount to classify any form of astrology as a solid methodical study of part of the material world; mostly because those like my husband and I are already aware of the tedious universal laws, Mercury Retrograde.

The repetitious pattern is common sense.

Even though there have been many erroneous tests throughout science, there are still many in doubt and who will always expect experimental confirmation before they could ever allow astrology and there are hardly any investigators really believe they can confirm the facts of astrology anyways.

In any form of arithmetic’s, you can most the time figure out some type of evidence or criterion; to show that its definite suggestion is consistently concordant with the facts but science works differently.

It’s difficult to establish the facts within the knowledge of nature and as science functions on the gathering of practical clues to form a hypothesis which is accompanied by each thing in its likeness.

Then the belief evolves into something more effective until conclusively proved, indicating an exception that it can also be proven false any time. So it remains a hypothesis that will probably never be confirmed to the public or recognized as standard.

Throughout the years, researchers and new age physicists have been uncovering increasing bulks of equitable information of the similarities between our spiritual stance and sub solar existence.

These are mathematically telling conclusions that have been recorded in associate analyzed accounts. Some of the most distinct data has been known to come from tests supported by those doubtful groups; like those working on projects for the mathematical study of assertion, denoting equivalence to the supernatural.

Instead they are or would-be attempting to expose claims to be false and while clumsy with their considerable amounts of research, misrepresent the results, hide their mistakes and give a kick to those who threaten them with honesty.

While each verbal argument alike is relevant to an abundant source of supposed discipline… Like that of weather science. Nearly all physicists disagree that any area of activity which draws in human awareness and the manner of conducting oneself… Like within the field of one’s emotional and mental constitution that of behavioral science, social science or a person’s sensibility to things like food or style of music… None are formulated as science.

It is still debatable that one’s expansion or the world’s progress, either being under such rigid description; hasn’t been discovered through experimentation.

Thus, the physically close counterpart to astrology would be something like enjoying singing and / or writing / dancing, which is all a blend of skill and science and fit in their amazement.

Few may try to convince others, who may be using specific vocabulary explanations of science; that there’s the condition that astrology is a science, just as there is the central portion of education that is able to be instructed or rather an orderly plan of a particularized kind or issue.

Still, those whose usual routine is astrology would probably better characterize astrology as an art than that of science.

In addition, it would be inappropriate astrologers as such to call themselves scientists. Per se, it is also all the same inappropriate for any physicist who hasn’t studied astrology properly; to regard themselves as being able to make any decision from evidence on routines like so, considering they are on working on the exterior domain of science.

 Even Carl Sagan was a skeptic on UFOS and extraterrestrial life but was still known to have laboriously helped in the hunt for space inhabitants as well as worked on trying to expose negatives of others ideas like Immanuel Velikovsky, the Russian Jewish psychiatrist.

Immanuel in his succeeding lifetime was known for having moved to America and launched at the time; an alternative path as a nominal interpreter.

A well -informed and very smart person holding an opinion at odds with what may have been generally accepted; but with some most superlative unconventional ideas.

Of distinguishing extent in his range, his ideas had been drawn together and situated on sides; whereas based on the deconstruction of results in the first section of the Christian bible, which many know was based primarily upon the collection of writings by the ancient Israelites Hebrew bible.

This was to be Immanuel’s belief as archival realty, with the exception that God had another put in his place…That of theological nonsense and all types of lies for a master plan brimming with all kinds of cues that are to be situated and traveling between planets; which could include close accidents from the middle of our earth’s two points: Venus or the second planet closest to the sun and its fourth planet Mars.

After a clever preliminary showing in the monthly American general interest family magazine known as the  Reader’s Digest and that of the monthly magazine of literature, politics, culture, finance, and the arts known as Harper’s Magazine;  the interest and concern of those within the bible belt American society was said to have  been offended.

Though Immanuel’s published document entitled Worlds in Collision (1950) which was written as a compressed scholarly book and in quite an effective manner showing a definitive counselors calculations and supported with countless notes at the bottom of the document, pointing out hints to intellectual written matter implying to back Velikovsky’s opinion which was trying to convince his task in an approach, that had appeared unusually persuasive to a lot of casual participants and followers.

For this, it had turned into a top seller but dispute held sway when Macmillan, the founder of the book was forced to destroy Velikovsky’s contract and trash his book even though it had been a best seller.

This was because of the scientific association’s anger that had put Immanuel at risk with the possible rejection of Macmillan’s books if he didn’t end the solicitation of what they considered to be a load of crap.

However, Velikovsky’s deal was taken by an opposing printer with force and there were some other books of comparable genre by the competing publisher which came thereafter for years.

All of which were to be lead by profuse trips for lectures accompanied by his own ardent supporters.

At the same time, the scholarly general agreements continued on being inflexible and in nearly doing so; without the agreement or participation of anyone else, it may have affected Velikovsky’s efforts by tossing it all out in the open as unreasonable woo – woo.

After all, and not by accident, “Wū” is a Chinese phrase (巫) and stands for a religious specialist or shaman; for the most part with magical abilities.

It was noticed that Sagan’s significantly arrogant depictions within the league of discussion teams, possibly was still beneficial information taught in the disagreement; contrary to all these pseudoscientific explanations.

Maybe some thought he was a good ways from stepping hard on Velikovsky’s fast spreading clan as he stirred into it further, just by granting some mistakes made by some male youngsters as okay to sneak into his examinations to help add some enthusiasm to his speech, along with some bold wisecracks.

It was that silliness and inadequacy of being exact; that was confiscated upon by the Velikovsky sincere fans, as proof that what was to be your usual run-of-the-mill; wasn’t acting reasonably and was actually trying to hold back the facts.

Carl Sagan was known to be a conspicuous skeptic and it was actually spoken by many enthusiasts that he was to have adapted towards Christianity at the time he was dying, a statement made however by his wife.

Some say it was just a verbal attack out of fear anyways, even though Sagan isn’t here to give his rebuttal.

Some people have also specified the area in his legendary fictional book named Contact about the intelligent design or I.D., like that of the ‘UCI;’ was to be a clue towards his shift in beliefs.

This creation claims valid elements to be considered as part of our material world and more definitively, that of one’s experiences which are to display indication of having been planned out and therefore were created by a very smart essential nature; that is for the most part, but not perpetually the almighty of the ethical system of beliefs. (E.T.’s)

 The idea is before that of any science but it was only between the previous time of 1980s and the present; that has had the description of the concept, be it the very smart artful conception moving circularly.

Advocates of the idea commonly make allegations that the approach isn’t established on evangelical science creation, even though the reality of the non – profit religious “think” tank has been famous for its attempts to get this design taught in American schools.

Their plan of attack: dispute over development against this intelligent I.D. to the people of every community; where by national means they would bring about the fewer knowledgeable parts of the group within society to support the idea of educating the two sides together instead…Science and Religion.

This for them is somewhat of a large suggestion that there is some connection.

To them, it may be a smoking gun that shoots as their representation that this very smart creation is science creation but preferably wrapped up in a transparent cloak…But it’s still no different than that of one’s inner dragon or snake polarity, for which the majority spit fire or suffocates them by their own subconscious power.

Anyways, all efforts to have this ID instructed in all national schools have been beaten in the judicial system, and any scientific documents presented for action; suggest that the inventor normally doesn’t get past a rivals preliminary showing – even if it isn’t always not for sense of any belief without bias opposite to the type of matter.  

The intelligent I.D. has been broadly disapproved of for its lack of any success to declare what means it uses to control its movement, its deficiency of any ability to be the only method, as well as many other dilemmas that leave it incomplete as an objective code.

Where this idea has been confronted with close examination of government regulation…The American judicial system and obviously the only one to have studied the point at issue, had taken into view its animate body and creation; with regard to that of an ancient world’s science creation and where its shape allows into its group: The life of a abstract generation, and may also welcome that of any equitable data about the world’s period of animate existence; along with every one of its class and arrangement, the scientific attempt to prove god’ creation.

It also is said to claim that the world and everything in its creation were developed in the mind or physically done by the God of the Abrahamic belief in divinity…That of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.   

This judgment has made this guidance in the community school system legally forbidden and covered by the principal rulers of attendants holding in the 1987 Edwards v. Aguillard matter brought before the court; which governed that a Louisianan society felt it necessary that Old Earth creationism be instructed within the general school system, by the side of expansion which was too ruled illegal; because the standard was particularly expected to improve a specific system of beliefs.

All the while, nevertheless it was to have adhered to the belief that educating an assortment of systematic philosophies, relating to the basis of the human race to kids in schools might be rightfully done but only with the understanding of having a non spiritual and non religious goal in mind, for any improvement within the influence of science education.

As all this gives a sign for the change in Sagan’s altered conviction, still others have mentioned that Sagan was not that more bound to rely on the doctrinal attitude of that novel than that of the epic space opera franchise centered on a film series; created by George Lucas…Was to trust in The Force.

Though hints of those experiences have been intertwined into his work, George says “The message of `Star Wars’ is religious: God isn’t dead, he’s there if you want him to be,” writes Pollock, in his book “Sky walking.” Lucas puts it this way: “The laws really are in you.”

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About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.