New Scientific Theory DOES NOT AND CANNOT Explains the Soul and Afterlife


 The gravitational forces that move all galaxies is a scientific fact;  But the greatness of the spiritual cosmic manifesto is still a mystery to science and humanity at large. God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it, a life filled with health, love, safety, warnings,  respect, peace and harmony for all.

— Dr. Turi

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By Boris Djuric – For millennia, researchers have struggled to define soul, consciousness and prove the existence of an afterlife. A new scientific theory could explain it all.

DT Rebuttal; Let me correct the author here and write the correct words. For millennia, erudite men of many disappeared civilizations knew exactly to define soul, consciousness and knew the existence of an afterlife .i.e. Egyptian embalmers did not spare time and money to confirm this fact!  In the Atacama desert of present day Chile and Peru are among the earliest cultures known to have performed artificial mummification as early as 5000-6000 BC, this mean this “new scientific theory” is bogus and can not explain it all.

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 NASA and Mars deceptiveness!

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No scientist can define the divine without cosmic consciousness. 

Continued;  Quantum consciousness resides in the micro tubules of the brain cells, said Dr. Stuart Hameroff, M.D. ( — November 22, 2014)  — Author Steven Bancarz has published an article in his web portal ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’ saying  there is a wide array of data that exists that would be best explained by inferring the existence of a non-physical soul. He said, “we now have a theoretical framework that explains the existence of the soul and even the afterlife.”

On a quantum level, we are all made of energy that creates matter. Soul and consciousness, represents the entity of energy, so the question is wetter the consistence of that energy could be preserved after death.

Studying a near death experience, a professor at the University of Arizona Dr. Stuart Hameroff, said upon death the quantum information that inhabits the nervous system leaves the body and dissipates into the universe.

DT Rebuttal; Quantum consciousness does not reside in the micro tubules of the brain cells,but in the Universal Mind itself. The “cosmic brain” is like a universal computer that interacts with the human brain or on a much smaller scale, a fleshy computer collecting all earthy memories. This computer like any physical computers and the human body is designed to disintegrate after death.

As long as science keep disassociating the human brain with our local solar system and rejecting its spiritual contingencies, there will be no plausible way for them to gather real understanding to what “cosmic” consciousness is all about.

Dr. Stuart Hameroff, M.D, like Neil deGrasse and company alike, are not cosmic conscious and those hard core scientists know nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions.

Dr. Stuart Hameroff  said, “upon death the quantum information that inhabits the nervous system leaves the body and dissipates into the universe” but again, no scientist can discuss something involving a spiritual universe when they  know nothing of the cosmic code jurisdictions and their own celestial identity.  While his assumptions of the soul living the body are sensible, there is no solid explanations to where consciousness and accumulated wisdom goes. 

Continued; “Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the micro tubules is not destroyed, it can’t be destroyed, it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large,” Dr. Hameroff told the Science Channel’s ‘Through the Wormhole’ documentary.

If the patient is revived, however, this quantum information can go back into the micro tubules and that is what we describe as ‘a near death experience‘.

“If they’re not revived, and the patient dies, it’s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul,” Dr. Hameroff said.

DT Rebuttal;  Dr. Stuart Hameroff, M.D is very confused at best and truly believes one day science will beat death and bring human back alive on earth. Knowing we have little time to stop science destroying the planet , this not a feasible probability.

The Science matrix  at work ‘Through the Wormhole’ documentary, etc. are other obvious advertisement to collect both endorsements and financial support to pursue more ridiculous researches on Cryonics.

Note also Dr. Hameroff  chosen words, “perhaps indefinitely, as a soul,” suggest skepticism on the reality of the soul and the afterlife. his “microtubes” is another scientific word used to  cover their ignorance of infinite parallel worlds they are still unaware of.

Continued; According to British physicist Sir Roger Penrose, Consciousness resides as consistent quantum energy in the microtubules of the brain cells.  Upon death, theory says this information is released from your body, meaning that your consciousness goes with it or could get back in a ‘near death experience’, which is solid proof of consciousness consistence.  

DT Rebuttal;  Sir Roger Penrose, like Dr. Stuart Hameroff, M.D,  Neil deGrasse and all traditionally educated physicists’ natal UCI are much too rigid to enter the archetypal realm of cosmic supra – consciousness. And this make them unable to embrace the tangibility and eternity of the Universal mind and billions of other worlds.


Carl Sagan Birthday and Mars NASA Masquerade Can you handle the truth?

Unlike Mars, which is part of a spiritual group of planets making up our local solar system,  the reincarnated soul will be designed by God to live on those far away constellations. But life on those worlds can not be measured nor translated by today’s human limited psychical blueprint.

Educated or not, God does not allow its children to enter the world of the spirit and make sense of its divine complexity. As long as those young souls disassociate the human brain ( a small computer) and its subtle connection to the Universal brain (a much bigger computer) scientists and atheists alike, will never uncover its profound circuitous spiritual mechanisms.

Again its like asking your local mechanic to perform a heart surgery using dirty oily hands. Mastering the cosmic hieroglyphs is the crucial and very first step to take to really understand what  “quantum physics” and the “microtubules of the brain cells” are all about in the realm of supra-consciousness.

But try mentioning UFO, Astropsychology or Astroforensics to any of those hard core low vibrating educated human beings and see their deplorable reactions. The so called “experts” can’t explain the secret of life when they are themselves unconscious and unwilling to bypass their comfort academical zones.

‘Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’- Albert Einstein

I wonder why the producers of Science Channel  and “Wormhole’ documentary hire scientists to discuss Spirit Science and Metaphysics?  Where is the common sense of those young souls and why do they fear the ridicule so much? I think its time for those kids to think out of the box jailing their inquisitive souls. Trusting the  “genius” of today’s scientific experts is a disaster for society!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Deepak Chopra , NeildeGrasse – ARE YOU TRUE GENIUSES?

All are non cosmic unconscious  kids speaking their generally accepted, trained “educated” idiocy on national television.

Cosmic consciousness seems impossible to be mutually agreed upon and explaining what quantum physics or “micro tubes” is all about outside of science accepted and unchallenged disciplines is uncalled for. Fighting and debating at my age, since 1991; when the entire world could never totally agree anyhow is a waste of time and at this time, against the Grand Cosmic Federation of rules.

Continued;  Beside a near death experience, this theory of quantum consistence of energy explains astral projection, out of body experiences, and even reincarnation. This represents a theoretical framework which will serve as a base for further studying consciousness and death.  

“The energy of your consciousness peels away from the physical vehicle at death, in the same way that a pianist can get up and walk away from the piano,” Steven Bancarz wrote in an article.   


DT Rebuttal

After being close to death, some people will report having had an out-of-body experience, having seen a bright light or being passed through a tunnel; “There is always light at the end of the tunnel” all well-known elements of the famous “Near-Death Experience.”

Countless people who experienced near death experiences affirm their entire life pass in front of their eyes in a flash!  Indeed the soul’s journey is now over and just before death, the memory mechanism trig an “email” to the universal mind hard drive infinite Aquasic memory.

Then the souls can re-assemble for a while in the “purgatory” and indiscriminately, super consciously judge themselves while living on earth.

Then the soul transform with the upgraded UCI needed to perform on earth or on one of the trillions of  worlds available in the infinite cosmos. If the soul failed on earth, he is doomed to comeback, usually right away, with better or worse “stars” to complete his/her imposed karmic missions.

Only pain and suffering bring the wisdom needed on earth to grow into a more refined human being. Only then will the soul allowed to undergo and upgrade his mental software” and move forward to new experiences.

For religious people and atheists; God is much too big and much to Divine to come here on earth, or on a hell he created to make you a better person. He sent advanced souls like Jesus or any known deities to perform a “cosmic” purpose on his behalf. God is bored in the vast forever Universe , thus he keeps reinventing himself for ever through us… Imagine if you had to live for ever on this world with a bunch of unconscious people denying or veneering a God they know nothing about?

If the soul succeed and perform well on this dense physical world, there is no reason for coming back “on hell” instead the spirit moves on to a much higher vibrational system. The soul is able to reincarnate in the past or the future as needed, with certain parents and predestined geographical locations where the mortal will ultimately and karmic ally be lead into a new exciting journey.

Every stars you see at night is a Sun that supports a unique life form, but not as you perceive or can comprehend as an earthling.  Today’ science and all its “elites” are either psychically limited or forbidden from acknowledging metaphysical facts, and totally oblivious of the spiritual values involving their own local solar system.

All solar systems are is very different, with many more suns and planets input available to all the spirits eternal journey…  This explain why ET’s are purposely entering our vibrational system to maintaining their own progressive  scientific agenda.

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

There is so much more going on with the universe than science and the human eye can see but this is how it is and how the universe wants it… Only those who have asked for such supreme wisdom, (my VIP’s) are  allowed to get a glimpse of a cosmic reality on a daily base on the cosmic code website  through our endless articles.

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Knowing the Tail of the 2014 Arian Draconis is currently cursing humanity, more than ever, you need to pass on my warnings to those looking for the reasons of their misfortunes and get to know how this cosmic essence curse or bless them at a personal level. 

Indeed there is much more the stars have in store for humanity and all we can do is to warn you of  the world impending fate!

If you think this type of information is worth sharing, please do so and make sure to keep the  cosmic wisdom  reaching you while you survive and grow.

The religious and scientific matrixes monopolized all information through numerous powerful corrupted matrixes and when you own the media you also “educate” own and control the media and its phenomenal resources.  Isn’t it time to realize science and religions’ masquerades do not own the truth you deserve to know about?

“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”

– Aart Van Der Leeuw


Planet earth is just a transitional tiny place. There are trillions more worlds to visit and experience and we have eternity to do so! Indeed the awareness of God cosmic consciousness and his immaculate eternal creation is a true blessing for humanity, and this is what I am asking you to share…


Dr. Turi

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