New theory on why MH370 vanished! RIDICULOUS at best!


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New theory on why MH370 vanished

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Article updated 7/31/2015:

In this photo dated Wednesday, July 29, 2015, French police officers inspect a piece of debris from a plane in Saint-Andre, Reunion Island. Air safety investigators, one of them a Boeing investigator, have identified the component as a "flaperon" from the trailing edge of a Boeing 777 wing, a U.S. official said. Flight 370, which disappeared March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, is the only 777 known to be missing. (AP Photo/Lucas Marie)

Search for MH370

“A preliminary report could come as early as next week, a source close to the French investigation told CNN on Friday. The report won’t give “an exact sequence of events,” the source said, but will at least eliminate some scenarios.”

Before reading the rest of this old article published 10/9/2014, let me mention a few things to you!

 Betazoid – “Well Dr. Turi you “may” be right. They may have found flight MH370.”

 Me – I can’t recall where or when I said it will reappear during one of my SOS to the world window… Can anyone help me find this article or note? Thank you guys DT”

But who can deny the fact of my last public July 30th 2015 Deadly SOS To The World today?

MEMO FROM  USGS scientist warns CA major quake ‘any day now? How can this help anyone?


Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind  Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike


Cosmos News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking /Stunning / Incredible / lightning / Unusual / Humanitarianism /  Unrest / Discovery / Science / Earthquakes (always above 6.0) / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Breakthrough/ Technology / Television / UFO.

Why the news media conspiracy about MH370 is still strong and alive? Because there is billions of dollars at stake that’s why… Note also, I did not know then that “Draco” the Draconis ET was already imbedded in me again since May 21st 2012! “I am Alien The Final Revelation” and allowed me to do one of the deepest channeling ever… April 2, 2014 – Remote Viewing Flight 370 cockpit, the real story!  The fact is the pilot was reptilius infected and committed a mass suicide.

If I was able to predict the Rancho Sante Fe mass suicide accurately (to the day) on Jon Rappoport radio back in 1997  shouldn’t you trust me on this one too?

Scepter taken from “David Icke, the Reptilius Human Slave

*Jon Rappoport display the same competitive, insecure traits as you David. he never mentioned my name publicly nor the incredible predictions I made on his radio show pertaining to the Rancho Sante Fe mass suicide.  I recall the looks you guys gave me when I told you I was an Astrologer and I accepted his invitation on the air because his scheduled guest dropped him inadvertently.

The fact is, ARIES  – .i.e. David Icke and Jon Rappoport are much too competitive to endorse anyone but themselves!

Back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell and myself to name a few.

All of us somehow made our name and expertise known to the entire world and everyone of us were guests to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and we all appeared on numerous television networks.

The luckiest ones were David and  Rappoport benefiting from the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company, propelling them to the fame they enjoy today!  In fact “Truth Seeker”  spend only a few hundreds bucks on a single Moon Power book of mine but still sell all my titles without any rewards to me…

Young, honest, gifted and stupid I was, you sign a contract and get screwed for ever… But the ET’s in me had a plan and karma for us all… 

Note that the funds were specifically dedicated for anyone battling the evil of religion or offering cosmic truth and while David Icke and Rappoport are totally into conspiracy propaganda and suffer a Lizard infection which today own their psyche.   The money has been lost and invested in wrong purposes and wrong people against the dead will of the departed soul. Talk about karma…

Jordan Maxwell: Scholar
A beautiful man we love and deeply respect! 

Like me, Jordan Maxwell is the core of truth in his dedicated work against religions and the reptilius around him, like wild thirsty hyenas drank the blood of his life work.   In reality, without Jordan Maxwell input, none of us would be popular today! The people he battle never ever offered me the option to join their conferences or endorsed my work! Talk about competition…

This is why I will never trash this wise man also victimized by the reptilius today, causing him very deep endless depressions.  Much of the people who could have supported us rather hurt Jordan and never budged. There is no reason for me to name anyone but they do read my work!  

The same people who said I was a back stabber when all I do is public and in the open…

Continued My relationship with those high profile gifted speakers is now dead and while only a few days ago I authorized a radio interview promoting David Icke he never did anything for me but steal my intellectual property and reinvented himself with my books and wisdom. While Jordan Maxwell was the closest of all to me for years, as with Jon Rappoport he also faded away with time.

Back in March 1997 John had a very successful radio show and he asked me to do a segment with him and I gladly accepted his offer.  I found Jon to be very logical, even cynical to the point where I was wondering how to get this down to earth guy to remotely grasp my spiritual world…

I could strongly feel, when we were all together in a meeting at the Truth Seeker office then, that he, and David’s hidden mockery had a problem to recognize my spiritual expertise. Nothing surprising when people hastily assume anything without any solid investigations and Jon wanted to make a point for himself and everyone else to see I guess. 

I felt the mental challenge would come sooner or later but my wisdom is real and I am now as I was then, very confident in my abilities to always perform right and, with time turn the most skeptical person into a believer if the right investigation of all my  dated predictions is performed!

I felt that Jon wanted confirmation and one of the reasons why he invited me on his show that day. Incidentally Jon did not know that he was to be a very powerful *channel I would use later on in my career to prove my claim of one of the most astonishing predictions I did to the rest of the world!  Indeed it is UNARGUABLE, printed and on the air (as I did with George Noory so many times) the prediction of the biggest mass suicides in the nation’s history unfolded.

But surprisingly enough, Jon is also a very cunning man and his questions were simple, to the point helping his audience understand the complexity of my work. I think to this day Jon tried to rationally explain my ability to his audience, but his serious wake up was to happen a few days later…

Jon and I became friends and we planned a night out with his wife and Brigitte in Delmar many years ago. But what is REALLY EXTRAORDINARY is that Brigitte; *my ex wife and I, were driving back from North County that fateful evening of March 27th and we were just about to cross through what was then; the very small community of Rancho Santa Fe.

 We were to join Jon and his wife waiting for us in Delmar in a restaurant when I saw right above us two police helicopters flying in circle and very low. Brigitte asked me to drive slow fearing a roadblock ahead of us and wondering what the fuss was all about.

I told her Hun we are right into a Deadly Plutonic Window and I bet you anything that a murder or some sort of drama or a killing took place right around here. Little did I know that I was watching FIRST CLASS SEAT my own prediction unfolding of the worse mass suicide in the US history. Do not join a cult! Read more here  (VIP only)

We arrived a bit late to the restaurant where Jon and his wife were impatiently waiting for us and, enjoying  cool drinks we all were watching the drama unfolding on television. That very same night Jon really realized (when I reminded him of my prediction), that I was real! But even with the facts in hand, he gave me the benefit of the doubt probably thinking I was either very lucky or it was only an unfortunate coincidence. 

Fearing ridiculousness, John never ever mentioned my Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide hit then or ever after! Only an insecure Aries young sol would behave this way and I wonder what he would say today if I was to confront him with all the witnesses of this prediction?

Not that George needs any confirmation of my ability but when George invited him on his radio show,  I wanted to RE-connect with Jon and asked him (see dated emails exchanged) for a favor and privately mention this particular prediction to George during the break.

But sad enough  Jon never mentioned my hit to George on the air or in private something I did so many times for my friends while on the air. The main reason for bringing up this story, is when Mercury is retrograde like right now, it always involve the people and affairs of the past, and for the undiluted truth to be come out and be easily assimilated.

I first mentioned my prediction of a full financial restructure of the United States back in December 2007 to George Noory on his national Coast to Coast radio show and millions of listeners heard me.  I must have been the first human being preparing the world for this very painful  episode of the ” US economy” but then, no one really paid attention to my warnings

I also mentioned to George that the first signs of recovery would happen in December 2012 and to expect the end of this nasty Dragon’s Tail plaguing the 2nd house of America and a full rebirth of the US upon the completion of the “Freedom Tower.” Well to those who have been with me for years and the millions of CTC listeners who heard me are the only ones to confirm my “visions,” the values and unarguable accuracy pertaining to my gift in predictive astrology.

With such a valuable tangible refined work, I wish George Noory would realize how beneficial my work truly is for society but he’d rather give a steady spot to so many cosmic unconscious “Talking Heads” reporting regularly  cattle mutilations or speaking their nonsense on The Mayan Calendar. meantime I received a call from my friend Tom, assuring me I will soon be back on Coast to Coast with George… Still waiting for his call once the schedule permit!

But I trust over the many years working on the air, George is fully aware of my gift and  still a good friend but the conspiracy against Dr. Turi is also very real…

Read this old article and those collected at the bottom for more information readers… 


How ridiculous this new assumption really is? The FAA matrix will do all in its power to make sure the public think they are safe flying the world with any of their pilots. Telling you the pilots are only human beings prone to suffer dramatic experiences and depressions then suicide, is absolutely out of question. 

The FAA elites must find a plausible answer and blame technology and now, the ridiculous assumption that, flight MH370 was “remotely” flown to another destination then crash?

A human error or in this case, pilot suicide, is the last glorifying fact for any airline who want to stay in business!  

It is absurd to think any computer savvy terrorist will master this technology and make flight MH370 zig zag in the air until it disappears on the radar.  A true terrorist i.e. ISIS do not care about his life or those of his victims! He would simply crash the plane on the spot and would not waste time trying to make the flight erratic!

In fact if this absurd possibility exist, the trap is hard to reach, the work noisy or lengthy and he would be hard not to notice an empty seat and he would do the damage real fast.

I can not believe CNN Aviation Analyst Miles O’Brien can make such a preposterous assumption and think all the readers are foolish morons.     

Again, imagine the FAA telling you the truth… “Yes the Captain was suicidal, he locked the door of the cockpit, disposed of his co-pilot, shut down all forms of communications, flew the plane manually for a while, then finally put it back on auto pilot until it run out of fuel and crashed in the Indian Ocean killing everyone on board.”   

Malaysian minister slams MH370 pilot suicide theory

For the FAA matrix to survive its operations and keep its integrity, the public’s confidence in the safety procedures must be maintained to its higher standards. And telling you the truth mean, with thousands of planes cruising the world everyday, there are also thousands of “insane” depressed, suicidal, medicated, drunks, religious fanatic, pot head pilots are in charge of the millions of air travelers.

The truth would scare the hell out of anyone to board any plane and many people would for sure fly a lot less now or cancel or postpone trips  they do not have to take. This translate into billions of dollars of loss of revenues for the airlines and some elites firing at the FAA.

The undiluted truth is something, not only the FAA, but the gullible public would either ignore or refute and this is why this obvious imposed mass suicide is still kept a secret. 

The fact is like any human beings, the pilots are also suffering dramatic experiences and depressions and it is just a matter of time before one of their own “Personal Cosmic Biorhythms” blurr their mind and stimulate unthinkable actions. 

How many people you read on the news everyday commit suicide or kill others human beings? And you think the millions of pilots cruising the skies are not affected or are emancipated from the cosmic code? 

The science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics offers only the plain truth but, when its own authenticity is unknown and challenged by cosmic unconscious atheists and scientists alike, it certainly works for the FAA to maintain lies.

I trust the authorities knew where the plane crashed from the get go,  they already found its exact location a long time ago, chances are the debris and the “black box”  have been recuperated and examined and pilot suicide was the only answer. 

Human have a short attention span and tend to forget unpleasant situations, the reason’s for the FAA lies is because of the families’ constant pressure to find the answers they already have but will never divulge…

This is why, the simple act of booking a flight could cost your life if you ignore the cosmic rules. The FAA is loaded with rules and restrictions that allows for safety…

Your life is like a plane, it can only fly safely if all the rules are understood and respected. The question I have for you is; what do you know about a plane? Did you master all the aeronautic laws? Did you learn all about the navigational laws and rules or did you ever take a course in flying? 

Your life is more complex than the shuttle itself, and what do you know about this marvelous flying machine? May be how one of his wheels work? Do you think you know enough for the plane to take off and fly safely?

Of course not, and this is the problem with the public, they are totally oblivious of a set of cosmic rules no one taught them about.  The laws of physics are as solid as the all the law encompassing metaphysics and if you ignore any of them, you will have to pay the ultimate price! 

Like the police, the FAA and all major corporations today blindly trust an infantile science but totally ignore, even reject the cosmic science of my lifetime independent studies? They are all kidding themselves because their five “educated” rational senses and over developed logic alienate all matters involving the spirit…  

But you, the consumers, the travelers, you do not have to become part of the statistics and by respecting specific universal laws that apply to your karmic UCI, you can fly safely ever after, like we do! 

No, you do not purchase a plane ticket when you feel like,nor  you do not fly whenever you feel like, like any smart pilots, you MUST avoid bad weather and turbulence and because you do not see nor anticipate the “cosmic” wind, does not mean it is not there!  

Yes knowledge is power, ignorance is evil but I can only offer you this cosmic safety corridor if you ask for it! 

The world is experiencing a spiritual revolution where the forces of ignorance (atheists) are battling the evil of stupidity (religions) for psychical supremacy.  Both have lost the real essence of God’s cosmic divinity and all are cursed to uncover the creator practicality.

Atheists & Christians, A Cosmic God is Really Pissed Off At You!

“You fools! God is an eternal, universal cosmic energy referred appropriately as “Dark Matter” by science and religious faith by Christians!” Dr. Turi

Astroforensics of the future at work today

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