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Dear Clients, Students and Friends;

Well we are on the brink of a war I predicted well over a year ago in my book 2003 Moon Power…As the CIA/FBI reported to the world Saddam Hussein many times over used weapons of massive destruction against his own people and certainly will not hesitate to use them against the US and its allies. The burning of the oil fields is also a very high probability with this a man and his deadly dying regime. Let me shed some light on this man’s destructive psyche using Astropsychology. Saddam Hussein was born with a Moon (emotions) in the deadly sign of Scorpio. The traits of a moon in Scorpio are sarcasm, destructive emotions, jealousy, sexual abuses and a ravenous appetite for control and power. The loss of one or both parents is also a hig possibility, or serious drama experienced with women or the mother in particular is common with this moon’s position. For the uneducated those words (moon in Scorpio) do not mean much but for any of my students who haver taken my course; the very high probability of self destruction and genocide is well understood and expected. Electing a President such as Saddam Hussein born with a deadly moon in Scorpio (the moon rules domesticity or the country's infrastructure) is a sure ticket to disaster for the people under its command. It's pretty much like a young girl listening to her heart unaware of the stars, who marries such a magnetic sensual man (Scorpio rules sex too) and with it the resulting drama, abuse and often death that follows. Often the Scorpionic soul uses sex or terrorizes its victims with deadly methods, as does Saddam Hussein. Saddam was also born with a dual Dragon meaning that everything will happen to him twice and a repeat of history is nothing surprising to me or any of my aware Astropsychologists students of the stars.

Examine the opposite side of Scorpio, Taurus. Ex-President Clinton was born with his moon (infrastructure of the country/families/security/food/real estate) into the sign of Taurus (wealth / solidity / security). Under his jurisdiction as Commander-in-Chief, America benefited and experienced a serious financial growth and more security. Taurus rules the 2nd house of money and Switzerland (where all banks are located!). Merrill Lynch financial corporation also subconsciously uses the “bull” as their chosen symbol. Much of incredible information can be read in my book “The Power of the Dragon” about countries, Presidents, famous or infamous people’s fate. One day the world will elect Presidents not because of their financial back up but because their stars and fate…My new book in progress “You Are God” as also so much to offer my reader and will explain in great detail what it means to be human and our direct relationship to the Universal Mind.

Scorpio is the sign of ultimate need for control and power and wherever this sign or its ruler Pluto is located in your chart you will be effected that way. Osama Bin laden is a Scorpio in his 9th house of religion and codification of thoughts or books (Koran/Bible) and will use terrorism or deadly force to impose his religious will to the world. There are also great energies coming from a Moon in Scorpio such as magnetic eyes, perception, intuition, intensity, investigation, and depth of feelings and the positive use of witchcraft to heal others (white magic).

Scorpio is the sign of death and the USSR (Russia now) is a Scorpio country… What happened to Russia? They were DEAD and reborn again. Saddam Hussein was born with the moon (home/ Iraq’s infrastructure) in Scorpio (death). The Dragon Tail (negative) is already in action and will be moving by April 14th 2003 into this sign, thus Iraq's entire domestic situation is doomed. Worst of all Saddam was born in May and the Tail of the Dragon is already active in his 7th house (partners/open enemies - that is the US and the coalition forces) meaning his position facing the world as a leader is GONE! The problem is that there is nothing this man has to lose and the aim of Scorpio is to kill, PERIOD! If you take a Scorpion and you put fire around him be sure that the insect will KILL himself before you honor yourself by killing him.

This sign is subconsciously aware of the reincarnation principle and death and drama is not a problem but part of the psyche of the person. Thus inflicting death to others to establish total control using fear and terrorism is a part of this man's emotional response to life. The worst scenario is that he will try to kill as many people as possible and inflict as much damage as possible to anything and everything that moves. BE READY!!! This will be nasty and very dramatic. America is a Cancer country (families/home /food) and the nefarious Tail of the Dragon is in the 5th house of speculation of this great country. This area rules also America’s children and many body bags will be filled with young bodies while tears, pain and excruciating suffering for all the families of all sides will scream in horror and pain.

Dance of evils where deaths rejoice

Pain and tears blood and cries

Souls for ignorance and fear dies

God himself wonders man beast

Well on my last TV show in Tucson I gave the window of March 21st (48 hours centering this date) and I also posted on the internet my expectation of this war and it is coming as predicted on time. I also fully predicted what would transpire in the Middle East and Saddam Hussein on my site at drturi.com/predictions.html

This Dragon Scorpio/Taurus axis will affect the world dramatically but each one of you personally in two specific areas of your life in the housing system. There is 12 areas of the human experience and based upon your date of birth the Dragon’s Head will promote the spectrum of the house it is located while the nasty Dragon’s Tail will bring tremendous even dramatic changes. Knowledge is power and knowing how, where and when this changes will take place can help you to apply your will and use wisdom to rebirth yourself positively. The head of the Dragon in Taurus will affect the banking industry in the world and your personal finances too! Be ready for serious changes where ever the head or the tail will be for the next 2 years!

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do!"

-J.P. Morgan

I am in a great position to view what goes on with the effects of the Scorpio tail. Everyday calls are pouring in to me from friends, families and clients undergoing serious psychological changes. Depressions and destructive thoughts must be avoided at all costs. DO NOT put yourself in a position of emotional vulnerability or physical danger, the perilous dragon is watching and could easily take your life because of your unawareness. Do not hesitate to bring forth your cosmic consciousness as knowledge is true power while ignorance is real evil. I am here for you if you need me but avoid dangerous drugs they can only make the situation worse in the long-run and will certainly poison your mind body and spirit. Traditionally educated scientists are not yet aware of the impact of the stars upon the human psyche and can not enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and realize or appreciate this fact.

"The stars are the elixir of life"

""All great spirits have encountered opposition from mediocre minds"

- A. Einstein

"During a full moon period people become really “Lunatic, moody or crabby” and this is simply an obvious subconscious response to our closest satellite and her impact on our emotional response to life’s challenges. Emergency services and the police are also unusually “busy” during the time of a full moon as the uneducated masses are reacting to her powerful pulls! 99% of the people walking this earth are robots of the stars and totally unaware of the jurisdiction coming from the structure of the Universal Mind and those planets above. In the name of ignorance, ridicule or religious poisoning, universal laws are cast aside and mankind is paying the heavy penalty of its own ignorance.

""A life without knowledge of the stars' plan is contrary to all law and order"

- Nostradamus

"To avoid excessive thoughts try to exteriorize your thinking process into soul searching, deep spiritual matters and take on serious mystical studies such as Astrology, metaphysics, philosophy homeopathic medicine, massage, Astropsychology, Tarotology, Chiromancy, Cabalistic Healing etc. Remember the future is the reincarnation of the thoughts and improving your knowledge can only upgrade your vibrations (atomic structure) even your immune system.

 Watch your thoughts; they become your words
 Watch your words; they become your actions
 Watch your actions; they become your habits
 Watch your habits; they become your character
 Watch your character for it will become your destiny

Some young souls can not yet realize or conceive the interaction of the Universal Mind with the human psyche; the creative power of their young spirits is seriously hindered being the victim of their own mental limitations. They will classify an older soul like me as a devil, a ghoul or mingle my work with abusive and only financially oriented “spiritual” endeavors like Mrs. Cleo or newspaper horoscopes bull etc. Famous astrologer's horoscopes does not justify the accuracy and the values of true predictive work and seriously hurts the integrity of what I offer the world. Where were those “famous” astrologer columnists predictions about the WTC, the WA sniper, NASA dilemma, Asia virus, the war, Hurricane Andrew, Kobe earthquake and so many of my unarguable well document printed predictions? Either the “mental snob” NASA scientist and astronomer who can only perceive and calculate the physical manifestations of those stars, or the young souls ignorance fuelled by fear of the future or religious poisoning; they all have what the newspaper horoscopes deal with. This is not what I am all about at all… I am the truth and if you keep investigating my drturi.com/daily.html and my drturi.com/monthly.html forecasts with patience, investigation and honesty (unless you were born imbecile!), you will be able in time to perceive the code, the dialect, the hieroglyphs, “the language and messages of the gods” in my research.

"“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest--a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness”.

-Albert Einstein

"You may also investigate “The Power of the Dragon,” that is the last 30 years of my study condensed into a 500 pages book. Questions like why Einstein was a genius? Why children kill themselves in a colleges and universities? Why Dahmer and other serial killers commit those ugly crimes? Why Susan Smith killed her children, why O.J. Simpson killed Nicole and why Nicole died. Why Nostradamus was able to do astral projection and see the future? Why Japan experienced two atomic blasts and so much more… There is a lot of crucial information in any of my books that can help you or your children to make the most out of life. You may check the tables and acknowledge your dragon and your true potential. Most of all what do to ride the head of the Dragon and stay clear from its deadly tail. There are also predictions for the world, for the next 2000 years and so much more all for your benefit.

I am working on a fantastic book titled “You Are God.” This material will give you so much in term of understanding and using the Superconscious in time and space and most of all, this book is a reflection of my incredible life and absolutely NON fiction. Indeed it is a spiritual tool that can open the door to your own greatness.

I can only emphasize again that knowledge is power and there is NO room for ignorance in your life especially with this upcoming Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio!

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I will finish this newsletter by wishing you strengths and protection hoping for clemency from the nasty Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio. Because of the upcoming war our trip to France and Thailand have been cancelled but you may still sign up early and get a discount. Well the Dragon has a job to do and regardless of the drama he will inflict upon the world; karma must take place. Once his job is over and all is said and done, you and this world will be enhanced for us all. The future and all those upcoming changes are for the best and for a safer world.

“God created the stars in the heavens not only for the sake of beauty; he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive and safe life. When men realize that the church is the universe and the twelve apostles are the 12 signs of the zodiac, only then true peace and harmony will reign upon this world.”

Dr. Turi

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