The Hidden Life of Michael Jackson

The Hidden Life of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has an incredible life and his stars and fate are of a dual nature. He is both in the public eye and at the same time shy and private. He is also seen as a wild crotch-grabbing singer and dancer, yet in his interviews he is soft spoken quiet and demure. Victimized by his own stars and after many cosmetic surgeries, his appearance has changed to the point that he became a different person. His stars support his dual nature and his dual life as will be seen in the following analysis. Realize again that I do not practice modern astrology you may read, practice or study. This is Astropsychology at its best created by Dr. Turi's unique approach to the stars and its impact on the human psyche. You may use this article as needed.

Michael Jackson's Stars Micheal's Chart

The Sun Governs the Flamboyant and Majestic Constellation Of Leo

Powerful and Charming

All things living find me disarming

I step to the center of God's stage

In the books of history I have always a page

I am LEO, child of the Sun.

Characteristics For Those Born In August

An Overview of Leo

The month of August is governed by the all-powerful Sun and the magnanimous sign of Leo. Michael's solar sign reflects the dignified Sun's life force and in some respect is a "The Life Giver." During the day the Sun outshines all the other planets, putting Michael in the spotlight, this gave him the option to reach fame, fortune and power. Naturally gifted, all souls born in August are attracted to professions involving the arts, public life, medicine, research; management, teaching children, and any endeavor that could offer a chance to shine or bring the light to others. Just as the Sun's rays penetrate the depths of the rainforest, Leo's were born with the potential to bring and promote life to all that they touch. Note also that Leo rules, love, romance, children, France and Italy.

Michael has a lot to offer others and the world, providing he exercises control over his huge ego and authoritative nature. The untamed "King of the Jungle" must positively direct and control the Sun creative force without burning himself or others in the process. Michael is fixed and strongly motivated by the will to succeed. Strong and dominant he nurtures a powerful desire to organize and rule others. If he becomes overbearing, others will teach him the lesson of humility where he could be forced to start back from scratch. Destructive outbursts of emotions and unfettered pride are enemies of success. Michael's challenge is to recognize the powerful Sun's energy and diligently work towards a better understanding and respect for others. Acting eccentrically or with pride and without forethought is his weakness. However he can and will courageously handle all the difficulties of life.

The advanced Leo possesses nobility of purpose and great spiritual values. Women born in August are stunning, intellectual and magnetic and attract others with their enthusiastic solar power. Women born in August are protective and dedicated mothers. The desire for fame could also make them overbearing and try to live through their children's accomplishments. The Sun rules life, so Leo's may nurture a subconscious fear of death and decay, however nature gave them a strong mind and a robust body. Souls born in August love animals especially horses. They tend to be weak and accident prone in the back, knees and joint areas (President Clinton was born in August and as predicted in a certified letter sent to the White House, he busted his knee in Florida)! A word of caution for those born in August: Use precaution and moderation when running or jogging. Keep in mind to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as planning by the Sun/Moon cycles will become a major contribution to reach love and happiness. The location of one's natal Dragon's Head or Tail will seriously alter the strengths or weakness of the Sun in a chart. You can learn much more by ordering any of my books via e-Book.

Astropsychology Profile of Michael Jackson

Okay, we are now ready to explore Michael Jackson; the star was born in August. Using Astropsychology, Michael's first house becomes Leo. The Sun, ruler of Leo, gives him the opportunity to find the light, explore the light, and promote the light. Leo is a fire sign and must learn to use the creative forces of the Sun constructively. As Leo rules also love and children many of his thoughts (and actions) will be geared towards children).

Michael House 1: Outward Appearance; Soul's Purpose; Karmic Fate.

(Michael was born in August under the jurisdiction of Leo - Sun)

Key words are: World wide fame, the light of the stage, arts, notoriety, recognition and children.

The First House: describes the specific soul's purpose of the individual and his private self. This includes both the sign's strength and weaknesses. The goal of the Leo soul is to free itself of the inherent negative qualities of the sign egocentrically staging the self.

The soul's purpose of Michael is to get to the stage, shine and make an impact in the world at large. The Sun rules Leo and many souls born in August must understand the importance of running their show. Leo rules love, romance, children, the stage, fame and life in general. Each and every planet in our solar system is both positive and negative, so are all the Sun Signs. The downfall of this shining sign is to misuse the forces of the Sun and let the ego or the strong feeling of love and children override their life and actions. Michael was born with Uranus (television/eccentricity/weird), Mercury (communication, the mind) and Venus (love) in Leo (children/fame/the stage), his personality. Michael's Uranus conjoins his Venus and along with other indicators, enhances a "weird" love for children. Uranus being in his first house upon himself also intensifies his own eccentricity, which is displayed in every aspect of his life. His home, his appearance, beliefs and habits are all far beyond normal. The aspect of his thinking process (Mercury) in Leo only bolsters his headstrong beliefs that there is nothing wrong with the way he thinks. Regardless of his guilt or innocence after his first child molestation lawsuit, he continued to bring young boys into his bedroom, stubbornly refusing to listen to his advisors.

During the day, the Sun is the only "planet" that shines, and no one can survive without the creative forces of the Sun. Everything in this world -- plants, animals, sea creatures, and humans, all need its daily warmth to stay alive. However, in the middle of the dry in the harsh desert, the sun's rays are much too strong and will burn everything. In this case, the Sun becomes a killer. Therefore it is important for those born in August not to become overbearing, too bossy or self centered. Not all Leo's will behave this way though; a wise Moon or Dragon's Tail in the disciplined sign of Capricorn or shy Pisces will always tone down the power of the King of the zodiac. This sign rules children and the arts, thus Leo is a true magnet for children and will help them to reach the best of their potential. The overbearing power of the Sun can also burn the subject in the affairs of love with children. The Sun has given Michael the power to shine, to lead, to create and to reach fame during the course of this reincarnation.

The Sun does not really care what you choose to do on this earth, even if you decide to become a nun, like Mother Teresa born in August or some August-born criminal. Induced by the Sun at birth, she was set to gain fame and eternal recognition for all the good that she did for the children of the world. Some other famous people such as Madonna, ex-President Bush, ex-President Clinton, the Queen Mother, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Magic Johnson, Napoleon, Princess Anne, Princess Margaret, Jackie Onassis and Robert De Niro were also born under the power of the Sun. Supported by their natal stars, they reached fame and fortune. Incidentally, Princess Diana was born in July but her natal Dragon's Head was in the sign of Leo and she spent most of her famous life helping children. With a natal Dragon's Head in Leo, she was born to be a Princess, she behaved like a true loving Princess by giving her heart entirely for the children of many foreign nations.

Michael House #2 Virgo: Spending, Making Money and Personal Possession and Building self esteem. (Michael becomes a Virgo)

Key words are - Health/perfectionism/chastity/purification/chastity.

The Second House: relates to energy flowing into the physical structure of the individual's private self. This includes self-esteem, sense impressions, food, possessions and money.

Let's now explore the House of money and self-esteem of Michael Jackson. In dealing with money, those born in August will be very precise. Remember Virgo rules health, detail, and perfectionism. Thus, Michael will not sign anything without looking at the fine print. Because Leo rules life, the August-born might also have a subconscious fear of decay or death. Thus, many spend money on their health, faces and bodies and in the case of Michael, the use of plastic surgery was abused. Virgo rules plants, and homeopathic medicine. Leos should invest in natural herbal products and some will swallow many pills to stay young and healthy forever. Michael was born with the Sun in Virgo in his 2nd house of money, which depicts running the show and all financial affairs leading to super wealth. Michael was born with Pluto (power/sex/super wealth) in Virgo (chastity/perfectionism/health). His Pluto in Virgo opposes him moon (emotions). This serves to magnify his anxiety of death and germs, a fear which burrows deep into his emotional makeup. This moon-Pluto relationship causes him to want to have full control over his health and his life force.

The shy Leo may also work in a financial office doing paper work and organizing others. The more intellectually inclined Leo will also operate in the legal fields where organization and investigation play an important part to win a case. Many successful teachers and writers were also born in August and many of their endeavors are directed towards educating and being close to children. I know a beautiful retired teacher born in March with a Dragon's Head in Leo; she spent her entire life doing paperwork and teaching first grade children. I am also a good friend of a well know surgeon born in August and at an early age he invested much of his time and resources in medical studies and became a great medical doctor. Being a fixed fire sign, chances are those born in August will persist and gain notoriety in anything they decide to accomplish.

You will find a Leo in every occupation, especially where life and health are promoted or supported, and many of them work in exercise and fitness establishments. Promoting love, the arts, physical life and spiritual health are parts of their soul's purpose. Based upon the Natal Dragon Head and Tail in relationship to the current Dragon, negative "incidents" happen in the subject's life and can stir a subconscious fear of decay. Then a problem arises when your Leo friend begins to exaggerate his health behavior. Being a perfectionist Virgo in the Second House of money and self-esteem and combined with Michael's natal Dragon's Tail in Aries (the head/face), and the stars took over Michael's fear of death and decay or simply getting old. More on this topic later.

Michael House #3 Libra: Mental Process; Private Thoughts; Studies.

(Michael becomes a Libra - Venus)

Key words are: Partnerships/contracts/diplomacy/legality.

The Third House: Controls activity within the individual's private self and his mental connection to the world. The energies of this House relate to the native's sources of mental stimulation, passing on information and personal activities such as thinking, speaking, writing, errands, and hobbies.

The 3rd House, rules the thinking process, thus Michael thinks and talks like a Libra. Knowing that Libra rules balance and harmony, it is natural for him to act diplomatically in dealing with others. Libra also represents the scale of justice. Thus, Michael will be attracted to the law or even psychology. Note that President Clinton (a Leo), is also an attorney. It is important to realize the importance of education on both sides of the scale. This means traditional or religious education as well as a more spiritual direction such as metaphysics or understanding Astropsychology. Michael in the secrecy of his home reads and educates himself in the psychology of children. Michael was born with Jupiter (expansion/luck/publishing) in Libra (contracts). With his Dragon's head in the third house, Michael was born with a hidden Dragon in Gemini. This means he will have to experience a strong duality in his life. He was born black and turned white, had two similar legal cases, 2/4/6 cosmetic surgeries etc. All his work and his entire life is constantly twofold. O.J. Simpson with a similar dragon suffered the same fate, 2 people died, 2/4 police car chase, 2/4 attorneys, 2 judgments, 2 verdicts, 2 children etc.

Note the following duality. It has been said that the same prosecutor is after him that was in the first abuse case. The District Attorney of Santa Barbara in California, Tom Sneddon, who announced the arrest warrant for Jackson last week, defended the prosecution in the last case. This same man was after Jackson 10 years ago. In addition, the accusers have hired the same lawyer the family in the first lawsuit hired. In that respect both sides of the scale now have the information needed which will allow Michael to gain balance and harmony by mastering both the physical and spiritual laws. The mind of Michael is always concerned with love, light, and children and keeping harmony with others in all they say, and is a part of his communicative gift. To a Leo, this is a sure recipe for success, especially if the soul operates in the public arena or on the radio. Because Libra rules partners and group organizations, Michael will also invest his physical or spiritual artistic talents in others. Sometimes, in the desire for appreciation and harmony Michael will compromise in dealing with headstrong souls. However, don't forget that you are still dealing with a Lion here, so be sure to play the game fairly, for you could easily end up as tasty pray. Michael' business sense of organization is phenomenal; he knows intuitively who has what and how much to offer. If a person born in August has you as a good friend, you probably passed the hardest test a person can inflict upon another. Thus, you should be proud, as Leo really knows you and your gifts. He will slowly but surely show you what fame, power, and love is all about.

Michael, House #4 Scorpio: Foundation; Home; Upbringing; Security; Parents.

(Michael becomes a Scorpio - Pluto)

Key words are: Secrets/sex/drama/Regeneration/Power.

The Fourth House: Describes the character of the individual's private environment. This includes the individual's homelife and parents, upbringing and especially the mother. It also denotes the last resting place on this world and the attitude at home.

We are now dealing with the sensitive area of Michael in this report or his private home, Neverland. So now lets investigate Michael's attitude and hidden affairs in his upbringing and home area. There the Star becomes a very secretive Scorpio. Because Scorpio rules secret, sex, power, drama, metaphysical investigation, Michael MUST have his own and private den where NO ONE is permitted to enter and disturb his privacy. Where ever Pluto is located in your chart the need for full power, secrecy, sex, death and regeneration will enter your life.

Note also that Pluto (the Lord of Hell) rules Scorpio and this sign rules the FBI/CIA/the police, the Mafia etc. Thus, like many young Lions as seen in the wild, Michael experienced drama early in his life with his father. In some Leo cases this can cause an early death. Sadly enough "The Little Queen" of the Jon Bennett of Ramsey family from Colorado was born in August and met with her deadly fate on Christmas night right in the "security" of her home. Famous people including Presidents will be forced by the nature of their career involving power and security to be constantly under the watchful eyes of the secret services. Scorpio rules also sex, and as seen with President Clinton, his home (in this case the White House) became the foreground for secret liaisons of sexual activity in the Oval Office, with a young intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Those born in August need total privacy at home where they can transform into the "Positive Eagle" or the "Negative Lizard" of the zodiac. On the negative side, the sign of Scorpio rules ultimate power, sex, the FBI, the Mafia, and the police force. Thus, the young Lion' soul, driven by pride, power, and control, could invite sex, drugs or the lowest and deadliest elements of society into his own home. Plans are made in secret to perform sexual acts (videotaped usually) or swiftly eliminate the competition, which ultimately brings the police to the source of conflict. For protection and privacy, many famous Leo's barricade themselves in their home where ignorant, psychotic and jealous souls cannot reach or hurt them and their cherished family.

Usually, the universe brings them a home of luxury where power, fame and money is used to bring forth the light to others. Intense and spiritual your positive Leo friends will use the Plutonic power to further acknowledge the rest of the family and could bring friction with Neptunian religious acquaintances that tend to follow a more traditional and restrained routes to ultimate wisdom. The negative Leo soul will instead use the negative energy of Pluto and will fall for erotic, sick sexual acts with drugged children. Michael was born with Neptune (deception/drugs) in Scorpio (sex/power). Note these same energies are repeated again in Michael's chart. His moon (home, family, emotions) in Pisces (drugs, filmmaking, suicide, imprisonment) is in his eighth house (ruled by Scorpio). Scorpio's passion for secrecy combined with Michael's moon and 4th house Scorpio, produced Michael's now famous "secret video room" which is accessed through a closet. This room is filled with thousands of videos, and photos of male children. It is suspected that he may have used this room for his liaisons with young boys. Rumored too is his "secret" apartment he calls the "Hideaway" where he takes his boys, furnished only with a sleeping bag.

an atmosphere of secrecy

*At this date (November 29 2003) the negative Dragon tail in Scorpio is affecting all Leo's 4th house (home/real estate/family matters) - and defines Michael's bizarre behavior in his hotel balcony (house/house in Germany then) by handling his child so stupidly and dangerously. This drastic energy also affects his close family members adding more stress to the star. There is NO doubt in my findings that Michael Jackson had misbehaved in the child abuse investigation in 1993 but like O.J. Simpson, fame and wealth paid his way out. The new allegations are also very serious and very real. They would have certainly sent him straight to jail; but with 3 million dollars bail, he has again bought his freedom. Michael Jackson was born with the moon (emotion/home) in Pisces (illusion/deception/drugs/religion/jail) and led the star to deceiving activities right from his base of operation. On a negative note, this moon's location induces mental instability, religious poisoning, depression, abuse or use of drugs and imprisonment. Note also that Jeffry Dahmmer was born with a Moon in Pisces and used drugs to sexually abuse his victims). The soul may end believing himself as a Jesus figure or a martyr (Joanne of Arc) and usually ends up confined to a mental institution, a jail, or commits suicide. My book the Power of the Dragon has all information about many infamous serial killers and abortion activists born with the moon in Pisces that killed innocent Doctors in the name of their religious convictions. On a more positive side, it is a moon where opportunities to learn important mystical studies such as life and death are offered to the soul. * See forecast for Leo in Moon Power.

Michael, House #5 Sagittarius: Love Affairs; Children; Entertainment; Speculation.

(Michael becomes a Sagittarius - Jupiter)

Key words are: Abundance/luck/expansion/protection/ foreigners/benevolence.

The Fifth House: describes energy flow involving the structure of the individual's creative environment. This includes the stimulation provided by the individual's friends, social network, offspring, and entertainment. This is the House of love and attraction between human beings and Michael relationships to children.

Let's now look how Michael behaves or feels about love, romance and children. In the 5th House of love and romance and children, Michael will get support from foreigners; and attract people born in February, April and December. Jupiter, the Lord of benevolence and plenty rules Sagittarius; thus, Michael will strive to pass on his blessings to the children. Jupiter rules also the circus, animals, horses, dogs, cats, etc., and many Leo souls evolve on the stage arena, while others become proficient trainers or veterinarians. Those born in August will travel far and are fast to expand their spiritual horizons. Incidentally, France and Italy are Leo countries and many Leos will dwell with those countrymen. Michael was born with Saturn (fear/karma) in Sagittarius (the law).

Jupiter the ruler of his 5th house rules publishing, promoting, foreign lands, and many Lions will pass on the philosophical values of Sagittarius. Many young Leo souls will also fall for the codification of thoughts and organized religions in their need to help children and the accumulated wealth will serve deceiving religious financial purposes (Mother Teresa was a Leo and was abused by the Vatican financial organizers and forced to travel the world around until she died of exhaustion). They will tour the world as crusaders of light uplifting the souls of many children. The more advanced souls will perceive the evident and aim towards a more advanced Universal Light and love to the world. When dealing with love, Leo needs a very spiritual partner that can stimulate their powerful solar mind.

The passion and the flames of love are intensified day after day if both parties involved are intellectually inclined and supporting a mission of truth. Many Leo's succeed in their mission as speakers, teachers and writers. Fame and the stage come naturally to the Lion and the advanced soul is not afraid to share the light. In the case of Mother Teresa, her honest, warm, loyal and loving heart offered true love to children and the world at large. The powerful light of the Sun, light and love belong to them, and they do strive to pass it on to all.

Sagittarius representing foreign countries in Michael's 5th house and Leo which rules France, shows the attraction the French have to him. Yet Michael has Saturn in this house and so he may have a fear of the law or wilderness. His 5th house, which rules speculation and the arts, contains Saturn, which also rules career. This reinforces his drive to entertain.

Michael, House #6 Capricorn: Health; Service; Work; Co-Workers.

(Michael becomes a Capricorn - Saturn)

Key words are: Structure; Planning; Politics; Hard Work; Dedication; Respect; Society.

The Sixth House: controls activity within the individual's working environment. The energies of this House describe the native's private work, type of employment, and service to others within the native's private world. This House is also directly related to the soul's health, his physical and spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

By birth, Michael is an engineer of well-planned actions. Capricorn rules structure, respect, the government and all forms of engineering. Many Leo's, as seen with President Clinton, ex President Bush and new elected California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger will always invest much time to gain recognition in politics. Other Leos will sit at the top of their chosen career. Against all odds, like the goat, the soul must climb the highest and treacherous mountain to gain success. Nothing will be given to the soul, but Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, always rewards those who work hard. All Leo's will invest time and money to alleviate man's suffering by structuring all that he touches.

This House deals well too with health, and while Capricorn is the longest living sign of the zodiac, it gives Leo a long and productive life too. Capricorn rules the knees and Leo the back; thus, Michael will suffer on these areas. For his health in general, we need to examine at his tail in Aries too. Aries rules the head and in the year of Michael's birth 1958, the Tail of the Dragon was in Aries, which could bring about headaches and fire accidents to the head. The Coca-Cola deal went wrong as the Star burnt his head/hair while filming a commercial. This position also dictates a possible violent death and like Michael, Nicole Simpson was born with the Dragon's Tail in the sign of Aries. She suffered near decapitation. Leo rules life and the young soul may suffer a subconscious fear of death and decay and ingest all sorts of health products or run too much to counteract the inner fear. Michael walks around with a surgical mask over his mouth, which depicts his ridiculous anxiety against germs, reinforced and stimulated by his Leo inner fear of death and disease.

Leo is a fixed sign; thus, regardless of what life throws at them, they possess a will of steel. Like its counterpart sign, Aquarius, Leo was born with all the tools to succeed in life. Wherever the Lion is located in one's chart, the opportunity to shine, run the show, and promote life and light is given to you. The steadiness and planning power of Capricorn melts into the Leo power making it impossible to fail once a direction has been chosen by the soul. Arnold is a sure proof of the power of the stars upon anyone's fate. Capricorn rules England while Leo rules France and Italy, thus, the August-born may have to travel in those countries or dwell with the people born there. Steady like the Goat, powerful like a Lion, the stars will always promote Michael. Leo's soul purpose is to master and promote the light, while Capricorn will structure and promote the soul right to the top of the mountain of success. Knowing where your own Leo house is located in your chart and using your Dragon's Head accordingly can seriously lead anyone towards fame and fortune. Do you know about your celestial identity? Do you know about your Dragon's head or Tail? Ignorance is evil while knowledge is power and may be you should consider letting me generating a 90 minutes Full Life reading for you.

Michael, House #7 Aquarius: Partnerships; Public; How People See You; Enemies.

(Michael becomes a weird, eccentric unusual Aquarius - Uranus)

Key words are: Originality, Universal Love, Unique, and Electrifying.

The Seventh House: relates to building the self that the individual presents to the public world. It, therefore, covers legal definitions of the self such as marriage and partnerships. It controls the individual's characteristic public self-expression. This is how the soul presents itself to the world.

On the 7th House of marriage and business partnerships, Michael becomes a weird Aquarius and will attract those born in February. Aquarius is an intellectual, original and advanced air sign. This sign rules astrology, Astropsychology, computers, the WWW, television, the new age and UFOs, etc. Aquarius rules television and the Star has spent quite a lot of time facing the camera. Aquarius rules originality, electricity and eccentricity to the extreme. It stimulates the WEIRD, and Michael appears weird to many people indeed! With the planet Uranus in his first house and his 7th house of appearance ruled by Uranus, his idiosyncrasy is doubly reinforced. This is also another double aspect of his chart. Thus Michael is not only unique but will also attract those unique partners. Aquarius is alarming in nature; his association/marriage with Presley's daughter has been of a shocking nature. The advanced Aquarius soul (I am one of them!) are looking for people who are original and have special talents. Title, education and money will play an important part of their choice, but as a rule they will choose the mind over money mostly because Leo and Aquarius knows that money can always be made with special talents.

Your Leo friend will work hard to find the right partner and they usually succeed. Listening to their head instead of their big heart is always recommended, as Leo is very passionate in the affairs of love. Leo and his chosen unique partner will travel the world and further the world of Aquarius for the well being of humanity. The world will see this couple as unique, extremely magnetic with a very special message to pass on. The young Leo soul will try all he can to attract attention to himself and will favor an erratic hair color, eccentric clothing or pierce or tattoo his entire body. Michael uses disguises to get around and has been seen disguised as a nun, a clown and other such bizarre masquerades.

Because Aquarius is born a rebel, a young Leo soul may support or join a weird group and behave eccentrically in public. A more evolved Leo will always invest time and money to further freedom and the true Aquarius message of love, respect and knowledge. The need for emancipation is often experienced in flying and by traveling the world. Aquarius rules television and like many successful Lions, Michael is in the public eye. Because Japan is an Aquarius country, many Leo's will experience dealing or traveling this part of the world. As Aquarius rules friends, a close and spiritual friend often is introduced or becomes the special one.

Michael, House #8 Pisces: Legacy; Debts; Taxes; Insurance; Sex; Death; Corporations.

(Michael becomes an illusive, impractical, deceiving Pisces - Neptune)

Key words are: deception, drugs, religions, hidden legal affairs and sexual motivations.

Mug Shot
Jackson's famous mug shot

The Eighth House: relates to the physical structure of the individual's public self. It, therefore, covers buildings and real estate (Neverland!). It covers energies emanating from the body so it controls sexual attraction and how death, confinement, legal pursuits and sex could enter the subject's life. This is the House of joint resources and the business/financial potential of Michael. In an advanced chart, this House also denotes the witchcraft legacy and the potential to relearn the mysteries of life for healing purposes and its good use for mankind.

Michael may for sure suffer a fear of death and decay but he is fascinated by the after-life and affairs of the dead. Pisces astrological symbol was subconsciously chosen by Christians to represent Christianity. On the negative end of this religion, it has used its deceiving teachings to create a financial empire with over 375 billions dollars invested in oil companies world wide, and many other financial endeavors regimented and controlled by the Vatican! If it was not for the grace and love of numerous and powerful Leo's big pockets, there may be no proliferation of so many religious organizations. Many successful Leo will naturally give away large amounts of money. In doing, they subconsciously buy and earn their place in paradise! Leo rules fame and fortune and most of the religious institution buildings (real estate) will be found in the most notorious parts of town where money and power can be sucked away from the pious God fearing Leo's and other successful and wealthy victims. The point is the Pisces energy can be very deceiving and sucker money using religious ideals and guilt, and shows the enormous power that can be created by illusion.

This House deals with legacy and Leo is very conscious of what will happen to his family or the children of the world after his demise. Thus, much work will be done to make sure his valuable possessions are shared equally to the members of his family. Sadly and most of the time the young Leo soul becomes an easy target for abusive religious groups and all (or a very large chunk) of his life resources are often given away to religious institutions. This will further ignorance and eventually death through religious wars throughout the world. (Its happening now as I had predicted years ago 'America will fight (and lose) a religious war with the Middle East!'). Mother Teresa (a Leo) spent all of her valuable life healing and helping others while the Vatican secretively managed the tremendous wealth she generated to further their own controlling agenda and large real estate endeavors world wide. Do you really think the poor Leo Lady cared about her money? A true nun like Mother Teresa would easily sleep on bare floor and eat hard bread with the children she loved and worked so hard to protect.

Pisces rules religion and Leo is the sign of life; this sign subconsciously fears death and the even after-life. They are a prime target for God's manipulators and promoters… The research for answers of what it means to be human and the purpose of life is quite strong. Sadly enough because of early religious poisoning, many a fortunes were wasted to further ignorance and doctrines. The advanced Leo soul is well aware of the spiritual manipulation involving organized religions and invests in the true light, via the stars.

Michael was born with an illusive and deceiving Pisces moon in the 8th house of sex and in the worse case dictates, deception, imprisonment, use of chemicals, confinement, religious poisoning, murder or suicide. Another inmate who thought he was Jesus killed Dahmmer in jail. Dahmmer spent the last days of his life intensively preaching and reading the bible and listening to the sound of humming whales. Neptune (Poseidon, the Lord of the seas) rules marine life and all religions! Note that O.J. Simpson, Dhammer and many killers or sex offenders were also born with an addictive moon in Pisces. As noted earlier, Michael's moon in Pisces expresses his emotional, artistic, unworldly response to life and the drive behind building NeverLand estate in California. A place where his deceiving dreams would become a reality and with it the accompanying karma imposed by the rigid world and its unforgiving laws.

Pisces rules fantasy and Moon is the home, so with the ability brought about by wealth, this Leo has been able to make his home into a miniature Disneyland! His home abounds with Mickey Mouse figures and Peter Pan images. Using the name Neverland, the land of lost boys, and the whole fantasy of his home comes from Peter Pan who was the boy who never grew up. Here we see the hidden but powerful dragon (youth) and his moon (home) in Pisces (fantasy). Again to demonstrate the power of the stars, see that he was secretly (8th house) filmed (Pisces) on his jet as they took him from Las Vegas to be booked. It has been said the boy bringing the accusations told authorities that Michael used wine and pills before the abuse. Pisces rules alcohol and drugs and in Michael's 8th house of sex this is a very real possibility. However Pisces also rules suicide and imprisonment, and so it is an indicator of Michael's possible fate to those forces. This moon position support all use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Note also that when Nicole Simpson called 911, O.J. (born with a moon in Pisces) was under the influence of alcohol.

The following article was produced by Inside Edition.

- Michael Jackson's Secret Bedroom Lair

Dark secret of his bedroom lair


November 21, 2003

The inside of Michael Jackson's creepy lair was revealed for the first time yesterday. A shocking video shows a secret room behind a trapdoor at Jackson's California mansion - where he apparently entertained kids who slept over. The chamber is concealed so well that it may have been missed by police who scoured the oddball entertainer's sprawling home for 14 hours Tuesday. The bombshell video, aired on TV's "Extra," revealed a door hidden behind clothes at the back of a walk-in closet in Jackson's bedroom suite. In the tape, which was shot 10 years ago, the door opens to a narrow carpeted stairwell lined with rag dolls and descends into the 8-by-7-foot secret chamber. The 45-year-old's covert cubbyhole is a twisted version of a child's bedroom.

A bed is adorned with pillow cases imprinted with Peter Pan's face and the word Neverland. Sitting on the bed is a red-headed, bug-eyed stuffed doll, and on a nightstand next to the bed is a Mickey Mouse telephone. Also next to the bed is a square console that appears to be either a radio or some sort of control terminal. On the walls are framed pictures of smiling diapered babies, which the TV show said were not Jackson's children. To get to the hideaway, his young visitors had to pass through Jackson's main bedroom suite, which has an oversized red velvet and gold throne and four-poster bed. The 10-foot-long walk-in closet that hides the secret entrance is packed with military-style costumes, children's toys and books and a prominently displayed picture of "Home Alone" actor Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin, who was befriended by Jackson during his days as a child star, apparently penned a note on the photo, reading, "Don't leave me alone in the house." "Extra" did not say who gave them the tape - shot in 1994. Jackson did not reveal the hidden room to British documentary filmmaker Martin Bashir, who interviewed the singer extensively earlier this year and toured much of the 2,600-acre Santa Barbara ranch. But the billionaire superstar admitted to Bashir that he invited children to share his bed. "I have slept in bed with many children," Jackson told Bashir. "It's very right. It's what the world needs - more love, more heart." Now cops want to know if Jackson's actions in his secret room were more nefarious than innocent.

With education anyone, including Leos can expand into true knowledge of the heavens and can offer great financial and spiritual investments to the future and support my goal to further mankind cosmic consciousness. The advanced Leo can and will help this world to synchronize harmoniously with the stars. Only then peace, harmony and respect will bless this world, as the old doctrines must give room to more practical and beneficial use of financial resources. Pisces is a dreamy and religious sign and has not much grounding; thus, imagination and religious fear blur the soul's judgment about investments. And as seen in Martin Bashir's documentary, Michael spends enormous amounts of money on baroque vases and ornate paintings, and seems to have no realistic stop to his spending on these items.

This is also the House of death, indicating a final resting place close to the water or in an exotic place where the Lion can enjoy the last days of his productive life. On a negative note, Pisces rules also chemicals; drugs, hospitals, mental institutions, jail and many Leo's end up suffering with Parkinson's disease. Other low Leo spirits will use their religious or famous positions to sexually abuse children. Sadly enough my research also leads me to acknowledge that many religious leaders and ministers were born under the fame-seeking sign of Leo. These ugly self-centered egocentric souls are predators of children, and churches are indeed the best place to pick and deviously operate. What a deal, children seeking knowledge and concerned innocent parents looking for what seems to be the cleanest, safest place to educate their children with high Christian "superior" morals. This clearly explains why the church attracts; and this is a fact, the greatest sex offenders from all walks of life.

Being a soft Pisces in the corporate area is a blessing for Michael as long as his resources are used to promote the future and none of the 875 religious institutions (and growing) plaguing this great country. Being an impractical Pisces investor can only help abusive religious organizations to gain more power; and poison more minds with fears and ignorance. Doing so takes away the Universal Love and ultimate celestial rules written by God himself via the stars. His Pisces emotional makeup also explains why Michael can be so soft spoken and shy.

Michael, House #9 April: Philosophies; Foreigners; Traveling the World; Publishing.

(Michael becomes a competitive aggressive, leader Aries - Mars)

Key words are: danger, fire, accident prone, legal battles, and negative publicity.

The Ninth House: controls activity by the individual's public self. It covers mental expression and public activities such as lecturing, publishing, and traveling. This House also denotes the attitude pertaining to foreigners and foreign affair involvements.

This is the area of religion, traveling, learning, teaching, publishing and relationships to foreigners. In this area Michael becomes an aggressive and competitive Aries. Aries rules danger, fire and the head. Michael was born in the year 1958 when the Tail of the Dragon was in the dangerous sign of Aries and explains why Michael had a serious fire accident to his hair and head when doing a commercial for Coca Cola a few years ago. Aries is ruled by Mars, or in Greek mythology "The Lord of War." Aries is the first sign of the zodiac (Numero Uno!) and rules the head, the mind and the self. Leo will also be put in leader position in foreign markets. Note also that Aries rules Germany (a warrior nation) and this country happens to be on Michael Dragon's Tail or why he did such a stupid act in Germany by risking his child's life on his hotel balcony.

Like 99% of the famous and powerful people on this earth, including Presidents and scientific and religious leaders, Michael has NO clue of the power of the stars affecting his actions and fate, and paid the heavy price of ignorance by bringing himself serious and bad publicity. Because Germany is on his Dragon's Tail, this is last place in the world to take a chance and expect good publicity in return. Money and fame does not mean true knowledge of the stars. Michael, will you and other famous people entertaining us or politically in charge of our lives, be lucky enough one day to deal with the truth? And avoid heavy penalty of ignorance? All the money and fame in this world is not a guarantee. Princess Diana spent quite a lot of time looking and never did find it…

In this Aries 9th house of codification of thoughts (books), many young Leo souls turn into ministers and crusaders and sail the world aggressively imposing their views of the truth upon others. The advanced Leo knows better and educates himself independently of the regular imposed archaic beliefs. Once the independent self and the celestial truth are reached, Leo is then given the opportunity to shine and becomes a leader in the House of teaching and publishing and pass on the message to the world. On a physical level Aries rules also engineering violent sports, speed, danger, fire, exploration and competitiveness. Thus, many famous Leo's have reached the best of their physical expression and shine on stage, in the ring or in the sport arena. The advanced Leo souls may decide to reach the best of the spiritual Aries side and further the awareness and the mind of mankind. God never came down and wrote any books, but he made the stars, and exploring them, can lead to a more productive life.

Michel's negative Dragon's Tail being in Aries shows his proclivity to act quickly without thinking, and mixed with the energy of the 9th house; he is stubborn and will not listen to the advice given by his advisors. It should have been obvious to him after his first case of child molestation, to not bring young boys into his home. Even if he is innocent, this only serves to reinforce the suspicions of many. Thus his tail being in his 9th house gives him a blindness to learn his lessons and a stubbornness not to listen to others. Combined with his Leo nature he thinks he is the King and can do what he wants.

Michael, House #10 May: Career; Superiors; Honors; Success; Father.

(Michael becomes a solid and steady Taurus - Venus)

Key words are: Money, the throat, security, the banks stability.

The Tenth House: relates to the character of the individual's public environment. It describes the individual's career and contribution to the world. During childhood it can describe the father. In Michael's case the early impact of the stubborn father leading to a singing career.

Venus, "The Queen of Love" in Greek mythology rules Taurus. Taurus rules the throat, music, and singing. Madonna and Michael Jackson were both born in August and both reflect the artistic singing values generated by this sign in this particular House. Thus, Michael by the ultimate order of the stars was (his father was karmically in charge of Michael's upbringing) was given the opportunity to deal with the arts, money, and establish a strong singing or financial career. Michael was born with Mars (desires) in Taurus (wealth/throat) in his 10th house of career.

Leo rules gold and Taurus means money, thus, Leo also invests in prospecting the products of the earth, gold even oil. Incidentally, my good Leo friend, Dr. Butler is also a well-educated geologist and owns an incredible selection of rare gems. Other Leos can also be attracted to the banking industry, geology, gemology, and massage therapy. Chances are that your local bank manager or the CEO of a large and successful financial company was born in August or May. Any chosen career will always pay off for Leo as long as the physical or spiritual light, beauty, money, the arts or the earth is involved. Many of your friends born in August will also thrive in fashion, cosmetics, hairdressing, make-up artistry, or simply be right on stage where they belong.

Leo will also find it difficult to give up a career, as Taurus is quite stubborn; but if the situation gets worse, your Leo friend has plenty of will in store to rebuild it even stronger. Many are at the top of the best businesses in town or are simply in the process of building their own kingdom and wealth. Many of my good Leo friends are also surgeons, physicians and practice constructive surgery and help women to be at their best. In this case Michael is the recipient and will pay a lot of money to further and maintain his physical appearance. The stubbornness of Taurus is often applied to the pursuit of perfection, health, honor and accomplishments in the chart of those born under Leo, the king.

Michael, House #11 Gemini: Friends; Hopes; Groups; Wishes; Originality.

(Michael becomes a dual Gemini - (Mercury)

Key words are: magazines, radio, photography, double attorney's deals and duality.

The Eleventh House: describes energy flow involving the structure of the individual's public environment. This includes altruistic, humanitarian social networking by the native. This House also depicts the type of friends the soul will attract and the attitude towards them. Elizabeth Tailor is a very strong humanitarian person and Michael's best friend.This is the area of wishes, friends and group organizations. Michael becomes a witty dual Gemini. Mercury (Messenger of the Gods) in Greek mythology, rules the sign of Gemini. Knowing that Gemini loves to communicate, much time will be spent with friends on the telephone, getting and passing on the news. Gemini rules radio, books, magazines; and Michael will attract magazines and any means of broadcasting to pass on the news. Sometimes the powerful Lion will involve a close friend in his or her own business venture. This House rules also wishes and your Leo friend has a serious desire to make plenty of money passing out information or being the centerfold of a magazine. Gemini is not a possessive sign, thus, your male or female friend will be a like a butterfly and gain plenty of lovers and friends in his life. Being so magnetic and attractive Michael will be reluctant to dwell with possessiveness or jealousy from their friends. One of his great wishes is to write and produce a book for children and as this sign rules photography, be sure the star has a large collection of pictures and movies. Again, note the secret room that was discovered, was full of photographs of young boys and filled with videos. With his Dragon's Head in his 3rd house, he has only reinforced the hidden Dragon's energy and this quiet man wants to express that which is hidden by using photography and television. His duality is increased. He seeks his privacy yet provides the most elaborate visuals and wild music productions. We often see Michael interviewed with a quiet countenance, yet before the camera his sensuality and rebellious nature are magnified.

Leo are direct, loving, caring and will feel a real sadness if they lose your friendship. Friends bring their deepest wishes and often love is introduced to them this way. Gemini rules brothers and sisters; thus, wishes can also be reached with them. However; Michael had competition with the siblings which brought about stress and conflict. Leo is a fixed sign, but as a Gemini in this House of friends, they can adapt to anyone and gather the information they need to further their purpose. Many will travel far with a business or emotional partner. The deep wish of your male or female friend born in August is to gather as much information as possible then pass it on to the world in the form of writing or speaking. Gemini rules the radio world, and as seen with President Clinton (a Leo), his daily broadcast to the nation furthers his wish to reach the American people and pass on his valuable information.

Michael, House #12 Cancer: Secrets; Occult; Subconscious; Drugs; Jail; mental illness; Secret Enemies.

(Michael becomes an emotional sensitive Cancer - (Moon)

Key words are: security, food, feeding, the womb, real estate and the mother.

The Twelfth House: controls activity and change within the individual's public environment. The energies of this House describe selfless service to the public, creating work or problems for the self, activities to dissolve the self and solitary retreat. This House regulates the potential to uncover the secret of the subconscious and how it will be used during this present reincarnation.

This is the area of fear, imagination, the subconscious and deception. In this House Michael becomes a soft and emotional Cancer. His subconscious motivation is to protect and feed spiritually or physically the world around them. Thus, it is important for those born in August to do so for their families and all the people they care for. Souls born in August are quite extroverted, but on a subconscious level Leo's are shy and easily hurt. Cancer rules the family, the brothers and sisters, and many of their thoughts and responsibility goes in that direction. Cancer is a very spiritual sign and strives for spiritual (or religious) information and direction.

Michael is quite intuitive and will know almost immediately what's wrong around him. The subconscious desire to love, protect and feed is so strong that it is impossible to resist such a powerful caring energy. Leo's inner motivation is to gain knowledge, power and fame so that he or she can feed and protect the children of this world. The Moon's fluctuations will get to Michael psyche. He will retreat into the past, cry and deal with very powerful emotions. However, as the moon moves through the heavens he will emerge as happy, and powerful as before. Such a beautiful subconscious motivation to care for the world and children is a part of the Leo karmic key for success and fame. The depth of the moon's emotional nature combined with the Sun's magical rays is often felt in their expressive a cting careers, making Leo the most dramatic sign of the zodiac. Being in love and successful is part of their inner motivation, so that they can fulfill the deep need to care for others. With Michael, his Moon (ruled by Cancer) is in Pisces (which rules the 12th house). Therefore, that Moon-Pisces relationship is double in his chart. This may reinforce his fate someday in prison or suicide.

If a planet is positioned in a House, then the positive or negative influence generated by the celestial body will affects the flow of energy through the House. If the planet is harmoniously aspected by other planets, then the affairs of that House will flow smoothly. If the planet is under stressful aspects then the affairs of that House will be difficult. A planet in a House by its own nature affects the character of the particular life area, which the House controls. The location of the Dragon's Head or Tail in any House becomes a major contribution for success or failure in the particular Houses (See the new edition of my book, The Power of the Dragon or And God Created The Stars to learn more).

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Important Note from Dr. Turi:

Born and raised in Provence, France, I rekindled and only exercise Nostradamus' 16th-Century Divine Astrology method. This formula does not reflect the modern astrology disciplines you may use, read, study, or practice. Realize that over 500 years ago the famous Prophet did not use a watch or any sophisticated computers. Thus, like the great Seer, I investigate outer space and the Universal Mind with my inborn spiritual telescope. A "microscopic attitude" will not help anyone to gain the golden key of spiritual knowledge and very often the forest is missed for the tree. This limited, exploitative attitude is for astronomers and scientist alike who have long lost their cosmic consciousness with their rigid mathematical minds. Every one of them is aware of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac; somehow it is still impossible for them to pass the limitations of their five rational senses and can not enter or perceive the archetypal real of consciousness. The soul's intuitive domain leading to cosmic consciousness is in the process of expansion and dictates the reason behind the young soul's "attitude."

To perceive the divine and decode the subtle meaning behind each symbol does take more than mere numbers. Only those blessed at birth with a superior spiritual intellectual legacy will be able to listen and speak the language of the gods and realize the hieroglyphs written in light. Combined with science, religious poisoning is also a serious part of fear or skepticism stopping the soul growing spiritually. Realize that Divine Astrology is an extremely old celestial art and a very complex science and must be practiced as such. Again, not every one of us is blessed with the "gift" needed to assimilate, understand, and translate correctly the heavenly dexterity of the Creator. That is why a section of the bible clearly mentions, "I will talk to you, but you won't hear me! I will present myself to you, but you won't see me!" God speaks to us within his own manifestation and through his Divine light only. Only those willing to expand their cosmic consciousness will be able to "perceive and receive." Be curious, be critical, keep an open mind and don't let induced religious fears stop you in gaining a new light. Simply "ask, and you shall receive" the understanding of God's celestial manifestation. For those born on the cusp of any zodiac sign, simply refer to the month of your birth, which reflects the exact constellation of your nativity. Divine Astrology, as practiced by Nostradamus, is the original way at looking at the stars, as did the great Seer.

In all affairs involving the mind and spirit, traditionalists and scientists alike are missing the obvious. Looking down will not bring the answers they are so desperately looking for. It is above and in the Universal Mind that one will find the golden keys to what it means to be human.

Blessing to all

Dr. Turi