UCI and the Police

UCI and the Police

Filming with the Discovery Channel

Hello everyone,

As always let me start by wishing you and your loved ones health and happiness.

I have done numerous television shows in the course of my career and as always I felt very confident on the outcomes. My last three television assignments in Reno and Sacramento turned out to be excellent productions. I explained UCI or (Unique Celestial Identity) to the mothers and how Astropsychology can be put into practice as to understand and guide children to the best of their inherited celestial gifts.

Discovery Channel

On February 18th and 19th I was invited to do a television show in Los Angeles. The show is called "MORE THAN HUMAN" and airs every Thursday night at 10pm on the Discovery Channel. The specific episode I made with them will premiere Thursday, March 25, 2004 on Discovery Channel at 10pm.

The Production Company's management arranged transportation and accommodations at the Hilton for all their guests, and paid us for our time and expertise. Unlike many shows that I plan, at this one I could not control the taping dates. Like 99% of the rest of the world, the producers do not possess cosmic consciousness and any endeavors performed after a full moon can only mean trouble or unplanned, unsuspected and annoying happenings. The effects of this negative lunation were fully experienced by all of the guests, traveling by air or driving. It was especially noticed by Bonnie (the Poker player) and her lost taxi driver on the second day at the studio. But I also teach my students that there are no accidents in life really. In my own case at the end of the day, I have learnt a lot more about my own methodology, human nature, and advanced technology used in lie detection by the law enforcement.

Before leaving the studio on Thursday February 19th I gave my business cards to everyone involved, and told them I would enter their names in my newsletter and give some feedback. Thus I am sure all of the guests and the other few thousand subscribers will appreciate my findings, teachings and honesty in my writings. In any case I also give the option to any of the TV show guests to respond to me directly if needed at dr.turi@cox.net with their feedback. I will if requested insert their comments in my next newsletter so no one thinks of my views and experiences being unfair or one sided.

The Guests - Fictitious names have been used to respect privacy;

Andre - Forensic psychology consultant and trainer; teaches forensic psychology in Massachusetts. Formerly a forensic psycho-physiologist with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Daniel - Former FBI special agent, he also is a consultant for the FBI, and teaches interviewing techniques and nonverbal behavior at the FBI academy. and several universities and colleges. He has also co-authored a book about interviewing techniques.

Jacques - Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) expert (Ex Police Chief)

Robert - Polygraph expert; Polygraph Examiner

Bonnie Professional poker player

Yves (The would be liar).

Taping a television program is demanding, time consuming and often stressful for all parties. The studio was packed with guests and staff, all assigned to a multitude of endeavors from the direction of dedicated producers, floor managers to the crew handling the cameras etc. The studio is full of regulations, actions and sounds that are nerve-wracking for unacquainted guests. Suddenly the awaited countdown arrives to the total silence as the taping starts. Anyone's noisy mistake on the floor will immediately become known to everyone on the set and will annoy the dedicated perfectionist producer of the show.

The host of the show (a sweet and pretty Pisces) performed as planned during the entire show. A few minutes earlier, I had a deep spiritual conversation with her and she really enjoyed some of my teachings about Pisces characteristics. I strongly felt her desire to learn more about the divine but I also detected an inner fear of the unknown probably induced through early religious teachings. She walked all the way down the stairs followed by Andre; a handsome well articulate man. Andre is a Forensic Interviewer, Interrogation and training consultant and both the audience and guests, including myself were impressed with his knowledge.

From the very first moment I met Andre, I felt his uneasiness, he was quite perplexed with me altogether and could not really comprehend what or where I was coming from. If you watched my last show on TLC an astronomer had that "attitude" with me and tried really hard to dismiss me as another kooky "Miss Cleo" type. However as the show progressed more comments from the subjects interviewed confirmed my research as a valuable investigative tool.

the Learning Channel

I have experienced this type of reaction and its accompanying preposterous behavior many times before in so many different situations. This attitude is stirred by a fear of ridicule and a negative response to the unfamiliar. This obvious reaction is often encountered by hard core rational scientists or the products of main stream education. Astropsychology classifies this type of reaction as the "mental snob syndrome"or a mixture of ego fuelled by academic superiority. They are only following their stars, as I am mine. But again I always teach my students that there is big difference between education and intelligence.

Important Note; Not knowing me personally or ever having investigated my work in-depth, Andre's perception and reaction was anticipated and he saw me as an oddity and was very perplexed. Note for my students; My Tail of the Dragon in Libra is located into Andre's (a Leo) 3rd house of communication (assimilation/critical thinking/learning and teaching) and I knew right away the natural UCI would conflict pertaining to any advanced idea exchanges. My comments may appear harsh but are NOT directed at Andre or anyone, they are only meant to explain a response to a situation I have encountered many times before. I have profound respect for anyone's academic achievement including Andre and as a true scientist myself; I do support education in all its forms. I hope someday that Andre will investigate the UCI in depth to elevate his cosmic consciousness. It would and eliminate any pre-conceived ideas or doubts involving Astropsychology's values and use in any form of investigation. The very fact that Andre is a Libra (regulation/parameter) in his 3rd house (scholarship/coaching) reveals a natural fascination with the law and a solid gift in psychology. Of course this fact can only be understood and appreciated by my students only.

Without honoring the word science or investigation, some people will immediately lump me with Miss Cleo or accuse me of wasting time in impractical pursuits. Again I neither support nor deny psychic phenomenon. My take on that subject is very clear; a daily horoscope newspaper, financially oriented, reduces astrology to a punchline and seriously hurts the integrity of my research. Unless they are well documented, able to be explained, accurate, and repetitive, I will not endorse any psychic claims. Incidentally all my claims and premonitions are well documented and the dated printing process in my books makes then unarguable.

At the initial meeting that morning I asked Andre's date of birth and he politely answered me. He was born under the constellation of Leo; I now wish I had asked him his birth year too and divulged his natal Dragon's Head and Tail. This information would have given him an option to tap on his intuition a little more. However I felt his reluctance to investigate the topic. I speculated on the possibility of religious poisoning or an over-developed rationale or like anyone involved in law enforcement; a very strong need for privacy, making it difficult if not impossible for anyone, to deal with intuition or undertake unusual topics. As a rule all Leos (the sign of France, love, the arts, children, light and life), have a hidden fear of death and decay. I know well, as I have encountered this attitude too many times in my unusual expertise with traditionalists/scientists in the past. I chose to back off unless he would make the request for more, which I knew would never come all the while reinforcing my own understanding. I also gave Andre the option to honor the word investigation through a private UCI addressed to him personally; but as expected this would never take place, confirming my own theory. I wonder why the word investigation is even a part of the English language, especially by those seen or known as INVESTIGATORS?

Note also that this option to directly investigate UCI was offered to both Daniel, Andre, and others guests by email, but as expected, no one so far has been a participant or investigated my claims. They also made it very clear for me to dismiss them in this newsletter no wanting any connection with what they suspect being a Miss Cleo/psychic endevor and in their false analysis and fear of ridicule, in the process missing the true essence of legitimate investigation of their UCI. This is why I have used fictitious names only, so my right to express myself under the First Amendment and respect their privacy is honored.

Again for my students, a Leo's traditional law enforcement education and rational background interests come from the 3rd house of communication (learning/teaching/assimilation) located in the sign of Libra (psychology/Astropsychology). This gives them a natural interest and gifts in all the Libra affairs (scale of justice/the law/psychology/Astropsychology).

I gave him another shot at the dinner table and told him about the possibility of back or knee problems but Andre never acknowledged or rejected my claim. In any case even perplexed by all that I represent I could also feel his curiosity. Andre remained a patient and true respectful gentlemen all the way to the last day of our meeting. Andre's skepticism is based upon a lack of understanding of the dynamics involving my methodology. Consequently, at this point they can not see how or why the UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) could be used in the mainstream of the judicial system or law enforcement. Andre also made it clear to me that any judge could not either rely on, or make sound judgments based upon my methodology. I politely explained to him that UCI can pin point certain Plutonic individuals naturally predisposed to carry out criminal acts thus saving precious time and resources in the investigation. The UCI of the worse elements of our society (famous case of serial killers etc.) is also available in my book "The Power Of The Dragon" but even tough I mentioned this fact, none of the "investigators" made an attempt to learn more or requested to check my work and findings.

As always in this case, I did not take Andre's comments personally. Like all Leos, Andre is a smart guy and with proper training he would, like any of my students born in August, acknowledge and appreciate the true values of Astropsychology. Visit Astroclass Information and see what some of my students say about my teachings. Meantime I am convinced that "accidents" do not happen and in time even a proficient teacher like him can learn something very valuable and gain cosmic consciousness outside of conventionally accepted academic disciplines. Many of my Leo students did! The idea is to put the so fragile human ego aside to realize that, regardless of the different methods and educational backgrounds, our meeting had a karmic intonation. It was designed to further the truth through investigation that can only benefit us and society at large. But I am at a loss when the very word of investigation or even curiosity is cast aside! A hypnotherapy fact; a person can only perceive reality through his own experiences and education. With this fact in hand I can not take people's attitude towards my research personaly and accept any form of mental decision or limitation.

Daniel is a Former FBI special agent; I was impressed by the man's deep gaze and warm heart. When I asked for his date of birth he responded immediately already honoring the word investigation and curious of the reason behind my question. He was born in May. I explained to him that he was a Scorpio (the natural FBI agent) on his 7th house or the way he presents himself to the world. Note also that Scorpio rules both the police force and the mafia and represents the perpetual battle involving the forces of good and evil. Note also, on a personal level all souls born in May, the Tail of the Dragon is for another year in the 7th house and will induce some serious FBI/CIA errors of judgment and force a complete restructure of many of the secret service agencies. Scorpio rules the FBI/CIA and I knew 2 years ago when I made the prediction for "A full restructure of the FBI/CIA" that the nefarious Dragon's Tail in this sign would be dramatic. I knew it would induce serious errors of judgment to force a complete restructure of many of the secret service agencies. Nothing, not even the FBI is higher than the ultimate order above, and the manifestations and unfolding of my predictions are still happening. You may also go to www.drturi.com/predictions.html and read all that was written about the FBI/CIA etc. a couple of years ago.

Daniel is indeed a true investigator and listened attentively to all that I had to say. However the 7th house deals with the public and Andre is a VERY private man and his reaction to be left "incognito" was fully anticipated and came clear a few days later by his email request. I also told him then that food/family and real estate was in his consciousness. Daniel's 3rd house of communication/natal thinking process is located in the over-sensitive and family oriented sign of Cancer, making him very touchy to any affairs involving the family nucleus and how people treat children. My confirmation of UCI came through once more by observing his obvious reaction with the dismaying scenery of Saddam and the child broadcasted on national television during these days. I explained to him the true reasons behind my low scores on the show and he was very supportive. He probably also understood why my reaction and facial expressions were as cool as can be when I read my own results on TV, because I already knew that I had John's wrong birth date and all my questions were not the one as I was expecting. Like Andre, Bonnie and others, because they never really investigated me and my methodology, Daniel does not know where I am coming from. I have still a lot of respect for all of them and made it all clear on the televised interview giving positive feedback on each guest.

Jacques is a retired Police Chief. Incidentally (and to prove the value of UCI) Jacques like Daniel and Robert was also born in May under the solid sign of Taurus and again under the jurisdiction of Pluto (police/FBI/CIA/investigation) controlling his 7th house (facing the world/danger/death/privacy). This obviously reveals why Jacques like others invited guests born in May, spent most of his life is in Law Enforcement. Jacques came across as a quiet family man (3rd house in Cancer) and his research and involvement with another researcher (Robert) could bring about serious and progressive results to Law Enforcement, using state of the art technology in lie detection. I had a smashing time with Jaques, Robert and Yves at the local restaurant following the taping of the show. The discussion went from police, to investigation, then after a couple of margaritas much lighter with funny jokes that brought tears to our eyes. Congratulations to Jacques, he did score the highest numbers with his electronic equipment but most of all; thank you Jaques for your honest and straight comment to me. He said "You've nothing to prove you hit me dead on when you read me!"

Robert is a Certified Polygraph Examiner and a blast to be with. He loves to play jokes on people and he is a very funny and curious character. Note (and to prove the value of UCI) that Robert was also born in May! I did a quick private and personal reading on him and he acknowledged the information making all of us laugh so hard! Is this an accident now or how the subtle forces of the Universe operate to bring us all together for this specific purpose? Makes you think … Be sure that all the others guests were also born with a very powerful Pluto in their chart, for if they did not they would not be involved in investigation, demand privacy or do what they do best. However without the right education (the teacher is very rare!) to further cosmic consciousness there is no way for anyone to enter the Archetypal real of consciousness or even perceive the intuitional domain of my research and how it can be used accordingly in many branches of our society. My own UCI makes it possible naturally to understand the subtle code, the hieroglyphs, the "star language." I found out the hard way how extremely difficult, even challenging it is, to raise anyone's cosmic consciousness. There is a little more in those stars than what the science of astronomy can offer (unless you work for a branch of NASA!) The same applies for the financially oriented astrology horoscopes found in major newspaper worldwide. In the future Astropsychology (when accepted as a solid discipline in our colleges and universities), will open the door to a new realm of consciousness and in time, will become a serious complement to the police's investigative departments, to psychiatry and psychology. The Universal order is real and operates upon the human psyche in an understated manner and with education anyone can learn and use this wisdom in a multitude of ways.

Bonnie is a Professional Poker Player and projects a form of innocence, a sort of charming little girl that will never really grow up. When I first met her I noticed her magnetic eyes and her speedy nature. I already knew just by watching her that she had a strong Gemini in her makeup. I asked her month of birth and she replied September. The magnetic deep and often pretty blue or green eyes are a sure give away to anyone born in September or under the constellation of Virgo. I had absolutely no problem communicating with Bonnie as she is born a communicator. She was born with a Dragon's Head (growth/luck) in Gemini (hands/communication) and I explained to her how UCI would display in her make up. The Head of the Dragon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury (The Lord of communication in Greek Mythology) talking is something she does great and all the time… So I told her a few things about herself that can not be divulged in the newsletter as to respect her privacy. It is obvious that Bonnie's mental process (or the 3rd house of communication depicting the rationale) operating into the sign of Scorpio (super wealth /other people's money/investigation) makes her a natural born investigator and will also demand privacy. Gemini rules duality thus as she also mentioned on the televised show she is able to "split" into another person when gaming and dealing with people. Gifted and beautiful Bonnie is a sure ticket to success in anyting she wants to do and display a very refined mind.

Yves was the guinea pig or "would be liar" and was confined to a chair attached to a multitude or wires and electronic devices all over his body. I did not have Yves's date of birth but Kiki (Episode Producer) gave me that information on stage just before the show started. Then disaster struck…a huge guy from Romania came to my table and said, "Dr.Turi I heard lots of good things about you from many people on the floor, would you have time to "read" me before the show." At that point we were only a few minutes before the taping and the staff was busy making the last preparations. I said OK my friend, what's your date of birth. I entered his stars on my laptop and told him he was in construction before doing this television job. He was amazed and said yes I was… I told him a few other accurate things and he left my table totally amazed. This reaction is very normal to me as UCI is simply incredibly accurate. But if so then what happened to me and the science of UCI? Why was I so confident, so sure and yet to get the lowest score on that day you may ask?

Well here are the reasons. First the show took place after the full moon and "accidents" will happen and it did in my case. Secondly after the big guy left my table I clicked on my saved chart to find out that I DID NOT SAVE YVES' STARS on my laptop and the only thing I could recall was that he was born in December! But I am sure enough of my wisdom to read anyone only with a month of birth like I did with the episode writer and producers and always do in public. All was fine in my mind thus I did not have to stop the show and ask for Yves's correct date of birth again.

I was still quite confident because the questions I had submitted would give me justice for sure. Not so…Then came the set of questions… and none were the regular repertoire they requested from me before the show. I started in and asked the first question to Yves: "Have you ever bought a condom on a foreign land?"

I have thousands of clients worldwide and especially my students would know that my questionnaire is much more refined and I would never ask such questions. Most of all I do not ask questions, I already know. From that point on, I knew that I would have some serious problems with the entire show and already knew I would not be able to do a good job. During the show I asked Yves if he ever wanted to learn or speak Japanese. I was immediately told NOT to ask any questions questions on the set. On the telephone and before the taping days, I was asked to formulate 15 questions, which I did. I submitted them to the Producers. But none of them came on the questionnaire. Call it bad timing, as expected after a Full Moon; a form of miscommunication only as the all the Producers were very professional and very concerned with every one of us. Thus I do not point fingers, only ill-timed as I had anticipated. My unusual abilities (natal UCI) and perception of the manifestation of the Divine allowed me to make that premonition before the show and as usual came true. One of my best students even noticed the negative timing of the taping days and pointed out to me the possibility of unseen trouble.

Here are a few samples of the questions I was anticipating:

Are you afraid of flying?

Is there any heart disease in your family?

Do your like photography?

Are you a good writer?

Do you speak any languages?

Add ten more questions designed to uncover anyone's UCI but as a rule I DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS. And as incredible as it may sound, UCI allows me to know all about a person and what to expect as an answer. All has been much too true with my request made to all participants to "investigate" their own UCI without success!

Note; on the show I distinctively asked Yves if he thought of learning Japanese. That was mostly because is Mars (desire principle) is located in Aquarius in Yves's 3rd house of communication, thus I could NOT miss or he could not have lied to me. None of the questions I had anticipated that are a part of my Astropsychology method were given to me to ask, and without the correct birth day, I felt totally out of balance. But I know better and always will.

After the show, Jacques, Robert and I decided to meet at a local restaurant about 40 minutes later. We met at the lobby and drove to the restaurant. To our big surprise (there are NO accidents) Yves was there outside talking on his cell phone. What were the chances to meet him there? Pretty remote I would say.

We ordered food and drinks and then I again asked Yves's date of birth. I explained what happened earlier. I also found out that I had both the year and the day wrong and this explained the disaster that took place earlier. Then I wanted to show Yves the true value of UCI and asked him, "Do you remember on the show I asked you if you ever wanted to learn or if you spoke Japanese? And I could not get an answer because I was not allowed to ask my questions, but only the producer's questions?" Then, right in front off Jacques and Robert, at the restaurant, Yves began to speak a few words in Japanese and we found out that his wife is also Japanese! How more precise can I be?

I still wanted to prove my claim on the values of UCI and with both great Taurus investigators next to me, what a treat! I was not going to let that opportunity go by. Thus I pushed myself and told Yves that being a Gemini (the joker/hands/communication/cards/telephone games) he should be on stage as an entertainer. Guess what? No one knew at that point that Yves does exactly that or performs part time if I recall correctly.

So I asked Yves another question about his health. I must keep that one private to respect Yves' privacy. He looked very surprised and said, "Yes I do!" The power of UCI is unarguable and goes well beyond anyone's expectations. I knew I again read him flawlessly there.

Then I decided to give Yves "Le coup de grace" as we say in French, and I did just that too by telling him things that no one would have ever known about his children. Again, for the sake of privacy, I can not elaborate at all on those questions or even Yves's answers. But both Jacques and Robert heard me clearly and saw Yves's face changing color when he acknowledged the facts. He even said to me Dr. Turi you are really good. I knew I finally had proven my case to him outside of the set. And with two of the best human lie detectors (an ex-Police Chief and a Polygraph Examiner) as witnesses, I would not dare to lie to you here, and wrote only the plain truth to my best recollection of what transpired that night after the show with Yves.

What did I learn with these great people, with this show and ultimately the full extent of the experiences those days? If I did not screw up I may have never learned the difference between human lie detectors and me, a human life detector. Now I know the difference and a bit more about myself and can only be my own witness of the true power of UCI . Again I expected the reluctance of other guests to investigate my very claims and this attitude can only prove more of my own expectations and true knowledge.

In the past, I have sent certified mail to Los Angeles Daryl Gates in LA, giving all information on the Rodney King case and what to expect 2 full weeks before the beating! I also wrote to San Diego Police Chief Burgreen clearly denunciating what and when the news would happen weeks ahead of time involving the case of "The Torrey Pines Rapist police officer." Well on August 15th it all came true and none of those people in charge took the time to either read my mail or took me seriously and never responded. They made the same error as many other people in positions of power by lumping me and my research with deceiving psychic endeavors. As anticipated, lots of people, in the name of ignorance lost their precious lives, rewarding jobs and high positions. In spite of my efforts over the years to save lives (including NASA astronauts) and educate people, the world did not perceive me or my warnings. After a few years and a well-documented record of premonitions did the world grow enough to finally honor the word science and investigate my claims? Pluto rules the police force and all secret agencies and this lack of knowledge makes all of them so vulnerable and as predicted 2 years ago, prone to seriously mess ups. The penalty for ignorance is often heavy and costly while the knowledge I have to offer with UCI or Astropsychology can only bring power and with it security and true protection against the forces of evil or ignorance.

Too many brave police officers have died and will die because of this lack of awareness; I stand firm knowing right inside of my soul that I have something priceless to teach, that would enormously benefit both the department and all courageous police officers. When will someone in authority take a chance on my expertise and in the process, literally change our perception of human nature. When will they finally be able to anticipate, judge and perceive some of the destructive elements of our society precisely by using UCI? Unless teachers educate themselves on what Pluto (the very essence and regulator of the police force) signifies, many officers are at a great risk not recognizing both the deadly timing and the dangerous characters they have to deal with on the job. All this can be easily assimilated with my software and inserted in the car's computer system. Looking at a driving record allows the officer to connect with multitudes of paper work generating the record (positive or negative) of the offender. But there is another UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) that the trained police officer could recognize and would use in his cautious dealing with the person and this very fact will save his life. One must respect the physical laws and stop at the light or the stop sign in the street. For if you do not you become a potential danger to an organized society and those laws are enforced by the police. The same applies from a different and much higher order, and its unforgiving celestial laws (UCI). Those laws are impartial and MUST be acknowledged and respected, the problem is that IT TAKES A SPECIAL mind and a unique talent to recognize, understand and teach those laws. And that is the real problem I am facing with scientists' UCI and investigators alike acquainted solely to an accepted rationally-oriented science.

The problem is that, the police do NOT respect these laws, they aren't even aware of them. The very sad part is that because of the fear of ridicule, the ones responsible for education completly ignore the very essence of investigation and will NOT take chances on my unique methodology and expertise. This fact has again been proven with the very people involved in this show and their refusal to investigate first hand what UCI is all about. They all totally dismissed my request to provide this free and time consuming service.

I have made obvious predictions for this country pertaining to war, terrorism and indeed the US secret agencies different failures and re-structures. All my premonitions and there is so many, as anticipated are taking place on a daily basis and they are all well documented in my books. Pluto and the sign of Scorpio rule the very essence of Law enforcement and I have for years been tracking all police events. I came to the undeniable conclusion that there is a direct relationship with Pluto and the police force and my years of research are available to the department. Those records and my teachings are available to the Police officers bringing knowledge and security to their dangerous occupation. Too many have died and many others will die in the name of ignorance. It should be a priority for the Secret Service Department to take a chance and investigate UCI and anticipate a potentially dangerous criminal character as soon as possible and in any situation. A date of birth is inherited and unlike a driving license or a social security produced by a human system number the spiritual records (and afflictions) are PRE-written within a very high and unforgiving scheme of celestial regulations, as yet, unknown to the police force.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful guests of the show, all the great producers of More than Human that have experienced my gifts in the studio and have supported me and my research in front and behind the camera. I can only hope that all the guests will appreciate my honesty and determination to teach the true meaning of science and investigation. I reaffirm my own Discovery to all, I am not a human lie detector but for those who know me well; a true HUMAN LIFE DETECTOR and even though I am usually misunderstood by the majority my ability to handle and recognize each unique UCI allows me to be tolerant and forgiving to all the people sharing my life's experiences.

Lastly one's chance to learn and grow is often offered in a disguised manner that can be dicerned and mastered if investigated properly. No rush, we all have eternity to do so!

Dr. Turi

Changing Gears!

- The Passion movie and its controversy -

Let's use some UCI on Mel Gibson;


This year the dragon's tail is in Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio rules all investigations agencies (Police/FBI/CIA) but also all affairs involving sex, (proliferation of sex oriented TV programs) corporate endeavors (ENRON) to the Jackson accused of sexual misconduct etc. This energy has been plaguing the world for over a year now forcing all that is covered to come to light. Thus the Tail of the Dragon in Scorpio has forced ALL affairs involving sex and the church to come to light and the financial impact was disastrous for the church authorities. Now the church is doing all in its power to grab the population back. They elected a gay Bishop, knowing that the gay population is very large and some very wealthy. If you read my previous newsletter about the behind the scene production of this movie "The Passion of Christ" you already know the true aim of the church and its manipulation of the masses .Mel Gibson (along with 99% of the people on this earth) has no actual clue of who he really is and responded to the pull of the stars in all areas of his life, especially in his Neptune-ruled acting career.

The great actor was born in January… As represented by Capricorn (the Goat) Mel Gibson slowly but surely climbed to the top of the mountain of success and career accomplishment. This sign rules respect, structure, politicians, and those who have reached the top of the mountain in their particular endeavors.

Mr. Gibson's 3rd house (thinking process) is located in the pious sign of Pisces, and the fish is the symbol chosen to represent Christianity. Subconsciously Christians picked this sign to represents its ruler or Neptune (Poseidon in Greek Mythology). Pretty much as did the Merrill Lynch financial corporation who chose the sign of Taurus the Bull, as this sign rules the 2nd house of money and also Switzerland where all banks are located.

His moon and Jupiter are located in his 9th house. The 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius and the planet that rules that house is Jupiter. His dragon's head is IN Sagittarius. Sagittarius/9th house/Jupiter carry the energy of religion. This Sagittarian energy signifies "codified thought," or thought that has been frozen into words of a book. A strong 9th house and Sagittarius influence (combined with upbringing and other planetary placements), can cause a person to "go by what is written." If the book says it, then it is so. Going too far in that direction can cause a religious fanatic, or one who has lost their critical thinking. Well tempered, it brings a scholarly, philosophical approach to life. One can see how with this strong Pisces combined with the 9th house moon, the expanding energy of Jupiter, and his powerful dragon's head in Sagittarius, could enhance Mr. Gibson's religious tendencies.

Under such a UCI or celestial influence it is no wonder that Mel Gibson would make such a movie and said so many times "I felt compelled to make a movie on Jesus!" Note also that Mel Gibson built a private church on his estate in Malibu and has a close connection to the ruling clergy in the Vatican.

Incidentally the release of the movie "The Passion" was set for February 25th, just after the New Moon in Pisces (Christianity symbol!). Is this an accident or a divine order supporting and promoting a new start involving a deity such as Jesus and his religion or a new movie? Or, simply as I see it, Neptune in action as imposed by the Universal scheme of things upon this young and ignorant world? See www.drturi.com/monthly.html.

Mel Gibson directs Jim Caviezel in "The Passion of Christ." --cnn news

We have all heard of Dr. Laura. For those who have listened to her national radio show she was constantly throwing parts of the bible in her speech and on the air to the point where many listeners complained about her manner of selling Christianity and stopped listening to her. Incidentally like Mel Gibson she is also a Capricorn "compelled to talk and promote religion".

I am sure you also heard of famous radio host Rush Limbaugh and his dilemma with drug addiction, doctors and hospitals. He was also born in January and succumbed to the power of Neptune affecting his psyche. Neptune rules drugs and hospitals and Pisces is the 3rd house of communication/thinking of Mr. Limbaugh.

On the negative manifestation Neptune or the sign Pisces rules deception, poisoning, drugs, alcohol, jail, confinement, churches, synagogues, asylum, oil and the Middle East. Pisces is a water sign and make the Arabic language sound as if they are talking under the water. Meanwhile Celine Dion's voice is angelic, clear, clean and loud and represents pure water and the sound of the fish swimming upstream. The two fish swimming in opposite directions represent the sign of Pisces. This symbolizes the two choices of the soul. The sunken soul is caught in the nearly impossible task to free itself by swimming upstream against a muddy dirty current (religious poisoning/drugs/oil/). This hopeless task is forced to give up and swim downstream towards mental destitution, sinking deeper into religion or drugs/alcohol, hooked forever in the quicksands of Neptune's deception. The other fish swims upstream, to the light, to the true meaning of God and creativity. Osama Ben Laden is also a Pisces, swam all the way down to his own cave of ignorance, and will kill to impose his own religious doctrines to the rest of the world.

Yesterday I heard that a woman died of a heart attack while watching the cruxifiction scene in "Passion". Jesus died a terrible death but there are many, many people who have died horrible deaths and they are not martyred. Think about the terrible tortures the Jews had to endure in concentration camps. Yet they aren't honored and worshipped because there is no way to make money off of them! We are ALL sons of God. That was part of Jesus' message. If we can see the divine in each one of us, then we can love one another as brothers. Yet there are many, many people who also believe that, and some of them have died horrible but anonymous deaths. It could have been a relative who was ravaged by cancer and had endure much pain and suffering, or a starving child in Africa. Because no church can capitalize on these deaths, they are not glorified.

Anyone born with the smallest amount of common sense would easily realize that any religion or deity which produced the death of a single person or hundreds of thousands last 2000 years is a sure sign of unconstructiveness. It should either be not promoted or followed in any form of art or entertainment. Millions of young men and P.O.W. died in horrific ways in the many wars plaguing this world, and death has nothing but more fatality to offer. Those lost souls are NOT glorified and surely deserve as much love and respect as anyone sacrifying his life for a grand purpose. I am sure that many of them died in much more destructive and torturous ways that any deity. What a sad way to promote someone's religious deceiving beliefs to make an enormous amount of money. The masses are ignorant and easily manipulated, especially when man's instinct of preservation and religion is used in such a way. The deadly results are the undeniable proof of what religion has done and will do to a sick religiously poisoned society. My mission is to free man's disillusioned spirit and liberate his psyche from fear and mental limitation. Doing so will bring true love, respect and long lasting Universal harmony to the world.

Results of the passage of the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio; Scorpio rules sex and investigations - Scorpio rules wake up calls and the plain truth made public. $572 million. That's how much the church has spent on the priest-abuse pedophile suits. I just heard that on TV 4,392 priests have been accused. 217 charged, and only 16 convicted so far. And they estimate more than 10,000 have been molested by priests in the last 10 years. The Church authorities elected a gay bishop??? Be careful little boys!

Dr. Turi


Here is a full sample of a religious poisoned soul…

> > >Subject: Re: Mel Gibson's Passion
> > >To: dnl@///.com
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> > >
> > >Turi,
you just don't get it---Jesus RULES. He Rules over all else that
> > >rules. Please take me off you mail list. And for your own sake, DON'T

And here is an example of someone who understood what I was saying….

Delivered-To: <dnl//////.com@mx4.pacifier.net>
> >Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:46:40 -0800 (PST)
> >From: S C <s///////////r@//./>
> >Subject: Re: Mel Gibson's Passion
> >To: Dragon Newsletter <dnl//////@//////./>

Dr. Turi,
> > Finally !!!!! Somebody is telling it like it is.......... I only wish this entire message could somehow be superimposed in the sky, so every living thing could "Get It".
> >I commend Dr. Turi for stepping out and expressing not only his truth, but "The Truth".
> >Sincerely,
> >S/////-C/////

From: J///// R///
To: Dr. Turi
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 9:17 PM

Dr. Turi,
I read your article on Religions versus Poisons. Very good!

And a few birthday wishes from some friends and students:

Dear Dr. Turi;
Just wanted to wish you a joyous year. May you know love, harmony, and continued success in all your endeavors.

Love and light.

Dear Dr. Turi
P.S. I know you have so many write, so I am a student of yours. Wow, I am finding all this so fascinating. You are truly a unique individual. And I have so much to learn !

Dear Dr. Turi,
I'm not rich enough to get your books, but my son lets me read your web site a couple times a month. I want to thank you for all you offer. Some folks are able to learn from you and they will help others as well as themselves. What a wonderful opportunity you and others like you give to the people of this earth. That's quite a ripple effect! For now, I WISH YOU A MOST HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE AND REWARDING BIRTHDAY.

Though I wrote this for my children a long time ago, please accept it with joy….








( Dr.Turi, if you put together the fifth word in each stanza, you have THAT WHICH IS )

Be Well, Happy Birthday

A prediction for CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Let foreign-born seek White House - He says longtime citizens should get to run for president!

The great actor (a Leo) was born with the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio (FBI/CIA). See what will happen to him in his own home in the future! The heavy price of ignorance must be paid in full by those who ignore the Universal Laws.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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