A Teaching Cruise

Hello everyone,

As always let me start by wishing you and your loved ones health and happiness.

Well my trip to the Caribbean was simply fantastic… My first cruise in 2000 was with Carnival where I was invited to lecture on the stars for a private group. I really enjoyed that trip and the experience and I really wanted to do it again. I put it in the universe back then; as "the future is nothing more than the reincarnation of your thoughts." The miraculous power of the subconscious that we all possess took care of my deep seated wish and last month I received a call from Florida Sixth Star Entertainment Inc. offering me to perform as a Special Interest lecturer. I did so well that I have been asked to lecture again with cruises such as the Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Delta Steam Boat Company and Discovery World Cruises.

I had only a few days open in my busy schedule at the end of March, and a just a very short notice to call a few close friends to go with me. I could offer them the option to be my guest in exchange for some help with my presentations with the laptop on the ship's main stage. Many could not take off work others were absent or too far away and Jocelyn was the chosen lucky one. She's a smart Leo, totally absorbed with my work with the stars, witty and very pretty, thus she could only add to my presentation. We flew from Phoenix to Houston Texas then took a shuttle to the port of Galveston where we embarked on the Royal Caribbean Cruises ship "Rhapsody of the Seas" that took us for 8 days to the western parts of the Caribbean.

Amazingly the Rhapsody of the Seas' decorations involves two very large zodiac wheels (see the pictures) by the entrance of the Casino and a large Moon Lounge lecture room. The most obvious identity of the great ship is the immense symbol of Neptune on both sides of the vessel.

I had three, two-hour lecture presentations to perform in the large ship's Moon Lounge and Jocelyn was in charge of seating the people, passing out flyers, and assisting me. She performed splendidly especially in the "Healing with Love" session where I practiced Cabalistic Healing on her and guided all young couples to perform on each other.

Because of my previous experience of a large cruise liner I am familiar with the ship's feeding procedures and with over 1500 people onboard it's an immense task to perform. The two level restaurant has two servings; one at 6.30 PM, the other at 8.30 PM. I wanted to make the most of this large gathering of people. In Phoenix before the trip, I had purchased some original "magician/astrologer" costumes. I wore them as an attraction while I meandered through the large dining facility.

The children were ecstatic each time they saw us and Jocelyn and I posed many times for pictures. We asked the kids to touch the magic wand and make a wish. You would be amazed of the wishes the kids came up with. What's also amazing is that for the rest of the cruise (and without our costumes) all those kids recognized us by the pool and demonstrated their appreciation and innocent love openly.

On the second serving, I met a gentleman at a large gathering table and he sarcastically said to me "hey is this Halloween?" "No Sir" I politely replied, "the stars shine all year round; we are the wise-couple on the ship." I also knew that many religious people might be scared or insecure in dealing with us, thus I also purchased two huge wooden Christian crosses as to psychologically befriend with those young souls. It worked…Then the man said "I don't believe you can tell me anything I do no know! Is there anything you can say to me that would convince me?" "Sure, you were born in November, you are an engineer and you get serious migraines," I replied. The man's looked at his wife and me totally amazed and said to me, "I only have 2 words for you, you are good!" I told him about my future presentations and left him with a flyer. He and wife came along and truly enjoyed my lectures. I did this mental gymnastic act with so many people and even Jocelyn was stunned. She complimented me on my perceptive gift many times, all the while stirring her will to uncover more secrets of the stars regulating man's psyche and life's perception.

Our personal dining table involved two other couples; one normal per say and the other older pair was very friendly and very religious. The Texas pious man started the conversation by asking me about the movie "The Passion". I very politely and respectfully clarified my position, explaining that I did not find it healthy or entertaining for the mind to watch for hours a man suffering a horrible death on a cross (or the guillotine). To view anyone dying this way is repulsive to me and not only Jesus but it wouldn't matter who died in this manner; it would make any sensitive soul cry and gasp for air. I have made a choice and it was the right choice, to avoid watching such a bloody mess. I also told him that anyone dying of a heart attack watching the movie was a good signal to stay clear from such a negative and deceiving production. (This did happen to one woman). I have a choice, I explained, and I would rather pay for a good comedy or an intelligent program that would leave me happy, not in pain, in tears and disgust with a bloody scenery that would live on in my memory. I have also noticed serious changes in some of my friends' attitudes after watching the motion picture. Many suffered depression or developed a sense of despair and serious phobias about death.

I do not know if you felt as I did when watching movies as a child, but after watching a Bruce Lee or Zorro movie I identified with the heroes and emulated the behavior of the gifted actors. Now I do understand why some of my friends have become so negatively affected and developed a fear of death or deeper phobias after viewing this gutsy, bloody motion picture. Thus if I was to watch this movie long enough and its poisoning message, chances are I would become a major part of the deity and either commit suicide to join Jesus in pain or indefinately nurture a sad memory for the man (Jesus in this case) for the rest of my life. But again this is how the church manipulates man's instinct of preservation and powerful guilt to control society's weak psyches. The goal has been reached and the majority of the manipulated masses resign to the empire of organized religions and Christianity. But for sure my prediction in the long run is such; the movie's legacy will fuel a serious increase in suicidal behaviors for the children of tomorrow (the drugs company and psychologist will benefit). Like the dying nervous system of a sick man, the Christian body is giving its last and most powerful sign of a desparate struggle to hang on.

The last two thousand years, the Middle East with its many religions and icons resulted in a poisoned way of life with archaic teachings. They are still living in the Dark Ages in mud huts with religions, rifles and bombs. Even today, a muslim dying for his deity will own a place in paradise where 12 virgins will marry and serve him forever. They have had centuries to fester and nurture their beliefs which turned to fanaticism. Realize also this part of the world is living under poor conditions is and not advanced or educated, partly because of the manipulative ruling government. The religious-orineted government is concerned in proliferating temples, synagogues, mosques (churches for the US) but not schools or Universities or Astropsychology Centers (my goal!). No internet is allowed as to avoid Western influence. The only way left for those souls to make a name for themselves is to be classified as martyrs and to die for their deity. America is a young country (7/4/1776) and has not had the chance to develop the religious narrow-mindedness and desire to kill the unbeliever just yet. However, if we continue in this direction we will eventually become like the Middle East. With a "dark ages" mentality and advanced weaponry, we would eventually destroy with nuclear energy the non-believers of the mainstream religion, probably Christiany for us. This is exactly what the terrorists today are trying so hard to accomplish! Incidentally in April 1991 on the Art Bell show I clearly predicted a "religious war in the US" in the years to come. But the man is also religiously poisoned * and quickly eliminated me as a guest, my message and the radio show from his archives! Because America is so wealthy and so technologically advanced we have at our dispensation powerful nuclear weapons. If we became fanatic to the extreme as they are, we wouldbe in the same frame of mind they are in now, and annihalate them without a second thought. FANATICISM IS THE DEAD-END OF A RELIGION. Fanaticism breeds only death, all love is lost, all spirituality is gone, and the true loving message of the prophet who started that religion will also die. The deadliest religions ever experienced on earth are the current accepted ones, Christianity, Muslim, Jewish and reflect only 2000 years of the human experience. Much older civilizations and disciplines are gone in time and space and reflect the futrure of the human race unless a new icon and advanced message replaces the old destructive established religions. *NOTE: In French the word for fish is "poisson." It is similar to the English word, "poison," which is exactly the same spelling minus one "s." Pisces, the FISH, is the symbol of Christianity, the Middle East, and also the sign that rules chemicals and POISON.

Well, the tail of the Dragon means death in all its forms, and everyone of us since its entrance into Scorpio (drama/death/terrorism), including the world (war in Iraq) is somehow dying inside and suffering direct hits mentally and physically. More than ever, people are suffering and must re-birth at work, at home, with health, with loved ones, financially etc. Mr. Gibson, subconsciously found a creative way to dignify death with the dramatic life of Jesus. Incidentally Scorpio means also rebirthing, decay and reincarnation. Thus his movie reflects all the power of the Tail in Scorpio, and Mr. Gibson got enormously rewarded financially. Morality... the stars don't care, they wreak havoc or blessings on each of us, they just work and do what they are supposed to do. Thank you Mel for the disturbing legacy inflicted upon the minds of the people and the impressions left to the world with the torturous death of a man on a cross. This movie will only perpetuate an already sick and ignorant dogmatic attitude carrying its deadly legacy for a few more years to come. Again, let's hope that this last breath of the age of deceiving and religious Pisces and archaic doctrines will finally give way and be replaced by more enlightened creeds to live our lives harmoniously, universally, peacefully and intelligently as imposed by the new and true age of Aquarius. In some way I am like a spiritual icon myself that shows a new way of thinking and a new way of universally loving and respecting others, by teaching the true power of the stars. This is why there are so many people out there (like Jesus when he started Christianity and its new religion) who wish me death and will do all in their power to stop me and my message.

Back to the dinner table....I asked for his date of birth and he was born in April (the baby of the zodiac) Aries means finding oneself and with the subconscious 12th house in Pisces (Christianity) his fears of loneliness, death and an active imagination did the rest.

Note: This is how organized religions have operated for centuries: by tapping on the human instinct of preservation and deep-seated feelings of fright, all the while playing on this subconscious fear of death and offering a way to be "saved." Neptune's deceiving deadly powers are inserted through mental manipulations at an early age and finally become a part of the hooked soul's reality through the constant promotion of religious doctrines.

He explained his position using the bible quotes saying to me (I already knew) that he desperately fought subconscious fears and wanted to be saved… It is amazing that such an adult person could be so victimized by his unconscious making his deep seated fear a constant part of his life. Man, am I glad I saved myself from my own ignorance! But what I really find more disturbing is the legacy he received from his first teachers being transmitted like a disease to his own children's mind. It's certainly going to take a few years for the age of Aquarius (and my advanced students) to clean this mess up and free his spirit from fears…

I saw him each day of the cruise exercising and running along the ship's long track. All the fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have a subconscious fear of death, and his own behavior clearly depicted his Pisces subconscious motivation for health, purity and religious convictions. To my surprise he listened to my point of view each time we sat at the table and against all odds came to my lecture with his beautiful wife. He quickly found out that I was not religiously poisoned and did learn a few things about religion and the stars from me. I also met a newlywed couple, Chris and Kelly from Texas, and we developed a strong friendship and surely has a smashing time together.

During the trip we visited some incredible islands such as Key West & Grand Cayman, but Cozumel and the Mayan ruins made a serious impact on me. Our tour guide was himself a Mayan local and spoke the old dialect. We arrived by a rocky pyramid and he pointed out what seemed to be four painted circles. He then asked the group to follow him to a sandy area where he drew the 4 circles representing the cycles of the moon. He told us that the people on his island died from syphilis and colds brought by the Spanish sailors in search of gold and new real estate for the church. I could detect of form of bitterness and a deep sadness in his voice when he related how his small island was raped from its true spiritual celestial wisdom by the religious invaders and their legacy of more than 70 different church denominations.

He patiently explained to the group how important the Mayan calendar was along with the old rituals involving the moon, the stars and the sun were to his people back then. I instinctively knew the Mayans would build on powerful vortexes and respectfully took my shoes off by one of the many weathered attar edifices. I almost immediately felt the ground's energy going through my soul recharging my chakras and suggested others in the group to do the same. But as usual, not a single person in the group was perceptive enough to make good use of my celestial wisdom, my intuition and the unique opportunity they all had, to stand and use the old blessed healing Mayan pyramid grounds. I once again sadly realized how huge my mission to educate and raise people's consciousness really is. So my question is how do you think some of these people looking at this picture feel now?

Go to and you will see a lot of these pictures of the Mayan Ruins. However, this is the only picture that was taken of me when I took off my shoes. Do you see that unusual glow around me? I know for sure that glow has something to do with the vortex celestial energies at the temple and I wish others followed my intuitive insight and had recharged their chakras. Some of these people will probably never visit this old site again during the course of their lives. Had they listened, the powerful vortex would have healed them from serious ailments or even enhanced their etheric body and immune system.


Many people in SERIOUS need of solid direction are going to be happy!

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    Best wishes to you all,
    Dr. Turi


    Here is a very nice website for those of you who like to keep close track of the moon:
    Moon Phase Calculator

    The power of drugs.

    Kimbra is a sweet beautiful Pisces who had to learn the hard way not to swim downstream towards the quicksands of Neptune. All that I could do for Kimbra was to support her the best way I could over the ordeal. I am so proud of Kimbra's accomplishments and now that she's swimming upstream there is no much she can not accomplish. Pisces is a karmic sign, very vulnerable and prone to serious addictions. Pisces is ruled by neptune "Poseidon" the Lord of Deception. This sign rules Christianity and like any drugs the soul can easily swim downstream and suffer religious poisoning. A good example of this is Osama Bin Laden and his terrorists, who make it their full-time job killing and poisoning others with fanatic religious convictions. The tail of the Dragon in Scorpio (death/rebirth) was cruising Kimbra's 9th house of higher learning and in the process she nearly lost her life. In any case she won the battle and can apply the newfound knowledge to help others swimming upstream.

    Note also that Einstein, Michaelangelo, George Washington and even myself were born under the sign of Pisces. (My sun is in Pisces born in February). Swimming upstream is the only way for a fish to survive in this dense physical world.

    The tail of the Dragon in Scorpio has imposed its deadly powers on Kimbra's life and learning and on a large scale it forced the world to get very close or acquainted to death and drama. The tail in Scorpio (as predicted 2 years ago) has been experienced with the deadly war in Iraq and Saddam Hussein's regime, the Sars disease, many criminals acts, natural destructive forces and most of all with the production of Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson responding to Neptune (creativity/imagination/movie industry) in Scorpio (death/drama/sex/secret/the FBI etc.) Also, have you heard that the King of sex radio, Howard Stern, has been removed from several stations? The Scorpio tail has killed that flourishing sex talk and vulgar language used on his program! And --flash!-- I just heard that Victoria's Secret has removed their runway show from television in reaction to the FCC cracking down on sex! And let's not forget the Church has had all those legal suits because of sex. Oh yes and one more. Britney Spears just came out with a video where there is a very graphic scene of her comitting suicide in a bathtub. More death for our young to observe. Read all about the dragon at:

    ~Dr. Turi


    From: Kimbra Carlyle
    Date: Monday, April 12, 2004 9:29 AM
    Subject: My story to Dr. Turi

    For those seeking support and more information on drug and alcohol abuse, please visit To find an effective treatment center to help either yourself or a loved one, please fill out the assessment form located in the site.

    Discover A New Way to Live . . .

    There is a Life Beyond Drugs . . . "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    I forgot who I was . . . throughout the majority of my teenage years, I didn't have a clue that there was a battle going on inside of me. The negative feelings finally outweighed the positive ones, and that's how my addiction began.

    It was a gradual process . . . Hanging out in high school consisted of drinking, smoking and getting high. It's what everybody did, and I didn't see anything wrong with that. The release felt good to me . . . It was a way to escape my reality and be somewhere else. Little did I know what an illusion it was. It didn't feel that great to come off marijuana . . . My mind was cloudy and I felt a little fuzzy, so I'd just smoke more to try and reach that initial feeling.

    I spent a summer in Chicago and was exposed to more drugs . . . Cocaine and ecstasy mainly. I thought I had such a blast that I decided to move there when I finished high school. I was ready to get out of my hometown, so when it was time for me to leave, off I went to Chicago, in hopes that the city would make me happy.

    Most of my weekends were a quick blur, lasting all weekend. I didn't see anything wrong with cocaine . . . It carried us through the weekend - and we were in it for the long haul. Even when the horrific withdraws of cocaine started to kick in, it wouldn't stop me.

    My lifestyle in Chicago never got stable. A year and a half later I realized that the city wasn't making me happy. I needed another fresh start . . Off I went to Phoenix, where the weather is warm . . . For some reason I thought that the warm weather would take away all my problems . . . Ha, keep reading on.

    Phoenix started out great. I realized that I wanted to get into skin care, so I began my education for aesthetics. There was a weekend where I was introduced to meth, and it lasted for three days. But I was going to school so letting go for the weekend felt good to me . . . Didn't see any harm with that.

    A few months passed and I really felt like I needed to go out and party . . That night I ended up getting arrested for cocaine and a DUI, underage. My spirit went into shock as I sat in a holding tank for 14 hours and had about 3 hours of drug testing prior to. The feelings I had were so low, that I swore I'd never touch drugs again. That was a bottom for me, and it hurt like hell.

    The next few months I tried putting all of that behind me, and so I focused in on my education. During that time I started making plans to move back to Chicago after school was over. I was pretty hard on myself and felt like I didn't deserve to have fun. After spring break that year, meth came back into my life, and I accepted it. Something inside of me was hurting, and didn't care, and needed to be let loose . . .

    For the next 11 months I used meth on a daily basis. I somehow managed to finish my education - and what a relief that was . . . It was too much responsibility when meth became my main priority. Chicago was out of the picture; the lifestyle I started to acquire wouldn't allow me to move. It really wouldn't allow me to do much of anything - drugs consumed most all of my time. Starting off my career was put on hold, as I went through a phase where I didn't want to think about it.

    I quickly was drawn into a world of drugs addicts, drugs dealers and criminals . . . Nobody worked a legitimate job, and I was struggling to keep my job at the time. A few months later I lost it, and to be honest it was more of a relief to not have a job. To emphasize what I went through next is best described as walking through the fires of hell. My soul was already damaged, but it got worse.

    I had just moved into a new apartment and now had no source of income. A drug dealer who was on the run was looking for a place to stay. He ended up supporting me in more than one way . . . Rent and drugs. His tolerance was much greater than mine, so living with him was exhausting after 5 days of being up and running around doing drug deals.

    I was a fool when it came to trusting some of these people . . . I was raised to have meaningful relationships built on trust. This was the complete opposite . . . And emotionally I learned that the hard way. Nobody cared . . . Nobody cared about anybody. Just the drugs . . . And the money. And they'd do whatever it took to fulfill those needs, even if it meant going behind your back, telling lies, or playing mind games. It was quite numbing. After all, I was surrounded by criminals . . . What was I honestly thinking?

    I wasn't thinking . . . The meth took over my life and I was about waist high in the quicksand . Not only that, I had a drug dealer living in my house who was wanted by the police, and the police started to catch on. My life quickly fell into pieces . . . I was at the point where I couldn't help myself, and just didn't care anymore. I had gotten myself so far into this that I did not see a way out of it.

    Never in my life did I ever imagine what was going to happen next . . . I was about to be saved. My parents found out through a true friend that I was indeed on drugs. My mother, my father and my brother flew to Phoenix to do an intervention. It wasn't too pretty . . . I put up quite a struggle, but they succeeded. They literally had to drag me across the grass and kick, shove and push me into a car while I was screaming at the top of my lungs to be let go. Undercover cops were watching my apartment at the time, and practically pulled a gun on us . . . It was a turning point in my life, though I was not aware of it at the time. My family drove me all the way back home, to South Dakota . . . I even tried leaving them a few times on the way back. Their love for me succeeded in bringing me home and putting me into detox for a week.

    Two days after we left Phoenix the dealer staying at my place was arrested and thrown into prison.

    During that time my family researched my options of treatment centers. The ones they were finding had very low success rates . . . And then my brother found one with a success rate of over 70%. It was a long term rehabilitation center that carried a unique way of detoxifying the body and overcoming drug addictions.

    That was the best thing that ever happened to me . . . And I didn't realize that I needed the help until I was about two weeks into the program. The relationships I developed with the people there was like a breath of fresh air! Over the next couple of months I worked on healing myself and getting my body back to a healthy state. I left with confidence, knowing that I overcame my addiction . . . What a wonderful feeling! I grew so much - mentally and emotionally - through that experience.

    Life is so good to me now . . . Because I'm good to me. I have started off my career and am finally back on track. A city, the warm weather, and especially drugs - will not make someone happy . . . That is found within, and sometimes it is only through these experiences that we realize that. I am very fortunate to have gotten a second chance.

    The truth about drugs and alcohol must be acknowledged. Drug addiction demands immediate attention. It is only a matter of time before the addict will go to jail, rehabilitation or they lose their life . . . And rehabilitation is the only effective way out. If you or someone you know is abusing alcohol or drugs, or show the symptoms of addiction, please visit and fill out the assessment form for immediate help. Don't continue to suffer through an addiction or a loved one's addiction . . There is a Life Beyond Drugs that is waiting for you!

    Life Beyond Drugs

    Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 3:55 PM
    Subject: Hi

    Louis - You have another hit as of today (I think). The General Motors division of Federal Forge filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Which is one of the major parts of the auto division. The company also has become the second largest behind GE for the first time in twenty years. Those analysts that follow the company closely have for the last few years said that GM is no longer a car company but a mortgage giant. Which accounts for 70% of it's operating income. So that leaves only around 15-20% for cars and 10% or so for it's credit companies. That percentage went bankrupt and is being hidden behind a subsidiary it would seem. For all practical purposes, the world's formerly largest auto company went bankrupt!

    I was thinking after reading your prediction last year it would be Ford, which has seen it's stock price decline by 80% during the last four years. But this one takes the cake. I will forward this on to Jeff''s site so he can look into it as well if they want.

    The prediction I made is still on
    What I said was, "Prediction: Car manufacturer out of business

    Objective measurement:
    At least one major (more than $US 100 million sales per year) US or Japanese car manufacturer will file for bankruptcy in 2003/04.

    Dragon's Tail in Scorpio"

    From: Pat Exxxxxx
    To: Recipient list suppressed
    Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 10:46 PM
    Subject: Feedback - "The Passion"

    I just saw the movie "The Passion" as directed by Mel Gibson. I saw the power of Pisces in action. This is no doubt the most powerful movie I have ever seen. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will leave the theatre with a shaky frame. In fact, an elderly lady was escorted out by her Daughter and was waiting in the car when I got out. I also heard that another elderly lady had a seizure the night before (the box office lady told me).

    On the one hand, I have to hand it to Mel Gibson - he has guts. This movie was a true depiction of the story told in the King James bible. It was not altered (too much), softened or over-done. It was realistic (as depicted by the story told in the New Testament). I think its a wonderful story (as crucifixions and other barbaric punishments did occur to many of those days). If anything, my heart was sent out to ALL who have suffered such horrific fates.

    But as I watched this, I was so impressed with the 'DEATH GRIP' that the age of Pisces still has on the world. It is fighting with everything it has to hang on. This movie is certainly a huge 'mark on the scoreboard' for Pisces, as it has reinforced the soul felt emotions of those who need something to fill their spiritual voids. The energy of Pisces is like an old actor on stage trying to captivate the same audience that he had once before - the only problem is that the audience has changed and his 'gig' is not as effective as it once was (but you have to admire his efforts, as he is doing things now more 'passionately' than he ever did before).

    I am so happy that I was born with a free mind. In my youth, I was a devoted Mormon and then a Christian for many years. As I watched this film, it was like looking back to a 'cell' I once inhabited. I actually felt very sympathetic for myself (in remembering where I was). I am so thankful that the knowledge of the stars has been brought into my life, that I was able to expand my paradigm to finding answers that make so much more sense to what life is about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-religion, as I think it serves a certain purpose for certain people at certain points of their lives - like 'stepping stones' toward higher truth, but when people make a permanent residence on those stones, that's when they stop growing. These steps are there only for climbing (continued searching), not stagnation.

    Anyway, just another way to say thanks to you Dr. Turi.

    Pat Exxxxxx
    Logan, Utah

    From: "Cxxxxx Bxxx"
    Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 12:05 PM
    Subject: Louis! Hello from a long-lost contact in Hawaii

    Hello, Louis~

    This is Chxxxxx Bxxx...from Mary Catherine's Bakery in Hawaii! We worked together for a brief time in 1989 or 1990. I have fond memories of your sense of humor and playfulness as well as the HORRIBLE bad breath of our employer (Yikes! What a thing to remember! I saw you last night on a Discovery Channel Show and was pleasantly delighted to see you again! And yet not surprised at all by the timing as there are some very interesting and especially lovely things happening with me spiritually, as is quite usual. I live a blessed and sacred life as a wise one.

    Since moving back to California in 1992, I have been married, separated, no kids, and am currently in a relationship with a dynamic healer and artisan. My professional life has included handmade soap manufacturer and several other related ventures ( within the handmade beauty field.

    Your practice sounds amazing. Congratulations on all your hard work, and blessings, as a result.

    Life's Blessings.
    Aloha, Chxxxxx

    From: tokala
    Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 7:18 PM
    Subject: A thank you..


    I desire to personally thank you for allowing me to be known through your newsletter.

    I have done work for my personal friends and my employers of a secular nature.. and now, Celest and Steve are encouraging me to step out into the business stream with my work.

    Personally, I am a very low-profile person and lime light is not one of my comfortable places to be.

    I love doing the work, and I love making people happy, and I am looking at combining this with a full time career of webmastership.

    You have blessed me with a wonderful gift and I thank you very, very much for it.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    aka: TokalaCanada RavenHawk

    Tonight I attended an Astropsychology lecture by Dr. Louis Turi at Re-evolution that was taped by the Discovery Channel. He used the zodiac to predict the occupation of each person in the audience and was correct almost every time. I can't understand how it works, but there's something to it.

    Dear Dr. Turi;
    I am having one strange and heck of a day. I have just come across your website for the first time. Never heard of you in anyway nor seen any writings, radio or TV on you. I have had so many of your thoughts and even one of your predictions as well, but I am not a professional psychic either. You take my breath away.


    Hi Dr. Turi,
    My name is Beverly//// and I just received my tape from you and you said I should request the Cabalistic Candles because you pulled the Guardian Angel card for me in my spread. The tape was full of wonderful information and I will listen to it repeatedly. Once again, thank you!


    Keeping you Up to Date

    From: Baron Benham
    Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 5:24 PM
    Subject: Private Spring Fling Party Invitation

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    Bay Area UFO Expo

    My friends at Awakened Heartshave included me in one of their web pages and I would like to thank them for that. They have a new webmaster named RavenHawk who does beautiful work, please visit her site at

    Dr. Louis Turi
    Startheme Publications, Inc.
    P.O. Box 45257
    Phoenix, Az. 85064-5257
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    "All great spirits have encountered opposition from mediocre minds" "A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest--a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness "

    - A. Einstein

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