Ancient church found on jail site

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Well my forecast mentions (and date on George Noory show) to be ready for SURPRISE! Is that a big one for the Christians or what?

Israeli officials say they have discovered what may be the oldest Christian Church in the Holy Land - on the site of a maximum-security prison.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: How ironic is that? "On the site of a maximum-security prison?" Knowing that Neptune (Lord of deception/drugs/alcohol/religion/Christianity) RULES confinement, jails, prisons, synagogues, churches, hospital, asylums, drugs, alcohol and ultimate deception.

Why would a jail (Neptune energy) be built under and old church? There are NO accidents; it's all about energy and it's all about Neptune. But how many of you and smart archeologists worldwide) know about Neptune and Pisces?)

For years I have taught my students the direct relationship between Christianity and the symbol of Pisces. Subconsciously the Christians have chosen the Fishes to represent their specific doctrine and endeavor. Like Merrill Lynch financial corporation also subconsciously picked the bull (Taurus), this sign rules Switzerland where all super wealthy banks (including the many Vatican banks) are located.

I have THOUSANDS of client's worldwide who ordered Full Life Reading from me, and all of them would tell you how much how EMPHASIZE in the reading the direct connection between Christianity and the sign of Pisces.

How come once again I am literally thousands of years ahead of science and their latest findings? Those of you who took the time to read my site have also learned this fact directly connecting Christians and astrology through the symbol of Pisces. What is so new about it? AS mentioned in many of my newsletters, Christians would love to burn me again but still they are "advertising" astrology since day one by using the sigh of Pisces glued in the back of their cars.

How can people be so ignorant and so fearful is still amazing me today. But again blame it on your "organized" religions that controlled the information and changed them to control you (and your wallet).

Realize again and again that a tremendous amount of tax dollars goes to these "scientists, this mean NASA, NWS, FBI, CIA too!" who have absolutely NO clue of the world's oldest discipline or astrology. ALL of those archaeologists (like everyone else involved in research) MUST at least be aware of the existence of astrology simply because ALL disappeared civilizations used astrology.

How come, one may ask, those supposedly smart people don't even know about all ancient civilization (Incas, Mayan, Atlantis etc) used the stars? is just baffling to me!

The Israeli Antiquities Authority said on Saturday the ruins are believed to date back to the third or fourth centuries, and include references to Jesus and images of fish, an ancient Christian symbol. "This is a very ancient structure, maybe the oldest in our area," said Yotam Tepper, the head archaeologist on the dig.

"Normally we have from this period in our region historical evidence from literature, not archaeological evidence," he said. "There is no structure you can compare it to, it is a very unique find."

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: You must be JOCKING Mr. Tepper. Just because you are ignorant of the structure of astrology and the symbol of Pisces doesn't make your "educated" judgement accurate. The "literature" is very much available but hidden in the seven miles of secret library under the Vatican and was generated by gifted man like me that were burn to the stake during the inquisition to keep the vital wisdom away from the mass.

Instead let give them a deity (Allah, Buddha, Jesus) and a simple doctrine made of Ten Commandments so that we don't have to enforce the law. Let's also induce a deep-rooted phobia of being protected by "Jesus" if they stay and promote the good word of the bible and Christianity ONLY. In the century to come, they will teach their children not to kill, steal, lie etc. so we can run and control them better and if they don't, let's use the natural human instinct of preservation, and tell them they will go to hell if they don't perform as instructed.

Channel two television, which broke the story on Saturday evening, broadcast pictures of a detailed and well-preserved mosaic bearing the name of Jesus Christ in ancient Greek and images of fish. Pietro Sambi, the Vatican's ambassador to Israel, praised the find as a "great discovery".

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: Note that most of the scientific research is endorsed and supported by the wealthy Christians, like many of the programs you see on the Discovery channel where the viewers are lured into the teachings/code of the bible) etc. All about deception as imposed by Neptune "Lord of deception" regulating all religions. Now be cautious, very cautious! If the name of the "savior" was well preserved in the mosaic bearing HIS name (Jesus Christ) WHY we are only seeing the symbol of the fishes? I thought Christians would bet on this and NOT astrology. I want to SEE the name of JESUS on the Mosaic! I only see the SIGN of Pisces.

Be aware of deception, as this is Neptune's strength. Would the Christians have ENLARGED that section if the name of JESUS was actually in the mosaic? You bet, be sure of that.

Use common sense and do to fall for those who want you to believe what they want you to believe. Remember they need you money to continue digging for Jesus.

With such an important discovery, trust me the Vatican who desperately needs your financial support after the many legal disputes (millions of dollars was given away secretively) and sexual damage many of their priests did over the centuries by raping the children.

Of course, all the Christians are convinced of the history of Jesus Christ," he told Channel Two. "But is it extremely important to have archaeological proof of a church dedicated to him? Certainly."

Note that were ever Pisces or Neptune is located in your chart you wont need much push to be convinced. There in this particular house in your housing system you are very vulnerable and accept almost anything you are told, you will also NEVER challenge that Christ walked on water. There is so much ignorance in this world and I am trying so hard to educated people out of their induced fears. But how can you repair years of damage inflicted on your psyche when it started as a very vulnerable religiously poisoned child?

Now the best of the best…

Megiddo is Hebrew for Armageddon; the site which Christian teachings say will herald the final battle before the coming of the messiah.

Well this is a free country where anyone can express its views and I believe that only Elvis is coming back, not Jesus.

May be sarcasm will work but I can assure you that the most religiously damaged members of our society will take offense of my printed words and will want to burn me on the stake as a witch. Others imbeciles did go to the extreme and killed doctors performing abortions or burned down abortion clinics.

When will this world realize that those 3 Kings as mentioned in the bible were only astrologers (wise men). And they knew the planet Neptune (Lord of deception) was to rise upon the firmament of this world's karmic work and impose its "energetic deceiving powers" for two thousands years upon humanity. This planet has stimulated man's imaginative powers and in its folly its political rulers created over 850 different religions.

Those myths took centuries to become accepted by the majority and became the only reality to be accepted by the fearful uneducated mass. The penalty is now set for mankind to rise above Neptune's deceptive powers and religious deception. The Age of Aquarius is now in charge and will slowly but surely raise mankind's vibrations to a higher level where all the religions of the past will contribute to the initial celestial lost wisdom. Many of the wise men of the past have reincarnated on this dense physical world and their mission firmly established to rekindle the light of true wisdom.

My students and I are the forerunners of this incredible changing times where deadly religious and ignorance and fears will be replaced by the true message imparted by the stars.

Do not let dogmas and fears get the best of your fragile psyche, "ask and you shall receive" too many egocentric, selfish power hungry political leaders of the past have manipulated the information to control their subjects. In time true wisdom got lost but it survived because of gifted people and it's now time to wake up and realize that Jesus, Buddha or Allah will not save you but only yourself will.

You are your OWN savior; education, love and respect are the vital ingredients to do so. Ignorance is evil and knowledge is power. No one should have ever died for a belief, a religion or a deity…NO one should endorse anything that promises death and destruction by classifying HIS god into HIS church, HIS doctrine or HIS beliefs.

Time to grow out of the past and accept challenging ideas that will bring love, education and respect to all. You are your OWN God; you are responsible for your welfare, your OWN growth, your OWN security, and your OWN wisdom. Take a chance on the future, take a chance on the new you and create your OWN miracles.

It worked extraordinary well for me you can be sure of that; I have it all and more coming and if you must know, I never ever called or prayed upon Jesus Allah or Buddha!

Regardless how hard the manipulators have tried, NO ONE can take the truth away. And the truth is coming back fast!

"His son (SUN) will rise from the dead and from the darkness…" Its all about astrology, its all in the stars my friends.

Blessings To All

Dr. Turi

"Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom"


Lastly - From BBCradio Management:

Could Dr. Louis Turi be Nostradamus reincarnated and making predictions without fear of the state and church? No Quatrains, just the facts.

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