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I received this email and I would like to share it with you and give you some feedback about the radio host inner life. Note again that Art is totally unaware of the power of the stars affecting his destiny. Back in 1991 I was on his show and I am still disappointed that he removed our show from his archives and never either acknowledged or endorsed my predictions of a religious war taking place in the US or my work since our show nearly 10 years ago. Unlike George, which is less religious and more truthful Art has a problem with me and my prophetic work.


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Dr. Turi Art Bell announced last night that he had married a 26 year old woman from the Philippines, and will be living with her there.  Can you tell us anything about this union and if it will be successful.  As you know his wife died just 3 months ago and that, along with this news, it has been a great shock to his fans. Many are afraid he has not recovered enough from the death of his wife to make this kind of decision and will regret it.  Thank you so much for your time.




The first thing I always ask a radio host is his DOB, doing so allows me to check up his mental power and “adapt” to his thinking process before challenging him. The beauty of Astropsychology is that; it allows you to figure out the way people think, talk, pass on or receive information by investigating the 3rd house of communication.


Armed with such a powerful insight I was able to “see” through Art Bell UCI (Unique Celestial Identity) and perceive both his strengths and weaknesses. Well Art like George was born in June into the constellation of Gemini “The Messenger Of the Gods that rules all forms of communication and that’s why both are radio hosts. However Art was born with a very cold and sarcastic and supremely critical Dragon’s Tail in Virgo. My methodology teaches that these people are not exactly emotionally deep and many people can only judge me or Art through their own UCI experiences and education.  I also teach my students that another obvious trait of this position for the Dragon is plaguing the soul sexually due to the subconscious drive for purity, chastity perfection and an inner fear of diseases. Note that Virgo rules health and represents the Virgin Mary in Christian theology. Thus people born with the tail of the Dragon in supremely perfectionist Virgo will aim for Ladies that are religious, pure and free of “bad” behavior and the Phillippinos people are very much that way as the country is also totally religiously poisoned. 

Thus l;ove is chosen intellectually not emotionally where logic and reason replaces feelings and love.



Thus when Art lost his wife many people went on a rampage against me because of my “lack” of consideration but how wrong they were by looking at the fact that only after three months the man married a much younger wife from the Philippines.  But hey I have nothing against young girls and older guys, I am one of those guys too and all my girlfriends have always been years younger than me.  Art has the right to do what he feels right to do for himself and I support his decision. Again DO NOT ASSUME that I am attacking Art again, I am simply using this case to educate you on the power of Astropsychology so that you understand why people do what they do. May be you should take my course and stop finding silly excuses for yourself or anyone else that surprises you with his/her behavior.


Born in June Art will be forced by the Universal scheme of things to do things by two, four or six in his life as Gemini rules duality. Thus he had to marry twice. This is why his radio show continuously duplicated itself to become what it is today lining up many radio stations. Again Art do not possess cosmic consciousness and can only reject my expertise because of his natal limited UCI and Dragon’s tail in logical/religious Virgo.


If you want to know the type of partner a Gemini will attract simply go to his 7th house. This house is traditionally controlled by Libra and this sign rules marriages, commitments contract etc.

Thus Art becomes a Sagittarius and this sign rules foreigners, philosophy the codification of thoughts (books/bible) Spain, Portugal and indeed the Philippines. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood thus the country was set by the stars to attract the religious invaders and poison the uneducated Phillippinos’s mind with religious dogmas as this part of the world (like Spain and Portugal) are naturally susceptible to teach such deceiving religious teachings.


It is very normal for anyone born in June to fall for the stars and be attracted to Latinos people or to experience inter- racial partnerships. Now do what I did for many years start to ask questions and learn the power of the stars then you will be well above the 99% of imbeciles and religious lunatics walking this earth.  My three best friends were born in June and all of them are unmistakably attracted to Asiatic people. Now Sagittarius is the polarity of Gemini and like Gemini shares the same fate in their relationships.


Here is a little test to help you to realize the seat of attraction between human beings.


Fire sign Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will attract each other’s.

Water sign Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will attract each other’s.

Earth sign Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo will attract each other’s.

Air sign Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will attract each other’s. Note that Art is a Gemini and Ramona was a Libra, it pays to have a good memory.


Now the attraction is also on the 7th house


Aries attracts Libra

Taurus attracts Scorpio

Gemini attracts Sagittarius

Cancer attracts Capricorn

Leo attracts Aquarius

Virgo attracts Pisces


Now you may also have to deal with a karmic relationships and the OBVIOUS attraction will be coming from your hidden Dragon’s Head or Tail then good luck to you if are not aware of this position.  Knowing that the statistics are 85 % of failures in all relationships makes you wonder about all this wasteful dating programs promoted by traditionally “educated” psychologist such as Dr. Phil where common sense or education takes away the interaction of the Divine.


Mars in a male chart represent the drive principle, the masculine energy and how a man will show his masculinity while Mars in a female chart represents the type of man she is subconsciously looking for.

Venus the Goddess of love represent the type of love a man is looking for while in a female chart the type of love she is able to offer to a man. Note that famous writer John Gray “Men are from Mars women are from Venus is not only a client of mine but took my Astropsychology course. But Like Art Bell he will NEVER endorse my work or me. It’s amazing how people feel threatened by the real thing.


Well it’s all about the ATTITUDE but there is so much more that produces the thoughts. Guilt, phobias, ignorance, fears are all the deadly ingredients that will kill any relationships.


Again true wisdom is RARE there are so many lost souls that pretend to know or teach the truth. Many of them are Neptunian’s and will try to convince themselves by convincing you to join in, like the Christians do!


Well I am real and I have true wisdom and that is me to know and you to find out. The only thing you have is your intuition as the true teacher or real Prophet is VERY RARE!


May be you should consider joining me in Hawaii in June and once and for all find out the Golden Keys of what it means to be human. From there start teaching the light to a dark and lost religiously poisoned world.


Blessings To All


Dr. Turi


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