Hello Dear Readers;

We are approaching a Full Moon (negative) in Scorpio (Drama/death) so I am asking all of you to be prudent in all you say or do as Pluto will for sure kill a few people this weekend. And if you want to hear me on the radio again, watch the news, go to my website, copy and paste the predictions and send them to George Noory on Coast To Coast when they do take place. His email address is on my home page.

Now I received another interesting email from Angela and you need to take the time to investigate the link she sent me. Then as usual my honest and direct approach to the matter will be thoroughly exposed with all facts in hand.

Here you go…

…..Original Message….

From Angela;

Subject: Making Astropsychology a reality for scientists.

Hi Dr Turi

This is the guy who's article I directed to you at www.badastronomy.com/bad/misc/astrology.html

As you can see he is connected to NASA no surprise I guess. His contact is lynnc@charmain.sonma.edu

I have checked out his research pages, he has many it seems on Astrology and of course Astronomy. I have forwarded your newsletter and have invited him to add to his research Moon Power and of course SOS to the world and many more. I hope he investigates the web site as I am sure he has not thoroughly looked at all Astrology, or he could not came to his conclusions without such information. Who knows he may have something to think about now.

As I read over his data I was struck by his closed views and lack of knowledge in his scientific world, he also makes it his business to disprove the existence of ET’s. He also runs a forum and can be contacted there also. I hope you receive this Dr Turi I think its important to keep you updated on the latest as we come across it, it would be wonderful for your aims and focus if he looks at your methodology and it gives him some insight, as always be well, healthy and happy

Love and light


Well Angela don’t dream darling, this “mental Snob” is blessed; like all his scientists friends, with a very limited UCI (Unique Celestial Identity). His connection to NASA and him being an astronomer tells me all about his inner over rational, detail oriented, skeptical psyche. Rest assured that when scientists are confronted and challenged by gifted advanced souls like with real facts they would rather be caught dead than to be exposed by giving me a chance to prove them wrong. It’s safer that way for their inner agenda and ego.

To challenge true geniuses like Einstein and many other erudite men is to me mind blowing. These talking/writing empty heads can not even conceive that who ever made history always used the stars and ALL disappeared civilizations always check the stars.

Note also that very wise men such as Plato wrote; “...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself”.

Fredrick Nietzsche also wrote: As long as one is committed to the idea that the stars are something above the head, they will lack the eye of knowledge.

Who are those imbecile NEW scientists? What do they have to show for? To me they are like little children playing with their noses in terms of real human spiritual advance and awareness.

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."
(Albert Einstein)

But the irony is that the Astronomers do not even know that; ancients ASTROLOGERS’ clay tablets were used by the early scientists (astronomers today) to accurately predict the time of an eclipse mathematically. And what they do not know is that Astronomy is a by-product of a much older science called Astrology. Back home in France we have proof carved on wall (50 feet under the sea) that astrology was operational 35000 years ago well before mankind got religiously poisoned with deities and their deadly religions.

But again those educated imbeciles will insist they know better than those who have made history already!

"We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." (Carl Gustav Jung)

Note also that very wise men such as Plato to name one wrote; “...perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself”

And for those into money who don’t understand astrology J.P. Morgan said " Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do!"

OK now let’s start getting this moron in line and challenge its stupidity.

Before I even start, a note: this page is my attempt to show that astrology has no basis in reality whatsoever. Ironically, the Google ads on the right hand side of this page will invariably advertise astrological websites, because Google looks for keywords in a page and serves up "appropriate" ads. It's impossible for me to filter out the swarming mass of astrology ads, so you have my permission to look at them and chuckle.

DT Rebuttal:

Why this imbecile would use such a word, chuckle? Well right there you can see the ego, the ignorance and the immediate attack on a valued science for the millions of people who rely on Google to look for all of us.

This moron is jealous that WE the astrologers are the leading demand on all search engines. Ok this is one is quite obvious and this guy can not even auto analyze himself. I have a serious problem with stupidity and yes I am honest and direct. You love me or hate me, its your decision but if you are smart you will gain from me only the deepest respect I owe you and until you raise your vibrations to a decent level you will be treated as such, an IMBECILE!

Read my signature lately?

"Souls who take my self assurance and honesty for an oversized ego suffer a form of inferiority complex."

- Dr. Turi

OK next…

Continued - I've avoided the topic of astrology for a long time. Mostly it's for the same reasons I took so long to take on people like Hoagland and his Mars claims: there are just so many ridiculous ideas associated with the topic, I knew that it would be impossible to just dip my toes in. It's either stay out, or dive in all the way.

DT Rebuttal: Well and you will sink in your own ignorance and if you read my newsletter Mister you may have a chance to grow up! First Hoagland and Art Bell do not possess cosmic consciousness and think of the reason’s why Mars mission (and millions of tax payer money) goes wasted is because a lack of security from the agency (NASA). Like Nonsense, those two men are also ignorant of the power of the stars upon men’s affairs.

Second they are always referring to UFO and like the majority of “investigators” they never had a real and solid experience happening to them for what I know, and I may be wrong. But again, ET and flying saucers are VERY real and that is because I have had four solid experiences myself. But again the skeptics have the right to be skeptical because it is a very private experience and people can only relate to each other’s because of their education, experiences and most of all their natal UCI. So now the question is how many UFO experience the author has gone trough and how much true wisdom the same person has about astrology? None of the above and a very limited UCI and that I can assure you.

Well what the majority of people do not know is that; each time NASA’s scientists are sending a very expansive payload to Mars they DO NOT consult an astrologer. Many times I predicted that the mission would fail or the death of our courageous astronauts and NASA has never acknowledge my many requests NOT to send the shuttle in those negative windows or when Mercury (transportation/communication) is in retrograde motion. All my predictions are well documented and the printing process, radio or TV shows and exact dates are there to stay. But again how many of you have thoroughly investigated these facts?

Continued - So: Geronimo!

It's time to tackle the thorny topic of astrology. Why now? Well, for one thing, I've waited long enough. It just seems wrong to avoid talking about the biggest baddest astronomy there is. For another, I wrote an article about astrology for the magazine Night Sky. My editor and I discussed how to do it, and he wanted me to focus on star-sign astrology (the kind you see in the newspapers, for example). I agreed that was good for the magazine article, but it didn't go into the depth I wanted to about astrology in general.

This page is an antidote to that. Astrology is wrong, and I aim to show you why.

DT Rebuttal:

Geronimo? He is at war and does he know that the Indians used astrology? I will see you in three moons white man… There is nothing thorny about astrology and there is nothing to believe either, Astrology its not a religion but a very old science that demands real astrologers and not the horoscope writers to explain it to young souls.

This guy is not even able to differentiate astronomy from astrology and this is really BADdest… Again the same old story, these “scientists” have absolutely NO clue of the real thing (and me) and rely or investigate the horoscope newspaper that hurts the integrity of the science. It amazes me that those mental snobs did not pass the limitation of the bull involving the financial oriented entertaining horoscopes newspaper daily horoscope, PLEASE let’s get serious here.

Check MY horoscope and see the difference and weeks, months and even years are available for the scientists to challenge my predictions or me.

Check the current ones at drturi.com/daily.php

Now you want proofs Sirs? Scroll down to

FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. - MAY 12, 13, 14, 15:
RULERS - Pluto (drama/death) and watch CNN on these days.

Continued –

Conclusion - Astrology is wrong. I wanted to put that first, just so we're clear, and to make sure you're paying attention. I'll repeat it later, too.

The Basics

What is astrology? Taurus, the aptly-named Bull

That question is tough, actually. There are lots of flavors of astrology. Sun sign, Vedic, archetypal, natal, Horary... the different kinds of astrology seem to outnumber the stars in the sky. Some of the claims they make are inherently contradictory (some say the moment of birth is important, others say it's the month, etc.), but they all operate under a very broad working assumption: there is some sort of force from the heavens that influences us here on Earth. There are lots of different attributions for this force (some say gravity, some say electromagnetism, some say a force that cannot be measured), but it all boils down to the planets and stars having an effect on people.

DT Rebuttal:

Not so fast, you are wrong because you DON’T pay attention. Are you trying to convince yourself or your readers? Trust me I will repeat myself too.
Taurus, the aptly-named Bull - I see this battle between true wisdom and ignorance as a bullfight.

The Matador is representing the air element, fast, smart, changeable, intelligent on behalf of the sign of Aquarius (new age/astrology/progress/technology) against the negative aspect of earthy, logical, rational Taurus the bull stubborn, slow, steady, unchangeable, dim and doomed at the hands of a more intelligent being.

Well there are 85 different ways to do a chart and the choice is yours. But quantity does not mean quality. I studied much of those and NONE of those disciplines gave me the ability to read people’s fate or do accurate predictions for the world. Thus I created a new one that works unarguably for those who knows me well. Note also we are talking about the secrets of the stars and there are plenty stars up there.

And yes we are ALL (and so is the entire world/animals/plants/countries etc.) under the jurisdictions of the stars. Did this guy heard of the subconscious response attributed to the moon (lunatic/moody/crabby). Note the sign of Cancer/the crab is ruled by the moon. Does this scientist knows about the full moon impact on people’s lives and emergency services that KNOWS about this fact? I teach my students that the moon regulates people emotional response to life and may be this person should take my upcoming course in Hawaii in June and then realize how little he really knows about the divine science.

Continued –

If there is an effect, and it's real, it can be measured. That's pretty much by definition. Maybe it's not directly measured on an individual basis; maybe there is only a statistical effect. In other words, the effect cannot be shown for an individual, but only for groups of people (like saying that I cannot know what the weather will be like where I live exactly ten years from today, but there is a high probability it will be clear and sunny that day). But even that can be measured using statistics, and predictions like that can be tested for their accuracy.

DT Rebuttal: Yes it can be measured on everything on this planet including yourself. I should do this guy’ stars and shock is butt. Take the time to send him this newsletter and make the request for me then we will really have fun exposing his UCI. That is if he has the balls to take on a real challenge…

Well I profess to tell you what the weather will be like anytime and much more accurately than the NWS or NASA combined together. I did it on so many television programs, on the George Noory show special and indeed I gave ALL the dates for ALL the deadliest hurricanes (and major news) in the US history. All in my site, in my books and ALL unarguably predicted.

Why not investigating properly my expertise, my predictions and own my respect Sir? The FBI did not even with all facts in hands… drturi.com/news/1077942818.html

Well this is a long newsletter and even you enjoy reading it I have to go back to work and produce readings for my faithful clients. But rest assured you will read the REST OF THE STORY as soon as I have more time in hands. So stay put and enjoy the rest in due time.

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