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For those of you who heard me on the George Noory's international radio show (and watched his television program on pay per view produced early January 2006) I clearly told George to be ready for a full re-structure if the oil companies and that the year 2012 is far from bringing destruction to mankind. My words were “I had faith in man’s ingenuity to save the ozone layer by producing technology and cold fusion that would be used for cars.

Unlike many apocalyptic religiously poisoned souls I do not support deceiving holy doctrines or endorse Earth Changes lunatic’s views promising us to die of a horrible death suffocating and gasping for clean air. I know that the year 2012 is far from bringing destruction to mankind but also will bring a connection once and for all with extraterrestrials.

Well check this up at drturi.com/images/FoxNews_-_WaterFuel.wmv and refresh George's memory about my predictions by emailing him at george@coasttocoastradio.com and his producer at coastproducer@yahoo.com

Next time I get to Coast To Coast I will offer my 2006 Moon Power for FREE so you may want to tell George about it too as his world wide audience will appreciate my gesture.

18th May 2006 at 9:00pm Nostradamus exclusively on Discovery Channel (90')

My upcoming participation on the movie “Nostradamus” will be broadcasted on the Discovery Channel on May 18 all over Europe then in the US in time.

Go to ttp://www.discoverychannel.co.uk/nostradamus/competition/index.shtml
for more information.

For those of you in the UK listen to a few radio shows.

UK time BBC Radio South and South East - Steve McCormick Evening Show Thursday 18th May.

Talksport - James Whale Show Tuesday 16th May at 11pm UK time

Capital Gold - Paul Coyte Drivetime Thursday 18th May at 4.50pm UK time


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Real Challenge? Ask me!

Continued… First, let's see if there can be any effect from the planets and stars as astrologers claim. Then, after I show you that there not only isn't any, but cannot be any as they claim, we'll take a look at the claims astrologers make about measured effects (I'll give you a hint: they're wrong). Then finally, I'll talk a little bit about the real effect of astrology, and how it is eroding people's ability to think clearly.

DT Rebuttal: Well its not a claim it’s a fact…This pin head scientist comes from a logical, rational point of view depicting his earthy limited UCI while I am coming from the archetypal realm (spiritual) of consciousness and the interdimentional worlds. Try to tell a fish that there is more to the riddles he sees on top of his tank! I’ll give you a hint too; he/she is not only off beam but also totally incapable of understanding that my hand has two side to it. Simply because he/she doesn’t see the other side of my hand doesn’t mean it does not exist!

What is so complicated to realize about the essence of opposite and duality I wonder?

Can a day be without a night?
Can a man be without a woman?
Can the front be without the back?
Can God be without the devil?
Can a physical world be without its counterpart the spiritual world?

I feel like trying to explain to this young soul that the sun goes through the window without breaking it and we can still feel the warmth behind it. My gosh, readers can even remotely imagine the HUMONGOUS amount of STUPIDITY I have to deal with?

No a single bit of common sense but rest assured that this person will have no problem to believe Jesus walked on water and that is the irony of science nowadays judging hastily without the right people and information that would make the debate really interesting.

But who can blame a young soul knowing that he has eternity to grow and acknowledge that what ever cannot be seen or understood just yet doesn’t mean it cannot exist.

Continued… Farce of Nature

For just a moment, let's say that there is some force from the planets that can affect us here on Earth. What could it be?
Our choices are limited. Planets are big balls of ice, rock, metal, and other stuff. Their ability to affect us is weak because they are pretty far away.

DT Rebuttal: I heard that so many times in my career. Such logic from this earthy mind but there is no distance in time and space. I think the Sun is much farther than any planets and god know it can burn butts in Arizona where I live. See I have to adapt and bring myself to the scientist’s level of understanding and make him aware that distance DO NOT MATTER. So let’s remove the Sun or the Moon and see the impact it will have on us physically.

Let me help you; we would all die, so if the physical implication of removing stars and planets affects us physically common sense dictates that it should also affect us spiritually. But NO we are NOT at ALL spiritual beings people, we are only made of flesh and bones, we don’t not feel, create or have intuitional powers.

Continued…As far as we can tell in science, there are only four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two forces called the strong and weak force. Those last two only work (more or less) on the nuclei of atoms and subatomic particles. It's hard to see how they could affect us on a macroscopic scale (the strong force weakens so rapidly with distance that it's essentially gone by the time you're a few billionths of a meter from the source!).

DT Rebuttal: Have you heard of missing the forest for the tree? Here you go…but that cannot be REALLY BECAUSE CAN STRONG BE WITHOUT WEAK? This scientist is now using polarity because it fits him in his logical limited assessment of what he can conceive logically of the manifestation of the celestial forces at work. It well above his small head I would say (yes its all in the stars/sarcasm). The Universe is much too big to look through it with a microscopic mind I may add!

"A human being is part of a whole, called by us the 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest--a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison." (Albert Einstein)

But again Einstein and I are wrong; this young soul has found the keys of the Universe!

Continued…So we're STUCK either gravity or electromagnetism. Let's look briefly at both.

DT Rebuttal: The only person stuck is the one unable to expand his consciousness outside of what a very infantile scientific community teach people as such.

Continued…we know quite a bit about how gravity works on large scales, scales like that of the solar system. Basically, the gravity of an object depends on two things: how much mass it has, and how far away it is. The more massive an object, the stronger its gravity. The closer it is, the more its gravity affects you.

DT Rebuttal: Yes indeed a great dose of ignorance is very heavy load indeed and confines the soul (or STUCK it) on the limitation of earthy limited and inaccurate scientific findings. Spiritual matters can only be resolved with highly evolved souls. OK let’s go down to this soul’s level now and try something he/she can relate to.

Our closest satellite the Moon gravitational forces moves trillions tons of water and it is a proven “scientific” fact that the human body is made of 75% of water. So would the gravitational forces of the moon responsible for all major disasters (see Moon Power) also affect the body, mind and spirits of humans? OF COURSE YES.

You read me earlier, the moon affects also the emotional response to one’s life and right now she is in Scorpio (death/drama), so you better be careful of what you say or do and while you are at it see my predictions during the current full moon from my home page www.drturi.com and see how many death and drama are talking place. But the scientist would say “this happen everyday”.

NO it’s not everyday that 300 people die in an explosion or helicopter crash in the ocean, or a volcano erupt etc. and its not over yet. But again the young soul has absolutely NO clue of where I am coming from and try really hard to make sense to something well above his/her understanding. All this because the mental snobbism, fear of the ridicule or religious poisoning. Meantime the very essence of what it means to be human and the answer they have been enslaved to search for are passing them by!

SEE THE FACTS at work and realize that the moon is more than a dead rock responsible for the daily tides. Again subconsciously the words “lunatic/moody/crabby” are well chosen by the ancients wise priests to describe the zodiacal sign of Cancer rules by the Moon. The moon rules our emotions and in time of a Full Moon like right now trouble spread all over and the moon incredible gravitational forces affect the faults creating earthquakes and volcano eruption.

I KNOW I spend so many years looking at the moon and the news. Luckily for me I was not STUCK in an erroneous educational system that has lost the very essence of the word INVESTIGATION. It’s only a shame for science not to tap in a more spiritual advanced way at looking at things.

"More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives."

(Albert Einstein)

Continued…that's all well and good, but we really need to put in numbers to analyze it. Why? Because, for example, Jupiter has about 25,000 times the mass of the Moon. That's a lot! But it's also about 1500 times farther away than the Moon at its closest. Which number wins in the game of gravity?

DT Rebuttal: It’s not about numbers or long/short distances or gravitational forces but spiritual perception in your case. Gravity is for earth matters only and I have explained how the moon impact both man’ spiritual and physical affairs on this world.

OK let’s go down to his level again Think of a radio station and turn the nub left or right. Guess what the radio is your brain/mind (a computer), which is reacting to the outside stimuli produced by the stars (the universal Mind/brain). Now if you drive in the middle of the desert chance are you will lose the signal, unless you turn that nub to a different frequency. But if the main station is 100.000 watts you do not have to worry because there is enough power to reach your radio/mind anywhere. And the universe is an extremely powerful radio station (mother Mind) that can reach the human mind (your computer) from incalculable distances.

Now the program (UCI or Unique Celestial Identity) can be either advanced and set to perceive sophisticated emissions (artist/geniuses/astrologers) or your natal program (UCI) is set to a basic program making it difficult to hear or perceive higher vibrations. However with education this limited program can be up graded (like a computer) downloading new information from more advances souls.

I am sure you can appreciate and understand my simple explanations of an incredible complex celestial interaction with the human mind. It’s simply all in the stars…

OK I will continue to bring forth your cosmic consciousness in time and will continue educating those willing to expand into our marvelous universe and its impeccable rules.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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