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Time to talk real astrology again and NO astronomy with the scientists and prove to them my obvious case. Again if you are a new subscriber take the time to read both newsletters titled "Science and Astrology" # 1 and 2 in order to catch up with the rest of the story.

Continued - In this case, Jupiter's distance, by a long shot. I won't go into details here, because I already wrote up a page about gravity and the planets. But the bottom line is that at best, the gravity from the planets in our solar system is a tiny fraction of the Moon's. So if gravity were the force behind astrology, then the Moon would dominate all the planets combined. Yet it doesn't in any astrologer's horoscope.

DT Rebuttal: First let's empathically educate this young soul. Jupiter is the largest body in our solar system for a really good reason not just because its spiritual values which is to guard and expand the house of its location. Jupiter is called the "Lord of Luck and Protection" in Greek mythology and depicts your good deed, good karma, luck and protection by house and sign. Such as in my case I was born with Jupiter's blessings in the sign of Aquarius (television/flying/the Internet/Astrology and all in the sign of Aquarius (New Age matters). Thus why I am who I am today and how lucky I have been all along with my friends (this sign rules groups and friends too).

Now let me go and explain the logical and practical explanation for this dummy. The extraterrestrials intelligence that built our particular solar system billion years ago needed a humongous planet so they could make a good use of its gravitational forces. Thus because of its well thought position in this solar system Jupiter acts as a "protector" and sucks in any dangerous debris on his big back before coming in to the gravitational forces of earth ending human life as we know it as experienced with the Shoemaker comet's fragments crashing on the big planet a few years ago. But do you one second believe that this "scientist" will have enough common sense or gray cells to accept this fact?

May be those advanced celestial matters should be dealt with and by the people that have been blessed with a better UCI (Einstein/me? /you?) and a good amount of common sense.

Continued: So it's not gravity. Could it be electromagnetism? Gravity depends on mass and distance. Electromagnetism (or just EM) depends on electric charge and distance. The problem here is that most large objects don't have an electric charge! I have a little bit more about this topic here. Electric charges come from charged particles like electrons and protons. But opposite charges attract each other so well that it's very rare to find one without the other nearby, which means that a planet is electrically neutral overall.

DT Rebuttal: This is so laughable, what a tiny little head trying to deal with matter that is well above his head and comprehension. Now my students understand what I am up against in terms of limited intuition, perspective and intelligence and that is because the recipient UCI is overloaded with Saturn's rational, logical vibrations translating into "scientists". Again there is no reason to really worry about the slow unperceptive mental process of scientists because we all have eternity to grow and transform our mind, because "only donkeys don't change their mind".

Continued: An alternative astrological phenomenon. Some planets, for other reasons, do have magnetic fields. But these fields are only strong near their home planet. Jupiter's field is immense, but Jupiter is so far away it has no real effect on us.

DT Rebuttal: I can only repeat myself.there is no time or distance in time and space!

Continued: Furthermore, the Sun is far and away the largest EM source in the solar system. Its magnetic field directly affects us; when there is a gigantic flare, or other explosions on the surface of the Sun, vast streams of charged particles are sent sleeting out. These can interact with the Earth's own magnetic field, causing havoc (in 1989, such an event caused a blackout in Quebec). So if anything, the Sun should be the only source of astrological effects.

DT Rebuttal: Well if that is the case and the Sun is so far away how come we feel its warmth on earth? Let alone explaining why the Sun's rays do not break a window and we still feel it behind the glass. The sun is NOT responsible for black out. Another badly informed "scientist" Mitch Batros in his ridiculous apocalyptic newsletters also endorses this erroneous assumption.


This phenomenon is coming from a "Mercury Retrograde" or "Supernova Window". Check those dates for 2006 and see the power of real wisdom. Do your homework, take the time to read, make notes and realize the real power in predictive astrology drturi.com/eclipse_predictions.php

Continued: However, astrologers tend to ignore it or still give the planets the lion's share of the astrological effect on us. Either way, the planets' combined force is miniscule compared to the Sun's. If EM is the force behind astrology, the planets could be safely ignored. If gravity were the driving force of astrology, the Moon would dominate, but it doesn't. If EM were the driving force, the Sun would dominate, but it doesn't. We've run out of forces! Astrologers' only hope is to posit some other force, unknown to science. However, that hope is bleak indeed. Why?

DT Rebuttal: Well again being much more advanced spiritually and blessed with a great UCI, I can only put it this way again; and that's me to know and the scientists to find out. "I am coming form the highly spiritual archetypal realm of consciousness while the scientist is coming from a low logical point of view. Translated.a child standing by the ocean saying, "Mommy there is plenty of water in the sea but where are the fishes?"

Continued: As far as we know, every force weakens with distance. An object farther away has lesser force on you than something closer. Yet astrologers claim that all the planets have equal (or at least comparable) effects, so nearby Venus and distant Pluto both exert some sort of measurable tug on you (at least, measurable in the sense that they can affect your life somehow). This means, by the astrologers' own claims, distance must not be a factor with this force. Obviously, mass mustn't either, or else Jupiter would dominate the planets, and poor tiny Mercury would be left out.

DT Rebuttal: It is NOT a physical matter that can be measured with man's scientific instruments. It is a Divine manifestation that takes more than an educated pinhead to perceive. Because of ignorance the spiritual essence of those stars are left out and with it the understanding of the physical manifestation tracending those forces. The same "star" forces interact with the human psyche and nature and produce our daily news. Everything living things on earth (mineral/animals/human etc.) is under the jurisdiction of those planets, stars, moon and Sun and affects all of us drastically.

But the sad reality is that: 99% of the mass do not possess cosmic consciousness and are victimized by their stars in the name of fear and /or ignorance. Now let the scientists find a way to blow up the moon and there won't be any scientists left on earth to write about their humongous idiocy and lack of perception.

Continued: But this cannot be right! What about asteroids? These are chunks of rock and metal that also orbits the Sun along with planets. Most asteroids are closer to Earth than the outer planets (not that distance matters to astrologers, remember?), so they should have some effect. The problem is that there are many, many asteroids. My friend Dan Durda has calculated that there are a billion asteroids in the solar system larger than 100 meters in diameter. That's a lot of rock! So why don't astrologers include them in their horoscopes?

DT Rebuttal: A question for Plato to answer or for the wise Sumerians or the many disappeared civilizations who perceived the Divine and "created" astrology. But common sense dictates that; those are lifeless debris with no spiritual priorities of their own. The ancients were also blessed with a BIG UCI and seem to have concentrated on the big scheme of things and avoided small things. These asteroids are for little educated mind to ponder and play with while BIG planets seems to be the right way to go. Heard of "missing the forest for the tree?" that is what scientists do!

Fredrick Nietzsche wrote: "As long as one is committed to the idea that the stars are something above the head, they will lack the eye of knowledge."

Continued: And it gets worse for astrology. Astronomers have now found about 150 planets orbiting other stars. These are very distant, certainly, but hey! Distance is no issue. So therefore these planets must affect us too. Now, these are only the planets we've discovered so far. Given how many we've found, and what kind of stars they tend to orbit, it's reasonable to assume that there are billions (billions!) of such planets in our galaxy alone. They're everywhere! Why don't astrologers include them in their horoscopes?

DT Rebuttal: This section was addressed earlier with the radio wave explanations and why those "new" planets do not play any part in our Solar system jurisdiction. Understand that "like little babies, the new scientists will discover many more planets in the future. Realize also that these superfluous researches are funded by your tax dollars and the scientists (like the church) need your money to survive. So it is important now and then to come up with a new planet discovery. Stop wasting time and tell all of them that the universe is LOADED with planets and they are discovering NOTHING, these celestial bodies have always been there and I do not need to waste time or tax dollars to come to that conclusion.

Continued: Here's another way to think of it. Astronomers (the real scientists) can determine that the planets are out there due to their real effects on their parent stars. If these planets affect us, as they must according to the astrologers' own set of rules, then why don't astrologers predict them? Why didn't any single astrologer 50 years ago say "There must be planets around other stars, because we can see it in our data!"? They didn't because they can't. Their "data" are meaningless. Again, by the rules used by astrologers, all those planets would simply overpower our own solar system planets, washing out their effects as simply and profoundly as the sound of a nuclear explosion would overpower a whisper.

DT Rebuttal: Again Astrologers or highly advanced souls "sees" the stars and life with a very different eye. Not the one of a telescope or microscope that is limited by its physical features. "L'oeil du droit a la force d'Airain". This is the 3rd mystical eye that gives ultimate perceptive powers and the rare access to true wisdom. For those spiritual masters its something named UCI that you inherit from many past lives of spiritual disciplines.

Continued: Remember, and I keep repeating this because it's important-- this is playing by the astrologers' own rules. Either there is a known force, and we can show it doesn't work for astrology, or it's some unknown force that doesn't obey the laws of physics, in which case asteroids and extrasolar planets would dominate astrology, washing out the effects from our own solar system planets. So it can't be a known or unknown force. That leaves nothing. Astrology doesn't work.

DT Rebuttal: Sorry but those rules were established by very wise men of antiquity while the young scientist's souls is actually trying to RE-write Universal laws that can not be altered or divulged to them unless they rise to a much more spiritual level. There are both physical and spiritual laws at work involving astrology; the problem is that; no one in the scientific community and authority has made the serious request for find the answers. Instead wasteful research on the financially oriented horoscope newspaper astrology wasted those precious resources No one born with the natural spiritual dexterity and/or solid cosmic consciousness like me has had a chance to explain to the scientists that THE STARS ARE MORE THAN DEAD ROCKS HANGING ABOVE THEIR HEADS.

I can only hope that you my readers will submit my newsletters to the right people willing to do the right thing for mankind's spiritual gifts and advance science from its infancy.

"He is wise who understands that the stars are luminaries, created as signs. He who conquers the stars will hold the golden keys to God's mysterious universe!" ---- Nostradamus


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