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Continued: Inaccuracy We Trust

Another two-bit prediction

I have talked to many people who claim their horoscopes are accurate. These people routinely say that it predicted something that came true.
But there are several possible logical missteps here! First, was the prediction really that accurate? Did it say something like "you will come into money today" and you found a quarter on the ground? Or was it something specific, like "you will find a quarter on the ground"? The difference is that a specific prediction is rarely right, while a vague one is rarely wrong.

Second, was that horoscope right in everything it said? Did an old friend contact you? Were you able to resolve a thorny issue today? Did you really find love today? In other words, how many predictions were accurate, and how many were not? People tend to remember the hits and forget the misses (which is precisely why "speakers to the dead" like John Edward and James van Praagh do so well-- see here, or here or here).

DT Rebuttal: I think this mental snob watched Miss Cleo for too long or read the daily horoscopes and made up his pinhead mind too hastily without honoring the word science or real RESEARCH! Dropping names is not acceptable and reflect also an inferiority complex and obvious jealousy.

So may be this scientist should read my home page where not only do I give dates (not finding coins) but also use quatrains that reflect the obvious in predictive astrology and real divine powers. OK let me give you this example…


*Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced relocation/destructive weather.


Now on to the quatrain…

Nature upset screams water fire and tears
Man ego power destroy response
New life after death repulse
Mothers children march away

RESULT: Tears, shock and destruction in Indonesia village.

CNN: 05/27/06 - Indonesia quake toll passes 5100, thousands more injured. 200,000 people fled their homes after the quake hit.

Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

That is a bad quake took place during the given window (many months ago on TV) and thousands of people died and were forced to relocate - Note (Asia is many hours ahead of us and fall exactly in the given window).

So tell me readers how more precise can I be in term of timing and predictions to prove and make my case? You see the point is this person is NOT doing his/her homework and he/she is a disgrace to science. Someone reading my newsletters should suggest this person to do a decent research on Astrology and read my predictions closely on my website because I will do it again and again. The option to CHECK on my work is solid and available simply go to drturi.com/predictions.php and investigate properly.

We are far from finding coins or finding love or friends contacting you on that one and like me many of you were forced to RELOCATE and END parts of your life forcing you to let go of people and situations that were forced upon you by the stars but how many of you really accept or realize this fact knowing that 99% of you do not possess cosmic consciousness?
If you are still mad about a person or a situation you did not get it yet! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE STARS PLAYING HAVOC ON YOU and with introspection you may finally realize what I am talking about.


Continued: Still having doubts? My friend and master skeptic James Randi performs a wonderful demo of how easily people are fooled by astrology. He went into a classroom, posing as an astrologer, and cast horoscopes for all the students. He had them read and rate the accuracy, and they almost overwhelmingly rated the horoscopes as accurate. The kicker? He had them pass around the horoscopes, and the students saw that every horoscope was exactly the same. It was worded vaguely enough that nearly everyone in the room thought they were being well described. The horoscopes were so vague they matched nearly everyone, and so their predictive power was meaningless. It was all in the students' heads.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed it is all in the student’s heads because we are all made of the dust of the stars and we are all under the jurisdiction of those stars interacting with the mind.

EVERYONE is a picky Virgo if you were born in September an egocentric Leo if you were born in August or suspicious Scorpio if born in November or logical Capricorn if you were born in January. The characteristics are GENERAL and reflect the 12 areas of the human experiences, which mean WE ARE ALL SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC at once an din one and we are all under the power of the MOON and the Sun too.

The moon or the Sun doesn’t shine only for YOU! But for all of us and the difference is within the Dragon ‘s location in your chart, the Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus etc. by sign and house and how it would “affect” your mind, your home life, you health your career your love life your behavior, your fears, your reasoning your aptitude to learn or teach certain matters etc.

That is the VAGUE part of your chart were we all respond to, but to really understand the depth of your UCI you need to cast aside fears and suspicions and work hard in gathering the Universal Mechanics and its interaction in your life and your true character make up. Then the opportunity to do precise predictions is offered to you, until then like the scientists you can only be a lost because of the lack of real information (or the lack of a true teacher of light).

This type of reaction and assuming that astrology do not work is coming from a strong earth element in the chart such as critical Virgo who would stumble on my grammar and criticize my English instead of GETTING the message. Other heavy-duty earth signs such as stubborn Taurus or logical Capricorn are also prone to “miss the forest for the tree”.

Meantime there are very advanced earth signs and I am not throwing the baby with the water, I am much too smart to do this so if you are a earth sign try to relate to me where ever you are at and keep reading my newsletters. Don’t be offended by my honesty and direct speech or the way I classify educated imbeciles, for if you take it personally it’s not intended to reach or affect you that way. You cannot control your environment or others but you must control yourself in any and all situations.

These earthy souls are the pillars of science and produces hard-core scientists. But again many of them will not be able to penetrate the archetypal realm of consciousness just yet because of a limited natal UCI that unable them to auto analyze themselves spiritually or the world outside of logic.

Continued: Astrologers rely on our inability to remember when they are wrong, and our almost unfailing ability to see patterns in random noise (in other words, to pull out something that may just possibly kind of vaguely resemble something that describes us).

DT Rebuttal: So were Galileo and many other erudite men who practiced astrology. This person may still think the world is flat! Prove me wrong anytime but so far I am been right and will probably be till I die because I know how to decipher the language of the gods and the hieroglyphs of the universe using Astrology. This is were the true challenge starts. Let me have this young soul’s DOB and let me work my magic. Note that the more intelligent a person is the easier it is for me to prove my claim! I have hopes for many uniformed scientists out there as only donkeys don’t change their mind.

Continued: What are the odds?

One other thing. I have a friend who said an astrologer made a startlingly accurate prediction about him (saying he had broken his leg some years before). That would be pretty interesting... except that another friend of mine, a stage mentalist who goes by the name of Banachek once told me another story. He does amazing stage work, calling out numbers people are thinking of, seeing through blindfolds, guessing (with incredible accuracy) the cards people are holding.

DT Rebuttal: I do this all the time and there is no guessing involved, simply an awareness of thought projection and the working of the subconscious. Any time a “young soul” is left baffled his favorite word is “guessing”. It simply shows the UCI limited perceptive powers and how much they really know about deep mystical or subconscious matters.
Continued: He once said at a skeptic meeting that occasionally he will ask if anyone in the audience has ever been hit by lightning.

Of course, he's not really a psychic, but if someone in the audience has been hit by lightning, they will sure think he's psychic! Imagine the odds of being able to guess that, they'll think. The problem is, the odds approach certainty if you ask enough people. And if he asks and no one pipes up, he just moves on with his act. I'll add that when he did that trick when I was in the audience, I had to smile ironically: someone I knew was once hit by lightning. If I had been a random audience member, would I have rated that as a hit? You bet I would have.

The point is that even a wild guess by an astrologer, even if it's right, may be meaningless. How many times has he said something like that to someone he is reading, only to be denied?

DT Rebuttal: What is the chance of being hit by lightning? Pretty remote I say and if I was doing this “performance” I would say something like “how many of you broke an arm or a finger? Or who suffer a headache? That is pure common sense but in this case the example chosen by the writer is much too unreal to accept as a fact.

Continued: When investigated closely, and with a skeptical mind, astrological claims are smoke and mirrors. In the next section we'll see just such an investigation.

DT Rebuttal: Indeed a very cloudy young soul’s mind where the thick wall of smoke reflects a mirror of idiocy in this case. We talk more about this “ scientific investigation” in my next newsletter.

As always please pass on my newsletters to those smart souls willing to learn more about the power of the Universe.


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