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Dear Readers;

My trip to Las Vegas was absolutely phenomenal; I got to spend some valuable time with my famous friends in Las Vegas. See the pic under or visit

As I am writing this newsletter I just got a call from Gary Busey from Canada, he is on break doing a movie but he forgot his Moon Power in Malibu and he needs me to send him a copy ASAP. I am glad to be able to help Gary wherever he is with my guidance. Gary is too much and most of the time we were cracking up laughing…

The problem we encountered was the many people literally harassing the famous guys for autographs in the restaurant, but Bryant took care of the situation and we (and the body guards at the door) were able to enjoy some privacy in one of the VIP private room high above Las Vegas in the Palms Hotel.

For more information about Gary Busey, check out his MySpace page at

Jim Karol is an incredible man, and everyone one of us was BLOWN AWAY with his magic and his handling of a deck of cards, the man is nothing less than a genius with his cards and indeed very entertaining. Check him out as well at and see some funny pictures from Las Vegas.

I also gave all my friends a “touch” of what real psychic power is all about with my tarot cards and all of them were TOTALLY amazed of my psychic ability.

Bryant McGill is not only a phenomenal artist and well-known poet worldwide but also a very spiritual man; Bryant is also a genius in his own right and indeed one of the 4 solid pillars making us “The Four Horsemen Of The Cosmos”. Check more pictures out at

I asked every one of them to pick up a card from my tarot deck and Gary, Bryant, Jim and I were attributed a tarot card’s identity and the karmic information revealed to each one of us was very deep, simply unparalleled as far as our mission is concerned and must stay private.

I left Vegas earlier for 2 TV shows and missed my friends Jay the "Juiceman" and Linda Kordich, who flew out to see us I but I got to speak with them on Bryant’s cell and wish them the best.

We have a lot of projects and as long as you subscribe to my newsletters you will know it all.

I will be flying to Bangkok tomorrow and I will be back to the US on August 22nd. For a few moments, I will need to escape from Phoenix, clients and friends etc. If I have any chances at all to write my new 2007 Moon power that will be available probably in October 2006. I will work harder to give you more information and a solid guidance for 2007 and getting away from it all is also a good way to regenerate for me. I will take some nice pictures for you and let you enjoy Asia in my next newsletter.

The First TV show in Tucson on Cabalistic Healing is now available on CD. My two girlfriends Christie and Donna performed very well on stage and the Healing information and predictions for the world and the Middle East are there for you. It is now available for purchase.

Click Hereto read the description and order.

The 2nd television show (Cabalistic Healing) in my Healing Room with Missy and Morgan went just great. See the TC crew and 2 of my friends pictures below.

I also met with Sean Fisher of Marin Studios who is filming a metaphysical masterpiece documentary called Metaphysia, due in the Fall of 2006. For more information about this upcoming movie by Marin Studios, visit Pictures below.

If you need information for my upcoming course got to

I will be in Minnesota lecturing in October, check it all up at

While away in Asia, if you need information simply email Alan at or Christie at and they will be able to assist.

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Dr. Turi

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Sean Fisher (center) with Morgan, Missy and the crew of Metaphysia Dr. Turi and friends Morgan, Dr. Turi and Missy

Bryant McGill, Gary Busey, Dr. Turi, Jim Karol Louis and Scott Turi and Busey

Gary Busey, Jon Lovitz, Dr. Turi Dr. Turi and Jim Karol Dr. Turi in Vegas Jim Karol, Miko Brando, Dr. Turi, Jon Lovitz, and Gary Busey